1. In the Middle

2. Love Personified

3. Oral Orgasm

4. Sex Surrender

5. Pornography

6. Mediatrix and the Matrix

7. The Invisible World

8. Coming Home


1. In the Middle

There’s a Latin saying: “In medio stat virtus.” “In the middle stands virtue” which patriarchs change to “In the middle stands power” to better suit their purposes. For lovers the sentence would be better amended to “In medio stat amor.” “In the middle stands love.” Still better would be “In the middle stands the Lover.”

Indeed, love is the center that holds. Love makes the world go round because love is all there is, the all in all of all. As the poet put it: “Love is all there is, it makes the world go ’round / Love and only love, it can’t be denied / No matter what you think about it / Take a tip from one who’s tried.” Ditto.

A mediator under patriarchy is a middle person mediating between opposing parties. In the love culture the parties are not in opposition but in cooperation. In that case a mediatrix is a lover who faciliates further cooperation.

Patrix thought is chained to a chain of being where beings are controlled through separation; the old divide and conquer campaign, a tragedy shaped like a pyramid, a top-down and power-over disguised chain. The all seeing eye of God or Money at the top chains all below.

TLG reverses the penis pyramid and restores the natural orientation with the point at the center of the earth and the flat bottom at the surface of that same earth, now slightly curved. This restored pyramid has a strong resemblance to a womam’s pubic hair. This womam’s triangle is etched in our perception since time immemorial. Every womam was a reminder of nature’s order. In nature’s terms this was the love center that held every eye in awe. Womem were mirrors long before painted glass.

The vulva was the love culture’s Holy of Holy’s long before patriarchy made its holiness the heart in the middle of the chest. A womam’s pubic hair with its underlying vulva is the true heart of love. The patrix euphemized / euthenized the triangular pubic region of hair by rounding and curling its points and moving it to the chest.

Patriarchs hated the love rites which a womam’s sexual center pointed to. These rites were tied to a womam’s rights which had to be destroyed so womem could be differently employed at the base of the penis pyramid. We don’t get it because we’re similarly employed propping up the propertied proprietors of the property class with their heaven pointing pyramid. Anything to point away from earth and womem of the earth.

On TLG’s front page website the mediatrix flag is a red, brown and blue flag with an earth pointing triangle at its center. The flagged idea is that womam as lover is the center of life. The center of womam is her triangular pubic hair above her vulva which itself has three major love functions in addition to its reproductive, excretory ones: the clitoris for masturbation, the urethra for ejaculation and the vagina for consummation with a man.

Our forelovers worshipped at the mediatrix shrine simply and purely. We have evolved to hard porn and soft corny women’s magazines sadly but surely. The sacred triangle has been reversed and therefore are we all cursed. Love lifts the curse by reversing the reverse.

2. Love Personified

If we’re at all interested in helping the planet and ourselves the least we can do is to think about alternatives to what is going down today. TLG is one such choice we have. At first TLG seems strange but in the end what our corrupted species is doing to the world is way more strange than the strangest fiction.

TLG is in love with the Lover and speaks a language that the strangers to love do not know. Patriarchy is the liar who is turning the planet into a prison. We can serve the Lover or the Liar. As for The Love Government and its house, we serve the Lover.

TLG advocates going directly to her, the Lover, who is love personified and symbolized by her personal triangle of love. She is all of us as true lovers. TLG does not suggest formalized meditating; posturing; channeling; chanting; intellectualizing; fee based talking; following charismatic, spiritual or psychic gurus, especially if we’re giving them money; religions, political parties or corrupt corporations; or anything of that ilk because it dulls and drugs critical thinking and clitoral loving.

That being said, we do participate in this world to the max. It’s not an all at once, all or nothing deal. It takes time, usually a lifetime to learn what doesn’t work and to lean into love. Life is for love but life is not lived as if love were a heavenly vacuum, devoid of ideas, serious thinking and difficult decisions. TLG is a polemic to patriarchy, true, but also a breakthrough to the original and everlasting love culture.

If patriarchy were easy to spot it wouldn’t be a problem. We’d see it for what it is and reject it. But it flies under thousands of false flags which are always shifting and blowing in our face. It changes colors and shapes to fit the times. It always flies a flag of love as its cover. A notable example is the bible’s conflation of “God is love,” and not far behind is the constitutional “Money is love.”

