1. The Matron Age

2. Guiding Stars

3. The Fall of Man

4. An Ideal Scene

5. True North

6. Long Live the Difference

7. Sacred Waters

8. Herstory and History

9. Sacramental Waters

10. The Order of Love


1.The Matron Age

As a sexual Womam the Lover is Mother, Matron and Maiden, a holy trinity of Womamhood. Matrons were the governesses of the love culture community. Through their life experiences they were accomplished leaders and held the small groups of common lovers together with stories, affection, guidance and humor.

The matron age was the glorious fruition of the love culture. Wisdom and the fullness of love came together in the ripeness of age. Like well aged wine and seasoned food the matrons of the community delighted and pleasured all therein. More than grandmothers, they were grandlovers. In their hands and hearts they held the distilled knowledge of well governed love based society.

Judging from the residual which patriarchy could not suppress there were possibly three matrons who governed in familial groups of thirty to sixty. The number three aligns nicely with thirty and sixty as well as with the tripartite development of maiden, mother and matron. The matrons cooperated in what much later came to be patriarchy’s threefold branches of legislative, executive and judicial.

Little of this intestinal knowing is hard and fast and escapes the weak minds of modern patriarchal men and femen. Such intricate interconnected thought-feeling comes with practice; in TLG by practicing the five principles of the Lover’s hand. The experience of the love culture is coded and carded in our body cells, not just a few billion brain cells. Computers are the wonder of the age; we forget that computer chips started out as cards and cards are us.

TLG is governed by matrons still, those womem lovers who hold in their hands the coded cards of our love reality. The structural frame of TLG is a deck of fifty-two compound cards. The vulva heart of the deck is the Lover herself. When we stand on her deck we feel secure and when we learn to play with her codes (cards) we feel exquisite pleasure.

If we listen carefully, we can hear the matron voices of past, present and future coded into our electromagnetic make-up. The pitched hum we hear in our ear, the spectrum of light and dark we see behind our eyes and the tender tingle of our skin and internal organs, not to mention our not so subtle breath, heartbeat and voluntary muscles are coded lover cards of our own dealing. And we don’t need a psychic tarot reader to help us with such a reading. Love and love only is our reader and teacher.

2. Guiding Stars

The love culture matrons are our guiding stars not in a contrived astrological sense but in direct and immediate consensus. And men need not fear or grind their teeth in frustration that they cannot be matrons. Such a view is altogether too boxed in and blacked out. We break out of the patrix black box and understand the countless loves we live as either sex in an Einsteinian in and out folded field of dreams traveling at love speed.

As Hermit the Frog said: “It’s not easy being green.” And as Froggie the Hermit said: “Nothing is easy if we don’t practice.” TLG practices and practices until matronship steers our personal and interpersonal ship home. We might even be a patron if we could jettison the patriarchal dead weight of its ship of fools anchoring us to the bottom of a polluted sea.

Julian Jaynes thinks we heard voices of dead patron kings directing us before the invention of modern consciousness. Maybe so but he starts counting extremely late in the game, coming in with seconds left to play and seemingly oblivious of the time before. No, before modern consciousness we heard voices all right but they were not patronal from the iron age but matronal from the love age.

Our ancestral matrons were tonal with harmonal resonance. We were not tone deaf like now. Such audio, visual and kinesthetic frequencies were in our blood and bones. Make no bones about it — patriarchal consciousness is a microscopic mutation in the body of lovsciousness. The matrons of yesteryear and tomorrowyear are all ways here and always hear.

In the love culture matrons governed first of all with a love language set into a grand story that gave order to their lives. Language is a set of metaphors based mainly on the humam and earthly body including links to stars, sun, moon and galaxies. The metaphors all come to love; love comes to womam; womam comes to her sex center; and her sex center comes to her clitoris. It’s a wondrous display of love grounded in a body of love. TLG calls our reality the Lover, the central meta-metaphor.

Even mathematics uses the humam body to construct its language. And not just the body in general but the sexual body in particular. In math the zero comes from a womam’s circle of vulva-vagina while the one derives from a man’s penis. Long before the one of math there were zeros, circles, spirals and waves engraved in stones all over. Math uses numbers, letters and other symbols which would be meaningless if not grounded in a love relating body.

