The Writings

Welcome to Love, the greatest story ever told, the greatest structure ever built, the greatest journey ever taken, the greatest game ever played and the greatest relationship ever experienced.

1. Essence – The humam body, especially the hands, clitoris and penis are sign language metaphors for the essence of The Love Government’s sexual love understanding and practice.

2. Quintessence – Masturbation is a sacramental (sacred-mental) word which includes intercourse. The Mass is  a remnant of ancient sexual rites which celebrated ejaculatory waters.

3. Background – In our beginnings we lived in a love culture embedded in nature. Patriarchy tried to overthrow this system starting with the killing of animals. The Love Government restores the original order.

4. Flags – We are all welcome to gather under The Love Government flags. There are no dues, taxes, memberships, offices or laws other than the law of love. Click and see.

5. Overview – Dennis Leary gives a personal account of why he invented The Love Government. Necessity is the mother of invention and The Love Government is necessary in these corrupt times.

6. Prayers – Common prayers in one of the major religious traditions are rewritten in terms of their original Love Culture framework, rewriting the rewrite of patriarchy.

7. A Work of Art – The Love Government is a multi-dimensional documentary of Lover Nature between romantic-science fiction and herstory. Love and sex is the theme told with reason and rhyme.

8. Foreground – Patriarchy is public enemy # 1. The Love Government stands up to its lies, terror and psychotic power by love practices which restore the original love culture and government.

9. Worldview – The Love Government handbook and short-hand manual has five digital points: clitoral love, love diet, free animalism, universal marriage and clean money.

10. Glossary – Language is the basis of culture. The Love Culture has its own language which is based on natural sex. All words and metaphors stem from sex in a love context.


Welcome to those brave few who want to do something to help a planet in danger and prove themselves true lovers. Many of us have good intentions but lack a real understanding of the solution. We either put too much focus on the “bad guys” or resort  to practices that make the problem worse by playing “good guys.” Weak knees and timid understanding play right into the hands of those with malviolent misunderstanding.

What are we all doing, good gals and bad guys, to destroy what we claim to love? The Love Government manual / handbook / shorthand points our five major errors the great silent majority of us are making no matter what our fancy words or fine feelings are:

1. We are not loving. Our words and actions are out of order and causing horrendous disorder. Myriads of distractions and outright lies blindside us. We no longer understand what love is because it has been violently stolen from us. Fortunately, love is coded in our bodies. We have only to rediscover that code. The code is sex-love but before we jump into bed with other bodies we have to understand with our minds the message down below.

Not any easy task given all the distractions, taboos, power ploys, guilt, shame, disgust, mistrust, anger and out and out hidden hatred for love-sex. Understanding is not possible without taking up practices that prepare the way for intelligent understanding and critical thinking. We understand rather than overstand with powerover.

Our thinking is clitoral as opposed to clinical and posed with critical thinking. The clitoris is critical to recovery of a love language and culture. As the prime sign of womam it rejuvenates us at all levels after the initial shock of unfamiliarity.

The Love Government extends a hand, a manual and a handbook as a sort of shorthand to facilitate breaking the code that has kept us from the joy of sex and the pleasure of love for so long. It starts with the mind of understanding because the mind is the best aphrodisiac and well of intelligence. Consider well the five digits of our hand and the five numbered points being made herein.

2. We are not eating diets that support love. We smoke, drink, inject, snort and swallow legal and illegal drugs by the ton, eat meat and animal products and chemicalized foods right off supermarket shelves and pharmaceutical counters and wonder why we can’t help the planet or ourselves. A love diet is vegan at the least and healthy vegan at the most. Extended, diets are more than food and drink but include thought and will.

3. We adulterate our species despite the commandment “Do not commit adultery” by sadistic and masochistic subliminal sex with animals through the big business institutions of animal pethood; animal experimentation; factory farms; cages, fences and corrals; zoos, circuses and animal racing sports; and hunting and fishing — all leading to making war on human animals and on the planet itself. Free animalism is free humamism.

4. We support church and state sanctioned marriage which divides us into easily controlled nuclear couples and families. The patriarchal bosses thus damage and largely destroy natural communal love and matrilineal government. If we need to marry, we marry the Lover as universal other, sister and brother and all other relationships fall easily into love.

5. We buy into the modern money system which is nothing but a worldwide pyramid scheme of wealth transfer from the stock entrapped class to the stockholder class. It rewards those clawing to the top and crushes those cowering at the bottom.  It is the very antithesis of love for the earth or humanity.

There’s more to it but here’s where it starts with these five digital lovepower points.

And in the end, my dear sweet friend, what can we do? Well, come. Come to the well of understanding. Let go of the hand that deceives and lets us down in the end. Take the hand of the Lover who is all of us as true lovers. She will lead us to to a well that is safe to drink. Go ahead and drink at the other wells if we must so we’ll know the difference when we taste sweet water from a deep welcome well.

1. Essence

The Love Government makes love with The Lover. The Lover makes love with The Love Government. Essentially that’s what is going on. The rest is commentary. The Love Government is us. is the Lover in communion with us. Love is our essence.

We are either making love with the Lover and her government or we are making war on the side of anti-love governments. These are the extremes with all kinds of variance in between. We have two basic choices: love and anti-love. The Love Government (TLG) chooses love and opposes anti-love. The anti-lover patriarchy does all in its power to distract us from the essence of love.

In TLG we serve the Lover and expose the anti-lover for the evil it is. The anti-lover is patriarchy, otherwise known as the patrix, penisarchy, pa-war, evilarchy and evolarchy. “Evol” is short for evolution and is “love” turned around backwards. Evol sounds like evil. Evil is twisted, perverted and corrupted love. Literally, corruption is a rupture of the “cor” or heart of love; thus, cor-ruption.

Pa Patriarchy has three sons, Power, Profit and Porn, three P’s in his pPod. Power is in charge of War. Profit runs the money machine. Porn turns persons into objects.

To facilitate getting at the essence of things, TLG uses the metaphor of the hand which is sort of a “handbook” or “manual.” This metaphor will also serve as an introduction to the kind of love language used by TLG throughout its discourse.

Patriarchy (the Patrix) rules with an iron fisted hand from behind an iron curtain of lies. The iron fist is in a velvet glove and excels in deception. The iron hand keeps people under its thumb and squeezes them with its fingers and thumb.

We begin with the problem which out of a love context is overwhelming. Pa Patriarchy’s iron hand has a thumb and four fingers. Pa’s rule of thumb is to control the mind, thought, language, terms of the debate, story, meta-narrative and consciousness. People are what they think and patriarchy keeps their thinking under his iron thumb.

Patriarchy’s index, pointing or trigger finger resembles a penis and represents power, control and will. People are what they choose and Pa makes sure they want what he wants. If not, his penis turns into a gun aimed at their head.

The Patrix middle finger is a sign of sexual pornification of people by turning persons into objects. People are what they relate to and in a broad sense have sex with. Pa is giving them the finger best when they pay for it and don’t realize it.

The Patrix ring finger is encircled with a gold ring for marriage to power and money. Some marry for love but more marry for security. We are what we are married to and patriarchy sees to it that our spouse is money and is under his power.

The little finger is a delicate finger which is a symbol of sophisticated culture, like the socialite drinking tea which boils down to twirling people around one’s little finger. It illustrates the class caste money system which is always a culture war against commoners. We are our culture which is founded on the toxic, patrix money system.

We now move from patriarchy to loverarchy. We experience the Lover through a whole body interaction of love. Let’s start with the hand.

1. The thumb gives a “thumbs up” to language as the basis of culture. Shaped more or less like the tongue, the thumb is a reminder of our tongue which is used for the pleasures of language, sex and eating. The tongue and thumb are shaped more or less like the clitoris, the only organ designed solely for pleasure. Eating, language and sex are our main pleasures. The thumb, tongue and clitoris are types of each other. Seeing the clitoris as the center of centers, we do clitoral thinking which is critical (intelligent) and cortical (heartfelt – from cor or heart).

2. The forefinger points the way. It has the power of directional choice and so connects symbolically with our will. All the fingers resemble the penis and connect to eating, language and sex since we taste and eat and have sex with our fingers. Words are symbolic pointers. When the tips of the forefinger and thumb touch they form a circle which signifies the vulva or vagina. When the four fingers are curled they conform to the vagina and its ridges adjacent to the thumb sign of the clitoris. Love is thus encoded in the humam body.

3. The middle finger of the Lover is a sign of the penis making love which in a sacramental (sacred-mental) sense is having sex with her in all the activities of our life, not just in genital masturbation or intercourse. The middle finger extended looks like an erect penis with the two adjacent curled fingers reminiscent of testicles. Thus the middle finger and each of the other fingers stands for the penis. The thumb stands for the clitoris. When the thumb and forefinger join they show the vulva or vagina. The oppositional (clitoral) thumb is as strong as the four fingers combined, indicating the strength of womam’s love powers.

4. The ring finger of the Lover stands for marriage. In many cultures this finger is ringed with a marriage ring. In the Love Government we are married to the Lover first and foremost in a sacred marriage. We eschew the interference of church and state in marriage.

5. The Lover’s little finger is finely tuned and sensitive. The little things make great love if they are linked to the Love Culture. The little finger stands for culture, wealth and money. If money is an expression of love it fulfills its purpose but practically all money nowadays is a toxic pryramid scheme of wealth transfer from poor to rich.

Today we live in a culture which is 99% anti-love. Still, there is a trace of the Love Culture left, the 1% who are true lovers. The Love Government fans that 1% spark which may be as tiny and fleeting as a sub-atomic trace in a particle collider but it is there in us all nevertheless. In one of the ancient texts stolen from the love culture by the anti-lover, patrix cult, the Lover fanned the spark by saying: “I have come to cast fire of love upon the earth and how restless I am until it be blazing.”

The Love Government, too, is restless until Love returns to the earth and her government is once again flourishing. She offers her hand to us, gentle and strong. We need only reach out our hand in return and we and the earth will be restored to what we were meant to be. We walk the way of love and practice what is pointed out by the thumb and four finger rules of the Lover and her government.

Pa Patriarchy and his three sons, Power, Profit and Porn, serve a useful purpose despite themselves. They show what not to do. And in the end, they too will see the light and the writing on the wall. Patriarchy, evilarchy, evolarchy and Pa-war will return to the fold of loverarchy and all will be well.

With all our might we need to reject making toxic money and terror war and return to making true love. If we truly make love, a true currency backed by love’s reserve will come to us naturally and relieve our fear of not having enough. Love is all we need because it contains everything in its proper scope and proportion.

The  Love Government uses the metaphor of the humam hand which is symbolically related to the sexual organs particularly and to the whole body generally. The hand is a handbook and manual. It is one of the many signs and types of love.

Let there be love. It is of the essence.

2. Quintessence

The Lover is The Heart and Soul, the whole and every part. Love is all there is. Love is all of us in the Order of The Love Government which includes the disorder of the anti-love government of patriarchy. The Lover is the personal part of Love; love is the more impersonal part of The Lover. Call her what you will, The Lover is the quintessence of love still.

Quintessence refers to the “fifth essence” besides the four essential elements. This is love, the center point where the four directions cross. Often this essence is called the heart. The heart is on the large center flag above. The sign of the heart is a stylized and softened womam’s earth pointing triangular pubic hair pointing to the vulva and earth’s center. In patriarchal ages the natural vulva sign of womam was moved up to the chest area and assumed an artificial, euphemized character. The Love Government reverses the reversal and focuses on the more primitive and natural triangular vulva-heart which is the true quintessence of love.

The Love Government is nothing without The Lover and everything with her. Whatever the name, the game is the same. Say her name with love and live. Confuse her name with patrix names and die. “Lover” is the name above, below, in and around all names, especially the patriarchal names of God, Goddess, Power and Money. The Lover is no God or Goddess. She comes from within and is no external power penis divorced from her inner love.

It doesn’t matter if we believe or disbelieve it, accept it or reject it, love it or hate it; truth is truth, justice is justice and love is love unless you kill ideas themselves and then you are truly dead, not the ideas. No rationalization or equivocation can change the facts of reality. Align with reality and live; malign reality and die. Thoughts, words and actions have consequences, and there is no escape hatch to an unearthly, imaginary patrix heaven.

Anti-love and patriarchy are powers to contend with, not to be content with. The Love Government (TLG) engages reality with the truth of words and the resulting energy consequences. The whys and wherefores don’t really matter. Facts matter. In the forest the trees matter and you can tell the trees by their fruit and leaves. That’s a fact of nature. Love is sweet and anti-love is bitter; love is a potion and evil is a poison. But you have to train your taste buds to know that. A taste for love is developed or you will never know a tree of life from a tree of death.

We can listen to authorities like God/Goddess and Patrix/Matrix but eventually we have to stand on our own two feet in our own authority if we are to be mature lovers. TLG leads us to that point when it sets us free from all authorities other than The Lover we are. TLG closes the gap between The Lover and us with the quintessential language metaphor of making love as “two in one flesh.” The Lover and us are one, two, three, etc.

