1. Tree of Life

2. The Five Branches 

3. The Tree of All Loving

4. Home Tree

5. Tree Technology

6. Tree of Love


1. Tree of Life

The Lover as Womam is the Tree of Life in the midst of the Garden of Pleasure (Eden in the Bible). From her arm branches hang delicious fruit from the lovsciousness heart of us. Blessed is the fruit of her womb, She’sus as all of us. We are shaped more or less like a tree, our arms up and out, our feet down and in and our trunk steady and sure. Eden Eve was the Tree of Life in the midst of the garden.

Patriarchy has one foot in the grave but The Love Government has both feet in the grove. In the love culture we met in sacred groves to eat and have sex besides sleeping together along with other activities of a love life. Patriarchal men hated this lifestyle because it didn’t fit their killing addiction. The bible records how God commanded his troops to turn groves into graves for womem, children and anything else that didn’t march to the new booted up order.

When the love culture was new in tropical Africa groves of trees were shady homes. Patriarchy had not yet arrived with their axes to clear-cut trees for its uncivil civilizations. Later still vast swathes of forest would be cleared to make iron for their weapons of mass destruction.

While we were busy making love with each other under the gentle breezes and leaves and the guiding hands of grandlovers who governed there was no need for altars, idols, pillars, statues, pyramids and other monuments. Trees were sufficient. Natural born and bred lovers have no need of monumental reminders. We didn’t even need modern minds since we were living life immediately without these mediators.

Today TLG and its lovers have one foot in its originating culture and government and the other in the patrix pond of lies and war. Not an ideal scene but the best we can do with what we have, the best of worlds and the worst. Is our cup half full or half empty? The good news is that our final step will bring both of our feet to the solid ground of love where we can groove in the grove.

Until then reminders of love groves are useful. We may even be fortunate enough to have actual groves for our use. And then there is always the grove of our minds where we can groove to our heart’s content. Best to keep our mental groves sacred so when ancient and future lovers visit they will feel at home.

The Lover as the tree of life is a strong structure giving refreshing shade. To appreciate that we need to understand why trees and shade are being demolished by patrix bulldozers under the watchful eyes of armed drones.

When patriarchal men started killing animals, men changed their constitutions and their thinking. Their red blood cell counts rose far above womem’s, indicating that for a long time womem did not eat bloody flesh. The hunters thought like killers, objectifying their prey to assuage their guilt and then pray to God he went along.

In the womam’s culture there was a delicate balance of relations without slaying or praying. Men divided the spoils and conquered the left-overs, beginning a philosophy of being with a chain of being. They created a top dog God which they secretly controlled. If God said it, it had to be so and they made sure the womem knew it.

2. The Five Branches

Today the philosophy of separated beings controlled by a chain of command is omnivorous. Gone is the ebb and flow of relations, strangled by a chain of predations. In TLG we are not jerked around by a neck chain. We are guided by a symbolic hand of love with five digital branches:

1. The thumb reminds us of the rule of thumb which simply put is to give a thumbs up to love whenever we can. We think about love and especially the Lover, saying her name with reverence. The antidote for overly clinical, artificial and sterile thinking is natural clitoral thinking especially with regards to sacred-mental masturbation and natural birth control.

2. The index pointing finger highlights our diet which influences our thinking. An Eden vegan diet makes our consciousness radically different than bloody hunters of old or meat eating consumers of this new age.

3. The middle finger of the five pointed love handbook is the sex finger which says not to have subliminal sex with animals by making them pet slaves. “Do not commit adultery” by adulterating the humam species by sleeping with animals, eating with them or any other way of keeping them under your control.

4. The ring finger (in the US) says not to couple up in a church / state dictated marriage. Rather marry the Lover and her community first and your partner second. Call it marriage if you must but let it be with the Lover first and foremost.

5. The little finger says not to use money that has usury, interest, investment, dividends or debt connected with it.

The five fingered manual or handbook of TLG constitutes a see change of thinking which determines our constitution. The shorthand of David handles the Goliath constitutions of being, God, money and evolution which revel in making killings like their forefather cousins.

