1. Exceeding Limits

2. Food and Drink

3. Naked Freedom

4. Natural Lovers

5. The Lover Is Not God

6. Offering the Mass

7. Sacred Mental Masturbation

8. The Sound of Love

9. Wholly Sex Community

10. Sexual War Perversion


1. Exceeding Limits

In sexual maturity after puberty a womam is first a maiden, then a mother and finally a matron in the love culture.

Surely nature exceeded her creative limits when she appeared as womem in their youthful sexual prime. And just as surely, the young womem of the love culture exceeded patriarchal women today in beauty and intelligence. The three stages of a lover’s life are maiden, mother and matron. Who can say which is more beautiful?

Men are extensions of womem. Menfolk are womem on the inside. I distinguish true men from patriarchal men. Most patriarchal men (and femen) today are killers by outright commission or omission. Certainly there were beautiful and strong men in the love culture but when they started killing animals they turned from lovers to killers.

The maidens of the love culture were nurtured and protected. Maidens now are prey in a patriarchal culture. As Rosaline put it: “Alas, what danger will it be to us, / Maids as we are, to travel so far! / Beauty provoketh thieves sooner than gold.” Not so in the love culture where they were esteemed and honored.

The astounding beauty of womamhood exceeds the ability of words to describe. As the poet put it: “The words I thought so sublime / Could never do you justice / In reason or rhyme.” TLG honors womem lovers as well as it can but much more is needed to restore the love culture for them.

When men started killing animals, womem would eventually make the hit list too. To protect womem and to restore them to their rightful place, TLG exposes the basic cause of womem’s debasement today. Without an understanding of that context, efforts to help womem in substantive ways are doomed. The death grip of patriarchy must be broken to really be of help.

It doesn’t help to put womem on a romantic pedestal either. That just distracts from the predatory nature of patriarchy. Patriarchal denial is even deeper than 911 denial because it is more subtle. Unless the basic problem is addressed, womem of all ages will be repressed. In the killing cult of patriarchy the beauty of maidenhood is quickly perverted into power-over, profit and porn.

Under patriarchy beautiful maidens evoke desire, manipulation and sometimes forceful entry. Women themselves use their beauty to manipulate and exert force. We do well to remind ourselves that exterior beauty soon passes and that we are all young and beautiful in our essential nature as lovers. The bounds of our capacity is not limited by physicality but extends to the emotional, imaginative and mental realms and many more.

In the love culture there was little repression and much well governed expression so feminine beauty evoked respect and reverence rather than repressed force. As the poet said: “I met someone and I had to remove my hat. She was everything I need and love but I can’t be swayed by that.” In TLG we are swayed by the Lover who includes all of us as lovers. That takes discipline and restraint but the rewards are deeper and more satisfying than skin-deep passing I shadows.

The maiden lovers are always with us because they are us. As the poet sings: “Suddenly I turned around and she was standing there / With silver bracelets on her wrists and flowers in her hair / She walked up to me so joyfully and took my crown of thorns / Come in she said / I’ll give you shelter from the storm.”

The Love Government also gives us shelter from the storm by reason of its secure structure. At least it’s so with me. If with me, why not with thee?

2. Food and Drink

The problem with sex and therefore love is that it’s been narrowized, privatized and ownerized according to the overall strategy of elite patriarchy. Divide, conquer and compartmentalize is their workplace pin-up. They mix secrecy and sex to corner the market. Scarcity raises the price and drives the competition to a frenzy.

TLG counters this walled in castle move by freeing the pawns and setting all the pieces on the firm ground of the love culture. Yes, there was a love culture or we never would have survived the brutal kill or be killed hunter cult falsely pushed by the great hunter myth. Once upon a time there was the great lover and her lovers. There may have been a great hunter and his killers in the shadows but as long as lovers remained lovers he was not a problem.

Sex-love is not limited to genitality. Everything is sexual because all is linked and flows in and out of each other. So with breath, motion and its surroundings of walking, speaking, thinking, growing, mountains, valleys, trees and clouds — all of it is sexual in nature’s actions. In our minds we separate sex from love and then spiritualize, sentimentalize and romanticize both to back both into convenient boxes we can control.