The Lover is the universal embodiment of all of us as lovers. She makes sexual love with us lovers so that we and her become one flesh in the act of love which includes all acts, not just sexual ones. That is the quintessence of The Love Government (TLG). The physical, genital act of making love is only one aspect of general love making. In the physical world genital sacred sex is necessary to sustain the earth.

If, and that’s a big if indeed, the act of love is with the Lover and is done in the lovetext context, we are governed by Love. Otherwise the act of love is a part divorced from its natural whole and falls into a hole of deranged lust and anti-love death. Without the natural lovetext of The Lover and her lovers, love is degraded to porn, sex to profit and orgasm to power.

Love has its ceremonies and the Lover has her celebrations. Patriarchy has corrupted them all. Since our culture is 99% patriarchal, we are all corrupted which is to say our hearts are ruptured, or in modern cultural terms we’ve suffered a massive heart attack. Our mass, our form and our life has been severely damaged by the patrix matrix complex which takes us to the door of death: body, mind and spirit.

The word “Mass” is the key that turns the lock in the recovery room door. And it’s up to us to turn the master key. Our flesh and body mass are turned by offering it as an oblation to Love and more specifically to The Lover. Our body, mind and spirit mass is turned when we learn and do what oblation means.

Oblation is not a sacrifice in Christian terms upon a cross nor is it a sacrifice of our troops in the cursed empire’s war games. To make an oblation or offer a sacrifice in its original, literal meaning is to make holy or sacred. The Lover or Love is the only power or government which can do that. We sacrifice in the sense of making ourselves whole and holy with her. The joyful and ecstatic surrender to ourselves in the climax of sex is the prototype of positive kinds of sacrifice.

Whether by design or accident, the word “masturbation” is the key to opening the door to the long buried Holy of Holies. Masturbation figuratively means “mass-turned-oblation.” Literally it means “mass-turn-bation.” The body’s mass is turned and bated. Specifically, the body’s mass of genitality is turned to arousal and then abates or dies. Thus, sex is called a little death preceded by a large life.

Masturbation according to this interpretation is the process of life in the form or mass of the act of sexual love. It is a mass is per-formed or formed-through the act of love, a specific metaphor for the generativity of life. Our mass of body flesh is put into the form of sexual ceremony and celebration.

The climax to love’s rite is orgasm and ejaculation of the waters of life in a natural, open and free community. This was well understood in the love culture which pre-dated our many thousand year reign of terror through patriarchal war. Nowadays this original and natural understanding of the terms of masturbation is totally misunderstood and corrupted into perverted profit, hedonistic porn and polluted power by patriarchy.

Anti-love patriarchy (the patrix and its enabling matrix) can never totally obliterate love nor completely obscure the lovetextual understanding of sacred and communal masturbation. A glimmering trace of true understanding shines through the cracks of millenia of misunderstanding. There are religions which still celebrate the Mass in some dilution of obfuscated ceremony but miss the meaning of celebratory holy masturbation with the Lover and her humam lovers.

Still, there it is if we want to roll the scroll back to its beginnings and read between the lie lines of patriarchal propaganda which steals and rewrites the truth of the ancient Love Culture. Without a lovetextual culture, we can never make sense of such practices as “Eat my body and drink my blood.” This is an absurdity which makes no sense if ripped out of its love culture context where it made perfect sense. We have to go deeper than the old and new testaments’ political abuse of this phrase.

So with all patriarchal his-story. It’s all one big lie designed to promote war on the Love Culture. The patrix is a parasite on love. Patriarchs with their self projected God, hated womem’s sexual Love Mass with so raging a passion that they made up a cruel story about the passion of a son crucified by his own father. The sacrificial passion of millions of soldier-sons support such stories under the banner of the glorious passion of war.

Lover-archy is loving, not the God awful triumvirate of power, profit and porn under the thumb of Pa Patriarch. That God trick obscures a just understanding of a love language word like masturbation. The big lie always precedes the big stick whether it’s called God traditionally or Money currently. The Love Government will have much to say about masturbation as a wholesome, holy, sacred, necessary sexual rite and natural love law right.

All in good time. All’s well that ends well. TLG will end well because it’s built well. It will outwit, outplay and outlast patriarchy and all other anti-love games. It’s a survivor with sustainable power. That’s not a promise because it’s already a reality in the realms of love, the only reality there is. The quintessence of love is the center that holds.

3. Background

The earth was once a garden of good and still has the potential to become a paradise. One thing and one thing only sabotaged the natural order: Patriarchy which is rule by men using God (or Money) as their cover. God kicked Eve out of the garden because his puppeteers wanted to build their own new world order and she was in the way. The result is that our pleasure garden is becoming a garbage dump and may be a nuclear incinerator soon.

There are reasons for men’s rebellion but most men are too dull to understand them even if they wanted to, not to mention their proven inability to govern with love. As womem had to teach men about time and paternity, they now have to teach men about patriarchy and its shadow enabler, matriarchy. Women who have internalized the values of patriarchy as token matriarchs are not real womem like those who governed during the pre-patriarchal womam culture. Woman is not womam nor are women womem. Womem then did not rule; they governed by cooperating with nature’s law of love, a capacity which men have failed miserably to imitate. Arche in Greek means “first principle” which is The Lover Principal personified.

Patriarchy rebelled from natural truth and still does. Womem govern naturally with love because they are mothers who would never kill children or animals. Nothing is equal in nature; equality is a left brained mental construct popularized by symbols like yin-yang to confuse, distract and maintain male rule by subterfuge. The truth is that the womam is the greater and originating power, the Great Arche.

Change occurs in nature, both growth and decay; a spiral which turns both ways. To jump into a one way faith in evolutionary survival of the fittest as a highway to heaven is to be brainwashed and trainwrecked by modern patriarchy. A big change happened 300,000 to 100,000 years ago in Africa probably around the former Lake Victoria where we were quite literally born again with the appearance of a Womam known as African Eve, Eden Eve, Earth Eve or Mitochondrial Eve. Her children would be unremarkable if they appeared on our streets today dressed as we are.

We all come from Womam. This is a natural fact. For millions of years our nature ordained order survived and thrived until gradually the rivulets of patriarchal rebellion became streams and the streams rivers. About 5000 years ago came the Great Flood of patriarchy which culminated in the state religion of Roman Christianity, its epitome and apogee (until today with the New World Order globalization of terror and economic slavery).

How could this disaster occur? The chief reason lies in our relation to animals. We are animals and yet we are not only animals. There is a fine line separating us from and joining us to them, and if that line is not respected, the flood of patriarchy ensues. When men started killing animals for sport or meat that pivotal event marked the beginning of the end for humamity. Today the myth of Man the Hunter poses as savior rather than the killer it is.

Early humams were acute observers of nature including animals. As long as we kept the right distance and proper separation, a natural balance was in order. We lived in small, manageable groups, staying in the warm regions where fruit, seeds, nuts and roots were available in year round abundance. Life was anything but “nasty, short and brutal.” The Great Hunter myths brainwash us into thinking times were desperate to justify animal killing but that’s just part of the big lie. Ours was a relatively easy and pleasant life of gathering and gardening before the onslaught of hunting and killing.

Womem held society together peacefully until late in the Stone Age. There is no evidence of war or war weapons during those times. War is a patriarchal invention. The art of the time was centered on its cultural symbol, The Lover Earth Mother. The word Goddess would have been an oxymoron to all their culture held dear. I use the terms Lover, Love and Lovus to refer to the primary values of the primal womam love culture. I avoid the word Goddess despite so many well intentioned feminists who cling to it, unaware that their power is being drained by the very sound of the word. The widespread use of the term shows how powerfully patriarchy controls the terms (and energy) of the debate despite the best efforts of intellectually deficient protagonists.

For millenia most men were happy with the natural humam and animal arrangement. Life could be challenging but on the whole it was a garden paradise of pleasure (in Greek Eden means pleasure). Men helped with gathering, gardening, sheltering, fathering and protecting from predators and natural disasters. Men had all the sex they could desire or handle in an open love community.

Womem were intimately free and open about their bodies which their art makes abundantly clear. Men’s penises were considered part of the Great Lover’s Body. Some art pieces were womem with big buttocks, breasts, vulvas and long penis necks. The Supreme Lover revelled in sex herself and loved the penis for her own pleasure and creativity.

According to the stories that were spun in the long hours of freedom around campfires and bed rolls the Great Lover Earth Mother created by masturbating as did the people themselves. The whole community followed an open, natural, free and affectionate loving and sexual lifestyle: womem, men, the old and the young. Group sex was natural and joyful without the taint of patriarchal control and guilt.

The love fluids of womem and men were revered because of their connection to the Lover and were used for fertilizer for the earth along with urine and stool. Body excretions were cleaner then because the killing and eating of animals and their products had not yet become common. Neither had sex become a private property and commodity linked to patriarchal power and money.

The green eyed monster of envy and jealousy began its stealth and surge in the minds of men when they resented womem’s natural powers. Why could womem bleed with the moon and not them? Why could womem make babies and not them? Why could womem have orgasms without end and not them? Despite men’s upper body strength why were womem generally stronger in more ways with more endurance? Why were womem more powerful? Where did these powers come from?

Men began to think with their heads rather than with their hearts. They began to train their left brains in linear, logical, evolutionary mental constructs rather than in spirals, circles and curves of earthly and sacred sex.

Men discovered the secret of womem’s powers in blood. Womem could bleed and not die. Men thought they could do the same, only they’d have to use the animals to do it. They could kill and shed animal blood and not die themselves. Men discovered the payoffs of hunting. In the hunt they were boss men, not only over the animals but over womem since by hunting men could do what womem could not or would not do, shed blood by killing.

Men also found that killing was a sexual high. Blood lust was a thrill like no other and it bonded them to other men in the adventure and ecstasy of the kill. They became addicted to the adrenaline rush of the sport. Eating animal meat and blood soaked flesh made them feel like lions and tigers and their bodies responded accordingly.

Men were now driven by meat eating. Their normal red blood cell counts rose above womem’s despite womem’s monthly bleeding. Their penises were no longer satisfied with being masturbated by hand or vagina in a communal context. Spilling seed to make people or plants grow was now taboo. In the eyes of men, their penis became magical and powerful. It no longer belonged to the Earth Lover but to each hunter who felt it as a spear or arrow which now could be forced on animals and womem.

Man forced womem to eat meat like he did. Meat was fast food (and still is). It contained much iron and protein which womem had learned to get from fruit, roots and vegetables. Now women could have the meat rush too and save time gathering. There were always womem who would not go along. Divide and conquer is the pat strategy then and now. Those womem who didn’t cooperate with the new world order would be forced to, first by the men who gave meat only to those women who gave them sex in return. Then the non-meat eating womem would be coerced by the more aggressive meat eating women. Matriarchy was born in the rule of men and women over womem.

There was a problem with killing animals. They tended to get killed off in a particular area and they migrated to the colder climates. Hunters needed to follow them and in cold climates where there was little other food available in winter, needed to kill them for survival. A vicious circle set in that demanded more and more killing and meat eating.

Killing had a backside which is that men could also be killed. Fear and paranoia set in. The killing ground became crowded. Other men became prey as men became what they ate and sank to the level of predatory animals. Killing had to be justified in men’s minds to manage their fear and guilt. The Earth Lover would not excuse it and there were enough natural womem around who would oppose killing. If an Earth Mother would not excuse killing, sky gods would and in time God himself would demand killing.

And so men settled in the north as barbarians with their thunderbolt male gods who laid the groundwork for the triumph of patriarchy and the destruction of Eve’s Garden. Clubs, spears and swords have transmuted into guns, bullets, rockets, drones and bombs but they are the same meat fed penises, castrated from the Lover’s body and separated from her natural earth culture. Patriarchy is killer personifed and the animals take their revenge by disease and death.

Patriarchy is a parasite which could never survive without the cooperation of its host, women. Enough women had to buy into patriarchal payoffs to make the system work. Patriarchal women need to feel the benefits of being small pond matriarchs in the bigger pool of patriarchy. Women supply the rope by which they are hung. Women taught men about the connection between intercourse and paternity. Once men realized they had a small but necessary role in procreation, they had an excuse for making womem their property and controlling that property from even beyond the grave through their sons and names.

Women did not have to condone animal killing and eat meat. They were betrayed by other women while they were forced by men. Womem did not have to leave their gathering and homes to follow the animals. Womem did not have to kill animals themselves or cook meat for the men. Womem did not have to domesticate animals or make them pets. The price would have been high but it could have been paid. There were not enough womem who saw the danger or cared enough to risk their lives and their children’s and that circumstance still stands today.

Practically all human physical diseases come from improper close contact with animals either externally through domestication and pethood or internally by eating them. Pethood has become a massive mental disease. Paradise could be regained by stopping the killing and eating of animals and their products and stopping the practice of killing their spirits by taking away their freedom through pet slavery. The leash and the pen for animals are leash and pen for men and femen who do not realize the danger or care even if they do, so thoroughly brainwashed and addicted are they by patriarchy.

It was a small step from killing in the wild to killing at home. Certain animals could be domesticated for meat and others could be trained to intimidate people, protect private property, pull plows or join in the hunt to kill other animals or even people. Animals at home ate up gardens and demanded vast amounts of water and grain. Farming and fencing were born and womem soon found themselves fenced in and little better off than the animals they helped domesticate.

