1. Lover as Sun

2. Sacred Blood

3. The Sign of the Sun

4. Orientation

5. Courage

6. Volcanic

7. The Sexual Sun

8. Seven Questions


1. Lover as Sun

A sun shines on the red, brown and blue colors of the earth and on us. We feel the emotional warmth of the sun and the earth. We feel the love of The Love Government when we view its flags, signs and writings.

Red refers to the Lover’s blood. Brown is the color of her skin. Blue is the hue of her earthly and cosmic waters.

Red is the color and emotive power of the inner landscape of the earth and her earth based people. Brown is the color of the earth’s skin and the skins of people and animals. Blue is the color of the earth’s day time covering and therefore our own covering through our connection as lovers with the Lover.

The emotions are perhaps the most immediate and strongest governing elements within us. They appear to be quite directly connected to the unconscious and therefore are powerful motivators. Flags are devices which take advantage of emotions. Before emotionally charged sporting and military events we salute flags accompanied by heartfelt songs.

Both earth and people have red cores. They have brown skin and both reside under a blue sky reflected in blue waters. The earth and her peoples are joined by an indissoluble bond. This message will do little good unless we understand its significance deeply and feel it even more deeply in our bodies. Therefore it is up to  us to meditate on these matters until they become embedded in our bodies with intense emotional meaning. Of all the emotional attachments to the lover earth flag none is more vital than the link to the Lover herself. When this connection is felt the flag becomes yet another contact with the Lover herself, and is rightly called a sacrament, a sacred mental act.

When we once consider the flag as the Lover and her lovers across space and time we are granted access to a most remarkable experience. We feel that we are truly of the same bloodline as the Lover and have the same skin color and live under the same skies as our personal lovers in the Principal Person of the Lover. We become connected and the current that flows between us becomes our first order of business and pleasure. There is nothing in life that can come close to the expansiveness and intensity of the warmth and unshakable love that unites us with the Lover and with each other.

Red is the color of love because red is the color of blood. This perception has been deeply ingrained is us over millions of years. The part of this knowledge that has been most severely repressed has been the love blood that flows from the vulva of womem in moonly menses.

Our patriarchal cult culture denies the sacred experience of such love rites (and rights). Deeply repressed itself, patriarchy hates womem and makes war on them. The substitute patrix blood rites are connected with the blood sports of hunting animals and eating their blood stained meat. Today these killings have been laundered and disguised lest the true facts interfere with patriarchal business. Few see the insides of slaughterhouses or the houses of the poor targeted by drones half way around the world.

Still the facts of love will not be repressed totally. All the tampons ever made cannot hide the reality that womem bleed naturally; and all the think tanks ever convened cannot cover up the sickness of men’s killing. Love is Love, blood is blood and truth is truth except in the boardrooms of power, the battlefields of profit and the bedrooms of porn.

Red is a strong color which connects us to the truth of love when we get past the blood lust of men and the false luster of women.

Love’s flag of freedom waves in my red heart. It waves for all the womem who bleed; for those who know what their blood signifies and effects and for those who don’t. Love’s flag also flies for womem bleeding on the killing fields of men, men blinded by power, jealousy and fear. I serve the flag of love and other flags to the extent that they serve the Lover herself.

2. Sacred Blood

If we read between the lines of ancient texts we can see the Love Culture clearly. Religious texts are especially revealing. Take red blood for example.

We are filled with red blood as any cut shows. A more common, natural and regular occurring instance of self revelation is the monthly shedding of blood by womem. In ancient times their blood was sacred and nourishing. In modern times it is something to be shunned after serving its economic part of selling tampons etc.

In the Christian bible which I am most familiar with Jesus shed his blood on the cross. To this day the Catholic church has a special feast day with Mass prayers of the Precious Blood of Jesus. This is clearly a rewrite and gender reversal to make a man the Savior of men through the shedding of his blood.

The truth behind this rewrite is that a Womam saves us and our society by the shedding of her blood which nourishes the earth; or by the retaining of her blood within her body for the creation of a baby. It is a natural fact that a womam saves us through her ability to shed blood either directly during her monthly period or indirectly with the baby at birth.