As the zero comes before one, a womam’s circular vulva – vagina – clitoris comes before a man’s linear lingam. Chaos would ensue if we did not honor this order. Suppose the megalomaniac men enforcing the new world order would decree that zero and one must trade places and had their computers programmed for the new paradigm. They would induce shock, awe and confusion on an already dumbed down and fearful public.

Given different circumstances this is exactly the strategy of patriarchy. It puts the one before the zero, the man’s rod before the womam’s reel. It’s not real or natural but the iron rod of power has an artificial reality to impose. The patriarchal language is an inversion and perversion of nature. The womam’s rounded vulva – vagina – clitoris is the natural center of thought-language, not the man’s big stick.

True woodmen recognize this order to be in everyone’s best interest, including themselves. False ironmen have long since traded in their brains for chains of enslavement, the obvious ones of animal killing and the more subtle philosophical chains of being. It starts with reinterpretation and misinterpretation of womem’s words especially those woven into stories.

TLG practices saying the word “Lover.” When turned over and over gently in the brain it becomes a word of love power, a generative lever long enough to move mountains and level patrix hills. Language is the key to culture’s engine. The bosses know it but don’t show it. The lasses and laddies show it but don’t know it. It’s all show and little tell.

It’s hard to tell anything in the patrix-matrix “mixtum-compositum,” mixed up confusion for sure. Con-men at the top dog level plan it that way because it suits their purposes and their purses. Love language is not like that. It is embedded in nature and in bed with the Lover. Such pillow talk is not about how many patriarchs can sit on top of a pyramid. Love talk may consist of only one word, “Lover,” or no words at all.

Love is farther down deeper than the heart. Its natural metaphorical base is below the womam’s triangle where the clitoris, urethra and vagina come together in sacred ceremony. Men are invited provided they leave their con-cockted triumvirates of father, son and holy ghost and power, profit and porn outside. Language that purposely confuses doesn’t fit in a womam’s circle. Men of good wood and will fit to a T in love’s herstory where T stands for Truth.

When all is said and done, we come together in one language bed. It doesn’t take long and we’re over the edge and heels over head in love. We listen to the matron’s even now. They are our guiding stars.

3. The Fall of Man

We have perhaps heard of a fall of man from literature or bible studies but hardly anyone in our culture cares to know what that really means. It strikes too close to home for comfort. The fall was a rebellion against womem and their governing matrons.

Patriarchal men became jealous of womam’s powers. Men were too weak to challenge the established order directly so they started killing it by killing animals. They killed them, ate them and later domesticated them and still later domiciled women. Now patriarchs want to domesticate anything that moves or breathes.

Womem were turned into women and femen. God became the front for male authority until modern money was installed as the new monarchy. To mark the transition from God to Money “In God We Trust” was printed on the American dollar bill and state sanctioned religions were excused from a¬† tax bill.

The cure for patriarkill addiction is a five step recovery:

1. Think of the Lover as our chief value, not the monarchies of God and Money.

2. Eat healthy vegan, not the money polluted fodder pushed by CEO’s GMOs.

3. Have sex with nature, not with pets or butchered flesh.

4. Marry the Lover, not another patrix addict like ourselves.

5. Use love money, not usurious instruments of debt slavery.

Another way of saying it is:

1. Use love language; at the very least think the words Love and Lover as often as possible.

2. Eat simple whole foods that are non-toxic and not animal based.

3. Don’t commit adultery by having sex with animals through pethood or supporting the animal abusing sadistic sex of torture and exploitation.

4. Be sure you’re married to the Lover in a sacred marriage.

5. Have as little to do with the toxic money machine, that is to say the sick pyramid scheme.

Men fell away from womem but he can rise again as a real man, not some phony male caricature. How do we tell the difference? Check with the Lover’s handbook. Don’t be a palm reader but a whole heart lover.

4. An Ideal Scene

There is a plan for our species that is beautiful in its eloquence and simplicity which is pleasurable to contemplate. The irony is that we are the beneficiaries of it and were also in on the planning. The plan was implemented roughly 100,000 years ago in Africa when our species was new.