With their greater intelligence some women learned to outfox patriarchy by being a big matrifox in a small pen but most women were crushed in the new system like the grain they ground. They were uprooted from their gardens and gathering grounds. Later in the industrial revolution they were torn from their families and forced into factories. Still later under globalization womem were separated from the earth herself and thereby from themselves.

Farming and herding enabled patriarchs to enslave practically everything that moved. All had a price, especially the armies that created empires but it wasn’t until the creation of money that patriarchy could leverage its death grip on the earth. All values were now tied to money. The arch-archpatriarchs had the most money so they could hire the best thugs and techs.

Nowadays, money is computerized data which is easily manipulated by money masters. The new hunters are banksters making killings never dreamed of by earlier predators. Homocide, genocide, gynocide and earthocide are so routine that it doesn’t register with the hired media and politicians anymore while the masses of sheeple are led to the slaughter by weapons of mass distraction. The people’s energy and intelligence are vampired by subtle slavery and toxic food.

We have developed a tolerance to the toxins of patriarchy so that most of us if we’re lucky can function in this death culture. Now the sustainability bubble is reaching the breaking point and our illusions may be shattered. Propagandists are ready to upgrade old lies with new ones. Blaming women is no longer workable so brown skinned terrorists are the new scapegoats. Most brown skinned people are womem and children; in fact we’re all brown skinned. In the eyes of paranoid patriarchs we’re all potential terrorists in their new world order of terror.

Truth doesn’t have much wiggle room in the patriculture petridish. What’s dished out is slimy and sticky as all get out but you wouldn’t know it from the pretty label with smiling faces on the cover. Every millimeter of psychic space is coated with pay-tree-ick propaganda.

Fortunately there is some freedom left, some wiggle room to get out. Patriarchs couldn’t destroy every scrap of evidence from the womam culture they nearly killed although they tried. Rocks, stones, clay and bones survived the cultural holocaust. They showed a window to another way of life. And then there was that one shining Camelot moment in our own time when feminism opened the window to interpret the rocks, stones, clay and bones. Semen and femen tried to slam the window shut and they would have succeeded were it not for communications which could not be easily controlled.

What does the Lover think of all this? The Poet said it best:

My love she speaks like silence / Without ideals or violence / My love winks, she does not bother / She knows too much to argue or to judge

Well, not quite. In other places the Poet is throwing dirt onto the graves of masters of war just to make sure they’re dead. The Lover smiles like the Mona Lisa because she sees the karmic wheel turning. She also weeps like the Pieta and rages like Kali. Just like a womam whose love has been spurned. How do I know? I feel her inside of me.

Feeling the Lover move within is the stirring of freedom.

The sky cracked its poems in naked wonder / And we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing

Fanning the flames in the furnace of desire / Bringing everything that’s dear to me nearer to the fire

Patriarchy stirs up the backlash of repression.

Billy, they don’t like you to be so free

Delia’s daddy weeped, Delia’s momma moaned / Wouldn’t have been so bad if the poor girl died at home

With my sisters of those ancient womam cultures, I listen for the Lover.

At dawn my lover comes to me / And tells me of her dreams / With no attempt to shovel the dirt / Into the ditch of what it means / At times I think there are no words / But these to tell what’s true / And there are no truths outside the Gates of Eden

I need her, oh so bad.

I need something strong to distract my mind / I’m gonna look at you ’til my eyes go blind / Well I got here following the southern star / I crossed that line just to be where you are

As the Poet sang and which I repeat to the untold numbers of unknown womem of both sexes gathered together in the symbol of the Lover:

I’ll remember you / When I’ve forgotten all the rest / You to me were true / You to me were best / When there is no more / You cut to the core / Quicker than anyone I knew / When I’m all alone / In the great unknown / I’ll remember you

I’ll remember you / At the end of the trail / I had so much left to do / I had so little time to fail / I’ll remember you / When the wind blows through the piney wood / It was you who came right through / It was you who understood

Though I’d never say / That I done it the way / That you’d have liked me to / In the end / My dear sweet friend / I’ll remember you

When you start pulling at the ropes of the Gordian Knot of patriarchy, it starts to unravel. However, if you deny that patriarchy exists you will never try to untie the knot. Denial is the first pat defense. Violence is the second. Patriarchy cannot afford to have these defenses breached because one loose strand can lead to the whole knot coming apart.

Man made his penis a private object. No longer did it not belong to the Great Lover or to the whole sexual community but it was private property, a commodity to get something else. It allowed no other idols except itself, creating a mountain god as a mirror image. The objectified penis reduced life to a world of objects: women, other men, children, trees, houses, water. The penis was private business, not public sharing. Once this lynchpin of private penis property was cemented into the culture, all else would follow suit.

Marriage was invented to ensure that property was bonded to patriarchs or matriarchs. Male religions were created to cast the penis God in the cement of belief. Circumcision branded man as God’s property. Courts, schools, media, business, governments and whole cultures joined the club’s club. Patriarchy is the greatest con ever forced on the gullible public. It is the Great Satan appearing as an angel of light. As the Poet puts it:

Look out your window, baby, there’s a scene you’d like to catch / The band is playing Dixie, a man got his hand outstretched / Could be the Fuhrer / Could be the local priest / You know sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace

He got a sweet gift of gab, he got a harmonious tongue / He knows every song of love that ever has been sung / Well he catch you when you’re hoping for a glimpse of the sun / Catch you when your troubles feel like they weigh a ton / He could be standing next to you / The person that you’d notice least / I hear Satan sometimes comes as a man of peace

He’s a great humanitarian, he’s a great philanthropist / He knows just where to touch you, honey, and how you can be kissed / He’ll put both his arms around you / You can feel the tender touch of the beast / You know sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace

Disconnected from its womam cultural context, the loose cannon penis became a malignant cancer, forcing itself into every available hole and causing population explosions. In womam culture, girls were taught the arts of love, particularly in their early anovulatory years after puberty. Young males had plenty of sex in great variety. Patriarchal lone ranger prickology created wholesale repression, guilt, shame and fear, making sex a scarce commodity the better to raise its price on the sex market exchange and sell it back to hungry, sex starved consumers.

Hyped up by hunting and meat eating, the penis turned militaristic. Its club and lance-like appearance helped grease the slippery slope to war. Today our sick economies are war slick addicts, making everyone accomplices in the rape of the poor and the earth through the world wide financial net. The stock market is one big brothel and casino where the earth and her poor are raped and their wealth transferred to the shareholder class.

Practically everyone is forced into prostitution, spreading their legs and opening their backsides to the big dicks of patriprickery. Most suck up to the system rather than face the fear of being cast outside it. Mired in spiritualized materialism, we grin and whistle in the dark, thinking we are a cut above those going down in the flood. Our deep fear is that we will lose that edge and patriarchy makes sure we keep that fear of falling off the ledge.

The mobster patriarch has a million ways to confuse and distract so we don’t see the monster it is. The most effective way is to keep telling the Big Lie through the big penis club institutions. Religions have their bibles which are compilations of the Biggest Lie Ever Told, that of Patriarchy. States have their constitutions which do not lie far behind. And so on down the lie to small white man lies.

Schools from preschool to postschool teach one main lesson plan: obedience and conformity to the patriarchal order. It’s in every lesson from cradle to grave. Schools are robot fools training grounds for factories below and gilded offices above. Modern media takes over what schools miss, programming with such sophisticated propaganda that none dare call it lies.

The pat penis is ruled by the Bigger is Better philosophy. Programmed by Father Freud, it starts early on boys who are taught the specialness of the sacred object and on girls who lack the esteemed organ entirely.

The bigger is better lie progresses to cars, houses, economies and bank accounts. Women panic at being left out and compensate with cosmetics and surgery. The bigger is better mania infects technology and the race is on for bigger and faster weapons, mansions, cities, vehicles and tech toys. This cancerous insanity parading as knowledge has its roots in the alienated penis which cut itself off from its natural maternal matrix.

Since the penis has become disembodied from womam culture, it can’t tell in from out. Disoriented and drugged with power, it hasn’t a clue about what to do regarding love. It blunders on like cancer or heart disease, craving compensations and pseudo-satisfactions. Nothing quiets its longing except another fix of power, profit or porn. The patrified penis is a loose cannon, threatening the survival of the ship, too drugged to know there is an ocean of love supporting ship, cannon and all.

Penisarchy is bad, so bad that it flies under the radar of most good citizen morality. What is true morality? Eat no meat or animal products, pen no pets, honor the Lover Earth Body, weep for victims of war, feel anger at patriarchy, get your money out of anything that smacks of interest or usury. Modern money is toxic from the blood of slaves; the more money you have, the sicker you are likely to be. Do whatever you can to live outside the pat putsch box and then maybe you’ll see the droned missile homing in on you with its programmed payload.

Patriarchy has this going for it: by being the Anti-Lover it shows what love is not. If you take the lies of patriarchy and turn them 180 degrees, you’re in the general area of truth. Patriarchy is hatriarchy to me: it hates what I love. Nevertheless, I love patriarchy and hate it since to only hate it would be to fall into its trap. I love it in order to lovalize it. Given my history, it surfaces in me continually. I keep it from getting too tight a grip and love it back to where it belongs: in the lap of the Lover.

The Lover allows patriarchy within her Body for the joy of its recovery. The Chrestian gospels say as much but had to be written in code to escape inquisitors. If you switch the sexes and the cultural contexts you can read the messages of early womem lovers. Jesus as She’sus is a stand in for the One Lover Womam.

There was no male personage by the name Jesus strictly speaking. Jesus is a made up Greek name with the numerical and harmonic proportion of 888. The resurrection is modeled on the rebirth of the moon and the sun. The parables of the prodigal son and lost sheep refer to patriarchy which will repent and return to the Mother’s house with great rejoicing. Pa Penis will fall and rise again. Even God will finally read the writing on the wall and come to his senses.

Jesus means savior only because influential persons said it did. It was well known before pates obfuscated the facts of life that womem saved through their ability to bleed without dying and to give birth. This saves us from extinction for one thing. Men save nothing; they kill and destroy. The lie of a saving crucifixtion is a sorry attempt to imitate womem and to claim salvation through male blood. It never made any sense but that didn’t prevent millions from buying it.

Men keep claiming to be saviors but they continue killing and destroying. Philosophers, theologians, teachers, gurus, politicians, channelers, psychologists and doctors offer salvation at a price with the opposite effect. People buy because the market is cornered. Even what appears to be anti-patriarchal is riddled with pate values, so thorough is the deception.

The hard side of patriarchy is not hard to spot in the fuhrers and banksters. It’s that soft side that slides into your soft side and fools you. I was soft on patriarchy for most of my 70+ years. I didn’t know it existed. It was never mentioned in my 27 years of formal schooling nor noted at all in my many years of informal education. Talk about a whitewashed brainwash.

I was part and parcel of patriarchy as a Catholic priest and monk, psychiatric nurse enabler for the pharmaceutical industry and a new age devotee of a charismatic male guru. I was married and divorced and bankrupt thanks to a corrupt system. All along the money trail I supported the banking establishment. I might have to live in the patriarkill system but I can mitigate the damage by living in a parallel love multiverse.

I live in another world / Where the earth is strung with lovers’ pearls / And all I see are dark eyes

There are ways to navigate through the rocks and sands and to avoid rockets and scams. The Lover shows how. As we throw off the patrimoney disease, Joy naturally appears. She is our nature, nurture and culture. As She’sus she said: “Man is to have joy and have it more abundantly.” Joy is a womam and when man finds joy, he finds himself.

However, if we do not learn from herstory, history will repeat itself and we are doomed. Could the love culture have saved itself from murderous patriarchs posing as sky god heroes? Yes, if womem and men saw the danger and cared enough. Then as now, love is undermined from within. Patripricks and patrichicks lack the moral, intellectual and emotional strength to outlast the overwhelming barrage of lies that fall from the god inhabited skies.

Happy hunting grounds were falsely promised for accepting penile rule. If not, torture and death were your fate here and hellfire hereafter. A human earth body came to mean suffering which could be cured only by a phallic magic wand. Love was only a four letter word. Patehead heaven and the cutting edge of evolutionary manhood mattered, not earth and certainly not earthly womem.

Theists cling tightly to their projected thought form of God. He may not be an old man with a beard but that way of thinking still persists. Scientists rebel against a man created puppet but reduce their worldview to physics on puppet strings, abetted by an army of tech ants. The Lover as Lovus cautions us against falling into the God trap by thinking some force outside of ourselves is going to save us. We save ourselves because Lovus is us.

Truth has diverse levels and many splendored dimensions all operating in simulcast now right here on this earth. We can choose to play in as many as we wish. The Lover is a lady dancing on the earth to our magical child, a sexual soulmate to our mystical lover and a divine deity to our sophia philosopher. She is all things to all because she is us as Lovus.

Thought words have consequences. Some come trailing clouds of glory and others have gory war tails. The God Pa of patriarchy has the biggest tale. The proof is in the pudding of his history. Deny it if you will but know it is the truth you kill. The truth of words has a direct impact on our emotions and body. That we aren’t aware of it or don’t believe it makes no difference at all.

