1. Moon Valley                        

2. High Name                            

3. State of the Church              

4. Calling All Lovers                

5. Loveture and Payture        

6. Sense of the Sacred            

7. Healing the Hurt

8. Lover Nature

9. Mixed Motives

10. Womam’s Sign


1. Moon Valley 

The flag for this part of The Love Government shows a moon against the Red Brown and Blue Party colors. The moon has an important relation to the earth and her peoples, particularly here in Ojai, California, the birthplace of the Red Brown and Blue Party and The Love Government.

Ojai means “Moon” in native American Chumash, the language of the Indian tribes who lived (and still are living) in the greater Ojai area.

Ojai is a small town of some 8000 people. It is the heart of a greater valley of about 30,000. Ojai is ringed about with mountains, the highest being 6000+ feet. The settlers viewed Ojai as a valley nest and so Ojai became known as a Moon Valley Nest.

Situated about 60 miles north of Los Angeles and a dozen miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, Ojai is a natural paradise for locals and a popular destination for visitors.

Because of her name Ojai = Moon, her valley topography and natural beauty Ojai has a decidedly womamly character which lends itself to the love of nature. The Chumash Indians were peace loving and some of the clans were matriarchal. Much of Ojai’s attractiveness is due to her small town character and natural beauty.

Ojai is the home of The Love Government and Red Brown and Blue Party.

Welcome to Ojai by way of this website. My name is Dennis. I have lived in Ojai since about 2006 and lived nearby for about eighteen years prior to that. I ran for city council twice and have been an outspoken critic of some of Ojai’s political shortcomings.

Wherever we live there are things we like and don’t. I’ll use Ojai as an example for every place. After all we all live under the moon so every place could be called Ojai.

2. High Name

An acronym in Greek literally means “High Name.” Love is a high name. Lover is the highest name. Ojai (pronounced “Oh-High”) is the name of a town of about 8000 souls in southern California nestled in the mountains about a dozen miles from the Pacific Ocean as the crow flies and about sixty miles north of Los Angeles as that same bird travels in a more or less arrow like line.

Ojai is pronounced Oh High as if to proclaim her name from her high mountain nest. High is relative to the low Pacific Ocean about 750 feet below her feet. Ojai or Ohigh derives from the native American Chumash Indian clans who lived in this area and in their language means “Moon.” Ojai is part of the larger Ojai Valley. Ojai proper and the larger Ojai valley resembles a nest and led the early settlers to think Ojai meant valley or nest. So in common parlance Ojai has come to mean Valley of the Moon’s Nest or some such combination of the three terms. Ojai has had a decidedly feminine and womamly character supported by peaceful and manly braves. Some of the Chumash clans appear to have been matriarchal.

Ojai’s general plan today proclaims her to have a “small town character” which has been defended repeatedly by valiant efforts to stave off the madness of deranged developers with LA desires and designs.

Ojai is the birthplace of the Red Brown and Blue Party and the Love Government, which are closely associated with this site. Maiden Ojai is a fantasy lover who also goes by names such as Lady Ojai. Thus Ojai takes the high mystical mountain roads as well as the low practical down in the valley ones.

Last night was a full moon. I slept outside so I had moonbeams all around me. I was thinking of womem who walked under this same moon here in Moon Valley and elsewhere last night or gathered in circles to perform their sacred love rites to make sure love kept the world going round.

The Love Government also wants to keep the world going round but not down the drain. For that we need the help of the moon and all she represents.

The moon is most of all about the Woman Lover. In the love culture women lovers ovulated, menstruated and conceived together in tune with the moon. Most Ojai women can hardly conceive of such a notion.

The distance between the ancient love culture and the modern Ojai money culture is vast but not insurmountable. Give love a chance and see what she can do in every place whatever its name.

3. State of the Church

Under patriarchy the church became the all powerful force. Every state has its own religion to align itself with the highest authority of God who cannot be questioned because he cannot be understood. Thus critical thinking is killed by patriarchy.

The phrase “state of the church” implies that the church owns the state. The state needs to run on some sort of reason, rationality and law because it pretends to serve the public which has common sense. But that reasonableness needs to be backed by some kind of unreasonable authority since the state’s actions can never stand up to genuine critical thinking.