In the Love Culture the shedding of blood with or without a baby was celebrated as life giving and saving. In our Kill Culture males shed blood in wars against other men or more primitively by hunting and killing animals; or more subtly by making a killing in the stock market which literally kills people and the earth further afield.

The tragedy of patriarchy’s killing of the Love Culture of Womem is that this saving action is no longer happening. Womem have become women and females have become femen by losing the consciousness of what their blood really means and its connection with the Lover thanks to the brutal repressions and subsequent internalizing of patriarchy.

Just because modern patriarchs of both sexes say that a male savior’s blood (soldiers for example) saves us does not mean that it does. The evidence of 10,000 years of patriarchy is clear: male shedding of blood is killing us and our planet.

The first great war on terror was a war of terror like the one now going on in the wake of 911, a false flag operation of lies and deceit. The first war of terror was against womem and their sexual rites; the recent war of terror is against the earth and its perpetual rights.

The Red in the Love flag captures these positive and negative feelings. When we wrap our bodies in the redness of love we feel the sadness and joy of the red blood soaked flag, the sadness of all the killing and the joy of all the joyful blood flows of nature’s womem. This is not just a fantasy but a down to earth reality.

3. The Sign of the Sun

The sun is a sign of love. It is one of the flags on this Love Government website. The backdrop on all fifteen flags are the red, brown and blue colors of love: our blood and the earth’s, our skin and the earth’s and our waters and the earth’s.

The sun makes these colors possible with her rays of light and heat. The sun shines on the red, brown and blue flag even as it shines in the blue sky. Even when she is not physically present at night she is in our minds and hearts.

Notice I use the word she. Why not? We associate the sun with the Lover who is primarily womam and secondarily man. Another reminder of her is the shape of the fifteen flags: a womam’s triangle over her sexual center.

In The Love Government our minds are ever directed to the Lover and by her. Our thinking is personal and clitoral rather than clinical and technical. The Lover is the sun for us as she was for us in the millions of years of herstory attested to by language and archeology.

The sun Lover radiating in our hearts helps us to deal with the ravages of patriarchal thinking. The leaders of the patrix movement are psychopaths found at the top of the pyramids of power, politics, business, media, religion, academia and the military-police state. These are all anti-love agents, sometimes necessary evils in our corrupt times.

TLG “handles” the patrix-matrix complex with the five rays of its handbook manual as well as with the sacred womam’s love triangle on the home page of this site. These hand and eye signs have the power of not only one sun but of all suns.

In brief here are the five rays of the handbook:

1. The thumb gives a thumbnail sketch of the whole hand, five cards if you will. Shaped somewhat like the tongue the thumb stands for language and thinking. TLG does personal and clitoral thinking focused on the Lover as 99% of our love ancestors did prior to the revolt of patriarchy.

We are assisted by our bodies’ sexual code. The body, hand and a woman’s clitoris have five star-like radiant extensions. They are mnemonic reminders of how and what to think about if we want to be true lovers. They direct our thinking to all subjects particularly to sexual ones like masturbation (including intercourse), conception, birth control, abortion, birthing and child-rearing.

2. The forefinger or index finger that indexes (points out the nature of) what food we take into our bodies. Diet is crucial to our thinking; so thinking and diet are closely linked: they touch each other like thumb and forefinger. TLG advocates for an Eden Vegan diet of fruit, vegetables and lower life forms that do not have red blood like ours.

This is out of respect for animals and ourselves. This idea is subtly brought out by the red, brown and blue flag in the color red, a reminder of our mutual red blood. Womem lovers would be especially sensitive to not killing red-blooded animals because womem bleed monthly to nourish the earth and retain blood to make a baby.

3. The middle finger is the sex finger and stands for our animal nature. We reproduce like animals with penis and vagina. The middle finger resembles a penis which is a vagina turned inside out. The middle finger is used in masturbation (a word that includes the masturbation of penis and vagina).