We lived in small communal groupings which interacted with each other. We shared common thoughts (variations on love), ate the same food, had a free relationship with the surrounding animals where neither species enslaved the other (as today’s business with pethood does) and where coupling up marriage and exploitative money were unknown.

We lived in the tropics where food could be gathered. Sex was open, communal and womam focal. Governing was by matrons in a matrilinear manner. Men were helpmates to womem and children. The center of social life was womem’s circles wherein womem did not just talk as today to comfort and reassure each other but they touched affectionately and sexually. The children observed if they wished and the men were invited into the circles at the womem’s pleasure.

We stayed in the warm regions and didn’t even think of killing or abusing animals for their meat, products or affection. We created a happy life for ourselves and our fellow creatures out of love. It was an ideal scene of real life.

5. True North

In our patrix cult culture we’ve got our brains wired backwards. In our striving to be gods, we end up clods. We are enticed to climb the pyramid of money, celebrity, security and conformity. In The Love Government view we’re barking up the wrong tree and a pay-tree at that.

The better way is to get down to earth. One day in the sun is worth a thousand years in a king’s McMansion. The Roman kings declared themselves deities as do our currency kings with all the things that money brings.

To be deified as a money god is to be mummified like King Tut. New world orderers think they will get to money heaven for putting the planet on the skids but they’ll be sad to learn they’ve only tightened their coffin lids. We should mind Grandlover Gravity: she brings us down to reality.

Evolutionists are inflating balloons bound to burst. Instead of enjoying what is, they’re busy reinventing love’s wheel which they call his. It’s a fine line only those in love can see which is drawn on solid earth, not at the edge of some black hole in the dearth of outer space.

Home is where the hearth is and that vulva heart is roundly on this earth in every daughter’s mother. Deification is the wrong specification; earthification is the true north orientation.

6. Long Live the Difference

Men and womem are complimentary but it is no compliment to either to claim they are equal. The political dogma of equality of the sexes sounds fair enough when applied to voting rights and job opportunity but in the real world is a red herring. Does a woman’s vote matter when there’s only one party running over her? If all the parties are patriarchal, where the choice? As for jobs, tokenism is far from equalism.

Equality is a gatekeeper to safeguard an inherently unequal system. There’s nothing amiss about inequality — long live the difference. The problem arises when power becomes power-over and when those with more capacity turn to rapacity. Patriarchy has done just that: rape and pillage. If you smell a rat there’s probably a fat cat in the vicinity in the guise of equality.

No, TLG knows the order of nature like the back of its hand. The handwriting is clear: womem first and men second. That’s the nature designed order and if men lack the eyeballs to see or the sexballs to agree then they’re likely to be hiding behind the false flag of equality.

In plain English men with balls align with lover nature and swear off a killer cult. That takes not just balls but guts and balls. We men are not wee men nor do we need paytree pills for sexual dysfunction. If we stand up for womem it’s because we have strength and understanding which comes not from a pharmacy bottle or a drone stick throttle.

In the love culture womem governed and woodmen grumbled not. Why would they? They had it made. Men were not meant to be drones in a bee hive. Nor were they meant to fly drones like a video game. Men were meant to serve womem which is not a false equality game.

Women should be in control of their own bodies but that control should be exercised before they opt out of true love by using artificial birth control and abortion. If they choose these killing methods they will lie in the bed they have made. If they need help, it should be prefaced with disclosures of the harmful effects.

7. Sacred Waters

The matrons of the love culture were straight talkers about sex and sex fluids. Ejaculatory waters were vital love potions which were saved for medicine, food supplements and plant enhancers. What is disgusting to us was gustatory for them. Sacred rites grew up in groves of womem unafraid of their bodies. Even menstrual blood was not off the table.

Patriarchal men were disgusted by tastes like these. The hunter killers craved meat and animal blood to fuel their addiction to power over animals and women. Womem’s oral sex rites and oral love stories were outlawed and punished with death. Love fluids now had one purpose: to give men pleasure and to make babies.

This type of story is still repressed and punished. Nevertheless, nature’s lovers have had their day and will have it again. The love culture will never die. Ban it on this planet and it will find another planet in our galaxy. Ban it in this galaxy and it will find a universe. Ban it in the universe and ban the universe — an impossibility. Ban it in oneself and it will be dormant until the sweet taste of love returns. Heaven and earth will pass but love will last.