As the poet sings: “He got a sweet gift of gab, he got a harmonious tongue / He knows every song of love that ever has been sung.” And “He’s a great humanitarian, he’s a great philanthropist / He knows just where to touch you honey and where you can be kissed.”

TLG does not play patrix war games but neither does it give up the field. It sorties into the dark heart of the beast under the protection of true love. That true love is known by love’s hand and the cards she holds. Words are cheaper than cheap so we look underneath to what is really going on. We can sortie into the dark because we hold a torch of truth in one hand and the Lover’s hand in the other.

The most important sortie is into ourselves where the patrix is strongest when we know him not. Everyday the battle to know our enemy and overcome him waxes and wanes. One day we’re on the edge of a pit and the next day we’re in it. When we internalize patriarchy without knowing it we’re lost when we think we’re saved. What we don’t know will hurt us.

“They said what’s up is down, they said what isn’t is / They put ideas in his head he thought were his.” “Look out kid / It’s something you did / God knows when / But you’re doing it again.” “Freedom is just around the corner for you / But with truth so far off what good would it do?” (Dylan)

TLG could mean Tough Love Government, True Love Government or Tender Love Government. Whatever way, TLG strives mightily for truth because she’s a sister to love and our love will be false as hen’s teeth without truth. TLG is TLC as needed. It is tough love when it speaks truth to power. It goes into the dark when necessary but does not get in bed with darkness.

More often than not we’re going to feel like the poet: “How I made it back home nobody knows / Or how I survived so many blows.” As long as we hold the Lover’s hand we’ll be safe and make it back home regardless of the weather. She takes our crown of thorns and gives us shelter from the storm. She’s a morning lark even in the dark.

3. Oral Orgasm

The sexual orgasm with its change of consciousness and ejaculation of fluids is near the heart of the matter regarding love. There’s a mystery here which does not easily give up its secrets. The thought taboos alone make understanding nearly impassible. It’s like going where angels fear to tread. TLG is no angel and neither am I and as for fear, isn’t that where I should go?

In orgasm there’s a change of mood which doesn’t seem to care if we’re rich or poor, saints or sinners or winners or losers. Orgasm and death are the great equalizers, the little and big changers. For most of us the moment of orgasm is all too brief which leaves us unsatisfied and sets us up for seeking another peak moment.

We get a glimpse, a taste, a trace but no more. The brief orgasm is never quite enough. There’s the rub. In the love culture womem ogasmed for long periods perhaps because they came together in tune with the moon. Maybe their whole life was an extended orgasm which made men feel like they were holding the short end of the stick. So it’s not the orgasm but the lack thereof that irks us.

The myth of the Lover tells of her orgasming continually in creative waves; otherwise we wouldn’t exist. The love culture’s lovers heard her say: “Do this is remembrance of me,” and they did night and day. We can’t do it because patriarchy killed that way of life and our capacity has been shriveled like an atrophied muscle of ten thousand years.

Then there’s those messy ejaculations and periods. We need lubricants for sperm and eggs but other than that, what good are sex fluids except for accompaniments to pleasure. The quicker we clean them up and discard them the better. If they stain the sheets or something else it’s often an embarrassment and more work. Soon enough the pleasure isn’t worth the bother. Such is the aesthetics of patriarchy.

Under the thumb of patriarchy, unless sex fluids can pay their way (as in porn) they have no use. How different in the love culture where sex fluids were revered as creative waters of the great Lover. Along with menstrual fluids, ejaculation waters fed the gardens, cured disorders and enhanced health.

And yes, oral sex was a mainstay of their way of life. Through the medium of themselves they ate the body of the Lover and drank her waters. So powerful was this practice that it survived even the patriarchal censors as in the Christian bible where She’sus says: “Eat my body and drink my blood-waters.” Patriarchs hated such practices and therefore purposely confused them with a male god’s blood sacrifice. Hence the change from “drink my waters” to “drink my blood” said by Jesus. The salient point is that womem’s love and sex practices were so strong and pervasive that they could not be totally suppressed.