TLG espouses the Lover and her cloud of lovers. It’s a cloud of love which only true lovers can enter. The Love Government extends its five digital handbook, a firm hand of a lover, not the invisible iron hand in a velvet glove holding a chain of being around our necks. Off with the chains and collars. Relax our necks under the shade of the old oak lover tree.

The patriarchal pay-tree is a false governance system, that is false to our original nature. We pay and pay but all we get is a noose hanging from the arches of that tree of bad fruit. The love tree gives good fruit. The pay-triarch tree rebelled against the love culture and installed its own brand of power-over.

There is a large body of research on patriarchy but it is ruled out of court by the reigning gatekeepers. Our self-doubt, lack of joy, self-hatred, diseases, destructive relationships and political corruption all stem from the branches, roots and trunk of that false tree, that tree of death, the one with the false flags.

TLG offers its five fingered hand to help pull away from the poison fruit but we must grasp the proffered hand. We do that by reaching for the hand’s five principles: 1. true thought; 2. good food; 3. free animals; 4. sacred marriage; and 5. clean money.

Looking at love from another angle, we: 1. think love; 2. eat love; 3. have sex with love; 4. marry love; and 5. whatever currency we use let it be backed with love. The common denominator is the non-denominational love of all.

In TLG it’s not all or nothing but all and everything which includes the nothing of patriarchy, that miniscule tear on the outskirts of love’s petticoat. Don’t hurry or worry, muss or fuss; the tear will be mended and tear dried and kissed away. It will happen, said the jester to the dunce, but not all at once.

For TLG it’s all in a day’s work. By and by we come to the naked body of the Lover and we realize it was worth it. We pass by the graveyards of patriarkill civilizations and wonder why but not for long. The unwinding road calls us to come along.

Along the way we learn the difference in trees and their fruit. Sometimes we need a kick for our arrears and at other times a kiss for those tears. The Lover kisses our soul along the way of bliss until we rest in the shade of our home-tree.

3. The Tree of All Loving

The starting point for questions about ourselves as a species is the natural garden of Africa where we originated. We didn’t plant the garden. It was there for us. We only had to gather our food from the garden and live the garden life.

Who did plant the garden? Who prepared it over millions of years? Who made us? Did we birth ourselves? The answers are encoded in our bodies.

As we progress in ridding ourselves of the toxins of anti-love patriarchy we become more sensitive to the love reality that swirls all around us. The dancing body of the Lover becomes more and more meta-metaphorical.

Our seven senses become more acute. We see patterns with our eyes open or closed. When closed we see universal inter-plays of light and dark tinged with other colors. No doubt these are electrical firings of our brain and optic nerves but there’s also a larger reason beyond that.

With eyes open our minds organize the visual data according to a program of love. I am reporting on my own experience and also generalizing that at least some others might have similar experiences. This is predicated on my continuing practice of the five chapters of the Love Government handbook or manual.

I’m using the metaphor of a cloud or a tree to stand for the mass of data (unital, digital, trigital, etc.) that impinges upon me through the seven senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, intuition and love). I see though the lens of love. Love is the organizing principle of the cloud of data streaming in.

Some physicists say particles don’t even exist until someone sees them and collapses their waves. Until then are nebulas and atoms just clouds of potentiality? The answers are there but our bodies need to be sensitive receivers. Were we such sensitives in the garden grove?

Hearing is another sense analogous to sight. When it’s quiet I can hear a data pattern in my head. No doubt it is nerves and quite normal but is it more than that? Is it a “white noise” that is evoked by practices of love like TLG’s handbook? Are these digital voices waiting to be decoded by a love mind?

Julian Jaynes postulates that until the stresses of patriarchy (he doesn’t call it that) we all heard real voices. Are we still hearing remnants of the ancient voices of love in electrical noise now? If we become true and sensitive lovers will we tap into traces of the ancient love songs themselves?

The idea of a cloud or tree of all loving plays off the book “Cloud of Unknowing.” Notice that we’re dealing with love rather than knowledge and we’re claiming the positive rather than the negative. A tree is like a cloud of branches and leaves.

