1. The First Lover

2. Love Orientation

3. Love Is Relation

4. The Mother Lover

5. The Other Mother

6. The Ache of Separation

7. Waters of Life

8. The Pane of Pain


1. The First Lover

Eve is our common mother according to the story. What is not commonly known is that Eve is the First Lover. Before a womam is a mother she is a lover. But where did Eve come from? The myth says God made her after he made the first man, Adam. This is a false rewrite of the facts of nature to prop up the patriarchal regime which wanted to kill the womam centered culture it hated.

Eve “appeared” as the first lover of our species however we interpret that fact. She made love with herself and produced children from herself. These children were sexual and made love with each other and produced children who were likewise lovers and so on. This is the best we can do and be faithful to the facts of nature. Nature is parthenogenic at first and later bisexual. Mother creates daughter and later sons are added into the mix.

The Lover Eve is our mother, essence, essential nature and central truth. Our lover ancestors in the ancient Love Culture practiced naturally what we today only catch glimpses of. We have largely lost contact with our Mother Source due to the rebellion of patriarchy in the fall of man. We fell away from who we really are. The primary cause was the killing and enslavement of animals leading logically to what we have today in the institutions of war and pethood.

The Lover embraces everything –  war and slavery are on the far fringes of her attributes. These aberrations will be recycled like dead cells and bodily waste. For us the only way back to Love’s Heart is clear. Don’t do those things that prevent recovery. Do those things that assist the recovery of who we are. These practices of recovery are described in various parts of the Love Government. Mainly they entail the choice to put ourselves under the protection of the Love Government and to reject the demands of the patriarchal power government.

By making choices based on Love we gradually move into the Lover’s sphere which is sacred. Each choice we make is a kind of sacrament which effects what our words and actions signify and thus brings us into closer contact with the Lover. Calling ourselves by our proper name, Lover, is one of many techniques in the ancient technology of Love. In one sense it’s a long way back home to the Lover’s Heart but in another way we’re already there. Anyone can use the technique of associating their name with The Lover. Such words describe the reality of who we are.

Eve is our common mother and original Lover. Eve is The Lover or La Lover to use the feminine article.

La Lover refers to a Womam Lover. The Love Government insists on this point because not only is it truth but it is necessary to balance the error of patriarchy. It is not a trivial matter that our culture insists on holding up male gods as our symbols of superior value.

The Love Government challenges this religious hegemony and declares that it is extremely harmful. It is clear that male gods as divine representations do not know how to lead or govern in beneficial ways. 10,000 years of evidence cannot be dismissed. Warmongering is the primary strength of patriarchy or father rule.

The original love culture which patriarchy tried to overthrow had a Supreme Lover and her name may have been very much like our English name Lover. Male religions make much ado about the name of God and the benefits of saying it and chanting it. They get this idea from the original Love Religion and then substituted their own male names: God, Lord, Yahweh, Allah, Christ, Krishna and on and on. Behind these names are patriarchs and gurus of male persuasion pulling the strings.

In modern times male religions have turned secular and so the names have changed to Money, Power, Porn, Celebrity, Comfort, Consumerism and so on. What is lost in all this money-changing shuffle is the name La Lover (or its equivalent) and devotion to her and her name. Feminists use the word Goddess which is merely a weak God and so fail to break free from the trap of patriarchal male rule.

The energy is subtle and we are often deceived by the language we use which turns against us. Devotion to the name Lover is one way to clear away the smokescreen of the patrix (patriarchy). The Love Government suggests we think and say this name as often as possible. Such practices evoke a very different energy than words like God, Lord, Goddess and Money. What is crucial is not just that such words are valued but that they are ignoring and blotting out words that could make a difference in making this world more just and peaceful.

2. Love Orientation

The core of the Love Government is its relationship with the Lover who is the Wholeness of Love. The Whole cannot be directly perceived or we would be the Whole. We contact the Whole through her parts which in turn are arranged in a governing fashion. Saying her name “Lover” is the most efficient way of organizing a Love system.

