The Lover

1. Clitoral Thinking

2. Lover Philosophy

3. In the Unbeginning

4. Potency

5. The Lovernet

6. Freedom

7. Energy Source

8. Straight to the Heart


1. Clitoral Thinking

The dancing Lover is the center of all that is. Her form holds us all together. She is extraordinarily beautiful and attractive. We catch glimpses of her in our own forms and gestures.

She is the missing link to fill in all our losses. But without proper preparation we will forever miss the captivating sight of her graceful form.

When our species was young she was present in her pure blossoming. In that primal dawn she danced like shrine flames illuminating the night.

We can still hear those footsteps, hear those singing voices and drums, see that swirling hair and hands, arms and legs. The ancient memories awaken those embraces even now.

How much we have lost. How far we have fallen from what was meant to be. The fall of man is the tragedy before which all other sorrows pale. The Love Government reawakens our desires and rekindles those almost cold coals.

On the home page the dancing Lover flag at the earthward tip of her sacred triangle points to where she’s at. That’s where we’re going: into the center of her mass and form. Through clitoral thinking we re-enact her first mass of masturbation.

The words may appear strange and the language even stranger because we have made ourselves strangers in a strange land. It’s time to come on home. The way is marked out for us in the five digit TLG handbook. We need only gather up our courage and set to work.

Follow her flag into the garden of her heart. Her triangle points to her vulva which enfolds her clitoris. Clitoral thinking explains it all and frees us from the excesses of patriarchal clinical thinking by awakening our critical thinking love powers.

2. Lover Philosophy

The Lover is an original state of relations between all parts of her body. We become aware that we are her. We exist as her in her varying parts, including one’s self and other selves. The Lover is a community of lovers in which we are ourselves as one and distinct from others. The original philosophy would have been Philia and Sophia (philo and sophy, aspects of the Lover) seeing themselves as parts of the whole community of lovers called the Lover.

Partriarchy threw a wrench into these finely tuned workings by separating themselves and judging love falsely. They felt jealous, separate and resentful. They constructed a philosophy abstracted from immediate love. They complicated what was simple and with each successive complication fell further away from uncomplicated understanding.

Now philosophy is so complicated, trapped in academic funding, abstract and separated from real life that it can only feed on itself. The trap is the seductive thought, that if we only try a little harder to grasp patriarchal thought we will be able to see our way clear. It never happens until we drop the whole Gordian Knot and let it rot on a compost pile.

Thinking that is not directly connected to the Lover and her culture is a destructive addiction. Philosophy makes a claim to universality and depth but in its modern guise of patriarchy rejects both universality and depth and so dooms itself to a never ending maze impossible to escape.

The Lover offers her hand to pull us out of this morass. She is the authority who is non-authoritarian. As everywhere else, patriarchy muddies the waters with its philosophy of being, God, money and various other kinds of unreal mentalizing. The baby of love gets thrown out with the muddy waters.

Starting with Simone de Beauvoir,  a handful of feminists in philosophy are trying to put philia (love) and sophia (wisdom) back into philosophy. One among them (that I know of) calls for a new kind of philosophy. Although she’s far from it, she unknowingly points to the old kind of philosophy of a philia-sophia philosophy of love.

Philia (Philomel), Sophia (Wisdom) and Psychia (Psyche) are a trinity of womem who bring back the true perennial philosophy (of love) if we can recover from the mirage of patriarchal thinking.

3. In the Unbeginning

What we believe about our beginnings is vitally important. Patriarchy starts with the idea that it was always a dog eat dog world. In its view we are basically cannibals because we have to eat or we will be eaten, and we end up eating ourselves. Life is a survival of the fittest affair. To patriarchs we are born killers (and sinners).

To The Love Government this starting premise is fundamentally false. It’s a lie that generalizes from one small aspect of life and presents it as the whole story. The patrix lie distorts reality to serve a power-over agenda. Patriarchy is the father of lies starting with the most basic of deceptions.

In TLG we are truthers, not liars; we are lovers, not killers. Our story is grounded in the truth of nature, not on the fraud of power. The starting premise of reality is love, not violent power. Love necessitates freedom and therefore allows some evil. There can be no love without free choice.