Also, in TLG we refer to the cloud of lovers which is all of us as lovers. The Lover is likewise a universal sign of all of us as lovers. We are part of this cloud of lovers that stretches across all time and space to all reaches of existence.

We are making a definite choice in what we want and who we want to associate with. There are those who are enamored of UFO’s. They form large, enthusiastic groups who see these phenomena. I think they’re seeking love and this gives them the feeling of community and meaning. But that’s just my take.

We definitely are not into unidentified flying objects or their inhabitants. We’re identifying loving subjects to be sure. I don’t trust such a UFO project. But I do trust love and trustworthy lovers. I do trust the notion of a cloud-tree of all lovers even though it is beside the immediate point.

The point is the garden of nature because that’s the model for our own nature. If we miss that we miss it all (love clouds included) and we’ll probably get hung up in some purgatorial clouds until we learn how to be a gatherer in the garden that’s been prepared for us.

4. Home Tree

The movie Avatar is the biggest movie worldwide. It has two home trees which were the natives’ power sources. Humans killed the first home tree but the second drove humans from the planet they intended to enslave. The moral for our planet is clear which made the movie so popular.

In Eden there were also two home trees. God made one of them a test tree of obedience to his authority. Eve is the heroine of the story who followed her natural instincts by standing up for herself. The patriarchal Lord God, who is a projection of jealous patriarchal men, punished Eve for being who she was.

God destroyed Eve’s home tree and drove her out of paradise. But our story is not finished because it will have the same finish as Avatar. The second home tree will save us. This is the tree of love. Patriarchs destroyed the tree of knowledge but they cannot kill the  tree of love.

The tree of love is our true power source. It is very different from patriarchal sources of power. These sources are portrayed in movies as death stars in the skies or hidden power generators in remote places on some planet or other. Defenders of nature have to neutralize these negative power generators and when they do, robot soldiers, machines and killers grind to a halt. Powerless, they topple over. The power hum fades and turns down until it stops.The planet and its native lovers are saved by the movie’s heroes and heroines.

The Love Government is one of the sources of salvation from the evil power of slavery. TLG has a second, third, fourth and fifth home tree that will not fall. TLG has five trees of love that oppose the five machine trees of destruction.

These five trees are represented by the five branched handbook of The Love Government. These are the actions all of us are either doing or not doing in our various degrees of love or anti-love. We support killing or loving. The elites could not get away with murder and crime unless they were getting their charge-suck from the vast majority of people. Most people have no idea that they are killing the good they claim to want but that makes no difference at all in the structural dynamics evil anti-love. It operates best unconsciously.

These hidden death stars and secret generators of evil power are five main sources and there are numerous subsidiaries of these chief destroyers:

1. Thinking. This is represented by the thumb of the hand(book). Our species is distinguished by its ability to think. We are designed to think naturally in tune with nature, clitorally in connection with womam’s pleasurable essence, lovingly in synch with our affectionate sexual bodies and critically by seeing the difference between a love tree and a poison tree.

Jealous patriarchs through their animal killing and blood lust largely destroyed this type of thinking and changed thought to artificial, clinical, mechanistic, objectifying, false, cruel and psychotic mentalizing. The tree of knowledge is now almost entirely separated from the tree of love. This perversion is demonstrated by the way we now think about masturbation, birth control, abortion, birthing and child rearing in addition to others like war and 911.

The Love Government program starts with changing our thinking back to the original natural and clitoral ways. A mnemonic or memory aid is the handbook’s thumb which resembles a tongue for language or thought and the head of a womam’s clitoris for pleasure and love thought. Clitoral thinking thus reduces the anti-love destroying warriors and their machines. As we do this love thinking we can almost hear the noise of evil power shutting down and turning off. Yes, love thought is that powerful.

That is if the thumb (thinking) is connected to the other four fingers. Thumb and fingers are opposed but they work together in opposition. The Love Government manual and handbook grasps the world by taking hold of it with its thumb and fingers. The hand of the Lover is strong and gentle, firm and sensitive.

2. Diet. The forefinger, index or pointing finger stands for diet. What we eat indicates (indexes) what we think. It shows us in no uncertain terms just what we really think of ourselves and our planet. Our diet does not lie like our faces and mouths. We are what we eat.