Words are packed with power. Clitoris is one. If womam is the cosmic center, the clitoris is womam’s center. This small, largely hidden organ drives creation by the pleasure principle. The clitoral principle is the secret that must not be spoken in the kingdom of patriarchy. It is the sacred sex organ that must be trivilized and made into an object that can be used to serve the pleasure of the masters rather than the treasure of holy love.

Womam holds that mighty power in her hand and at her fingertips but she has been brainwashed into thinking she needs a man for pleasure. She doesn’t. For babies, yes, but not for pleasure per se although men add to what she has already. That’s what scares the pants off patriarchs. The penis is a babymaker, not king of the honey hill and money bill. The penis is a baby and a cry baby at that. That fact must be tabooed by all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, booed out of the court of public opinion and booted out of private belief.

War on earth, womem and animals is a compensatory coverup for the exposed penis, macho machismo to hide baby tears. The penis wants to be a clitoris and when it can’t it cries or throws a tantrum. When womem stood up, the penis had to grow larger to reach their vagina but it never lost the feeling of being short and spindly. Pa Penis makes a strong and manly servant but a poor master because it was not designed to rule or be an archy over womem.

The Lover masturbates and ejaculates out of love for the earth; her love juices nourish nature. Pleasure is a byproduct of love. Modern sexual liberation with its obsession for orgasm toys and birth control ploys plays into the objects for sale plan for man. The pleasure principle for most women is as deep as the pages of their magazines and about as cheap. Lover Nature will not be mocked without a return receipt. To seek pleasure as an end in itself is to end any kind of sacred sex by causing the clit to split off from its true purpose: love of The Lover.

Patriarchy changes its colors quicker than a chameleon to blend with cultural conditions. The new high priests are scientists with their evolutionary dogmas. The low caste clergy sell the same feel good snake oil peter pensers did. The same patriarchs with their token matriarchs rake in the pennies, promising to do what never has been done. Intellectual edifice erectors swear on evolution bibles to make you feel good here and hereafter without ever delivering.

You just have to evolve a little more like the donkey to the carrot. It’s all a scam and a hoax to support pay-tree-arches and their underlings on the payroll. If you ever did see through their game, patriarchal gatekeepers would not be doing their job. They would lose control of you and that will seldom happen. Patrimarchers keep one step ahead, pedaling on their evolutionary treadmill stairmaster disaster.

The Lover isn’t evolving and she isn’t chasing a feel good carrot. She’s changing because she is dancing in place. She can’t be measured with an evolutionary ruler. She can’t be measured at all. Pats hear her heel click and see dust fly and call it a big bang penile orgasm. To make their game work, they have to have something to sell. They sold animal killing and meat eating to a gullible public yesteryear; it’s the meat in the evolutionary monetary market this year.

Times change which pateheads turn into a doctrine of evolution so they can stay at the cutting edge and get the best cuts while they cut out womam’s culture, claiming to have bypassed it on their evolutionary race to nowhere. We’re told if we follow them we’ll get to that feel good promised land. Actually, the high clergy don’t believe any of it but they feed the fodder to the low clergy and their flocks. The low clergy are gatekeepers for the top dog soldiers of the patrimilitary complex and distributors of opium for the people.

Real change has nothing to do with soft headed, sentimental evolutionary theory. Darwin was a darling of his times, patriarchal and industrious to the core, like Babylonian tower builders and 911 twin tower demolitioners. All that matters is who gets to live high and who does the bidding and who does the building.

911 disproves the reigning paradigm of patriliery. Anyone with an ounce of truth sense can see with their own eyes that 911 was a demolition inside job perpetrated by financial elites. The fact that truth seekers of most persuasions won’t touch that truth with a ten foot pole proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are not evolving toward anything worthwhile. At least in biblical times there were prophets and in middle times there were moralists; now we have more or less cowardists.

Challenging patriliery where it hurts is, well, challenging to say the least. The closer to home, the more dangerous it is. Withdrawal from addictions is not easy and patriaddiction is the granddaddy of them all. It has so many roots it makes the whole world a rotten tooth. If there is a taproot, it is lying because that strikes directly against truth which is the door to love. Fortunately, by luck and good karma the Lover got a hold of my heart.

They say eat, drink and be merry / Take the bull by the horns / I keep seeing visions of you, a lily among thorns / Getting harder and harder to recognize the trap / Too much information about nothin’ / Too much educated rap / It’s just like you told me, just like you said it would be / Someone’s got a hold of my heart

I was raised with patriarchic shame, guilt, fear, deception, lies, unworthiness, ignorance, powerlessness, delusion, suppression, sin consciousness, false judgment and a thousand other vices the patrimasters call virtues. My chronic feeling has been heavy and sad. Knowing what I now know, the feeling is appropriate. Feeling good with the world as it is would be a phony put on and cop out. As I do battle with the daily pain of patetrickery, the sun does break through the clouds of obfuscation and I feel the warmth of the Lover’s gaze.

Suddenly I turned around and she was standing there / With silver bracelets on her wrists and flowers in her hair / She walked up to me so joyfully and took my crown of thorns / Come in, she said / I’ll give you shelter from the storm

Well, I’m living in a foreign country but I’m bound to cross the line / Beauty walks a razor’s edge, someday I’ll make her mine / If I could only turn back the clock to when love and her were born / Come in, she said / I’ll give you shelter from the storm

Patrisharks are storm troopers stirring up the perfect storm to perfect their new world order of totalitarian control. Love is the only power strong enough to shut down the pat putsch maelstrom of pell mell, helter skelter murderous money mania. Why do I pick on evolution? Evolution is the principle weapon of mass distraction and earth destruction. Patrimoney needs a metanarrative to destroy womam’s herstory. In linear logic, one thing leads to another; the divine right of kings leads to the divine right of capital. And womam’s culture has no rights at all because it’s been bypassed in the logical minds of evilution lunacy. The patriarchal pyramids have been tipped horizontally with a slick evolutionary look the better to sell them but it’s the same old power over game.

Evolutionary theory straightens out change into one direction so it can be counted; if it can be measured, it can be monetized. The Lover’s Love cannot be measured so it’s useless to patricrats. Anything to squelch womam’s story. Evolution is just another variation on the escape hatch to heaven theme where sky gods welcome you to their happy hunting grounds. They don’t tell you you’re the hunted. The title of the meganarrative, Big Bang, is slang for banging women with pa penis and Indians with the Lone Ranger’s silver bullet.

The big bang old boys’ club narrative is all about the penis and its war on the clitoral orgasm, vaginal bleeding and urethral ejaculation. Evolution goes from the big bang orgasm to what? The big buck? The big bust? No? Well, then, pie in the sky. The penile explosion goes nowhere if not into nature’s womb. Nature is not a line; she’s a lamniscate. Nature’s womb is where patriarchs fear to go. So they are left with evolutionary expansion of seeds going nowhere.

The first big lie was salvation by killing animals and eating meat which led to killing Jesus and eating his body. Ever wonder why god stories feature sacrifices of animals on altars and men on fields altered for war? Pats and their God Pa forced Eve out of her vegan garden and onto the gravy train for Auschwitz heaven. The second big lie is that unless you board the evolutionary train, you’ll be lost and left behind. You won’t be saved. Not to worry. The clergy on the leading edge of evolution have their spears handy to prod you into intellectual box cars as they charge your entrance fee and punch your ticket.

I exaggerate surely? No, I underplay the insidious nature of the cunning evolvement of patricultured paradigms designed to suppress womam’s story of her reality and displace her as story teller. While men sit around meditating and concocting their stories, womem are cooking, gardening, nursing, child rearing and managing households and communities.

The sitting meditation yoga posture resembles an erect penis. That so many modern women slip into the pose and other martial art fight postures shows how far women have come from their sacred circles. The more women buy into the megacity empire dream the less they are womem. Sexual liberation would be a good change if it wasn’t co-opted by a paternalistic put down.

The lineup of storytelling heroes from Homer to today’s top selling authors is virtually all men, and women who channel men or manish entities. Man’s talk doesn’t make any sense and never did but that doesn’t matter if it blocks out womem’s truth. Keep the lie simple and keep repeating it is the patriarch buy line.

The competition is fierce among schools of patricutlery; there are only so many sheep to herd and shear. One pat consensus is clear: steer clear of certain subjects if you want to keep your job and collect your fees. Modern taboos are harder to spot than failing to salute the fuhrer but they are more effective for being invisible. Like 911 for instance.

If I count my womb and baby time, for 70+ years I’ve tried to make sense out of patriarch propaganda. It never worked for me despite my best efforts of working it. The pat wicker collection basket doesn’t hold water, only money. Womem’s culture is the only basket I know of that holds the waters of love.

There’s only one test for love and that is love for the earth and the poor folk who live close to it. The pat system is anti-earth and anti-love. My quarrel is with the system, not with individuals because we’re all prisoners in it. The point is not to escape the prison or become the warden but to turn the prison back to a garden house paradise where we belong. The garden is the earth and we the caretakers.

All the speculations of men and femen are just a mote in the Lover’s eye. To see her I need to remove the beam from my own. Then I see clearly.

You’re the one that reaches me / You’re the one I admire / Every time we meet together / My soul feels like it’s on fire / Nothing matters to me / And there’s nothing I desire / “Cept you, yeah you

I don’t know who the Poet is looking at but I’m looking at the Lover and she’s right here on this earth under a warm sun star. No cold unmoving north star for me. She’s my shooting star heading for the heart of her earth and mine too.

Seen a shooting star tonight / And I thought of you / You were trying to break into another world / A world I never knew / I always kind of wondered / If you ever made it through

Seen a shooting star tonight / And I thought of me / If I was still the same / If I ever became what you wanted me to be / Did I miss the mark / Overstep the line / That only you could see

I don’t know what world the Poet is thinking of but I think of the Lover’s earth and that’s what I’m shooting for. The day will come when this fallen by the wayside patriarch world will fall from the Lover’s skirt like a sticky burr. As the Bard put it:

Rosaline: O, how full of briers is this working-day world! / Celia: They are but burrs, cousin, thrown upon thee in holiday foolery; if we walk not in the trodden paths, our very petticoats will catch them. / Rosaline: I could shake them off my coat; these burrs are in my heart. / Celia: Hem them away. / Rosaline: I would try, if I could cry “hem,” and have him

Sexes are relative at the speed of love. I would cry “her.” Then again, we may not be the sex we seem. To quote the Poet:

She got all the downtown boys, all at her command / But you’ve got to watch closely, ’cause she ain’t no woman / She’s a man

At lovespeed things look strange but nothing so strange as patrifoolery. It’s stanger than fiction. No, wait. It is fiction. And it’s oh so vulnerable like Achilles’ heel. It’s so surreal it’s unreal. It is no home and there are no directions home to its phony heaven. How does it feel to be without a home? Try patrifraudery.

Ain’t there no one here who knows where I’m at / Ain’t there no one here who knows how I feel / Good God Almighty / That stuff ain’t real

The Lover and her earth with its starry canopy are real. She’s the only one I desire and need. Only she can fulfill my longing and comfort my grieving. I can take the sweetest pleasure, bathe in exquisite feelings and blend with the perfect sexual lover and most intimate soulmate but it only makes the ache for the Lover more intense. Nothing will do but her, and that applies if I am a womam or man.

Well, I need a womam, yes I do / Need a womam, yes I do / Someone who can see me as I am / Somebody who just doesn’t give a damn

I need a womam because I am one and so are we all. The Lover holds up a mirror for us so we can see ourselves past the smoke and mirrors of patrimalarchy. We see ourselves and also see her in the background holding the mirror. She’s a window-mirror.

Well, I look in your eyes / I see nobody other than me / I see all that I am / And all I hope to be

I hear the ancient footsteps / Like the motion of the sea / Sometimes I turn, there’s someone there / Other times it’s only me

The crime of patrilarceny is that it can rob you of yourself.

Well, I try my best to be just like I am / But they want me to be just like them

Everybody’s wearing a disguise / To hide what they’ve got behind their eyes / But me, I can’t cover what I am / Wherever the children go, I’ll follow them

Mental gymnastics and pretzel truth is required when simple womem’s truth is twisted. The Lover does not forget who she is. She just is. For lack of a better word, she is called Lover, Love or Lovus. God is based on deception, tom-foolery and force. God is the father of lies; Lucifer is a convenient red horned herring. The patrigod system is the biggest lie ever told and the biggest product ever sold. Pity the poor consumers.

The Love Government calls the iGod on his game and all his puppeteers who pull his strings and hide behind his name. The Lover is not just an individual; she is a universal, a universe, a multiverse. She is all of us, songverse and all. Her feet are firmly planted on earth in the universal womam culture that preceded written history.

What passes for thought food nowadays is mostly garbage. The garbage bin is labeled paradise and painted with pretty women but it doesn’t feed. Garbage in; garbage out. The barrage of words and marketing just forces the solution deeper to the barrel’s bottom. The good news is that patrigarbage can be recycled and composted; and we can get out of the War-den of Evil and into the Garden of Eve. We need to get back to our gardens post haste or the earth be pat waste.