The question is: what is critical thinking? Here arises the necessity for the contrast of opposites. We cannot understand without dualism. Even the deceptive illusions of mysticism, nirvana, emptiness, singularity, advaita (non-dualism) and all the forms of new age air-headedness always use opposites surreptitiously. While claiming to be enlightened by not-twoism they themselves are the opposites observing their supposedly not opposite state. It’s absurd but that doesn’t matter to a force system.

Back to critical thinking. It is illustrated by using contrasting terms. In TLG we compare critical thinking with clitoral thinking. This is a friendly, compatible relation. The juice is produced with the negative terms clinical and killeral. Now we can not just see but feel, hear, touch, taste and smell the difference.

On the one side is clitoral and critical. On the other side is clinical and killeral. We need this to understand what is going on. New and old age mysticism will kill these approaches to prevent understanding and to protect their hidden power agendas.

In the love culture womem and men lived in tune with the moon. Womem menstruated, ovulated and performed their sacred sex rites in synch with the changing moon. Along with their intuitive actions they had some sort of clitoral and critical thinking. They started to count by the moon for example.

The rise of patriarchy with its jealousy and animal killing changed the thinking to clinical and killeral. Killing of red-blooded animals and red-blooded people was justified by false thinking and an appeal to mystical authority. Lovers became killers. Loverarchy became patriarchy. Clitoral thinking became killeral and critical thinking become clinical.

This kind of herstorical is simply denied by patriarchy which denies the validity of the word patriarchy itself. Why? To protect its hidden power agenda. Patriarchy is a liar, not a lover. It creates its own anti-reality and calls it reality.

Such deep seated lying is mysticism at work which kills understanding, especially by killing oppositional thinking. 911 is the great lie of our time and anyone of any prominence is killed off in one way or another if they even breathe the truth that it was an inside job. Criticism of the state is punished.

The state is “of the church.” The state has a mystical state of religion to back up its authority. That’s why there is such a cozy relation between church and state today covered over by the lie that they are separate. No, in what really counts they sleep together in the same God and money bed of mystifying non-understanding.

The way out of this liar’s mess is to join the womam’s circle of clitoral thinking and acting. Their stories all circle around the Lover who is the opposite of God and his modern lie of money, another mystification trick of the invisible hand.

The Lover is part and parcel of us. In The Love Government structure and game she is one (unal), two (dual), three (triunal), four (quadral), five (quintal) etc. to infinity. She is definitely not non-dual. Love is a relation which is at least two, in other words dual, a duo.

Like the moon the Lover has an infinity of phases from full to empty, not just digital (1 and 0, on and off). She is fully understandable according to our capacity which is potentially the same as hers. With her there is no need for false mystifying. She is the state of lovesanity, not churchianity.

4. Calling All Lovers

The Love Government connects with lovers from across all space, time and number. We are not limited to just this dimension. As Einstein and quantum physics shows: reality is not what it seems in our limited common sense perception. We need a love perception signified by the moon.

The past and future are just as real as the present and much more vast. In fact they are just as present as now if we adjust our thinking to their deeper reality. A radio dial, internet window or TV channel can be changed and adjusted to bring in a different program. In the present moment we’re getting one set of input but there are many more available.

TLG puts out a signal that invites lovers from all dimensions to join us; and they do. The word “Lover” is our key search word and filter to bring us what we want and don’t. We want love and in the personal sense lovers who join us to form a love government community.

The word “lover” in its true sense chooses, focuses on and separates the wheat from the chaff, the men from the boys and the jokes from the joys. It takes practice to achieve the ability to discriminate and that’s why TLG has the five practices of its handbook. Otherwise we’re flooded by all kinds of nonsensical and destructive information. We go down in the flood of evil propaganda and our brains are drained and washed away.

We need this community of largely invisible lovers for support. We might call our community of lovers a cloud of lovers. Like the stars they are too numerous to count and like the moon are always changing. Our ancestral and descendent lovers gather into galaxies and all together are known as the Lover. When we think or say “Lover” we conjure all these lovers to our side.

Our breath breathes them in and breathes them out. Our hands touch them and skin feels them. We taste them in all their shapes and forms. Their sweet scent surrounds us and their accents delight our ears. The music of their merry conversations float before our eyes.