We apply these notions to the institution of pethood which is neurotic subliminal sex, an adulterous action between the human and animal species causing the destruction of both. We give the finger to animals and ourselves when we support pethood even in our hearts.

4. The fourth finger is the ring finger here in the US. I’ll generalize from here to all countries. It stands for nuclear marriage, a coupling motivated by ownership and property rights which has nothing to do with love rites. It’s as destructive as drowning couples trying to save each other. Instead of nuclear marriage with another dysfunctional human, TLG advocates for a new-clear sacred marriage with the Lover as 99% of our love ancestors enjoyed.

5. The fifth finger stands for the fifth column of patriarchy which is money and culture by which it twirls us around its little finger. Those at the top of the pyramid counterfeit money by entering it into a computer under their names or print paper which they also give to themselves.

Then they lend out this computer data or paper and demand real payback in interest, labor or property from the suckers who are not in on the pyramid scheme. It’s a blood-sucking vampire system which we are all forced into.

The law forces the managers of this fraud to go along or they lose their jobs or are killed like JFK who started a currency controlled by the people. Most of the good people, by the way, are in on the scheme; they’re called shareholders, an oxymoron if there ever was one.

Money today is a killer as in the phrase “make a killing with your money.” It’s made out of nothing but leads to the something of killing millions who are pushed off their land, starved and forced into slave labor. Money is the root of evil but not the only one.

On the negative evil side there is the left (literally “sinister”) hand of the patrix (left-handers reverse the analogy): the four horsemen penis fingers with the fifth column horseman of the thumb. The left hand of patriarchy is an iron fist in a velvet glove which crushes us all and ends up destroying itself.

Fortunately there is a positive hand side. The hand of The Love Government is love. The four woodmen fingers (figuratively penises) and the fifth column woodman thumb gives a hand of help. Moreover TLG has a card deck with many hands that can trump evil.

The cards of that deck are found at the earth flag for reading and at the sex card videos for viewing. TLG is a card game where we win our way home to the heart (triangle sex center) of the Lover. What a way to go! Little deaths become a great home-coming with the Lover.

What a sun! What a sun flag where our vital interests are flagged. All this is contained in the sun flag. We need only tap or click into it and onto it with a finger as we did to come here. It’s a sign of the time.

We tap dance into the Lover by tapping a flag. Amazing. We take the five digital (fingered) hand of the Lover and we’re home. This is the science of sciences and the technology of technologies: love regained in a game; love refound in a name.

4. Orientation

In The Love Government we are oriented to the Lover or love. She is our source and life. She is like the sun shining on all, the center of our solar system. The Lover gives life to mother earth like the sun does to planet earth.

Under the rule of patriarchal godfathers we have become disoriented toward war, money, consumerism, blindness and cruelty. We have lost our way and can’t find our way home. The Love Government appears to show the way with proper orientation.

The essence of the orientation is presented in TLG’s handbook of five principle practices. When we look at our hand we see, hear and feel the way to restore our life. It’s a more valuable device than all the hand-held instruments of technology, cell phones, tablets and computers.

1) The thumb stands for clitoral thinking reminding us of the essence of womam which is pleasure. It puts us in touch with the Lover as the prime sign of all true womam lovers in an earthly paradise of pleasure. Eden means pleasure or where waters gather and flow.

The clitoris is about pleasure, not war, killing, making money and evil. Clitoral opposes the excesses of the clinical, technical, mechanical and artificial unsustainable civilization of the patrix. Its evils are war, abortion and artificial birth control to mention just a few.

2) TLG opposes eating meat and animal products, unnecessary drugs and the mess of toxic chemicals sold on supermarket shelves.

3) TLG opposes the big business of pethood which enslaves dogs, cats, horses and many other species by human neurosis. When we cage, collar, corral and experiment on free animals we do that to ourselves.

4) We marry the Lover, not another human as disoriented as ourselves. The coupling process of ownership as private property is destructive of communal and global loving.

5) We don’t take interest on our money. Money today is usury: a counterfeit pyramid scheme that is destroying the earth and her peoples. It’s evil pure and simple and shareholders are sharing in evil by making killings with their money.