With practice we begin to hear the word Lover being passed back and forth between the Lover and ourselves. We call the supreme reality Lover and She in turn calls us Lover. Lover evokes and creates the Love relationship which we seek. Sound is the most fundamental of our governing faculties and the word Lover focuses sound into a single organizing point.

From this central governing principle everything else falls naturally into place. By incorporating the word Lover into our name we facilitate the process of falling into (or rising into or centering into) Love Herself. The sound of the supreme name gradually morphs into synch with our sight and our breath and the other features of our overall Song Of Love, our SOL and Sun Soul.

What begins with feeling awkward and forced soon becomes as natural as breathing and blinking. We are reconnecting with our origins in the Primal Love Culture. The Love Government rules of order move into alignment with our intended Love Economy and Universe. When we were young and innocent 100,000 and a million years ago living in the heart of our nurturing earth home we didn’t have to think about or practice these things because they were embedded in us.

The road to recovering our lost Love Relationship can seem long and hard but for the Love Government there is no other way to go. Names are road signs and mile markers along our path, both positively and negatively. In a very real sense the game of love is the name of love.

Male religions did not discover the practice of using divine names. They stole from the culture that predated their rebellious cult of power. Our challenge is to reclaim what was taken from us. Male force cults tipped the world over onto its side and took us all along on their power trip ride. The Love Government restores the Earth to her true Love Orientation.

It’s remarkable how often the word “I” occurs in our conversations with ourselves and with others. The young child learns to construct his or her “I” from all the “I’s” around. The highest blown philosophies are built around the I or the Self or some such designation. In religion God is the supreme I, commanding all the other I’s.

From this creation of the I follows the whole philosophy of the “chain of being.” Human beings are high on the chain of command. We say “I am” to describe our beingness. That “I” exists is proclaimed as a primary truth which cannot be denied. We can doubt many things but hardly ever the “I”.

And this is the source of our many problems. All these I’s eventually become selfish and alienated from each other. Behind this program of “divide and conquer” stands the power of patriarchy. Patriarchy constructed this “I” in its drive to separate and rule by force.

It was not always this way. In fact, rule by the I has been around for only a brief historical time, say 1% of our time as humans. We are the 99% when the I was unknown because it had not yet been created by the patrix (patriarchy). Before the age of the I there was the Love Culture which was a community of “us,” governed by the Lover through the understanding of Love. It is hard to even imagine a world working without I’s in charge. Yet, we not only existed and survived for millions of years without having “I’s” but we thrived.

We had eyes but not I’s. We were embedded in nature and in bed with the Lover who held us all together by the shared awareness of love. The Lover was our breath, blood, skin, sky, earth and everything. We were in love with her and through her with each other. We were not split into I’s but joined by the common language of love.

Love is linked to, tied to and associated with humam sexual bodies, the Lover’s body is all lovers’ bodies put together. Money is tied to objects. Love is associated with persons.

Bodies change all the time particularly at death but they still remain bodies in the Lover’s body. There is no need to create a spiritual realm unless there is a hidden power ploy on the part of the I.

3. Love Is Relation

Love is relationship, not beings divided and labeled, and arranged in a chain of beings. That’s what you call a chain gang. As individuals we ebbed and flowed in harmony like the phases of the moon and the tides of the sea. There was governance of womem according to the rhythms of nature but not ruled by one I over another. The great change occurred with the ascension of patriarchy and its power mad program of control.

In order to offset the evil influence of the patrix and its enabling matrix, TLG (The Love Government) makes use of the names Lover and Love with their associated virtues and downplays patrix names such as God, Goddess, Money, Power, “I” and others of that ilk. By changing language we change culture, starting with the culture inside ourselves.

The power of the patrix got its start by killing animals and eating them and their products. Patrix men were jealous of the authority of womem lovers, especially of their ability to bleed and not die and to give birth. Men could shed the blood of animals and not die plus getting a sexual high to better compete with womem’s sexual capacities.