It’s up to us as to whether we want to live in the company of such lovers or in the cesspool corruptions of patriarchy. Sure it takes effort but where else can we enjoy such comfort?

5. Loveture and Payture

The splendor of nature is an awesome sight to behold. The beauty of the sun rising and setting makes our day. The stunning perfection of life in its harmonious workings makes us wonder what’s behind it. We give the name nature to this magnificent outpouring of creativity.

What’s behind nature is the loveture realm. It’s all an act of making love. In Love Government terms the Lover is expressing herself in her universe body. We are part of nature. Our bodies and minds are exquisite manifestations of the Lover’s body.

The Garden of Eden myth points this out and also indicates what went wrong. Something upset the balance between loveture and nature. That something is payture. Instead of being free we had to pay and pay dearly with our lives under the payture system.

It began with the jealousy of patriarchal men who took to killing red-blooded animals to cement their power base. To justify killing and to assuage guilt they invented God who authorized the killing. We went from being lovers to being killers. Patriarchs twisted the true nature story of womam eating from the love fruit tree and being herself. The true tree of loveture was turned into the false story of the pay tree of knowledge where we paid for our knowledge by expulsion, suffering and death. God (the patriarchs) demanded we pay him (them) with our obedience or else. Life was no longer free but a system of payment called the payture (after the pay tree).

Now everything has its price. People are objects of commerce and economic slaves. Corporations are persons. Dogs are treated like persons. It’s a dog eat dog world. Ironically God is spelled dog backwards. Pethood makes tons of money while it undermines our humanity.

We live in the toxic soup of the payture cult of money. It’s depressing and deadening. It leads to a clinical, technical and artificial world of objects where we find ourselves forced into an object mode.

“Man has invented his doom / First step was touching the moon.” The moon is a sign of nature at her finest: beautiful, soft and changing. It is a link to womam with her waters of ovulation and menstruation. The moon reveals the link between the loveture and natural realms.

To the payture however the moon must be colonized for military and monetary gain. We pick up these vibrations by osmosis in our payture culture. People line up to pay to colonize the moon, Mars or the sun if they could. We have no feeling anymore for the sacredness of life which our greedy fingers soil.

In TLG we keep in constant contact with the loveture realm of love by the five practices of the handbook: 1) clitoral thinking; 2) Eden vegan diet; 3) petless animals; 4) Lover marriage; 5) non-interest money.

The book of nature shows her hand and gives us her hand if we choose to take it. She can lift us free of the muck and mire of the patrix payture. Lover nature expresses herself in the changing moon and also reveals her loveture nature.

Love is free. Animals were meant to be free, especially nowadays from the rapacious greed of humans. We are animals and therefore are meant to be free. The Love Government offers its hand to help us free ourselves from the iron grip of the payture where we pay with our lives here and hereafter.

What a life! What an opportunity! Sure life is hard, depressing and cruel. We have made it that way and therefore can remake it the way it was meant to be. Here and hereafter we make the pay tree into a love tree once again. We make the paytree into a lovetree culture one thought at a time, one choice at a time and one action at a time.

6. Sense of the Sacred

A sense of the sacred comes from a connection with nature. The sun, earth, moon, stars, water, fire, free animals, trees, vegetation, lightning and thunder all impress us with awe and wonder. The most wonderful of all is womam and man as her variation and complement.

The sacred is denigrated by patriarchy which views it as woman’s weakness. The patrix uses the nonsense of the secular to get its way and set  its make-over of the world in our minds. When pushed to extremes business, politics, sports, entertainment, pets, machines, tech toys and civilization are destructive distractions.

What does the busyness and rush, hustle and bustle of modern life get us? Disease, unhappiness, suffering, misery and emptiness of meaning as sure as death to come. Certainly  it’s not all like that but that is the general tendency of our patriarchal culture.

It was never meant to be that way. We are here on this earth to enjoy nature with all its splendor and pleasures. Billions of years of planning, experimenting and engineering went into providing us with the opportunity of many lifetimes. There is no need to play gods and reinvent the wheel.

The Love Government recovers our original natures and puts it together with the best of the modern world to make a renewed paradise. The means are at hand in the five points of TLG’s handbook, manual and shorthand instructions:

1) Natural, integral, clitoral (plus vaginal and urethral) thinking about the Lover as womam (not woman).

