Sex Card Videos


1. All in a Name

The name on the top of each one of the fifty-two sex cards is Lover. The cards describe fifty-two aspects of her love. We say her name Lover. All she is is contained in her name. When we say her name and play with the cards we connect with her. There is no higher or deeper relationship anywhere.
There are three names on each of the cards: the name of the card and two polarities. We say the name of the card and its positive polarity. This creates energy and helps dissolve negativity. This practice works best if backed up by actions such as the five actions of The Love Government handbook.
This is how we save ourselves and the planet. Words and actions that conform to each other are truth. We draw near to the Lover through her sexual body; hence the name sex cards. Sex is where it’s at it we want to do anything useful and helpful. Otherwise we’re just wasting words and spinning wheels without any traction.
The Lover is both masculine and feminine with priority given to the womam as any real man would confirm. The word lover refers to man and womam. The sex cards describe fifty-two love-sex actions. According to patriarchy God is a man and a bodyless, sexless one at that. The Lover is no God or goddess.