Semen has a limited purpose of making babies, unless the scope of its use is broadened. Womem’s ejaculation has an unlimited purpose of making love. Making love comes before making babies. Her sex water is an archetype for creation everywhere where all flows like water. In our scramble for securities we have lost love’s security. We are made mostly of water. In truth we are nothing but love water. That’s why in the love culture sexual fluids were revered.

We tampon womam’s menstruation and damp down her ejaculation according to monetary or military evaluation. The poorer us. If we only knew our strength, we could recover what’s been lost no matter what the cost. We’d know that by nature we are lovers and that LOVE is a high name acronym for Liquid Orgasmic Vibrating Energy.

In a love government things are interconnected in one seamless weave. There are distinctions, separations and hierarchies but no grand schizoid unbridgeable chasm like God/man, elite/common and rich/poor. Under-handed power-over enslavement rackets are sport for patriarchy. Love is not in that ballpark nor does TLG play that kind of hardball / softball.

Applying this unitary notion to TLG’s five fingered handbook would play out like so:

1 for thumb: we think love because everything counts, even will o’ th’ wisp thoughts. They have an influence, believe it or not, according to their quality, consistency and back-up by actions. In TLG’s playbook handbook, the thumb stands for the tongue and clitoris, for language and love. The thumb is a reminder (re-mind-her) of love.

2 for forefinger: our index finger points to diet as if to say we are what we eat. It says “no meat or animal products” and “go vegan” but healthy vegan. In terms of inter-connections, karma and cause and effect, if one more powerful part in our seamless weave kills another part, that action will come back to haunt our heart. We enslave ourselves when we do that to any other part. If we don’t understand that and act accordingly, we’re severing a connection somewhere in our circuitry.

3 for middle finger: this is our animal sex finger resembling a penis, usually subliminal under the threshhold of our awareness. Patriarchy gives us the finger in many ways but in none so effective as the business of pethood. We enslave millions of animals for our neurotic love needs and wonder why we end up slaves. If we can’t understand this connection we have a loose or corroded wire somewhere in our system.

4 for ring finger: marriage is a patriarchal invention to subvert womam centered community sex. It seems to work because it is subtly forced by societal pressure and romantic conditioning. There are exceptions but the ring on our finger becomes  a ring in our nose under patriarchy.

5 for little finger: the money cultured finger is a monkey on our collective neck. Its main motive is to make a killing. The least we can do is not to take interest nor show undue interest in it. We may have to use money but we don’t have to support usury.

Nothing is lost in a unitary system. Everything counts forever. As the love culture put it: every hair on your head is numbered and every falling sparrow noted. How is this possible? Is there a computer that big? No, but there is a body that large — the Lover’s body. She contains every dot and tittle, every byte and digital. As our body’s experiences are reformatted in our soul, so all bodies from time immemorial are parts of a whole.

Sacred waters ebb and flow from part to whole. The matrons weave their stories to touch our soul with their seamless beauty.

8. Herstory and History

Two very broad categories of thought are herstory and history. There are meta-narratives of the first order and ultimate determination of human destiny and well-being. Herstory generally conforms to oral tradition and history to the written. Matrons tell herstory; patriarchs tell history.

Good and evil are also deep categories of perception that relate to her/history. These are broad brush strokes on the canvas of consciousness which admits of traces of their opposites, as in the popular yin-yang, black and white model.

The Love Government is profoundly cognizant of both herstory and history spheres of influence. The two meta-conceptualizations are not equal by an stretch of the imagination, although it is a popular but deceptive notion.

No, herstory is the true North Star while history is the aberration, the mutation what will not endure. His-story is one big lie by the father of lies. The proof of that is in the state of the world today despite the lying, denying press pets of patriarchal propaganda.

The Love Government exposes the false premises of history and fulfills the true promise of herstory. None of this can be appreciated by anyone unless they take up the practices suggested by TLG. Historical lies lead to suffering and death here and hereafter; herstorical love flowers forth pleasure and joy here and here-now forever.

The choice is ours with every thought, word and action we perform or allow. The Love Government is aligned with herstory while correcting the misinformation of history. This theme is reiterated in all the writings, designs, videos and audios of its love program.