God, money and power are not the supreme realities. Such phallusies are fallacies, frauds for material spiritism and its mirror image, nihilism. All are designed to obscure the truth of womam’s love. Love is the only force strong enough to speak truth to power and actually do something about it. The Love Government loves the earth and goes by the law of love. It restores the iGod’s Ten Commandments to the original ten fingered rules of the Lover’s hands.

Walking the path of love as envisioned by The Love Government is a fine art of balancing, staying in her love center while avoiding falling off the razor’s edge into the precipice on either side. Patriarchal culture achieves its balance by abusing power, sex and money. It is easy to go along for the ride to hell and lose your soul in the process. Narrow is the path to life and broad is the way to destruction. It takes intense focus not to get lost in the lies.

But if the arrow is straight / And the point is slick / It can pierce through the dust / No matter how thick

In the domain of power, patriarch dust is thicker than an iron curtain. It’s not just the 911 and Great Hunter lies. Those are symptoms of the disease. Rather look to the banksters with their think tanks, media moguls with their cunning propaganda, philosophical metafizzles meditating on nothing, gurus gatekeeping for the establishment and scientists signing off truth for a paycheck. Look to what is being voided and you’ll find a womam desperately trying to hold her family together while patriarchal Neroes fiddle as the earth burns.

After power, the second leg of patriarchy’s triumvirate three legged stool is sex. Culture swings wildly from one extreme to another, repression to hedonism, two sides of the same coin. Sex starvation to glut addiction, anything to keep the prices up. Look to what is avoided, put into the void of the patrivault. If you can penetrate that void and break that bank vault, you may find the Love of your life.

The meaning of archy in Greek is a beginning, first cause, origin and first principle. Pater or patri in Latin means father or of the father. Patriarchs made God the Father their beginning and end, first cause, origin and first principle so that they could have it made. In other words, they made up God as modern pates counterfeit Money. Why? Because God and Money are believed to be the final authority. Pats manipulate God and Money which makes them the final authority according to their God Money trick.

So what do you do on the morning after you’ve had your enlightenment, made your money, had your summit sex and bliss states, seen the face of God, Spirit, Emptiness, Vastness, whatever? Make money with it? Write books? Give seminars? Start a religion? Be a star? Heal the sick? Find a soul and body mate? Travel the visible and invisible worlds? Do nothing? But isn’t that really doing something? Prepare for heaven as if their were such a place? Tend a garden?

I think I’ll do the latter. Maybe I should just keep on doing what I’m doing because I’m going to do that anyway. That feels about right. I just won’t do too much thinking about it but I will do a lot of loving it.

If I’d thought about it, I never would have done it / I guess I would’ve let it slide / If I’d lived my life by what others were thinkin’ / The heart inside me would’ve died / I was just too stubborn to ever be governed by enforced insanity / Someone had to reach for the rising star / I guess it was up to me

The old Rounder in the iron mask slipped me the master key / Somebody had to unlock your heart / He said it was up to me

Well, I met somebody face to face and I had to remove my hat / She’s everything I need and love but I can’t be swayed by that / But she ain’t a-gonna make me move / I guess it must be up to me

Well, I just can’t rest without you, love, I need your company / But you ain’t a-gonna cross the line / I guess it must be up to me

I’m looking at all this, witnessing it to the max but still that isn’t where it’s at. There’s something more. I call it Love, The Lover or The Love Government. You might call it something else. You might have some other kind of lover; maybe patriarchy. As for me, I always write of the same thing. Like the Bard said:

O, know, sweet love, I always write of you, / And you and love are still my argument; / So all my best is dressing old words new, / Spending again what is already spent:

For as the sun is daily new and old / So is my love still telling what is told.

The question is asked: what is the purpose of life? Usually it is asked by men because womem already know. Men envision a guru like man on a mountain which in itself reveals the penis cultural bias of patriarchy. What not ask a poor womam in her garden?

Who knows what the purpose of life is, other than that womam in her garden? Apparently nobody for sure since the question keeps getting asked and the quest never seems to end. I don’t think it lies in meditation or enlightenment although that is a popular belief. It’s too patriarchal for me. No, I believe love of the poor earth, womem and children is the touchstone litmus test for love and the purpose of life. I stand to be corrected; like the Poet I could be wrong. And besides, who am I? It’s just my opinion.

I’m just average, common too / I’m just like him, the same as you / I’m everybody’s brother and son / I ain’t different from anyone / It ain’t no use a-talking to me / It’s just the same as talking to you

There’s really nothing to look for. And nobody has really come back from the mountain or grave to tell what to look for. Those stories and channelings are just projections from folks who were or are here.

You will search, babe / At any cost / But how long, babe / Can you search for what’s not lost?

In the meantime, there’s just you and me and all of us. In other words, The Lover, Love and Lovus.

When the rain is blowing in your face / And the whole world is on your case / I would offer you a warm embrace / To make you feel my love

When the evening shadows and the stars appear / And there is no one there to dry your tears / I could hold you for a million years / To make you feel my love

As for patriarchy, I haven’t told the half of it but don’t worry, it’s grist for love’s mill.

And though the rules of the road have been lodged / It’s only people’s games that you’ve got to dodge / And if my thought-dreams could be seen / They’d probably put my head in a guillotine / But it’s all right, love, it’s life and life only

We’re in this together and it’s love and love only.

When things go wrong / So wrong with you / It hurts me too

Didn’t I, didn’t I try to love you? / Didn’t I, didn’t I try to care? / Didn’t I sleep, didn’t I weep beside you / With the rain blowing in your hair?

I see the Lover in everything but in none so clear as in the mirror of you.

When you wake up in the mornin’, baby, look inside your mirror / You know I won’t be next to you, you know I won’t be near / I’d just be curious to know if you can see yourself as clear / As someone who has had you on his mind

You taught me how to love you, baby / You taught me, oh, so well / Now I can’t go back to what was, baby / I can’t unring the bell / You took my reality / And cast it to the wind / And I ain’t never gonna be the same again

You know what I need.

I don’t need no alibi when I’m spending time with you / I’ve heard all them rumors and you have heard them too / Don’t show me no picture show or give me no book to read / It don’t satisfy the hurt inside nor the habit that it feeds / I need a shot of love, I need a shot of love

You know how it feels.

How does it feel / To be without a home / To be on your own / Like a complete unknown / Like a rolling stone?

Now there’s a womam on my block / Sitting there in a cold chill / She say who gonna take away his license to kill?

Like the Bard, you know where it’s at.

Let me not to the marriage of true minds / Admit impediments; love is not love / Which alters when it alteration finds / Or bends with the remover to remove. / O, no, it is an ever fixed mark / That looks on tempests and is never shaken; / It is the star to every wand’ring bark, / Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken. / Love’s not time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks / Within his bending sickle’s compass come; / Love alters not with is brief hours and weeks, / But bears it out even to the edge of doom.

If this be error, and upon me proved, / I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

You know where I’ve been.

If I can, I’ll help somebody / With a word or song / If I can, I’ll show somebody / They are travelin’ wrong

But I know I ain’t no prophet / An’ I ain’t no prophet’s son / I’m just a long time a-comin’ / An’ I’ll be a long time gone

So I’ll take my stand / And remain as I am / And bid farewell and not give a damn

You know who I am.

But my heart is not weary, it’s light and it’s free / I’ve got nothin’ but affection for those who’ve sailed with me

Farewell, my love. Fare thee well.

I’ve just reached a place where the willow don’t bend / There’s not much more to be said, it’s the top of the end / I’m closing the book on the pages and the text / And I don’t really care what happens next / Fix me another drink, Babe, and hold me one more time / But don’t get too close and make me change my mind

I’ve been hanging on the threads, I been playing it straight / Now I’ve just got to cut loose before it gets too late

Now my mama always says / You gotta follow your heart / And don’t you and your love ever part / All that’s gold wasn’t meant to shine / And you’ll be fine at the end of the line

I’ been walkin’ the road / I been livin’ on the edge / Now I just got to go / Before I get to the ledge

So I’m going, I’m just going, I’m gone

You know where to find me.

I’m not there

I’m here.

4. Flags

Welcome to The Love Government. You have come to The Love Government’s Front Page and Flag Page. Your ships have come in. You are well met by a whole fleet of ships and flags (see above). The Love Government is the Flag Ship, the Lead Ship of this fleet. It is the largest, most central and most important vessel of all these sea worthy ships.

The metaphor works equally well whether we sail on the water in a fleet of ships, fly in the air with a formation of planes or drive on the land with a convoy of vehicles. We fly The Love Government flag on the outside and within our hearts.

These flags “flag” the most vital of all ideas. There is not a false flag in this movement of Truth. If you choose to sail with these flags you are protected, safe and sure of a happy journey to their destination harbor in the Land of Love.

Bon Voyage! The Love Government (TLG) Flag Ship and all its carriers are headed home to the only Home that matters. You cannot take a more important journey, play a more challenging game, conceive of a greater story, build a more enduring structure or engage in a grander relationship than this.

The Love Government is an Idea whose time has come. TLG is the only fleet capable of withstanding the perfect storm of terror bearing down on us. Governments, corporations, religions, institutions and organizations today are lost at sea. They all fly false flags which deceive both captains and passengers. Such Titanics cannot be trusted.

TLG can be trusted because it possesses all the technology, science, know-how, sea worthiness, love, orientation, order, worldview, grounding, heights, depths, vision and resources not only to survive but to thrive at sea, on land and in the air. In their various degrees of corruption, other agencies hide behind their false flags of fear and foolishness and put on false fronts of fortune.

TLG gives us a choice. We can sail safely to a secure harbor or we can perish at sea, clinging to sinking ships and false flags. Don’t believe me. Don’t believe TLG. Believe in the winds and the waves, the hurricanes and tornadoes, the earthquakes and the raging fires of lies upon lies, lying from heaven to hell in a mad pellmell to buy and to sell.

Welcome to life according to The Love Government. At sea, on land or in the air, it’s the same game everywhere. Call it by whatever name you will, it’s the same game still. Love versus anti-love. Loverarchy versus evilarchy. Truth versus lies. Accept it or deny it, it is what it is. TLG tells it like it is. False flag ships lie in their own wakes and are on a collision course with the lighthouse of Reality.

The Love Government is on a coordinated course with Reality. Reality is, has been and always will be Love, and deeper still The Lover. Deny Her and our fate is signed, sealed and delivered by our own kiss of death. The Love Government sails with The Lover and therefore is sealed with Her strong, saving and tender Kiss of Bliss.

The flags fly in formation as the ships sail in an ordered pattern around their flagship. The Love Government is the flagship. It supports the US and UN flags above it. The US flag has become the most corrupt flag on the face of the earth and therefore needs the most help. The UN flag is not much better, and also needs to be restored to its ideal of “liberty and justice for all.”

The top center flag portrays earthly and womamly colors, red for the earth’s heart core of fire, womam’s blood and monthly flow; brown for the earth’s surface skin and the color of people’s skin from light to dark brown; and blue for the sky and reflecting waters, day garb removed at night to reveal the splendor of the naked sky.

On the left side the flags subtitled Sun, Earth, Moon and Tree are all womam signs. Men are also included in these flagged ideas as helpmates to the earth, womem and children, not patriarchal killers and warlords. Since they come from womem, men have womem within them still.

On the right flank of The Love Government are four womam designations: Mother, Matron, Maiden and Mediatrix. The first three are the main stages of a maturing womam’s life and the fourth is the general orienting purpose of the first three.

Below The Love Government flag are four flags chosen for their beauty and one “all flags flag” to represent all flags.

The TLG flag page has a decidedly womamly flavor, not by arbitrary prejudice but because this is the order of nature. The earth, womam and children are the chief value and saving grace with men in the supporting, defending and helping roles. Such is the natural order and will. TLG aligns its flags, ships and ideas in accordance with Nature and her natural law.

5. Overview

Sometimes these days life feels good. Love is on her earth and in her heavens. I feel pretty good but that’s not saying much because I could feel a whole lot better. At other times I feel like I’m in a dungeon with no way out. I believe the difference depends on what and how I think. But that’s not the whole story because my mind must be connected to Love for me to be decently happy — and that is why I need The Love Government. It keeps me on the Love Track.

To tell the truth I don’t know why I created TLG. It just started happening years ago. I think it was out of frustration with what I sensed was my wasting away life filled with chronic depression and emptiness. Looking back now on my 72 years [in 2012] I can see that in important matters my parents were ignorant while still being decent and wonderful in some respects. My dad was lacking as far being a role model and orienting me to the real world. My mom was a heavy smoker and alcoholic. They both died of cancer in their mid fifties. I credit The Love Government with my longevity such as it is so far.

I took to religion like a fish to water to try to fill up the emptiness inside and to bring some kind of order into my dysfunctional life. I became a Catholic priest and monk until age thirty when I left for a hiatus of several years to sow some wild oats and then I joined a new age religion for some twenty years until that too fizzled out. I got married which lasted some eighteen years. We purchased a house and then went bankrupt from our ignorance of systemic corruption and agency betrayal. One of the bright lights in those years was the birth of our son.