If we eat junk food, we are junk. If we drug ourselves, we are drugs. If we sugar up inside, we are sugar. If we eat chemicals, we are chemicals. Exaggerated, true but there’s a point. If we eat artificial, machined and monetized food, guess what? If we eat blood soaked flesh of dead animals who were very much like ourselves, guess what?

The Love Government advocates as the ideal (no one can do all of this all at once) an Eden vegan diet which consists of fruit, vegetables and bloodless lower life forms like oysters and clams. If we eat like our ancestors in paradise we will take on their paradise qualities. It stands to reason because it’s simply connecting logical dots.

This is a high order for us because our dietary habits are so corrupted. We can do it as individuals if we want to. We may be the only one within a thousand miles but distance doesn’t matter nor does social conformity. Love matters. That’s all that does.

3. Animals. We are animals, intelligent one hopes. If we’re intelligent we will desire freedom. We love free animals. They are magnificently beautiful. Patriarchs got their blood lust power by killing animals with blood like themselves. Such animal abuse (and self abuse) is still going on strong in our slaughter-houses, pens, coops, corrals and other animal abuse prisons.

The really deceptive abuse is the killing of free animals through pethood. The whole animal nation is being destroyed for sick, neurotic human needs to substitute for the lack of love. This ecological, psychological and spiritual disaster is lied about by unconscious denial mechanisms. Pethood has a similar effect on us and our planet as the most cruel slaughter houses.

We can’t see it and we react viscerally against the notion if we’re pet lovers because we are trapped in the animal abuse killing machine. We don’t see or feel (or hear, taste or smell either) for the same reasons we think (1) and eat (2) destructively. With animals (3) we are having sick, subliminal sex with them (sleeping with pets?) and can’t think about it. The third finger is the sex finger. We give the finger to animals when we abuse them by slaughter or pethood.

TLG gets free of the slaughter house pethood trap by honoring free animals as we did in our original Eden Eve love culture. We love free animals and therefore we hate eating them (2) or enslaving them as pet objects (3). This is anathema in our culture which is yet another indictment of our culture’s sickness.

We lovers must realize the danger. Animals (3), diet (2) and thinking (1) are power stations that are killing or saving our planet and us. It’s a structural thing like a death star or a home tree. These two structures and effects are widely different. Structurally it doesn’t matter whether we believe it or even know it. It happens because of our actions.

4. Marriage. The next power station (or home tree) for good or evil is marriage, nuclear or sacred. Nuclear, coupling up, state certified and church sanctioned marriage is largely destructive of our human species and natural planet. It drives a killing wedge into the sacredness of communal marriage (as TLG puts it: sacred marriage with the Lover).

Nuclear coupling leads to nuclear families, houses and reactors that sooner or later will blow up or melt down taking us with them. Here in the US we put marriage rings around the fourth, ring finger. These rings are made of precious metals. Little do we realize that they are precious as in the Precious creature of Lord of the Rings who lusted for that precious ring and nearly destroyed us all.

In TLG we marry the Lover and her community who is all of us as lovers. The ring is not a ring around our fingers (or in our noses) but in the sacred circle of womem protecting the inner circle of children and itself defended by the outer circle of manhood (manwood).

5. Money. Money in our time is nothing but a pyramid scheme of counterfeiting, killing, lying, thieving patriarchal psychobabble. Its greatest sign and expose is 911 which was an inside job. The money system is an inside job too.

That we don’t see 911 or the money pyramid for the evil it is shows us up for dysfunctional homanoid caricatures. Truth is good news even if it hurts because it “hurts good.” Usury is a “use-us” toxic cancer leading to a massive heart attack condition on an all societal level.

TLG uses money because it  has to but does not take interest, invest for money, play the stock market gambling ruse where the house always wins, become a shareholder stock-owner where there’s no sharing except between those with their heads, hands and feet in locked stocks, or engage in any of the useless, usurous unnatural murdering devices of money.