So over time by hunting and killing men’s blood count rose above womam’s despite her bleeding and men became addicted to their sexual blood rush and lust. The rest, as we say, is history; and we should add: patriarchal his-story, the patrix in short.

The solution to our problem is to understand where it started and then correct it. The first part of TLG’s program is language. This language operating program runs literally on love. TLG uses the word Love and its more personal form Lover because of the inherent energy in these words. They are not mere symbol pointers but potent energy sources.

The Eye of the hurricane storm is calm and peaceful; it’s a metaphor for the Heart of Love. The storm itself is all the separated I’s raging about in confusion. A “high” or “low” pressure system also has an eye but the winds around it are less hyper.

TLG is most loving at its core because it’s connected to the Lover. The high words and waters on the periphery are also love but farther out. If we’re caught in a storm or being swept away by floods we can go directly to the Lover at the center because she’s always in our hearts. She’s our Eye and our I but more so the former.

With time and patience our defenses will crack open and the nut inside will be sweet. As our taste for Love’s Reality changes it will become sweeter and sweeter, and the Patrix Lie all around us will become sourer and sourer. Finally we will enjoy the Sweet-Sour Taste and the I and I will become the us in the love government of us.

4. The Mother Lover

According to some traditions, Eve was the mother of all of us. Gene studies indicate that Mitrochondrial Eve was our ancestral mother who lived in East Africa 100 to 200 thousand years ago. Whatever her name or numbers she is the Mother of All Mothers.

The name Eve was chosen for its symbolism and word play. It means Mother of all the living. Eve has the vulva letter sign in its middle with a large E and a small e flanking it. E is the symbol for Energy and e is the figure of a spiral. Sexual and generative energy is embedded in the name.

Before she became a mother, Eve was a maiden. Sexual relations with a man made her a mother. The picture overlaid on the red, brown and blue flag is that of Sacagawea, the Indian maiden and mother who saved Lewis and Clark and their writings.

Eve is called the Mother Lover because she was first a lover and afterwards a mother. This confirms that The Lover is primary and mother lovers and father lovers are secondary. The recognition of this order is critical to getting our priorities straight. Eve the Lover is the primary consideration, even before her motherhood.

Eve the Lover had a direct relation with the Lover based on the pleasure of her body. We might call Eve Eden since Eden means pleasure or where many waters gather. Eden is our first lover. We do clitoral thinking since the clitoris is the prime organ of pleasure and is associated with the waters of ejaculation.

Eve is a made up name as are all names. The name Eve symbolically contains all of us and our names. Not physically of course but metaphorically all of us, both womem and men, can be mothers and fathers in a poetic, extended sense. Certainly we have to love the child within us with the strength of a mother’s love.

Our physical mothers may have had serious deficiencies in raising us. We can use Eve to make up for our mother’s mistakes. We can see, hear and feel what our mother would have been like had she been Eve. We can relate to Eve as the ancestral mother which she was and is. Who is to say that she is not as real as our so called real mother?

In the Love Culture our minds and relationships were more open and fluid than they are now. We could more easily experience being Eve to our child and know what it was like to be a child of Eve. Feel deeply the love relations that made Eve a lover and the relations with her child that made her a mother.

5. The Other Mother

Society pays generous lip service to mothers but if putting your money where your mouth is has any bearing, mothers are the lowest paid for the highest service. Patriarchy has subjugated mothers to the corporate fathers. Mothers are under severe stress and strain in the patrix. TLG sets the record straight with its walk your talk program.

Motherhood is a great state but it is derivative and secondary to loverhood. A womam is a lover first and afterward sometimes is a mother of babies but always a mother of some sort. TLG gives first place to the lover rather than to the mother. This is neither a put down nor a put up on a pedestal move. Lovers first is a primal fact of nature.