Where does that leave us today? Out in the cold? Sadly, yes. It’s a cold world out there under patriarchy and it’s getting colder. We need a refuge from the cold and shelter from the storm. TLG offers both.

Satisfying orgasms may be rare but all orgasms retain their sacred-mental (sacramental) potential as reminders of what is possible with true love. The patrix covers up a multitude of perversions. Loverarchy uncovers a multi-multitude of love versions. As Eskimos have dozens of words for snow, so does the love culture have for its love practices which we’ll never know. We go with what we know though as little as that may be. There is no reason to fear as long as we steer clear of patriarchal icebergs.

The sexual orgasm with its love waters is the foundational metaphor for creation, not some word of a god or big bang decree from the academy of science. Gods of religion and science do not like their speculations to be contradicted. The traces of the Lover are there nevertheless, between the bible lines and the nuclear reactor spines.

Once in a great while the bottom falls out or things go through the roof. The patrix black box cannot hold. Only the center holds and that is love. When she orgasms, watch out. The stars may fall and the ghosts of ancient lovers rise from their slumber. When they all come together, it will be lovasm thunder.

4. Sex Surrender

Sacramental sex is sacred-mental sex. It is not just animal instinct but engages the mind (and other higher powers) as an ongoing activity day and night. The mind is the best aphrodisiac — an apt adage. What makes sex sacred is its connection to some person or thing held in high esteem and value.

In the Catholic Church teaching, stolen from pagans who stole it from the love culture, a sacrament was an act that effected what it signified. Thus water cleansed sin in baptism, sanctified bread joined us together in communion etc. The most crucial of all humam activities, sex, was subsumed under the sacrament of marriage where sex could be controlled by the church-state.

In TLG our highest value is love and even deeper the Lover. Sacred-mental sex therefore is sex with her primarily and secondarily with each other or ourselves. Patriarchs hated this notion because it cut them out of the action and they needed their cuts of meat for survival. In Christianity, watered down and euphemized sex became unity in the mystical body of Christ. It was hard to stomach the idea of God having sex at all much less with sinful humans so Christ became the man to kill off the womam’s love culture.

In that love culture there was a very different consciousness than ours if we can even call it consciousness. Their awareness was more of a lovsciousness where persons felt themselves in love all the time. Consciousness is a recent invention to cope with the stress of the times caused by patriarchy.

Sexual orgasm in the love culture was a surrender, a letting go and falling in love with the Lover who was in and of the whole community. For us even in the best circumstances orgasm is a grasping for something, a gasping attempt to fill a gap in societal expectations in some kind of coupling ideal. In worse circumstances orgasm is motivated by money, relief from a meaningless life and hedonism divorced from sacred mental realms altogether.

In the love culture, untrammeled as it was by the toxicity of hunting and meat eating, pethood and other kinds of animal abuse, state enforced marriage and exploitative money schemes, the people had long, sustained orgasms in which they were in a love state with their soulmate Lover. Then as now womem had far greater sexual capacity than men and those who seemed most in love and sexually capable were honored as advanced lovers.

The most primal and originary sex symbol we have is a womam’s clitoris and ejaculatory urethra. Her orgasm is self-initiated and has no other end but her own pleasure. Later in love’s development men entered the picture to further enhance a womam lover’s self appreciation and fulfillment. If the penis does stimulate the clitoris it is a hit and miss affair.

Patriarchal men take no pleasure in these kinds of patrix cultural heresies. It leaves them cold. They invent theories of non-personal, evolutionary origination if they’re philosophically inclined; if not they’re busy honing their cold swords or drones with a stone age mind. Lovemen and true woodmen with gentle genitals have no problem with natural facts or womam initiated sexual acts.

5. Pornography

Porn is disgusting except for those who have lost their taste for truth. Disgust is a gustatory reaction. We feel it in our gut if we can feel at all.

Sexual porn is bad enough but it’s not the worst. War porn is. Sex porn is even an understandable outcome of society’s repression of any love context that could make sex meaningful. Sex porn is about making persons objects for money and power. It’s an acting out of suppressed hatred for people’s bodies, women’s in particular.

Porn can only exist because of the vacuum created by the killing of the love culture’s open and communal sex rites. These were love based and love governed. Every conceivable love making sexual sight, sound, touch, taste and smell was a common experience of all members of the community according to their desires.