I worked for the two biggest corporations in the world: first for the Catholic church and then for the United States government as a psychiatric nurse in the Veterans Administration as well as being an RN in various other nursing specialties. I’ve had a lot of life experiences but never could escape the numbing lack of genuine purpose nor the feeling of chronic depression. Along the way I acquired four degrees and a bundle of certificates. But I still suffer the effects of a deprived and neglected upbringing and dysfunctional cultural conditioning.

TLG is my escape from depression and defeat. I always envisioned it as a house of cards which I would blow down for the fun of it when I got tired of it. Apparently I need it because it is still hanging around. I’ve tried to get rid of it hundreds of times but like some recalcitrant addiction it comes back stronger than ever after each rejection.

On the intellectual level I’ve dedicated myself to the idea of Love because I don’t know what else to do. Nothing else makes any sense. I’m largely against the big patriarchal institutions in our culture like religion, politics, academia, media, sports, philosophy, psychology, marriage, economics, medicine, therapies and new age practices etc. because they’re so hopelessly inadequate and corrupt, forever beating around the bush. The only thing with any juice for me is the ancient Love Culture and that’s pretty tenuous in our day and age.

To construct The Love Government I’ve taken the best of all my life experiences and reading and recycled them into what best serves my needs for now. Given my history I’m especially critical of God and his patriarchal inventors because of the detrimental effect on me personally. My parents and educators couldn’t protect me from the patriarchal God because they were God fearing prisoners themselves.

Fortunately there is enough left over from pre-patriarchal days to give me hope. I’m a recovering patriarch myself. It takes one to know one. I’ve taught myself how to reconnect with the Love Culture, Love Religion and Love Government which preceded the disaster of patriarchy and its modern disguise of the new world order of profit, power and porn. I don’t know when I’ll be in a position to blow down my house of cards for the fun of it and walk away free but that time has not yet arrived. The game is not yet over nor has the end of the story been told.

For me TLG is the greatest game ever played, the greatest story ever told, the greatest structure ever built, the greatest journey ever taken, the greatest relationship ever experienced and the greatest pleasure ever enjoyed. The Love Government fulfills the promise of “liberty and justice for all.” These are great claims and when they are reclaimed by individuals become more than a possible dream but a secured reality. TLG is a work in progress like a newborn acorn destined to be a mighty oak. Believe it or not, we are already playing our part in this great turning of the page from the stage of patriarchy to the Age of Loverarchy.

The Love Government is a system of ideas centered around The Lover who is the “Person” the word Love signifies. The Love Government is a mental construction that aims to reconnect to The Lover and her Love Culture by means of Love. Paradoxically The Lover and her government bring up repressed obstacles that block this restoration and give us the means to recover our original natural state of Love individually and as a humam species.

This restoration love project is not without pain and difficulties. To be successful it is absolutely necessary not to undermine the mind as is universally done in our culture. The mind is our access to truth and truth is the opening to Love. I absolutely trust my mind insofar as it adheres to the principles and practices of The Love Government and thereby I am able to love my traumatized egg/sperm, fetus, infant, child and teen with a strong adult body of understanding.

With a clear and focused mind I am also able to penetrate the lies and deadly practices of our patriarchal culture and come to a felt connection with our original Love Culture. None of this is possible if I in any way belittle my mind. When my mind and other faculties abide in the body of The Lover and her government I am able to heal my early traumas as an individual and as a member of the humam species.

I created TLG out of a deep sadness and desperation to escape the pain of conventional “governments” of family, church and state with their attendant evils of fear, repression, ignorance, punishment, lies, terror, cruelty and suffering. The Love Government and its various associations is a construction of ideas designed to help me through my suffering. I publish it as part of the process of reaching out for help by sharing my experience in a symbolic “art” form. My fear, grief and anger are deeply buried but I have discovered a safe outlet by writing about TLG. I never received the love I craved naturally so I invented a way to save myself from despair through self expression.

My invention may appear to be grandiose, unrealistic and absurd but for me at this time it is my truth. I can no longer stomach the disgusting decay of our culture. Since I cannot survive without some kind of culture I need to create my own Love Culture by governing myself with the truth as I understand it. And since I am a social creature as well as an individual person I need to share what I know and feel.

Since I never had an accomplished lover, I have created a “Lover” to fulfill my needs and desires. She is the essence of The Love Government and my significant Other, Mother, Sister and Brother as well as Loving Father. I must never forget that this project was born in fear and pain, the terror of a unnatural and deprived babyhood and childhood. I do not wish to betray yet again the anguished Little One who cries within me and is me.

As an adult (in 2012) I now must be The Lover to myself which includes everyone and everything else. At 72 years of age I no longer have the time to equivocate and resort to half measures. In these pages I need to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me Love. That truth involves feeling the full impact of my hurt, pain, depression, grief and sadness and resultant anger so that love and joy may surface naturally.

The great danger is that The Love Government may become one more addiction and quick fix to avoid the pain of truth if it is misapplied. I must take that risk to save myself and at the same time take all necessary precautions, one of which is public disclosure so that others may confront me with my errors if they be so. Hence, the publication of TLG and its several applications. If I was skilled in the art of loving, and living in a truly natural Love Culture there would be no need for artificial substitutes but I am far from that and therefore need the support of a Love Government.

6. Prayers

Our Lover, Who art the Earth and her heavens, Whole and Holy is Thy Name – Lover. Thy Lovedom come. Thy Will be done on Earth and in her heavens. Give us this day our daily Lovestead and confront us with our trespasses when we kill instead. For thine is Thy Earth Garden, Love’s Flower and Thy Lovers’ Bower. Ah, Womam.

Hail Lover, full of Grace. All Love is with Thee. Blessed art Thou among Womem and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, the Earth. Holy Lover, Mother of Love, love us now and at the hour of our death. Ah, Womam.

All Love be to the Lover – Mother, Child and Father as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, Earth without end. Ah, Womam.

Bless us Oh Lover and these Thy Gifts which we are about to receive from Thy Body through the Earth our Mother. Ah, Womam. [Said before meals]

Thank You Oh Lover for these Thy Gifts which we have received from Thy Body through the Earth our Mother. Ah, Womam. [Said after meals]

In the Name of the Lover, the Mother and the Father. Ah, Womam. [Said before and any sacred activity, ritual or ceremony accompanied by the gesture of the Sign of the Vulva Oval Circle, namely, pointing the right hand toward the earth at the words In the Name of, and placing the right hand on the genitals, left side of the belly and left breast, and forehead at the words Lover, Mother and Father respectively and then bringing the right hand down over the right breast and right side of the belly and then resting over the genitals, and ending by folding and cupping the hands together at the words Ah Womam]

7. A Work of Art

The Love Government is an artistic documentary of the Lover situated somewhere between herstorical fiction and scientific fact. I made it up from reasonable intuition and gleanings of modern scientific discoveries. In other words I connected the dots and put two and two together where I could. I imagine that there are clouds of lovers from across time and space who help me and who form a love government although it may go by another name. I gather all these lovers and myself into one central symbol whom I call The Lover.

The Love Government eclectic composition  is more real to me than what most people call real life as every graveyard reminds me. For me TLG science has more science (knowledge) than all the technological wonders of our vacuous civilization. As for romantic fiction, my fantasy lovers joined into one universal Lover present more satisfying pleasures than all our passing grave-bound beauties put together. 

TLG fiction is more real to me than what most people call real life as every graveyard reminds me. For me TLG science fiction has more science (knowledge) than all the technological wonders of our vacuous civilization. As for romantic fiction, my fantasy lovers joined into one universal Lover present more satisfying pleasures than all our passing grave bound beauties put together.

I make no absolute truth claims or guaranteed implied promises nor does TLG which represents me. All I can say is that at this time TLG meets my needs. I share my thoughts and feelings through TLG because it is my “art” and “science,” and it feels good to share.

To say my views are counter-cultural and controversial is accurate but misses the point that the partriarchal cult we live in doesn’t come up to the minimum standards for a culture. It’s a parasitic cult feeding off the body of the love culture which preceded it.

Our cult of anti-love is strange indeed, way stranger than fiction. In comparison TLG fiction appears more and more like reality. Say what you will, facts turn out to be fictions. I make up my own life just like I made up TLG. My life is a game, a story, a romance and a structure I created. Since I’m connected to everything else maybe everything else created me as well.

I think life is for love. Is that a fact or a fiction? The fact is I made that statement up like a fiction. When openly admitted, fictions are honest and free. Facts are compulsive when forced without evidence. So in the end, my dear sweet friend, TLG and me are fictions that may or may not be facts.

The way to freedom and joy is to admit I’m doing it all because then I’m taking responsibility. Otherwise I’m trapped by some more powerful other – unless that other is love who is also me.

In our day, 911 is the greatest fiction ever sold as fact, a total inside job by the elites to further their grip on power and money. The fearful public buys such lies rather than face disturbing facts. 911 stands as the evil emblem of our wholesale cultural corruption based on endemic lying.

The facts of nature are true, beautiful and loving. The facts of patriarchy are false, ugly and lusting. 911 truth will forever expose the difference for lovers of truth.

All of us are a work of art for good or ill. As for me and TLG, we are a work of art, passion, romance and science. Others my think it’s all wrong but we still must sing our song. I may miss the beat and be off key but so what if once in awhile I meet the Lover and see her smile.

In the final end it’s all pretend. It comes down to what I attend and intend. Even the hardest of hardhat science is made up by someone, despite the claims of impersonal evolutionists. The big bang to big bust philosophy stops at the Lover’s door as does the gentle little doe. Me and TLG drop the dough re me and play the roe in the hay role. The Lover opens her door and we are with her forevermore.

8. Foreground

This website presents the idea of Love and the Person of The Lover as understood by The Love Government. I invented The Love Government so it seems fair to say these are my ideas but that begs the question of who I am. TLG makes no promises beyond telling the truth about love as it sees it.

I have received many benefits from composing this website and practicing the principles of TLG as well as severe challenges. I speak for myself and do not presume to speak for others regarding it. When this website is finished I will become a reader of it like anyone else and will gain further benefit from it.

This site does not promise happiness in any popular sense of the word. It does the opposite. It presents the state of the world which is mostly unhappiness. The Lover promises nothing except herself. Don’t expect to feel good because of her or this site without doing what it suggests. “Feeling good” is the carrot before the jackass and given the state of our culture is usually inappropriate and dishonest. It takes a great deal of wasted energy and money to maintain the facade of feeling good. That being said, to the extent I act as a true lover, I do tend to feel good.

The more I am committed to the Lover as this site presents her the more patriarchal elements within me with opposing interests and agendas feel neglected and put up resistance. They may cause depression, throw tantrums and grow fearful and resentful or act bored.

My hidden patriarchal addictions will do whatever they can to sabotage my relationship with the Lover who has entered their household. Some, driven by jealously, will turn out to be like Iago, Edmund and Richard III in Shakespeare. They will attempt to make me feel bad, fearful, confused, doubtful, guilty or whatever, to make me give up my new lover.

And it’s true. She is a threat to my whole system and modus operandi. The Lover is a fire who burns everything in her path. For from feeling good, her price may be feeling very bad indeed, particularly in the beginning of clearing up the  accumulated junk. The Lover is free to have a dark side which is just as loving as her light side.

I promise nothing. My own experience with TLG has been disappointment alternating with encouragement. Disillusioning illusions is a good thing. I am often lost, blind and confused; in short, patriarchal. I know next to nothing. I am creatively guessing. I am not a teacher, channeler or anything of that ilk. If anything, I am a wanna-be lover.

I seem to be addicted to this work. Whether it turns out to be a positive thing or something else remains to be seen. I have quit writing dozens of times but like an addict keep taking another drink. Am I imbibing genuine love nectar or sweet poison? Loverarchy or patriarchy? Has Pa Patriarchy fooled me again? Or is it a prelude to something else? How would I know unless I pursue it to the bitter or better end? As the Poet says: “I guess it must be up to me.” Until I know for sure one way or the other, I’ll keep on keeping on with this project. Until then I know not if I sink or swim.

For whatever reason, masturbation has turned out to be a key feature of the Lover and Love. Masturbation can be selfish, addictive, hedonistic and even gluttonous but on the other hand, what could be greater than making love with the Supreme Lover through creative masturbation? Besides the presumed love virtue, it speaks well for population control, safe sex and freedom from patriarchal repression. I go so far as to present individual and communal masturbation as the sacramental heart of the love culture and love government, and to make intercourse a type of mutual masturbation.

In the primal womam culture which preceded patriarchy people spoke and sang in poetic verse. Stories of the Lover held their culture together. Poets like Homer, Virgil and the Vedic and bible sages built on womem’s culture, twisting it into patriarchal history. I use poetic license to tap into the consciousness of these preliterate societies which far exceeded ours in intelligence and morality. Language is the basis of culture right down to the cellular level.

It is farfetched to say I want to change culture and save the world. I can only change and save myself. But where do I end and others begin? Patriarchs and matriarchs ultimately reduce the world to spirituality and/or physicality rather than to the Lover. They are turned off by a site like this. To them it’s off the deep end. They may prefer the shallow end. I need something with more depth. The Lover represents that for me.