If it weren’t for this touch of bliss we would feel the kiss of death a thousand times more than we do now. I say “we” intentionally to include myself as one of the big offenders of love.

For me and my house of love, we serve the cause of herstory and mitigate the curse of history at every turn of circumstances. As it stands now, the very survival of our species hangs in the balance.

The planet will keep turning but what will we turn into when we drop these bodies? Ah, there’s the rub. All depends on which bottle we rub to get which genie, the genie of death or the genius of love.

9. Sacramental Waters

The notion of sacramental waters has deep roots in antiquity. This kind of thinking goes back to the origins of our species about 100,000 years ago, and to the matrons who were teachers in the early communities.

Sacraments can be viewed as sacred and mental. In other words, it is centered in the mind rather than directly in physical expression. We are interested in understanding rather than getting something we can touch, feel, taste and grasp with our senses.

Today our mental powers have been subverted into technology, entertainment, addictive behavior, power and money distractions. This destruction of love thinking leaves a gaping vacuum in our intellectual capacity which sucks in a wide variety of evils.

To counter such malaise, the Love Government plugs back into the love culture of our origins by its various practices. We recover a type of thinking that in other places here is called clitoral thinking as opposed to overly clinical or critical thinking.

The clitoris is a unique organ in terms of sacramental thought. It stands alone for its thought provoking insight into our essential nature. It represents pleasure unadulterated by other distracting considerations.

The clitoris is indirectly connected to reproduction but nature has provided the vagina itself with enough pleasure inducers to ensure reproduction. No, there is something much more important in regard to the clitoris. It is a sacrament in itself. When stimulated, it produces pleasure and may also cause the ejaculation of water, which have nothing to do with reproduction.

The waters of ejaculation in womem have practically no other purpose but the pleasure of their sacramental sign value. They signify creativity and nurturing issuing from the womam’s body. This is highly significant which escapes us but made a deep impression on those in the love culture, so much so that remnants of such sacred and mental understandings have survived in religious ceremonies.

The man’s ejaculatory waters are clearly for reproduction; and they are blocked in one way or another if pregnancy is not desired. Womam’s ejaculatory waters have no reproductive capacity. So why are they present at all if not to signify something profound?

This “clitoral” thinking opens a door in our consciousness slammed shut many thousands of years ago by patriarchy. The Love Government keeps it foot in that door and slowly opens the door of understanding regarding sexuality, overcoming the closed door policy powers of patriarchy.

10. The Order of Love

Love gives order to life in a natural, safe and peaceful way. Without love, we fall into the false order of force, power, chaos and insanity. Things break down, there is no center to hold and it is truly terrifying. We are caught in vicious circles that make no sense.

The matrons of the love culture held society together in meaningful peace. Patriarchy destroyed this fine tuned system and instituted a reign of terror and killing which gives the appearance of order based on force and fraud. It’s an insane arrangement which eventually breaks apart, causing universal suffering and death.

Through love, we recover our sanity, safety and fulfillment. It takes strength, but it can be done even when craziness swirls around us like a flood and threatens life and limb. But we can always be free inside, even if our body is ravaged and killed.

The matrons of love remain a symbol of quiet strength, solid as a mountain of rock. They govern with peace in a collapsing world. They are solidly present in a love centered, matri-lineal universe far beyond our limited reckonings.

The global situation today is unsustainable because it’s insane and crazy, although covered up with a false facade of control. The lies just postpone the adjustment that will come. Power has its brief hour; evil flashes in the pan and vice passes like a shadow.

In the Love Government, we are affected by the barely concealed infections and the diseases that break through our desperate defenses. These insane nightmares appear in our dreams and dog our heels in the day but they cannot defeat us unless we let them. Terror, murder and cruelty are outsourced and projected onto the weak and vulnerable.

The matrons of love, in their calm dignity, feel the breakdown too. Madness must be allowed under a free system but justice will prevail when appetites have been sated and killing has run its course. In the end, justice will be served, accounts settled, disorder balanced and love restored.

Nothing is too big to fail. The lies will be exposed and the liars tried. In the meantime, I count my blessings, enjoy the beauty that remains and keep in touch with the visible matrons of old and the invisible but palpable matron grandmothers of today.