When we embrace love we will orient ourselves to the Lover and will feel disoriented as we let go of our previous evil habits. It may show up in our dreams as we awake from dark dreams to the light of reality and wakefulness.

5. Courage

Courage can be seen as a combination of cour and age. Cour means heart; therefore, courage is the age of the heart. It can be said this is the age of the heart since it takes so much courage to function as lovers in this culture of anti-love.

When we think of courage, we imagine a soldier or warrior in battle, taking great risks against a dangerous foe. But that is a rare instance and loses most of its glory because of the deceptive illusions of war. Real courage of the heart is much closer to home, in the management of our innermost thoughts and actions.

We easily get dis-couraged because of the surrounding culture which is unnatural and cruel. Apathy and cynicism creep in as defense mechanisms. Each moment calls for the mustering of courage to understand what is really happening and to put ourselves in alignment with love.

The word rage can be seen in cour-rage. There is a courageous type of rage that is appropriate in this cruel culture, sadistic toward the weakest and most vulnerable. The bombs of war kill innumerable innocent children. For what? Power and money! If we don’t feel rage at such monstrous crimes, our hearts are dead.

Speaking of heart, we usually refer to the chest pump which is highly emotional in its physical effects. However, this heart in the middle of the chest is not our true heart in the sense of center and most important organ. The heart of our organism is the genitals, which have a lower center of gravity, closer to truth.

A womam’s triangle of pubic hair over her vulva is the basis for the heart form. The womam’s sex heart is the crucial “make or break” point for any culture. In patrix cultures (virtually all by now) the womam’s heart is attacked and porned as dangerous and dirty; while the man’s heart becomes a romantic or Roman warrior sign in the middle of the chest. Well enough, but the chest heart should also be “semantic,” meaning courage.

Great courage is needed to counteract the insidious “rage” of the patrix against womem and their natural connection to the earth. It’s not just a matter of competing images or emotions; rather, it’s a choice of life or death. Courage becomes the strength to tell the difference and to make a difference.

Discouragement can be turned into “couragement” by the practice of strong love, the kind of love spelled out here at TLG. We drink in our courage with each breath and turned-over word in our minds. The noble soldier and brave warrior are found there and nowhere else.

6. Volcanic

Things come in three’s: good, bad and indifferent. Body, mind and spirit. The three bears, etc. When it comes to us, it’s not so different. We have a body and feelings, a mental consciousness and an energetic core. In other words, we are romantic, semantic and volcanic.

Close to our body, there are feelings of all sorts. We prefer good, sweet, pleasurable feelings, generally called romantic. These feelings can relate to intimacy and sex or they can refer to the romance of war. We usually don’t think of it that way, but the Roman empire was roman-tic, especially about the glory of war.

Semantic means meaning. Words have meaning besides emotional vibrations emitting from the sound of the words themselves. With our minds we grasp meaning. Mind is in the middle from where it exercises powerful effects on our emotions and body.

Volcanic is a high energy field which sometimes explodes and flows as fire. This is our natural state of love, most often held underground but at times let loose. This lovscious state is often called spiritual. Whatever it is called, it is most important. It is our center, analogous to the sun and its solar system.

We need all three states to function properly as lovers. When too much into romance, we become scatter-brained air-heads without a consistent focus. Too much mentalism makes us talking heads, disconnected from our bodies and emotions. We may add the dysfunction of a false spirituality, one of fancy learned words that have no real connection to love.

And then there are those who are overly dramatic, exploding and spewing ash on those around them in order to feel alive. A loose cannon volcanic acting out of repressed contents soon fizzles out when it comes to demonstrating true love.

When in balance, we can be romantic, semantic and volcanic in an orderly, loving manner. We don’t have to be Roman-ish, pedantic and volatile in ways that are harmful to ourselves and others. We hold to our center while not being ignorant of the antics of wobbling wheels around us.

The world is such a mess because people don’t think clearly from a perspective of love. The mind is shut down from its reasonable functioning because of the machinations of patriarchy. We need a loverarchy to straighten us out.