I write about the Lover and love to make up for what I lack. I teach myself what I need to learn. The main metaphor is a house of cards, the point being that a house of cards falls with a breath. The other point is that consciousness begins with con. Con means with and against. Consciousness means co-knowledge. That leads to the notion and experience of the Lover and myself as a lover knowing each other in the biblical sense of making love and having sex with each other. Two in one flesh.

Things are not as bad as they seem. They are far worse. If we only knew the half of it. Banksters run the world with a stranglehold on currency, terrorizing populations by killing presidents and creating 911’s and funding all sides of war. Religions and new age hucksters blindly lead the blind with spiritual sweet talk. Scientific technocrats destroy the earth by inches.

The fictional Lover She’sus allowed herself to be crucified by patriarchy because Love necessitates freedom including the freedom to fail. Freedom allows for the joy of rising like the mythical resurrection. The Lover has had enough. Her blood is boiling with rage, her sadness is unfathomable and her beautiful, precious body is covered with patrishit. It’s time for a change.

I will do my best to tell herstory because it is also ourstory. I’ve been under pay-tree-arches long enough. Time to turn over a new leaf and set his-story straight. Time to expose paysickarchy and its latest new world order scam for what it is. According to the Poet and the Bard:

Somebody’s got to tell the tale / I guess it must be up to me

The time is out of joint. O cursed spite / That ever I was born to set it right!

If religion can’t do it, maybe I can. If politics can’t, maybe passion can. If nobody else can do it, maybe I can. The least I can do is try. I need to do my bit to save the earth and thereby myself. If that makes me a deluded fool, so be it.

If we don’t understand history, we are doomed to repeat it. The first thing to understand about history is that it is one big patriarchal lie from the father of lies. By reading between the lines and lies of his-story and touching herstory art, we grasp the truth of ourstory. It’s a wonderful world and Garden of Eve paradise.

But we are addicted to a Warden of Evil megavice. Our culture is in massive denial about the evil of patriarchy. Until we love truth more than lies, we will continue to wallow in misery, all the while pretending to have it made, at least compared to the poor who inhabit the shadows of our minds and the shadowy terrorists we create there.

It’s up to us if we want the freedom of love or not. The evilution of patriarchy is a personal and systemic cultural and structural problem. The solution is to overcome the addiction to the patriarchal system; and the only way to do that in my experience is to access the power of love. Despite all the smiling lips and shiny teeth, the world is heading for the pits, technology and all.

Deep down the patriarch system doesn’t care about the earth because it thinks it has an escape hatch to heaven but that is just another strand in their guardian knot of lies. There is nowhere to escape. This earth is where it’s at. Until we get that fact straight, we are lost. The good news is that we had it once and lost it for the same reasons we have difficulty regaining it now.

We can regain an earthly paradise. In fact, we will because we aren’t going anywhere until we do. The place to start is with words and language because they are the basis of culture. Words are not the end but the means. Like other technologies, patriarchs corrupted words, turning them into lies to further their own ends. Using words is like playing with fire. We can be burned but sometimes it is necessary to fight fire with fire.

What is offered here is a firebreak of words, a banquet of primal sounds, a delicate blend of sweet and sour, salty and bitter. Among the thousands of words patriarchy stole from the preceding womam culture are the deliberately misinterpreted words in bibles and constitutions. Old and new testaments come straight from the word testes, the testicles hanging behind the patriarchal penis of power.

Make no bones about it: that penis bone is the bone of contention; those testes-meant bibles and constitutions undergird our present God-Pa culture. Theists and atheists are two sides of the same patriarch coin. The same Pa Penis rules sexually liberated orgasmists and bible humping constitutionalists. Those old and new testes rule crawling scientists and creeping environmentalists alike.

Don’t believe me. Believe the misery in your heart or the miser in your head. No? Who can you believe when the down pat system has a catechism of lies for every conceivable stirring of truth? I am an archpatriarch; it takes one to know one. Happily, I’m in recovery but I’m still up to my neck in patripathology.

The pen is mightier than the sword, a two edged tool to cut and cure. Pen is short for penis. The clitoris is a short penis, a small but more powerful pen. The clit came before the pen and the only reason the penis is large, in comparison say to baboons, is that womem stood up and the penis had to enlarge to reach her vagina. In other words, to understand patriarchy and loverarchy, we need a sex education that was taboo in school. We need to take scientific psychobabble penisology and insert it into the larger love tunnel of loverology. It’s a whole new earthly language.

In the beginning was the word, according to patripates. That’s when their world took off, their new world order of word lies, especially with the technology of alphabets which later birthed bibles and constitutions, not to mention the wordnets we have today. What patpates omitted from their scared [sic] texts was the heart and soul of truth. Before the beginning of their word world was the womam world. That unpleasant fact patpricks would rather forget. The womam’s name was Lover or Love or Lovus, or some such sound equivalent. We’ll never know for sure because she left no tape recorder or CD disc behind. As the Poet Bob Dylan says:

Like your sister and yourself / You’ve never learned to read or write / There’s no books upon your shelf / And your pleasure knows no limits / Your voice is like a meadowlark / But your heart is like an ocean / Mysterious and dark

How do I know that? By applying the science of words to the patriarchy lie system. Patriliars are stupid except in one area of evil expertise: killing. War is their reason for being and death force. Any truth, goodness, beauty, justice or love patricults seem to possess was stolen from the preceding womam’s culture. Therefore, to see truth, I reverse patriarchal lies.

When pateheads say God is love, that is stolen booty, robbed from the treasure chest of womam’s truth. Womam was love. She was intimately bound to the Lover or some such word sound. Patrikillery is too stupid to know that their lies give away their game of his-story.

A great patriarchal lie is that matriarchy preceded their glorious new world order. True, there are matriarchs and they are just as bad as patriarchs. That’s why I distinguish womem from women and feminine from femen. Remember that we look at everything now through the lenses of patriarchy which gives the lie to truth. The truth is there is no such thing as matriarchy prior to patriarchy. The womam focal culture did not rule in the manner of patriarchy. It governed with love.

For all my ranting and railing against patriarchy, it serves the Lover despite itself. In herself, the Lover is whole and complete which requires the inclusion of opposites. The Lover can do what God cannot. She can be evil if she wants because she is free. Patriarchal governments rule by war and terror. This is what frightens us, the awful truth of Love that embraces the terrible evil of patriarchy. Dylan:

It frightens me, the awful truth of how sweet life can be

A love that cannot contain its opposite, anti-love, is not the fullness of love. The sweetness of love would cloy if not balanced with sour herbs, bitter spices and salty tears. It’s an awful truth before which the mind recoils. The answer to the problem of patriarchy and thereby suffering is unclothed in the inner chambers of love which only naked lovers enter. We suffer the pain of paytrickery for the joy recovery and the freedom of love.

Words are a Song of Love, a symphony of color, a dance of audio visual symbols: sound, light, life (energy), form (mass), space, time and number, seven suits or suites, a musical play on words that forms the Body of the Lover, otherwise known as The Love Government. If you hold a conch to your ear, you hear cosmic sound, the similar sound you hear in your head when all is quiet. A conch is a house of sound, a sound house like these writings. Rest in her nest and on her breast.

Music is food and therefore a menu is provided. After dinner the table board is cleared and made into a bed. Eating and sex are ancient, sacred acts. Altars are remnants of altered table beds. Religious houses are leftover remnant remains of stories, ceremonies, songs and instructions for sex and meals in ancient houses of consciousness.

Nature started out unisexual and later experimented with sex by mating penis and testes with clitoris and ovaries. The penis adds variety at the expense of vulnerability. It may not work or may turn violent. The penis is the rise and fall of man. After millenia of peace, penisarchy overthrew matrifocal cultures until patriarchy now threatens survival. Per the Poet:

We live in a political world / Love don’t have any place / We’re living in times where men commit crimes / And crimes don’t have a face

Patriarchy invented God and more recently the big bang theory of evolution and modern money. There has always been change, going both ways but to carve an ideology from a tiny slice of physical data that may reverse itself tomorrow is just the most recent of pat ploys to keep control of the hoi poloi. To save ourselves we think outside the narrow conceptual box of evolutionary theory.

His-story begins with a big bang. Herstory begins with the Lover’s self generated orgasm. The first sacred act was masturbation and ejaculation of menstrual blood and womam’s water which congealed into the universe of stars and planets, and eventually us. Science majors are not well versed in the subtleties of metaphor, having been brainwashed by years of patri-schoolery foolery so they can’t tell evolution from evilution, or evil from evol as the reversal of love.

One of the subtle evasions of evolutionary theory is to marginalize prior cultures as archaic or animistic as if evolutionary time had passed them by, clearing the way for evolutionaries to ride the latest fad crest with its monetary and sex perks. The language of love shatters the scared, septic, scientific and religious paradigms engineered to keep the pat system safe.

The world today is in grave danger of a premature grave due to its inability to govern itself except by patriarchal power. This down pat cure is worse than the disease, a pathological, psychopathic protection racket that has practically everyone terrorized and traumatized.

The Love Government understands the problem and solution right down to the radical root of culture and language. The only sustainable culture is love, a fact demonstrated for thoudands of years by archeological evidence from before the onslaught of patriarchy. The Lover Earth Government reannounces the good news of salvation which is to embrace an earth, womam and child centered culture. This requires the wholesale rejection of the cult of parasitic patriarchy. Real men are needed to oppose other men who are carriers of the patriarchal disease.

TLG breaks all the rules except one: the rule of Love. If there were a word to counter patriarchy, it might be loverarchy, not matriarchy since there was no such thing until after patriarchy. Prepatriarchal womem did not rule; they cooperated with the rule of love under a Lover Governess which was a true government in the broadest and deepest sense of natural order.

Patriarchal structures are not producing health, happiness, safety, justice, joy or love, not even for the privileged elites who pretend they are. The world is held together by falsehood and force. The catch all word of the day is terror. Its defining symbol is 911 where the real bankster terrorists enacted a policy of terrorism while blaming brown skinned patsies. The Lover Government opposes patriarchy and its cult of terror.

The Love Government is fundamentally a sound system. It focuses on the words Lover and Love. This practice is traditionally known as using holy names. It shows up in patriarchy as the name and word of God. As with practically everything else of value, this practice was stolen from the prior, primal womam culture and reversed to serve patpathology.

There is abundant evidence of archeological artifacts which show devotion to a Womam Lover Governess. The word Goddess is misleading because of its association with God, implying a male diminutive God. Goddess would have been the very last thing womem would have called their supreme Lover. Since there are no herstorical records of the actual sounds or words used for this Lover, we have to rely on intuitive understanding of artifacts, gene studies, texts and interpretive corrections of pat lies.

Lover and Love is a sound intuition since the words show up with universality and force in the English language and in other modern language eqivalents. It is probable that the sound of love and lover bound womam focal cultures together by sound vibration which was linked to womam art. Word sounds are deeply felt body emotions which scare the pants off talking heads.

The Lover Government builds on this sound culture. As a personal and politicl practice it advocates focusing on the names of Lover, Love and Lovus (among others) to build a sound love culture and government, and to reconnect with pre patriarchal cultures which successfully practiced the arts of peace, safety, justice, love, joy and happiness for millenia.

Love has a hundred thousand imitators, particularly the chief pretender, patriarchy. The irony of patriarchy is that it steals love from the womam culture it tried to kill, created God and calls God love. According to the patritrick con game, love is theft.

Look out your window, baby, there’s a scene you’d like to catch / The band is playing “Dixie,” a man got his hand outstretched / Could be the Fuhrur / Could be the local priest / You know sometimes / Satan comes as a man of peace

He got a sweet gift of gab, he got a harmonious tongue / He knows every song of love that ever has been sung / Good intentions can be evil / Both hands can be full of grease / You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace

Well, he catch you when you’re hoping for a glimpse of the sun / Catch you when your troubles feel like they weight a ton / He could be standing next to you / The person you’d notice least / I hear that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace

He’s a great humanitarian, he’s a great philanthropist / He knows just where to touch you honey and where you can be kissed / He’ll put both his arms around you / You can feel the tender touch of the beast / You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace

The game of love starts with the sound of its own name, Love in the impersonal sense, Lover in the personal and Lovus in the interpersonal. When you make the emotional connection between the sound of the word and who you are, you see through the lies of patriarchy to the truth.

Patriarchy with its sky gods in starry heavens reversed the original natural order which was earth, womam, child and man in that order. Men’s rebellion is the original sin against Nature. Until order is restored in her body house of consciousness, Love will have nowhere to rest her head and according to the Poet we must:

Sleep with one eye open in our slumber because / Every little sound just might be thunder

(The Lover) is the Rose of Sharon from Paradise Lost / From the city of seven hills near the place of the cross / She told about Jesus, told about the rain / Told about (patriarchy where her sisters) were slain

Is she a man or a woman, I can’t say which / From one to the other she can so easily switch

The sound and appearance of words have an immense impact on our emotional and cellular state. Words like God and its watered down enabler, Goddess, wreck havoc through cult vibration associated with millenia of lies, murder and mayhem.