Porn would have been totally out of place in a love culture. It would find no room to even get a toehold. Patriarchal jealousy drove a wedge into the body of love by making bodies objects that could be killed, bought and sold.

The first moves led to a full scale war on womem and men who held womamly values. War itself is disguised porn. War rapes womem, womam culture and values. It rapes the earth. Because of its long history of objectifying animals, womem, children and the earth it has no conscience, concern or feeling for true love.

Guns, bombs, drones, spears, arrows, clubs and stones are disguised penises and balls ripped out of the Lover’s body. The war of porn is sugared over with a sickening sweetness. To those under war porn’s seductive addiction it’s not disgusting at all but normal because it’s “always been this way” according to the rationalizing “noble lie.”

We can only recover a sense of taste for love-sex and therefore a disgust for what is rotten by taking up actions that make us capable of tasting and smelling the difference. The five rules of love’s handbook are the minimum standard: 1. clitoral thinking, 2. Eden veganism, 3. no pets, 4. no nuclear marriage and 5. no usury.

6. The Mediatrix and the Matrix

On the internet last night I saw a movie called “Philosophy and the Matrix.” Excerpts from the Matrix trilogy were shown along with commentaries from prominent philosophers. The contrast between my vision of the Mediatrix and the philosophical Matrix was striking.

The Matrix is an action movie but unusual in that its creators also explore philosophy, ancient and modern. From the Love Government point of view, the Matrix illustrates the deep deficits of patriarchal philosophy and its crushing effects on the human species. A natural mediatrix the matrix ain’t.

Action movies are violent, killing soaked, motivated by box office money, unnatural, technical, machine-like, artificial and anti-love with just enough romance and sex to attract more money and above all are patriarchal. By mixing in philosophy they gain a much broader audience and give the illusion of psychological and spiritual depth.

That such a movie as the Matrix is highly popular and profitable says volumes about the state of our culture. The philosophers interviewed are very much a part of our culture. All of them are making their living by playing the patriarchal philosophy game. All the historical philosophers they admire and quote are patrix men. If the views of those men on women were quoted, unbelievable hatred for women would be revealed.

We have fallen out of true love for womem and nothing shows this better than a matrix philosophy. The term matrix itself is a slur on women, referring literally to a mother. In truth what is being described is the patrix or in other words patriarchy. Not once in the whole documentary does the word patriarchy appear.

Talk about a white washed denial of reality! And philosophy is supposed to be about universality and raising basic questions about life. The philosophers of today, including movie makers like those of the Matrix, are playing the delusional mind-games of their ancient patrix forebearers as shills for patriarchy.

At bottom is fear and hatred for women stemming from the rebellion of men against the natural order in what is called the fall of man. This mental connection to reality is blacked out, shut down, denied and covered up tighter than the suppression of 911 truth.

No real solution is offered for the problems we suffer other than the false appeal to God from the machine matrix in a deus ex machina or a contradictory leap to a romantic unitary ending where everything turns out all right (non-dual advaita, nirvana, spirit, heaven, enlightenment, magical transcendence, etc.). These are all spiritual bypasses of earthly truths and the love mind.

At the conclusion of the Matrix the boy gets the girl, they transcend into the sunset (or is it sunrise?) of a  rosy lotus in the sky. All the action, dead bodies and tech wonders dissolve into a mindless drivel. This is no true philosophy or real action either. It’s delusional mind candy. No wonder we are in trouble.

The Love Government has a strong hand shown by its handbook with the five chapters and its card deck with fifty-two cards. TLG holds the cards and offers a hand of strength. It picks up a movie like the Matrix and its clinging psuedo-philosophers and shakes the whole mess to awaken something more than more ignorance.

TLG offers real solutions for real problems. And yes, the problem is largely philosophical and structural. But what is needed is a philosophy that starts with love and the Lover as is playfully referred to through the womem, Philia, Sophia and Psychia. Wake up, philosophers, from the patrix delusion. You will not escape it by such puerile devices or deceptive spiritual bypasses like this kind of false matrix-patrix multiplexing.