In a balanced love governing system violence and evil are always mitigated, kept in control and guided by love. Galaxies collide and one swallows the other. Wild carnivorous animals kill and eat others but usually the weak who need to be culled. Big fish eat smaller fish. Animals kill plants by eating them. We can reduce this idea to an absurdity by saying life is a war in which chemicals consume each other and even breathing kills micro-organisms.

On the whole life is beautiful, harmonious and pleasurable with apparent exceptions that prove the rule. That’s love’s starting point. That’s love’s grand story of “in the beginning.” To take the apparent violent violations of that rule and build a wholly different story of violent killing as the rule with peaceful actions as the exception is the Big Lie of patriarchy.

The Love Government does not stand for such a lie and distortion of reality. If we buy into the lie we are lost. After suffering enough we will have to start over and get our bearings straight. In the world of today the patriarchal lie system has become so strong that we are all more or less lost and confused. Most of us are suffering horribly and needlessly.

Per the poet: “They said what’s up is down, they said what isn’t is / They put ideas in his head he thought were his.” It’s a crime to lie like that and to get away with murder. It was never meant to be that way. When it gets that bad love steps in to balance the situation by setting the record straight and telling the truth about our beginnings.

Scientists don’t know if the universe always existed or if it was created. Their math formulas can’t tell. The popular ideas of the big bang and the singularity are misconceptions of whatever math and theoretical physics they have. The universe appears to be expanding but is that after a contraction?

Into this ignorance, confusion and uncertainty religion steps in to fill the vacuum. God (or nirvana, emptiness, singularity, enlightenment, mystic mindlessness or money, etc.) are conjured up by patriarchs who see an opportunity to make a buck and position themselves at the head of the parade or at the top of the pyramid.

TLG smiles like the Mona Lisa at this babble-on Babylon of psychobabble all for power, profit and porn, torn from any safe or sane mooring to anything solid or lasting. Only a fool would step into the middle of this mess and expect to get out alive — unless she was protected by an unshakable reality and an unassailable story that is not for sale but can sail through any perfect storm safely.

In the beginning was the unbeginning Lover. She is dancing in place as one, two, three, four and more unto infinity and beyond, folding back upon herself to right here. Her dancing body was, is and always will be whatever is. The here and now is but a speck in the vastness of the past and future as is this space in the unfathomable reaches of micro and macro spaciousness.

The Lover’s dance is numbered and counted with a base infinity computer that notes every movement and gesture of her mass-form radiating out in waving particles of life, light and sound. All this is encoded in our bodies if we sensitize our seven senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, intuition and love.

The Lover has an unbeginning and multiple beginning. As far as we humans are concerned our beginning story appears on this earth with the planet herself, then life, then mammals, then humanoids, then humans about 100,000 years ago in Africa beginning with African Eve (mitochondrial Eve, Eden Eve) in Eden, our common mother according to gene studies.

Our common Lover appeared as our common mother whose name is Eve (mother of all the living). Prior to that our Lover appeared as our common lover whose name is Eden (pleasure or the place where waters gather). Eve is her name as mother. Eden is her name as lover.

The Lover is her name which includes all names. We start our story with her and leave aside for the time being stories of spirits, souls, superior intelligences, space travelers, extra-terrestrial visitors and creators, etc.

Why? It is our responsibility to get our own story straight and to straighten out our own lives before speculating on things we will never understand until we put our own house in order anyway. It’s a waste of time to reinvent the wheel; better to use the wheels given to us and enjoy them.

Back to the Lover’s dance which is also our dance since she is us. The dance is a sexual dance meant to turn us on so we can enjoy Eden and reproduce as well. Joy is first and children are second. Loving and sexing is first and mothering is second. We are lovers doing a sexual dance in sexual rites in Eden (yes, in her, Eden). We make love and give sex because that’s what the Lover is doing.

The Lover as “unal” makes love by masturbating and ejaculating water and blood while menstruating. These sacred sex fluids congeal and form all her manifestations including her consort and us. In our sex rites in the Eden groves we also masturbated and ejaculated sacred fluids which nurture the world.

The Lover as “dual” masturbates mutually with her consort and mingles her waters with his. She retains her blood to make a baby. We re-enact the Lover’s actions by mutual masturbation of a womam’s vagina and a man’s penis to make babies.

The Lover as “triune” dances as three womem masturbating themselves and each other to produce ejaculatory fluids which “save” the earth by keeping it going through love (love makes the world go ’round). To make babies the triune womam’s circle invites men in.