The love culture was open to all in an ebb and flow motion which in turn was reflected in what lovers therein did with their genitals. Without a love cultural context and a love governmental lovetext, sex becomes what we have today, a tool of lust and conquest. No longer is love a womam’s ejaculatory water or a man’s seminal fluid worthy of awe and respect but a bothersome by-product unless it contributes to someone’s vanity or investments.

In the love culture, sex fluids were connected directly to love and only secondarily to babies. They and the bodies they came from were symbolic food and drink and in the case of fluids sometimes actual food and drink.

3. Naked Freedom

When a man sees a womam’s genitals he sees the inverse of himself. When a womam sees a man’s genitals she sees the outverse of herself. Hence the flow toward making a universe out of this diverse song into oneverse. A man thinks about what it would be like to have a vagina and a womam thinks the reverse.

In the love culture nakedness was commonplace. In our cult war society nakedness must be controlled with severe punishments (lest it damage the children is the rationalization). The truth is that open sex and optional clothing delights the children of a love culture but in a war cult it decimates the economy. The clothing business would be the first to suffer. Children would do just fine in a love culture where they are loved and securely guided in sex matters.

We have all kinds of compensations for this enforced coverup. Nudist colonies are one but the sight of overfed and food and drug toxicated bodies give impetus to the coverup clothing business. There are various ways to pay for nakedness like soft and hard porn, corralling a bodymate with soulmate talk and the tried and true marriage walk to the halter. None of these substitutes satisfy our desire to feast our communal eyes and touch our commoner skin.

Today a love culture cannot go public without danger. If peeing in public can land you in jail what would making the pubic public do? However, we are free in our minds where most love making takes place anyway and it’s free if we have an open door and mind policy. How about the child who saw the emperor naked until the thought police truant officer gave her blinders at the school yard door?

If nakedness were free it would bring down the war government which can’t allow people spending their days having sex rather than spending money when there’s wars to be won and clothes to be spun. TLG lets the mind go naked and the emotions run free in such a way as not to disturb the peace. Better to let sleeping dogs lie if they’re dogs of war.

I can imagine the naked freedom of a love culture. I don’t have to act it out where free actions are under the gun. The imagination is a wide open playing field compared to the son of a gun running a prison workhouse. Imagine that. Patriarchy trying to enslave the sun. It can’t be done. Imagine this. Loverarchy as the naked sun, warming barely everyone with a kiss of bliss.

4. Natural Lovers

The most natural thought is that of lovers because they are first in the order of nature. What do we notice first about ourselves? There are two kinds of us made for loving each other. One kind has a bigger part which fits around the smaller part of the other. But there’s something that comes before in nature’s playbook. We know it because we feel joy and pleasure when we think and act as nature intended. Babyhood, motherhood and fatherhood are secondary to the immediate joy of loverhood in nature’s way of play.

Other than our mother, our first lover is ourselves. We touch ourselves because it’s pleasurable and natural. In a love culture we pleasured ourselves privately and publicly. In an anti-love cult we must hide our privates in public. In the original love culture, whatever sex we were, we could masturbate with ourselves or each other without shame, guilt, punishment or threats from the thought police.

Such an open and free love life was possible in our original condition because:

1. We thought of everything in terms of love, not the myriad shades of babble that passes for thought nowadays.

2. We all ate the same kind of food, not the killed flesh of animals or their stolen products nor the poisons of processed food.

3. We did not keep pets and domesticated slaves.

4. There was no marriage of drowning couples in the swamps of church and state.

5. There was no money by which to build pyramid schemes of slavery.

In the love culture lovers were free to do what they do best, to love. Love is not limited by time and space and so we travel at lovespeed to be with lovers wherever they may be. I have to listen close or I’ll miss them when they fly by from one galaxy to another. When I say “Lover” it conjures them in one breath.

She’sus called them legions of angels. Legions are too militaristic and Roman for my taste so I call them clouds of lovers. The church calls them the communion of saints but a churchman I ain’t anymore.

Natural lovers have their feet on the ground even when flying high. I’m not a natural lover yet but I’m getting there. Some say lovers are mad but that’s not so bad. Most of the time I’m just sad, waiting to be glad. I think of the love culture maidens with their radiant baby and child expressions. I know I’m just a boy but to me such a maid is pure joy.