In the love culture (how foreign that sounds to modern ears) love and sex were sisters. Patriarchy drove a wedge between them and we feel the split in our splintered lifestyle. A girl then was witness to love and sex early on. If she wished she had sex-love a plenty in her anovulatory years without concern for pregnancy. She got sex curiosity out of her system early.

At ovulation she could be a mother if she chose. The choice was not forced upon her. She enjoyed natural birth control while nursing which could go on for four or five years. Again she could have sex without pregnancy. When she became a matron and stopped ovulating she could also enjoy sex without burdening the community with unwanted children.

Mother was a transition from maiden to matron. Mothers may or may not have known who the father was. It was not important in a matri-lineal society. A womam could have sex with one or more men or womem. The child was the charge of the community and of all fathers, mothers, womem and lovemen. A womam was revered as mother and honored as lover. Motherhood had a supportive context of love which lovemen (and woodmen) had a vital interest in preserving. Men had all the sex they could handle from all appropriate members of the community.

Incipient patriarchs hated this system because they felt a lack of power and say-so. So they attacked what they feared not above board but like snakes in the grass or in the tree as the bible tells the tale. Pates bulked up their blood and muscle by killing and eating animals and then lied their way to power by force and fraud. The open love system was closed down and has yet to reopen.

Lovers went down in the flood first and mothers soon followed in their wake. We won’t hear that part of herstory on mothers’ day. Mothers have been robbed and raped all over the place by masked men and womem became women. The rare radical feminist who does tell truth is viewed as a mad Medusa.

TLG worships a mother-lover and a lover-mother, not some sexless God in the sky or a pyramidal money eye. Every child has a mother but few remember that they have an other mother who is none other than the Lover. With such a mother we can love all mothers and rest assured at her breast.

The Lover’s first and last names are Eden and Eve. Eden is her proper name linked to pleasure, water and her clitoris. Eve is her family name associated with all of her children whom she nurses with her breasts.

6. The Ache of Separation

Depression is common nowadays. Clinical depression requires massive doses of drugs and often hospitalization. Suicide is widespread among the general population, making news when it involves celebrities or prominent people; or classes like veterans, doctors and police.

What about the Lover, the Mother of all the living, who endures the killing from patriarchy? The greatest grief is the death of a mother’s child. What sorrow the mother of all the living must feel.

Therapy has a big business to treat depression, anxiety, guilt and grief. Uncountable books and articles appear advocating solutions. Politics and religion flourish in this soil. Shysters take advantage of the situation.

Typically, we blame our upbringing as babies and children. Many claim they had abusive parents or caretakers, who inflicted beatings, sexual abuse and emotional deprivation on them. The devious use these traumatic experiences to launch their careers, teaching sufferers to adjust to their problems rather than escape them.

None of this really works although pretensions that it does abound. The reason is that depression and anxiety are deep cultural deficits of long standing. All of us are born into and live out our lives in the soup of patriarchy, going to our graves believing it is reality.

We live in an anti-love culture which prevents the cure of genuine love from working. The big lie is that this is just the way it is since we know of no other way. But there is another way which The Love Government stands for. However, as Einstein said, eighty-five percent of people would rather die than think. Probably 99.9% of people would rather die than think about what TLG is saying.

Love is the answer to the ache of separation. We go to the love culture of our origins. That kind of real love is virtually unknown. We are bombarded from all sides by false love which smothers true love even if it should raise its shoots above the ground.

The Love Govenment does raise its shoots and grows into a mature tree because it is protected by a love which does not buy into the lies of false love. As for the ache of separation, it is always going to be present because we live in a culture which secretly thrives on pain. It makes money and is good for all kinds of business, including our deepest personal beliefs and ingrained self-images.

In TLG, we can live with the aches and pains because they are greatly reduced by the joys and pleasures we derive from love. We think about both the light and dark sides; we taste both but we only eat freely from the body of love. That food frees us and makes us grateful.

7. Waters of Life

The Mother of life is water. Water enables plants, animals and humams to grow. We can appreciate this on many levels, physical and beyond. In the love culture, water was sacramental (sacred-mental) because it was associated with the Lover’s body.