The Lover as “quadral” is the four and more structure of support for the inner circles. We follow suit by building structures of support for love (like TLG).

The Lover as “quintal” encodes our bodies with five-star forms principally our five extentioned body, hands and especially a womam’s five star-like clitoris. We honor the Lover by clitoral thinking and acting.

The Lover is one and many. Her numerical manifestations go on to infinity. Zero (0) includes all the numbers. Multiply them all by zero and they’re zero. 0 is a sexual sign of love’s power.

The Lover was celebrated in the lovers’ groves through sexual rites that were open, free, communal and well governed. These rites were expressed through masturbation which produced the sacred waters that nourished the earth and made babies. Masturbation was individual and communal.

In the beginning of the unbeginning the Lover masturbated herself and ejaculated water and blood to make the world through her sexual sacred dance. In re-enacting her actions we are lovers like her. We keep the world going like she does. This was the heart and soul of our love culture.

We could do this because we were practicing the five points of what is now TLG’s handbook: 1. clitoral thinking and acting; 2. Eden vegan diet; 3. no pets or domestication of animals; 4. no marriage to one other human; and 5. no money or usury. Without those five actions no love economy or culture is possible.

The love culture system based on the Lover was beautiful and pleasurable. It existed or we would not have survived. The patriarchal lie that life was about power would have condemned us to extinction since we were relatively powerless among the more powerful animals. We were born lovers, not killers and this is what protected us from external dangers. But the patrix lie was an internal fifth column that undermined us from within.

The lie was that if we thought clinically rather then clitorally we would be better off. The lie was that if we killed animals and ate meat we would be stronger and happier. The lie was that if we domesticated and made pets of animals we would be more loving and comfortable. The lie was that if we coupled up we would be safer. The lie was that if we valued an object like money we would be more free.

We bought the lies (often that or lose our lives) and so the lies bought and sold us. But now we can see through the lies and reject them. We can be truthers, not liars. We can be lovers, not killers. This choice is not an idle thing. It is forever. It enables us to join the Lover’s dance which is unshakable and unassailable.

Otherwise we will always be shaken and taken by forces of power that do not love us. They hate us and use us until we are all used up. That’s not a lover’s dance but a killer’s death march. Patriarchy is the proper name of this slave master. If we march with him we will still be part of the Lover’s dance but out on her outskirts where we suffer until we learn not to burn with patrix lies.

Patriarchs hated the Lover and her dance. They hated her sexual-love rites and still do. The means of killing love has become more sophisticated but they are basically the same. Love can never be entirely killed even on our wayward planet. We still have remnant traces left.

Take masturbation. The remnant of the love culture in the Roman empire became the Roman Catholic mass practiced widely today. The mass is short for masturbation. Churches have replaced the sacred groves but the holy water is still there. The fire (candles) is still there. The stories of love (although distorted) are still there. The communion of bread is what’s left of communal sex. Eating a man’s body has replaced eating the Lover’s body (oral sex). Drinking wine (blood) substitutes for menstrual blood.

Jesus Christ on the cross has replaced She’sus Chrest with her crest of an erection that orgasms and climaxes with joy for the whole community.

The Roman mass will give way to the Lover’s mass of masturbation rightly understood. The story will be straightened out and told again as it was before. That true story of sex and love will change our kill culture to a love culture again. Our species will save itself by going back to the beginning of the unbeginning and recovering from the aberration of patriarchy and its big lie.

We hear the story in all its glory. We see the Lover in her sexual dance. We feel the love of the great romance. We taste the Eden kiss of bliss. We sense her body’s sexual scent. We intuit her sign and go into it. We love her dancer call and make love with all in all.

4. Potency

The most potent reality is love and even more potent is the Lover herself. She is the power behind all of creation. We wouldn’t know it from the world today where is is unknown and ignored.

Into this lack of love and avoidance of the Lover rush into the vacuum all kinds of impotence posing as power: money, war, security, comfort, lying and lust. Sure, guns, bombs, drones, and poison tongues look strong but they’re only passing dark shadows and clouds.

Patriarchy (godfathers) arose because patrix men could not get it up for real womem. They couldn’t stand up or get erected for womem lovers. Jealousy make them impotent sexually.