7. The Sexual Sun

Here we come to the heart of the matter. SOL means sun in Latin, an acronym for Sexuality Of Love. Sex is the heart and soul of us. We got here by sex, and if sex is a little death, we’ll leave by it.

Wits say we think of sex every few seconds, at least unconsciously, or we don’t. That’s the problem. We don’t think enough about sex — at least in a loving way. Sex is too short a word for the length of its reach.

As said many times, the center of The Love Government is the Lover. And what, pray tell, is a lover but someone who loves sex? All our discomforts and discontents come from not having sex, in the bed-text of love. The root of all evils is unrequited sex rather than money.

Sex is in our loins, breath, eyes and brains. Without it, we are dead in the water. With it we are as oasis in the desert, provided sex is a well and all is well. Otherwise, life is hell. We speak so much of love because we have so little sex.

Sex pronounced backwards is zes, short for zest. We can do without genital sex but without generative sex we are defeated generally. A gentleman or gentlewomam is known by sexual manners and mores. We say love makes the world go round but that’s a euphemism for sex.

Sex is like the ocean: all around us but not a drop to drink. If we’re lucky, we enjoy it for awhile, until it grows old and cold. Then begins the rat race to find it again. It’s associated with a bed but mostly it’s in our head.

If I get it right, sex is an everlasting delight. If I get it wrong, I sing a sad song. All my aches and pains can be traced back to lack of sex, sex in the widest sense, not just in the wildest. Sex is about consummation, a summation of all that’s good and true.

When I can’t get sex down, I can’t get it up. There is no cure for the sexual blues except a sexuality of love. The Love Government shows the way to sexual fulfillment in the person of the Lover.

The sun is a sexy sign. It is warm and passionate, generating life. The burning sun burns our blues away and give us joy and pleasure. I see the sun as a sign of sex, a womam’s sexual center. Her clitoris is a sun in miniature, and all the stars put together in macroture.

8. Seven Questions

In TLG (The Love Government) we are on a quest for greater love. A quest implies opening our minds with questions. There are seven basic questions true lovers ask: who? what? where? when? why? how? and if. 

All seven questions hang together and assist us on our quest. The first question, who?, is the most important but needs to be asked last with an inductive mTethod of inquiry. With a deductive method we ask who? first. In TLG we use both methods.

In The Love Government we start with the idea of the Lover which includes all of us as lovers. S/he is behind all the what’s, where’s, etc. The Lover is directly and intuitively grasped as the “who?” running the whole show. We speak of the Lover in the abstract and of lovers in immediate perception and experience.

The quest for knowledge and love of the Lover is a process rather than an object to be attained. Every day there is something new in the process, building on the old. It is a love relationship, every deepening and growing. Often we are temporarily stopped, seem to fall back and get off the track, with all the attendant sour feelings that discourage us and even lead us to despair,

If we keep asking questions, our way soon opens up. But most people just shut down their minds in fear. Others investigate but also shut down somewhere along the line to truth and settle for a partial solution. Very few keep at it until the truth reveals itself, not totally but as wholly as we can expect, given our limitations.

As we live our lives, and look around with open eyes and minds, we ask “what” is really going on. That’s where it starts with an inductive means to truth. Then we proceed to where, when, why, how and if. Finally, we arrive at who is behind all the questions and questing in the first place.

The danger is in accepting false premises out of habit, fear, laziness and social conformity. The big examples of this are beliefs in God, Goddess, Money, Power, Pleasure, Nihilism, Materialism, etc.

In TLG, the Lover/s is the “who” under, over, around and in all the questing and questioning. In response to the how do we do it question, we think and say her name, Lover, along with several other vital practices. Slowly and surely, our questions are answered with security.

The Lover is like the sun to the solar system. She is at the center, holding it all together. More than that, she warms us and gives us life. Moreover, she is the light of the intellect, answering all our questions, and satisfying all our questing. We fall in love with truth. The seven questions make us wonder and wonderful. The seven wonders of the world come together in the Lover.