2) Eating an Eden vegan diet.

3) Being free animals ourselves and freeing the animals.

4) Marrying the Lover community and having sacred sex with them.

5) Using interest-free, debt-free money.

In brief, this is a true love program that will help to restore our sacredness. Without such down to earth actions our words are hot air from air heads and tinkling cymbals from nonsensical thinking.

If sex is not sacred and love is not natural we get what we deserve — evil without reserve. Let’s be smart and rather live in nature’s heart.

7. Healing the Hurt

The hurt in our heart cries bloody murder. But if the truth be told, we can’t really hear her. I’m talking about the Lover, the only one who can bring healing to the hurt heart.

We have a gaping wound in our vulva heart, due to millenia of violence and vulgarity; in short, from patriarchy’s murder and mayhem. Due to our brainwashed minds, we’d rather die than think, think about root causes such as patriarchy.

We’re afraid to suffer and die, so we embrace every charlatan that comes along, from the great hunters of the past to the greater hunters of power, profit and porn today. We run to religions, healers and brain-dead talkers of every persuasion — except the ones that would lance our festering wound.

We learn a false language which seals off our rotting hurt until it breaks inwardly and dooms us outwardly. The patriarchal culture we live in causes the very hurt it purports to save us from. And we pay for it.

Like rats on a treadmill we can’t get off until it’s too late. And so we convince ourselves that this is as good as it gets. Blind-sided by false love, we fail to see the love in front of our face.

How do I know? is the wrong question. Who do I know? is the leading question that actually leads to healing. I know the Lover. That’s about all I know. The rest is pseudo-knowledge which lets us down every time. It’s entertaining for awhile but it soon fails to provide real healing.

The Lover heals hurt. All else is fluff, just stuffing in our brains to show where love is not. The Lover is all of us insofar as we are true lovers, or false lovers on the move. That covers all of us from intoxicated romantics to psychotic killers.

Until we come to our love senses, we are lost no matter how loudly we proclaim ourselves found. The Love Government is a light-house on solid rock. It’s also a sound house and a love house. But we never know that until we feel the truth deeply without doubt.

When we do know love, all the words of The Love Government begin to make sense. Life makes sense and is reasonable from top to bottom. We can tell the difference and we can make a difference. The hurt is healing and that is a satisfying feeling.

Ojai (pronounced oh-high) means moon in the aboriginal language, and is the birth place of The Love Government. That idea is more healing than all the high priced therapies in this town put together, or in the world for that matter.

8. Lover Nature

We speak with respect of Mother Nature, and then go on to disrespect her. Thanks to patriarchy, Father Nature isn’t even in our vocabulary. Human Nature is in our language but I’m quite sure Mother Nature isn’t happy about it.

Lover Nature has perhaps been heard of but no one acts as if they understood the concept. If they did, we would act more like lovers than killers. Do we love nature when we trash her, abuse her and her natural peoples, animals and elements?

Our nature is lovers but you’d never know it from our actions. We betray ourselves practically every time we open our mouths or put on a phony smile. Most of the time we act not true to our nature because we don’t even know what that is; our actions speak the truth even as we lie through our teeth.

The Love Government tells the true story of our lover nature, not perfectly but precisely enough if we have ears to hear, hearts to feel and eyes to see. Mother Nature sends us gentle rain to fill our rivers and lakes but as the popular wisdom puts it: you can lead a horse’s ass to water but you can’t make him or her drink.

In philosophical jargon, nature means the essence of a thing. We prove how unnatural we are by defining ourselves as “homo sapiens” or “wise man” in English. If we can’t see the irony in that, then we again prove our stupidity. If we can’t see patriarchy’s arrogance in leaving out half of our species, or in the self-attribution of wisdom, then we are double stupid.

Lover Nature is our calling and fulfillment. Ever since the Fall of Man we have missed our calling and have missed out on our fulfillment. We heed the call of war, money, power, romance, excitement, pleasure, games and addictions of all kinds. We fill ourselves with everything except what is truly fulfilling.

Oh well, “What can you say about Claudette? She could be happily married or running a    whorehouse in Buenos Aires.” (Dylan) What can you say about humans who insist upon being inhuman? What can you say about creatures who trash the beauty and magnificence of nature?