To compensate for this lack of manhood they took to killing weaker animals to bulk themselves up physically which further shriveled their brains. Killing led to more killing until we got to where we are today: killing whole nations with money from behind computer screens.

In the Love Government we make love directly with the Lover through a ritual mass of sacrifice (mass-tur-bation) in which we give ourselves to her. We make love with her in the invisible commons or if possible in the physical realm with communal sex in sacred rites with real lovers.

Real lovers are those who practice the love manual or handbook of the five principles. Stated negatively they are 1) no violent thinking; 2) no eating meat or animal products; 3) no pets including horses or experimental animals; 4) no church or state sanctioned marriage; 5) no interest on money period (which means no war).

Our reserve currency in money and all matters is love. These practices give TLG its potency. It’s all sex with the Lover, not just genital physicality because that’s but one card of fifty-two according to the Love Government game system.

We give ourselves in the sacrifice of the mass of masturbation (physical, mental and spiritual). We sacrifice the false potency (power) of a war economy for an economy of love. That’s real and lasting potency.

5. The Lovernet

If your computer is not properly connected to the internet, you might get a message like “you are not connected to the internet.” Then the fun follows of fixing the problem. The same can be said about having an electric cord plugged in or a device turned on.

These troublesome or trouble-free details are critical in ordinary circumstances, and even more so in large matters of health and happiness. For the Love Government the question is: “Are we connected to the Lovernet?” The internet, extensive as it is, is miniscule in comparison to our connection to greater life.

And yet we trust such important matters as inconsequential in a cavalier manner The fact is we are dumbed down by patriarchy if not outrightly threatened. No wonder we cannot fix problems of cruel suffering, even to life and death issues.

Connection to love, immediate experience of the Lover and tuning into a “lovernet” of like minded lovers is our first order of business. Neglect that and neglect all. Omit our primary source of energy and we automatically suffer terrible consequences, worse in the long run than freezing or frying to death.

A bad connection is sometimes worse than no connection at all. It can burn down our house for one thing or drive us to the nut house for another.

If not grounded in love (need I say true love?), money, power, pleasure, education, business, religion, politics and culture itself is wracked on the rocks or worse, tortures us on the racks of terror. Such portrayals are not mere speculation or horror films but painful wounds, whether on cancer wards or bombing fields.

We can run but we cannot hide from the consequences of our chosen connectivity. They follow us to the grave and beyond because they are stuck to our souls. It is best we clear our debts and clean our consciousness here and now. But how often do we do our best or even our mediocre modicums?

The quickest and easiest way to safety is to make a secure connection to the Lover, the general application for all lovers of the lovernet; which is all of us as lovers. We can do that with our common user-name, Love, and password, the Lover.

Those wonder words open up the whole ball of waxing and waning love energy fields, greater than the moon, sun, all sun-stars and all universes. Connecting to the big picture begins with connecting the dots. Most children can do it on their level but few adults can do it on theirs.

6. Freedom

Freedom is living my own life rather than trying to live someone else’s. That implies that I am doing the best I can to be a true lover, who serves the Lover and her whole community.

I live my life which is a rich, fulfilled life. I am free from the constraints of all systems, traditions and teachings, including this one, namely, the Love Government. TLG is designed as a house of cards, destined to collapse at any time.

I use the Love Government, or any other system, until it is no longer useful; until it begins to get in the way, to constrict and to block real growth. At that point I just let it go, grateful for what I have learned with it. I may return to a system or I may not.

Addictions are very subtle. They pose as angels when they may be devils. If TLG becomes a devil (evil), it has outlived its purpose. An addiction is an ingrained habit that is destructive. To get free, I need to carefully observe the signs of freedom.

Freedom is one of the signs of true love. Joy is another. If I am honest I can tell the difference between addiction and commitment. If I am in the habit of lying to myself, then all bets are off because anything goes. I look for joy or its opposite. The same for freedom.

Living someone else’s life is an epidemic in our social conformity culture. It may take the form of criticizing others which is a projection of that fault in us (me). Or I may seek their approval or be hurt by their supposed treatment of myself.

My responsibility is to live my life, not theirs. That presupposes I have a full life, not a half-life. When death comes, he should find me fully alive. But if others or other things suck away my life, then I have died before death.

The needs for a full life are simple. The greeds of a half-life are complex and never satisfying. I need to set boundaries between need and greed. I may be on one side of the line and the whole world on the other. If I’m loving, free and joyful, what does it matter?