They said what’s up is down, they said what isn’t is / They put ideas in his head he thought were his

Look out kid / It’s somethin’ you did / God knows when / But you’re doin’ it again

I use words like God, Goddess, patriarchy, money and war with red flags flying all around because I’m walking a mined mind field. Such ideas have to be defused and cleared continually with words like Lover, Love, Lovus, Joy, Justice and Truth. God carries with him toxins by the ton. Love and her cousin sounds are an antidote immunity if not surpressed by the animal hunting, meat eating, pet keeping, all consumering pay-tree-ark ship of state which forces us to pay with our bodies and souls before the barrel of a loose cannon. It’s an offer we can seldom refuse without being strung up on pay-tree’s golden arches of triumph.

But it grieves my heart, love / To see you trying to be part of / A world that just doesn’t exist / It’s all a dream, babe / A vacuum, a scheme, babe / That sucks you into feeling like this

Know your enemy within and without. Know your friend within and without. If you can’t tell the difference, you’ll never know the Lover since she plays both ways. It’s all a game; a rather serious one but a game nevertheless. Don’t be fooled by new age angst, hedonism, headonism and post-modern evolution evasion. Winning the game does matter but picking the game that matters is a winning part of the game of truth and freedom.

Freedom is just around the corner for you / But with truth so far off what good will it do?

How do I know what’s true? I don’t. I’m just giving my opinion based on my experience. You have to decide for yourself. I say I love you but as the Poet says, I could be wrong.

You say you love me / And you’re thinkin’ of me / But you know you could be wrong / You say you told me / That you wanna hold me / But you know you’re not that strong / You say ya got some / Other kinda lover / And yes, I believe you do / You say my kisses are not like his / But this time I’m not gonna tell you why that is

Your lover might be patriarchy. In that case: you go your way and I’ll go mine because

Love is all there is, it makes the world go ’round / Love and only love, it can’t be denied / No matter what you think about it / Take a tip from one who’s tried

9. Worldview

A worldview is an overarching philosophy which models reality with words. Literally, philosophy as a word combines “love” and “wisdom.” In other words, philosophy is not a barren, intellectual exercise. Philosophy takes us to the highest, deepest and broadest worldview that the mind is capable of. The major distinction to make is between lovsciousness and consciousness. Lovsciousness is the basic substrate of reality with consciousness as a derivative development.

Philosophy with its daughters of Love and Wisdom (Philia and Sophia) hands the torch over to Loverology which means the Lover and the Logos, the true science of Love. Science means knowledge but scientific knowledge without love results in destructive power and seductive sex. How we see the world determines how we are in the world.

If we see through the eyes of The Lover, we see that love is love and evil is evil. In other words we see with two eyes which puts things in perspective. If we need corrective lenses we should choose love colored glasses which are clear and frames that do not put us out of frame so that we are framed by patriachy’s evil worldview.

Once upon a time, we saw clearly and loved dearly. There was a Love Culture which thrived for thoudands of years before the advent of the patriarchal war cult of the patrix. If we recover the Love Culture in ourselves we will no longer be blindfolded by the patriarchal cult’s paralyzing fog of deception.

The patrix cult worldview is pure evil by any standard of real love. With Pa Patriarch we’ve hit the bottom of the barrel where there is no light by which we can see clearly. In our current patrix black box we are blinded by the darkness of ignorance. TLG pulls us up out of the barrel’s bottom and shows us the world as it is, not the desecrated, loveless worldview of heartless war mongers.

The malignant deceit is so long standing and pervasive that it is virtually invisible. The way out of this blackwater barrel is to grasp the hand of love which pulls us out. Love’s hand grip with its thumb and four fingers rule tells how.

The thumb, resembling a tongue and clitoris, tells us the language to use. The forefinger points out what to eat. The middle finger tells us who and what to love. The ring finger shows us what to buy into because we’re going to be married to that. The little finger tells us what to culture in ourselves with finesse and fine discrimination.

If the five fingered, one hand manual is insufficient, we can check out the Ten Commandments of Love by clicking under the flag entitled Heart. If that’s too much, then just think about the Lover, say her name “Lover” or do her bidding. Thought, word and deed can bring us to Love indeed, and quicker than we think because she travels at lovespeed.

Love is simple but not necessarily easy. Simply put, build a love worldview and eventually love will be easy. What we see is what we get. If we can’t see Love, it’s probably because we’re looking with our head. We are necktying ourselves off from the triangular heart over the pubis. Those political, corporate suits and ties suit the pay-tree-archers just fine but I wouldn’t make them mine.

The Love Government has a worldview of quality and you can’t go wrong with quality. If we read the world wrong, we might get quantity but never quality. The patrix will quantify you like an object and never qualify you as a person. A critical mind is necessary to love but without love it is a critical mess, and when your mind’s messed up your emotions and body follow suit. The middle term in the body, mind, spirit triad is missing in action if we’re out of our mind and into patriarchy.

People shy away from philosophical worldviews because they seem too abstract and impractical. That’s what the evil patriarchs of wars want us to believe and why they feed us lies along with toxic food and porn torn from love. If we accept their worldview, our own world goes askew.

A philosophy, armchair or not, always comes to love or the lack thereof, to the Lover or the anti-lover, to loverarchy or patriarchy. TLG tells it like it is which is herstory, not his-story. The worldview of patriarchal evilarchy is one big pack of lies bombarding us every minute of every day. The Love Government offers a worldview of love, the greatest story, game, structure and relationship ever told, played, built or enjoyed.

10. Glossary

Animals – We are animals with an overlay of rationality. Therefore what we do to them we do to ourselves. If we eat them or their products we eat ourselves or our products. If we make them pets we make ourselves pets. The meat and animal products industries and the institutions of pethood have evil effects on ourselves. Treating animals as persons leads to confusion on the order of granting personhood to corporations.

Anti-Lover – Love has no true opposite since it is all inclusive. We can only posit its converse which is the evil institution of patriarchy, the Anti-Lover personified.

Chrest – Made up second name of She’sus Chrest or She’sus the Chrest. A family crest and symbol. From the Greek “chrestos” meaning gentle.

Communal Sex – Common love practice in the Love Culture. Well governed by matrons.

Consciousness – Distinguished from the unconscious and the primal stage of the lovscious or lovsciousness.

Diet – In the Love Culture we were vegans. To nurture the Love Culture now we eat a similar diet to the extent that we can.

Evol – The reversal of Love which sounds like “evil” and is short for evolution.

Evolution – A patriarchal term from the industrial age that subverts the Love Culture. A half-truth that splits reality in two as part of patriarchy’s divide and conquer campaign.

Form – The middle and fourth suit in TLG’s structural system.

Game – The biggest game is between love and anti-love. It appears to be one small David against a thousand big Goliaths on the societal level but within one individual the odds are even. Ultimately the Whole Reality is in each individual, exemplified by the single Lover as an individual sign of all lovers.

God – The chief value and icon of religious patriarchy. Associated with the Germanic “Gott” as in you’ve “got” to do this or else.

Goddess – A female God. A term used by feminists caught in the patrix propaganda web.

Heart – A modern rounded rendition of the primal, downward, earth rooted triangle sign of womam’s pubic area. Euphemized and moved to the chest by the patriarchal reordering project. The main flag on TLG’s home page at thelovegovernment.

Humam – Distinguished from human. Humam has a feminine, nurturing resonance. Human has a man within, prejudiced for patriarchy.

Interest – Part of the patrix usury system and pyramid scheme of wealth transfer from poor to rich. TLG advocates not taking interest at all and not going into debt that gathers interest.

Joy – The fiftieth and wild card of the Love Cards. JOY is the acronym “Juice Of Yoni” as in the traditional blessing “I wish you Joy,” the joy of sexual pleasure.

La Lover – The Lover as Womam. Adds a musical note as in singing “la, la, la” and “do, re, mi, fa, so, la.”

Le Lover – The Lover as Man.

Life – The fifth column in the Love Government’s house of cards.

Light – The sixth suit in the Love Card Game.

Lovagina – The vagina as love.

Lovars – A photocopied currency backed by love which plays off dollars. Based on an economy of giving.

Lovasm – An orgasm in the context of love.

Love – Impersonal manifestation of the Lover.

Love Cards – Fifty-two compound cards providing the structural framework for the Love Government Book entitled “Lover Earth Government.”

Love Culture – Our original state in Africa roughly 100,000 years ago. The mythical Garden of Eden (Eden in Greek means pleasure).

Love Fluids – Sexual fluids of both sexes which were sacred in the Love Culture. They were used as medicines or returned to the earth or burned in the air in rituals and ceremonies to nurture earth and air, or retained by a womam to make a baby.

Love Language – Visual signs, verbal sounds and feelings that form the basis of the Love Culture.

Love Religion – The Love Government in its religious aspects.

Lover – The chief, central and most important idea in The Love Government system of ideas. Love personified. Personal symbol of all of us as The Lover and Lovus. The Lover is the Whole and lovers are the parts. The name “Lover” is a sacred-mental sacrament, effecting what it signifies. The undefinable Lover Per-sona comes through-sound (per-sona). Refers to both sexes with the primacy given to Womam.

Lover Earth Government – The title of the book within The Love Government textbook.

Lover Heart – The twenty-fifth card in TLG love cards and the center of the seven by seven lower card grid.

Lover Joy – The fiftieth card in TLG love cards. The wild card.

Lover Lover – The fifty-second card in TLG love cards. The high card.

Lover Sphere – The fifty-first card in TLG love cards. The holy card.

Lover Womam – The eighth card in TLG love cards. The first card in the Time suit.

Loverology – Systematic science and study of love.

Lovetext – The Lover’s context generally and the writings at The Love Government specifically.

Lovla – Lover as Womam. The clitoris. Reversed, La Love.

Lovle – Lover as Man.

Lovpenis – Love added to penis.

Lovscious – The basic cosmological substrate supporting the unconscious and conscious levels. Lovsciousness.

Lovtoris – A love enhanced clitoris.

Lovulation – A love qualified sexual ejaculation with a nod toward “elation.”

Lovulva – A love enhanced vulva.

Lovus – The interpersonal aspect of the personal Lover and impersonal Love. All of us as the Lover and Love.

Masturbation – In the Love Cultural context, an act of love including intercourse.

Matrix – A co-dependency institution enabling the patrix.

Money – The chief value of patriarchal power.

Morality – Good and evil as judged by the standard of true love.

Patriarchy – The negative force that tries to kill the Love Culture of earth grounded womem, children and animals. Responsible for the “fall of man.”

Patrix – Synonym for patriarchy. Co-dependent with the Matrix. Matriarchy is a false flag which never existed in the true sense of the word. Love society was matrilineal but not matriarchal.

Philosophy – The Lover’s combined name from two sub-names: Philia and Sophia, meaning Love and Wisdom or Love and Knowledge.

Practice – Actions which bring lovers closer to the Lover’s pubic and vulva Heart.

Psychology – The Lover as Psyche, soulmate to Eros. The study of us as soulmates to the Lover.

Sacred Marriage – The primary relationship of lovers to the Lover. Has nothing to do with secular and church sanctioned marriages.

She’sus – A coined word playing off another coined word by the name of Jesus. She’sus means “She’s us,” referring to the Lover. Jesus is a made up Greek word with number and letter coordination that comes to 888, a musical proportion alluding to the eighth day of resurrection. She’sus and Jesus are humam creations with predominant feminine qualities. Both are sub-names for The Lover according to TLG’s Love Story. Universal and personal symbols.

Soulmates – Lover and lover according to The Love Government’s loverology.

Sound – The seventh suit in the card game of love.

Space – The third suit in the Love Game and Story, a part of the Space, Time and Number trilogy, balancing the Life, Light and Sound trilogy on the other side of Form’s centrality.

Story – The overall story of The Love Government is a meta-narrative of who we are and what the universe is within the cosmology of love. This story of stories is truly the greatest story ever told, telling of our primary relationship in a journey format. It is told in all the writings of TLG but especially under the Earth flag in The Love Government book, “Lover Earth Government.” There the grand epic code is told in fifty-two episode epicodes called stories where we travel through the cosmic house of cards to our home in the Whole Heart of The Lover. These fifty-two stories are companioned by fifty-two poetic epicodes and by fifty-two prose epicodes. This core is surrounded by the lovscious feast of the Grand Story with its own poetics and technics. We re-enact The Lover’s story in our own lover’s journey.

Tarot – The ancient order of whole and parts, now mostly expressed as cards, retaining the sound reference “to row” or to place in vertical and horizontal rows; to row as in rowing a boat; and to roe like a female roe deer making love.

The Lover – “The” adds emphasis and/or grammatical correctness to particular expressions of “Lover.”

The Love Government – Working title of the love restoration project.

The Love Government Book – A generic designation of the unpublished manuscript and partially published book which is in the process of being typed at this website. It is titled “Lover Earth Government” and is found under the Earth flag.

The Love Government Cards – A fifty-two compound card deck composed of Consciousness Cards and Tarot Cards also called Love Cards.

Time – The second suit in the love card game.

TLG – Abbreviation of The Love Government.

Universal Waite – Name of the tarot deck used in the book “Lover Earth Government. Published by US Games Systems Inc which granted permission to Dennis Leary for use in his book.

Womam – A true lover. Distinguished from “woman” which has a man within and has aligned herself with patriarchal values. Womem is the plural of womam.