5. The Lover is not God

The teen-age maidens of the love culture, say 100,000 years ago, would have received in their communities an entirely different education than we get. Ours is focused on some God in the religious sense or Money in a secular take. Either way our maidens and young men are caught in a painful vice enforced by parents, schools and all the other institutions of an anti-love cult culture.

Our ancient maiden selves would never have heard of God or money. They were attuned to love. God and Money today as they are practiced in fact are not about love but support evil in the forms of fear, greed, mistrust, war and premeditated ignorance training.

The Lover is the centerpiece of The Love Government. She holds the love system together. She is not like the God/money pair who hold the religious/civic system together. The Lover is not God because of the huge difference between a love system and a religious/civic one.

All of us are the Lover. There is no difference between us and her except that she is an idea of all of us and more. We might say that she and us are panlovism. In other words all reality is love in the impersonal sense and the Lover is love in us (Lovus) in the personal sense.

The forest is a symbol of all the trees in a certain location put together. Without the trees the forest would be meaningless. And yet the forest has a mental reality that is useful to human minds. The Lover is priceless because she brings all of us together in one sign.

On the other hand God does not stand for pantheism (he can’t stand it) or a pantheistic system of thought where God is the same as us. Such a notion is contradictory to the way people understand God.

In TLG we drop the word God and go directly to love. In true love we take full responsibility for ourselves and each other; we do not abdicate and give ourselves to a foreign power. In TLG we do not do that because it causes evil posing as good.

The Lover is not God although she includes him in her universal body. The Lover is primarily womam because she is the mother of nature herself. Man is her reflection and helper. She includes man in a reciprocal relationship.

God is exclusively male. He represents the rebellion against the natural order starting with jealousy and the killing of animals. We are so addicted to patriarchy now in its guise of God, money, power and lying that we cannot let go of the fix (fixation) easily. Of course we deny that, as an addict denies his or her addiction.

God is the problem because he is a creation of patriarchy. Many reject God for his cruel defects or use him for his equally cruel benefits. It’s the addiction of addictions very difficult to even see. It takes years of practicing The Love Government handbook to change enough to drop our defenses against love.

There are many good, kind and strong people who serve God, money, patriotism and civilization. We need and appreciate them but they can still be delusional on more refined levels of intelligence and unwittingly serve an evil system.

Such good people (God people) can be dangerous and retaliatory when provoked. The truly evil psychopaths at the top echelons know this and use the God people as they use God himself for their own purposes. The masses too are dangerous because they are so ignorant and repressed after millenia of exploitation.

We say it’s better to leave sleeping dogs lie but is it really? In TLG we awaken ourselves gradually and gently from God, money and power to love, lover and lovus, starting with language itself.

We seem to be no threat to the dogs of war and we are not if our changes are truly gradual and gentle. God himself can recover his manhood by serving loverarchy rather than patriarchy. Real maidens and young men would have understood this naturally without all our remedial education.

6. Offering the Mass

In the catholic mass we offered ourselves to God in the sacrifice of the mass. This is a hold-over from pagan rites where they sacrificed animals to gods. Jesus cleaned the practice up by offering up himself, first in bloody sacrifice on the cross which was supposed to finish that kind of blood-letting.

Then he re-offered himself in catholic type of masses and the faithful did the same with themselves to God. The catholic rites came from pagan ones and the pagan ones came from the love culture. Significant revisions were done at the pagan and christian stages.

In the original love culture we offered the mass of our bodies to the Lover who was understood as all of us. The offering was a sexual one where we mass-turbated in a common religious ceremony. The link is between our mass and mas-turn-abation.

In other words our body-mass is turned on sexually and then abated. This is a universal feature of nature and her wave forms of particles. When we have the Lover on our minds as our chief good and savior, our giving and offering ourselves is natural.

The Lover gave herself to us in her masturbation of creation and we re-enact and return the action. These practices enriched and held the love culture together. It was womam centered because womem principally performed these sacred rites.

Patriarchal men resented these powers womem enjoyed and began their killing to destroy such loving. They started sacrificing animals to their made up gods who served to justify them and erase their guilt. Killing animals led to direct killing of womem and their sexual practices.

Maidens were sometimes sacrificed as a sick substitute to replace their mutual masturbation rites where they gave their bodies to the Lover. Gods demanded they be killed as offerings to them. Behind that was psycho patriarchs getting off on killing what they hated and could not love.