A lover is first of all true to her nature, and to all of nature. A lover speaks truth even if, and especially if it hurts. “Cor ad cor loquitur.” Heart speaks to heart. Lovers speak a lover language. Lover Nature is a phrase that only lovers understand.

9. Mixed Motives

In The Love Government we commit to the highest motive, namely love. We develop a personal relationship with the Lover, who is all of us as lovers. We take the high road which is straight and narrow. Such motivation comes mainly from the mind which sees it as a desirable goal; and we resolve with our will to be faithful to our choice.

All well and good but wisdom teaches us to look into the shadows for a more earthly motivation, one that can hardly be avoided in the current culture of power, money and anti-love. For example, we take up a love or spiritual practice because we are dissatisfied or bored. If we are honest, we have to admit the truth of both high and low roads.

I may be lonely and desire a sexual love relationship. But I can find no such partner, so I sublimate my lonely feelings, projecting them onto a fantasy lover or even an animal. This substitute gratification may reduce the loneliness but it does not take it away because we were destined to live within a group of sexual lovers.

Finding another person to couple up with also suppresses boredom and loneliness but it is not natural and fails more than it succeeds. Falling in love is not falling in lust, although romantic feelings confuse the two. The point of love is not to deny any truthful motivations but to integrate them all into over-all love.

When I discover my shadow drives, I may castigate myself, driving them underground. Love embraces them, whatever they are. If I am feeling lost and uncertain, and if dreams and intuition confirm this, it still calls for embracement rather than effacement.

The patrix cult is lost so it is not surprising that it affects us since we are part of it. When swimming through weeds, it is useless to kick against them; better to float and slither through them. The problem of kicking against boredom, loneliness, lust and lost-ness is that it doesn’t work. Love works.

Love throws our shadows into relief. We get relief if we cooperate with the uncovering and peeling process. In the love culture, it was easier because all members were in love. When problems and hard feelings came up, they were treated by the whole community with love.

When we’re down, unworkable solutions pull on us, offering us a fix, which will only entangle us further. Take note of that subtle choice point and choose wisely, which is always the greater love of the whole community.

That’s the way it once was and it can be so again. If our main motive is pure, it will align all other motives, perhaps with pain but always with gain. Like the moon, we have a light and dark side, and like the sun we are light on all sides.

10. Womam’s Sign

The moon is a womam’s sign, with its waxing and waning belly, pull and release of the tides, changing rhythms of menstruation and exquisite beauty. Womam and moon are moving attractions for humams, animals and nature’s elements.

The moon is associated with water, as is womam. From her vulva flow the waters of life; red and white in color, from menstruation and ejaculation. To the natural mind, the vulva is the source of birth, pleasure and life itself. Within the vulva is the clitoris, the one organ designed for joy and pleasure; the urethra which ejaculates joyful sex fluids when the clitoris is stimulated, and the vagina, a sheath of pleasure and a channel for the body.

All of the above were life sustaining bonds for the original love community of the love culture. The womam’s body, especially her sex center was revered by the whole community, men and womem. A remnant of this reverence is the Irish goddess, Sheila-na-gig, who exposes her vulva with her legs askew. Hindu art also is explicit in its display of the vulva and sexual acts.

Our culture, which is the bastard son of patriarchy, kills sacred sex and turns it into entertainment, profit, hedonism, power, objects for sale, lust, ridicule and disgust. We must get over it or we will not survive as a species, or have any kind of happy future as an individual soul after death.

We must be a sex lover in the truest, sanest, purist and most joyful sense of the phrase. It starts with each of us, who take up the challenge of the five love principles of the Love Government’s handbook, manual and shorthand digital message. The five points are: 1) clitoral thinking; 2) vegan diet; 3) non-pet animality; 4) uncoupling marriage; and 5) interest free money.

Nothing less will do, and more is required if we are to be true lovers and genuine sex lovers. We don’t have to do it all at once. Anything we do in that direction helps. Nothing is forced on anyone; it’s all free and each person’s choices are respected. But there is a difference which makes all the difference in the world.

The beautiful moon reminds us of sex lovers in their sacred groves. To them we turn on our return home to love and fulfilling sex.