Water issued from lovers’ bodies with ecstatic pleasure during group sex rituals, performed in commemoration of the Lover’s creative acts. The waters of ejaculation upon masturbation of womem and men were revered, treated as sacred gifts.

In addition, the red waters of menstruation linked to the moon’s cycles were considered sacred and health enhancing. The red and white sexual fluids were rubbed into the bodies of lovers as life givers; or they were tasted and swallowed in ceremonial devotions.

This evidenced by ancient texts and archeology. The rewrite of patriarchy in the Christian bible has a man say: “Eat my body and drink my blood,” obviously referring to a womam’s blood. Red ochre was smeared on the walls and on art pieces in reference to the sacred rituals.

Still today, churches eat a body and drink blood under the signs of bread and wine. This speaks of body and blood since in the early times of our species there was no bread or wine.

The churches baptize with water and sprinkle believers with water. There are holy water fonts in churches and holy wells in groves of trees today. These are hold-over remnants of ejaculatory waters and menstrual fluids.

Formerly, kings were anointed with oil. The sick, confirmants and priests today are anointed with oil. These are re-interpretations of male ejaculate which has an oil-like consistency and slight coloration, hearkening back to the rites where a man’s ejaculate was rubbed into the skin for health and sacred significance.

In the love culture there were sacramental signs which governed the community. Today the sacramental has been reduced to the sentimental. The semantic understanding has devolved to romantic feeling. The sexual fluids are objects of porn for profit or nuisances to be discarded or used for profit. The male ejaculate is even a threat when the inconvenience of pregnancy must be blocked, again for a price.

And so it goes in the world of sexually starved, over-stimulated, unsatisfied, teased and exploited pseudo-sexers of today. Romantic fiction has swallowed up semantic tradition. May we reawaken to the Mother of Sex and the Father who enhances her sex.

8. The Pane of Pain

Some observers have described what they call an existential pain, a pain that appears to be part of existence. It’s like a pane of glass separating us from happiness and relief which is seen through the glass, which feels like a glass wall dividing a prisoner from his or her visitor.

No matter what we do about it, or how many doctors or therapists we visit, the pain remains. The sufferer may be rich, a celebrity, have good health and a supportive family but still commit suicide because the pain becomes unbearable. Most of us are able to adapt to the pain which merely drives it deeper underground.

In regard to physical pain, it’s obvious that it seems to capture all our attention and energy so that we can think or feel nothing else. There never yet was philosopher who could endure the toothache patiently, so spoke Shakespeare.

Physical pain can be torturing when linked to emotional and mental hurt in a perfect storm of suffering. And then there’s spiritual wracking, the so called dark night of the soul. No wonder there are so many suicides and such extensive drug addiction. Even Buddha supposedly said that life is suffering.

Into this vacuum of pain rush in myriads of helpers, usually for a price and almost always preventing a real solution by selling a false fix. The only lasting solution to the problem of suffering is a deep understanding of the truth of the matter. Christianity is successful because it addresses suffering in the figure of a crucified savior who could hardly have had it any worse; yet arises from death in a glorious afterlife.

This kind of solution avoids questioning why there is suffering in the first place by blaming the victim, a vicious circle that goes nowhere. No, patriarchal institutions cause suffering, and then extract payment for a false cure. The Love Government is not in on the suffering insurance racket.

We take the bull by the horn. We cause our own suffering socially and individually by rejecting the law of love. We embrace or allow some form of patriarchy rather than loverarchy. This false choice could have happened in this lifetime or in one a thousand years ago.

What matters is what we do now in this life on this planet. “If the arrow is straight and point is slick, it can pierce through the dust, no matter how thick.” (Dylan). Love and love only is the sharp arrow that can lance the pane of pain.

The worst pain is that of a mother who loses her child. What must the mother of us all feel about all her children who are killed through war and needless disease? I suffer with her and take some of her pain to myself. Why? Out of love.