Today we have killing gone berserk. Millions of maidens, mothers and men are sacrificed to the man-gods of war, slavery and prostitution in the jaws of their killing machines. It’s so bad we look the other way and blot it from memory with the help of our cowardly truth denying media.

In TLG we restore the original love meaning of the universal (catholic) mass. We mass-turn-abate physically, mentally and spiritually with and to the Lover in sacred rites connected to our lovers ancestors who lived as we were built to be.

7. Sacred Mental Masturbation

Sacred mental masturbation is sacramental masturbation. In ancient religious rites, actions, signs, words and gestures effected what they signified. In Roman Catholicism (in which I was a priest and monk until age thirty), the Mass contains the chief sacrament, the Eucharist. In sacred-mental terms, Catholics believe they eat the body of Christ and drink his blood, under the signs of bread and wine. This sanctifies them and makes them sacred.

Unlike the physical world, in the mental realm almost anything is possible. Catholics believe they really do eat and drink Christ physically, under the sacred signs. This cannot be supported by reason but it can be believed by the mind.

By coincidence or design, the Mass with its eucharist sacrament, is an abbreviation for the body-mass of masturbation. The Mass links back to the love culture’s sacred rites with the Lover. In love language, the Lover created everything by masturbating her body and, along with her menstrual flow, her ejaculatory waters brought forth creation. The love community celebrated this originating event by mutual masturbation rites, in commemoration of her and themselves (Do this in remembrance of me). These sacred actions are the basis for the modern mass.

Today masturbation has been ripped out of its sacred communal context by patriarchy; and so we have all the guilt, shame, privatization, punishment and feeling of sin surrounding masturbation. It has become an embarrassing private practice rather than a public profession of natural love. The debasement of masturbation breeds many ills like pornography, sexual abuse, repression and violence.

The young maidens and men of our culture have no healthy context in which to grow up naturally. Mutual masturbation in a loving community is healthy but our war-torn culture now can’t see health because it’s so unhealthy and sick. Religions and laws make it worse. There is no sacred, safe and healthy context left to express sex in a safe and supportive community. No wonder we have rampant promiscuity, smothering repression, drug abuse, prostitution, child abuse and loveless marriages.

Sacred means a healthy, higher meaning that gives meaning to our lives. Everything is sacred until it is profaned by some aspect of patriarchy. Everything is sacra-mental, meaning capable of a sacramental interpretation by the mind. The earth, sky, trees, water, blood, rocks, soil, free animals, plants and so on are capable of being sacramentalized as signs leading to and effecting what they signify.

The Love Government itself is a sacred-mental/sacrament, a governing system which points to and empowers the natural expression of love. All of life is mass-turned-abating. The horizontal S figure conveys the electromagnetic wave configuration of mass-energy being turned on from a resting state to a restless state to a falling off and abating state.

Therefore, in the Love Government we say and attend Mass in the original sense, not just daily but continuously. The ancient rite of going to Mass is founded on the original love culture’s going to the Mass of sacred, ritualized masturbation rites. The main reason the world is so lost is that these rites are no longer being performed.

8. The Sound of Love

The basic sound of love is contained in the word “lover,” particularly in its two vowels, o and e. These have the soft sound of an “a” and a “u.” “A” is the more fundamental, requiring no change in the vocal apparatus. The soft “u” makes a slight change to the soft “a’ sound.

The basic consonants are added to the vowels we are speaking of: “l,” “v,” and “r” in the case of “lover,” or “l” and “v” for love. The soft “a” sound is written in English as an “o,” and the soft “u” sound is written as an “e” in “lover.” This is typical of the unpredictability of English.

However, there is a fundamental characteristic which relates to the resonance of love, specifically the sound of love. It is that soft “a” sound which comes out with the breath and requires no change in the vocal chords.

This naturally given love sound leads us directly into the heart-vulva of the love culture. The soft “a” is the sound of sex as it was occurring in the communal sex rites of the love culture. Approaching and during orgasm the breath and the primal love sound emerged automatically and dramatically.

It was a powerful, ecstatic sound which reverberated through the bodies and souls of the participants and their surroundings. It made deep changes in their consciousness constitutions. The sound of love-sex bonded them together in joy and bliss; and ecstasy (standing outside of normal consciousness).