Billions are suffering horribly precisely because of the type of philosophy being touted by a movie like the Matrix and the documentary on it. This kind of matrix digs itself deeper into the patrix and by its false enlightenment and God trick shuts off any avenue of escape to true love. And that of course is ruled out of action by such mind numbing matrixes. A joke is being played by the patrix on those who think they understand the matrix.

When will we wake up to the fact that there is no escape hatch from earthly reality by means of God or meditative induced enlightenment? Thanks to God, a truthful love dualism (relationship) is put down and the dualistic baby is thrown out with the non-dual bathwater.

Except for brain washed, brain snatched, starry- eyed movie going airheads, the Matrix is an ugly, unrealistic and destructive “thing” to watch. To know that, to feel that in our gut, to taste that in our mouths and to smell it we have to take up real actions of love and thereby be a real action movie ourselves.

7. The Invisible World

All around me is an invisible world: radio waves, electromagnetic frequencies, thoughts, feelings, moving shadows of a different reality. The Lover is the mediatrix door to this invisible world.

Clouds of lovers seem just out of reach. My heart is sad, almost sick when I cannot touch and feel these invisible lovers; when a veil hides them, shields them from my eyes.

Yet, yet I know they are near, right here. They give signs, subtle but clear. A magnificent sunrise, an unexpected change, a supportive occurrence, a loving gesture, a soft touch of their presence.

All this despite my doubts, fears, false judgments and irritations. I seem so far away from home and it makes me sad. I feel like a stranger in a strange land. “Sometimes I feel like a motherless child.”

I look ahead to my death bed. Will it be sad or glad? I will have to surrender, like it or not. I hope I can let go and fall into the arms of my Lover in one final orgasm of love’s release.

But then what do I know? My mind tells me it will be a homecoming as I am welcomed into my true family of lovers. Since I no longer live in a love culture, my mind cannot confirm this although it would like to.

Perhaps I’m blinded by the sun of love, so trained am I to see only in the shadows of patriarchy. I’m neither here nor there but suspended in a no man’s land for the time being on this planet.

So I wait in this limbo behind a window of words which reveal and conceal. I seek fulfillment but wonder if it’s possible. Still I go on as if it were. And as I change from killer to lover, the invisible world of peace and joy meet me more than half way.

I sense a vast world larger than stars around me even now on this planet which I can only guess at. What I can do is frame it in a picture frame of love. Yes, I can choose a government of love.

I break through the stalemate with an active choice to see and feel love. The invisible, inaudible and untouchable then becomes changed and charged ever so slightly. It’s lightly done and lovingly warm, this innernet loverweb in and around me. Thank you, lovers of mine, watching over me in all the darks that shine.

8. Coming Home

The flagged sign for the Mediatrix is a black triangle. It is like a filled in solid V, which is the middle letter of the word, Lover. It summarizes the Maiden, Mother and Matron trinity. This womam triangle brings together many disparate elements of love in the Love Government program.

Through this sign, we come home. Yet, it is dark and mysterious as death. We don’t really know what is on the other side of the door of death nor on the reverse side of this black window. We need not be fearful but we can be filled with awe and respect when coming to this image.

The black womam’s sign points down to her vulva, resting as it does like a bush of pubic hair over her mons Venus. There’s an aura of depth in this dark burning bush more arresting than the flaming bush Moses encountered in God’s guard. No matter which sex we are, we do well to carry this sign in our vulva-heart with the deepest reverence and honor.

Our lost culture of the foolish has abandoned its first love for sex, with plenty of shallolw substitutes. A black night sky is full of mystery for dark beauty lovers. “Black is beautiful” is not limited to the womam triangle. Black is awesome in its profundity.

If anything deserves worship, it is the door by which we were conceived and birthed. Even more, what lies beneath this universal sign is all pleasure and delight. It is our fault if we are put off by blackness due to our own prejudice and fear. A black earth is richer than the whiteness of air.

The Mediatrix sign leads us home through the rich darkness of our earthly experience, in every loss and pain, pleasure and gain. I come to this shrine as if to a shrine. I feel the holiness of a thousand churches and temples stir within. The soundings are awesome as a beautiful womam or as sex itself.

The dark matter of the universe cannot be contained by any frame, round or square but the pubic triangle does it better than any other because it is grounded  in the love culture’s womem of nature. All come home in one single sign of all space and time.