All five of the Love Government’s five digited, chaptered handbook describe the systemic, structural and situational world both positively and negatively. Thought (1), diet (2), animals (3), marriage (4) and money (5) as the controllers of the iron fist in the velvet glove and the bare open hand. The glory of our species is that we get to choose and thereby prove ourselves as lovers or killers.

No other story, game, structure, relationship, journey or reality can match this. And to think it’s all there in the hand. Why read just the palm when we can read the whole hand? Why sell ourselves for a few digits of profit, power or porn when we can have the Lover’s body?

5. Tree Technology

The modern world has produced amazing technologies, like the internet, space travel and surgery, to name a few. And yet, when it comes to the important issue of human health and happiness, we remain Neanderthals, or rather less than them. Witness the armaments and wars, the lying and murdering, and the terrible diseases of mind and body which torment us.

If any technology has a military or monetary use for the empire of evil, it is co-opted, stolen or bought out. Technology itself is commandeered by the patriarchal philosophy of a chain of command, meaning chains around our necks. All is game as beings to control and profit from. Power rules by dividing things into beings with a price tag.

How different a technology of love, represented by the tree of life. There freedom and creativity reigns without apparent limit. For all our modern tech skills, can we create one single tree out of elements pure and simple, from sub-atomic particles or atoms? And yet that is what our ancestral lovers did.

According to the meta-narrative of love, our parental lovers created all that is from their bodies in the natural way. First, Womam Nature creates parthgenically from her own body; and later she takes in a man and gives out a baby.

We celebrated this prime act of creation in sexual love rituals in the love culture. We had communal sex. We did what the Lover (all of us) did: had sex with herself by masturbating and in mutual masturbation with the whole community. These sacred sacramental sex acts “saved” the world, in other words, made it safe.

Our parental lovers, let us call them star lovers from the starry universe) created with their bodies sacred-mentally, and their love manifested materially. We remain bonded to them in a free-flowing love, in and out, sexually and lovingly. We were not beings with divided essences but lovers with distilled fragrances of varying relationships.

We retain traces of the marvelous abilities of our forebearers. We also create with our minds, and our works manifest themselves in the material world. However, to do this we need to be true lovers, and that requires throwing off the chains of patriarchy.

A technology of love produces a tree of life. Technologies of evil produce a mushroom cloud of death. We can make use of today’s technologies if they are governed by love. To be able to tell the difference and live the difference depends on the choices we make and the practices we engage in.

6. The Tree of Love

The tree is a natural symbol of love. Trees are the largest and most striking living creatures. Of all our values, love is the greatest and most obvious to those who care to look. The Love Government uses a tree for one of its symbols of womam and her love culture.

Jesus said the kingdom of heaven was like a seed that grew into a mighty tree. He borrowed that image from the love culture. The groves and shrines of our love ancestors were under trees. The tree became associated with the womem of the culture. The largest grossing movie worldwide featured a home tree, in fact, two of them.

Trees give protection from the elements. So does love. In particular, womam holds the culture together and protects it; men protect and assist womem and their children. Trees give fruit as do womem: “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.”

Fruit is sweet and good to eat. This is a subtle reference to eating womam as fruit and drinking her sweet waters, suggesting her sex rites involving oral sex. I think of trees and I feel the sweet nectar from her universal body. As fruit nourishes us, so does womam and love, giving us sweetness of soul and body.

Our species separated from the chimpanzees some seven million years ago. We came down from our home in the trees and stood upright on the ground. We became even more grounded in the earth and in our advanced sexuality. We draw Lover Earth’s energy up through our feet.

A womam’s sexual center, her vulva, is the spring, flower, blossom, bud and fruit of life. Situated among trees, living water flows from womam’s body with great pleasure and joy. The garden of paradise, called Eden, means pleasure where waters gather and flow.

Trees evoke these pleasurable, blissful and sweet thoughts about ourselves in our true state. Home is where the heart is. The heart is a vulva heart that makes us feel we are home. We are all womam on the inside, and therefore share her awesome qualities.

Trees deserve our respect. Without them we would not survive. When we needlessly kill them, we kill ourselves. To love among the trees is a great privilege and pleasure. We enjoy the earth and its wondrous beauty and fruit sweet taste of love.