In time this sound of natural sex developed into language. The sound of sex-love is the core of all subsequent language. The sound of “la” still remains in romance languages as the feminine article. The first syllable of “lover” is “la.”

When patriarchy got hold of language and twisted it to their political purposes, it changed the soft sounds to hard sounds. The soft “a” in “ma” (mother) was turned around and hardened as “om,” and falsely proclaimed as the basic sound of the universe.

In the love culture, “la” referred to the Lover and “ma” to the Mother, the two primary functions of the Lover in lovers. Patriarchy hardened the language in imitation of its hardened consciousness.

The Love Government reverses the reversals, and softens the hardened language. The “sine qua non” (without which, nothing) practice is saying the world “lover” with its core sex-sound of love, internally and externally. This practice changes our consciousness and character as it did our love ancestors.

9. Wholly Sex Community

In the Love Culture, the whole community was sexual. It was a holy sex community, meaning that sex was sacred. Sex was also central to their identity. The love culture was a sex culture since in their minds there was no distinction between love and sex.

We make a distinction between love and sex because sex has become so degraded in our culture. We feel more comfortable with a watered down love than with the flood of feelings that comes with natural sex. In our present culture, real sex makes us feel like we’re drowning.

Whole-hearted sex is associated with the death of our normal consciousness. Sex is called a little death. But that’s death in a very positive sense. Through death in a love culture we go to our real home, even while alive here. That takes the sting out of death since we die many times through sex in a love culture.

By destroying sacred sex, we no longer have real love. By destroying real love, we no longer have sacred sex. The result is we have a huge gaping hole in our lives which we try to fill with talk, talk and more talk which drains us dry. Or we act out the lack of love-sex with actions that drive us further from fulfillment.

We can recover what is lost to a certain extent but it’s far from full fulfillment. The pain of loss is always there but we can mitigate the trauma by practices such as recommended by the Love Government. Understanding is a great help even though it may make the ache worse before it gets better. Love does help. Invisible lovers do assist us in subtly transparent ways, which means invisible lovers are not entirely invisible.

Imagining the whole, small community having group sex that is loving, well governed and safe, draws us into the heart of reality. But since we are so far from that, a broad spectrum, multi-dimensional approach is needed, suited for our times. Thus, the core contact can be fleshed in with practice.

We cannot expect to feel alive in a culture which is terrified of a subject like this. The truth is we are never alone. We are making love-sex with lovers across space and time now and now and now but we have dropped an iron curtain of denial over our perception. The Love Government lifts the veil a little so we can get a glimpse and feel a trace of the joy behind the sorrow.

It’s there, and can be more and more here as we practice. The love community shows itself  with us without violating the conditions of our embodiment here. We walk a fine line and keep a gentle ever changing balance thanks to the center that holds us. The humble events of our ordinary life is that center that holds when we’re connected to our love-sex family.

10. Sexual War Perversion

The reason the world is in such a mess is because of massive sexual perversion. It’s been going on since the rise of patriarchy. Sex had to be perverted for patriarchs to establish their regimes of power.

In the original love culture sex was free, open, communal, natural, womam-centered and well-governed my matrons. It bonded the communities together with affectionate love.

The center of the culture was the iconic Womam Lover. She masturbated herself and the whole community masturbated with her in a variety of ways. The sex was joyful and produced deep states of ecstasy.

Reproductive sex was essential but secondary. The main purpose of sex was love for the Lover. It was highly meaningful and pleasurable.

Men were primarily enhancers of womam’s meaning and pleasure. The community was lover-lineal first and matri-lineal second. This is the way nature set it up.

Patriarchal men hated this arrangement and sought to tear it down. They coveted the natural power womem had. They had to destroy the love world order to force their new world order of power into place.

This God-awful story of terror is told over and over in the ancient his-story texts and archeology. War was born out of patriarchy’s evil eye and resulted in an eon of sky-gods.

Natural sex was perverted by animal killing and eating, domestication of the free animal nation, marriage, destruction of the Lover as the central anchor of thought, money mongering and a thousand other false masks of corrupted civilization.

The first war was against womem and their values. Patriarchs turned womam into woMAN. As the sexes became perverted, men and femen reverted to killers in a bewildering array of civilized false virtues.

The first and last war is the war of male values against womem.