All those around me may be living their lives in a way that disgusts me. So what? I still need to live my life. Enemies and friends make no difference to my life choices.

Freedom is a word bandied about to cover the most egregious crimes of slavery. Yet genuine freedom is a clarion call that awakens the deepest love. Love necessitates freedom. Freedom is a sure sign of love.

7. Energy Source

In order to do work, it takes energy. We are doing the work of love. We are working for a loving world. Therefore, we need energy. But what kind of energy? The kind of energy we need is portrayed in our origin story which is centered on the Lover. Without that working energy, our species would grind to a halt and take most species with us.

We can see that clearly in the conditions of today. There is a woeful lack of love and therefore we are falling apart. There are very few true lovers left. Where are the small communities of thirty to sixty who are independent of the system of power and terror? There aren’t any.

In the Love Government we think about the love culture of our origins, imagine our lover progenitors, live in tune with nature as well as we can, forego meat and animal products, do not keep pets, do not couple up to the crippling of community love making, do not take interest on money and practice other actions in the vein of love.

These are works which literally “make love” and supply the energy for a loving world. We are far from a love culture but we are getting there. We are outnumbered a million to one but that one is just enough to prevent annihilation of our species. Much more is needed if we are not to go belly up. The point is that love is a work, and very few of us are working to make love.

Any efforts in working for love are not wasted. Everything is noted and counted in love’s book. There are plenty of planets where our accounts can be transferred. This planet is one tiny experiment in the vast scope of love’s work. It’s beginning to look like abandoned love in regards to us.

We’re going to die anyway but afterwards–ah, there’s the rub. No matter how bad it gets, this lifetime on this planet is a golden opportunity. It would be a shame to mess it up. So we go on working in whatever ways we can. Most of the time we don’t feel joyful because we’re so enmeshed in our own nonsense but we have moments that make it all worthwhile and give us hope.

Better to be a worker than a slacker. People work because they must or they feel good giving to a worthy cause. We’re not in it for the money or the adulation. Love is its own end and purpose. The reward of working for love is the energy of love. That energy source provides us the heat, light and power, sometimes confirmed with joy.

8. Straight to the Heart

How do I (we) escape from the trap we’re in? First, see the trap; stop denying the gruesome facts. As individual babies and children, we were denied our own genetic programming, to be raised in a love culture. And as a species, we have lost our way home, or to even have a home.

These are severe deficits which cause thousands of clinical dysfunctions: psychopathic, terrorized, fearful, brain-dead people with depression, anxiety, hatred, gnawing aches and gaping voids, covered over with sweet, sugared words and hollowed out hearts.

To fill this vacuum of sorrow, uncountable scams, pretensions, lies, therapies, manipulations, religions, political systems, cures and cons have been devised to make money and exert power. No, it’s not that bad; it’s ten times worse, if we knew the half of it.

There is a way out, and that is to go straight to the heart of love, who is none other than the Lover, who in turn is all of us as lovers. Say her name, Lover; see her beautiful earth body, especially her womam sex center; feel her surround our body and enter it; smell her intoxicating fragrance; taste her body and drink her waters; intuit her holistic omnipresence; and in short, fall in love with her. That’s going straight to her heart, as far as words can tell.

Notice that the focus is on her. That’s the straight part. Go ahead and do all the other things so you know the crooked way too if you want but it’s not necessary. Just know it’s there. It’s in your face and mine all the time anyway so you can hardly avoid it.

Notice, too, her sex center. That’s the heart part. The semantic heart is her pubic hair triangle and what it points to. Semantic means meaning by way of signs. The Lover’s sexual body is the core meaning by which we are saved from all the evils described above.

All the love we want is offered to us in the verbal word sign: Lover, along with all the senses described before. The method is so simple and easy that it’s almost always overlooked. We prefer the hard way because then we feel we’re doing something (avoiding the deepest pain).

The romantic heart in the middle of the chest provides a ready-made substitute gratification for the semantic heart of meaning located below. It’s a fix, but a false one that does not last. What does last is neither romantic or semantic but volcanic love.

The volcanic heart is in and beyond space and time where the community of lovers burn like the sun and flow like lava; and like cool waters and gentle winds on a lovers’ earth, which we have almost destroyed, and will have to rebuild.