1. The Heart Vulva

2. An Idea Whose Time Has Come

3. Lover – The Primordial, Personal Force of Nature

4. The Love Sex

5. The Ten Commandments of Love

6. The Seven Deadly Sins of the anti-lover

7. The Seven Earthly Virtues of The Lover

8. The Herstory of Love

9. The Family is the First Government

10. Loverarchy and Patriarchy

11. The General Idea

12. Love and Freedom

13. General Principles

14. Love, Evil and Evol(ution)

15. Global and Local Depression

16. Language, the Basis of Culture

17. Structures of Love

18. A Thing of Beauty

19. A Calling from Deep Within

20. Stream of Love Consciousness

21. Love and Therapy

22. Heaven Is the Earth

23. Parents from Hell

24. The Long Overview

25.  Individualism and the Last Frontier

26. Self-love versus Self-Punishment

27. Personal and Societal History

28. Tyranny of Weakness

29. Art and Artificiality

30. Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

31. Lover Earth Order

32. When at First We Deceive

33. Lovsciousness

34. Outside the Patrix Box

35. Thrive, Survive or Connive

36. Crazy Dreams

37. Quantity and Quality

38. Origins of Love

39. What is The Love Government?

40. Live on Love?

41. The Love World Order

42. Lover and Hater

43.  Loving and Hating

44. The Essentials

45. Limit-less Love

46. Words of Greatest Scope

47. Honest to Badness

48. Five Rules of Love

49. The Cloud of Lovers

50. Salvation


1. The Heart Vulva

The Love Government wears a heart on its flag, a heart that enfolds a white crescent moon.

The heart with the moon inside is a Womam Lover Sign. So is The Love Government.

The heart is a styled vulva sign, euphemized and raised from a womam’s pubic area to the chest by patriarchy to disempower the Love Culture. The Love Government (TLG) restores the truth of the natural order and its true to life symbols.

The Love Government is based on the ideal of Love, a sign that is always present even as governments become more and more corrupt. The Love Government aims to support the true idea of government: “liberty and justice for all.”

In the US we salute the US flag, pledging allegiance ending with the words “liberty and justice for all.” All modern governments have some such words in their constitutions and pledges.

The Love Government pledges to support the true ideals of government and to oppose the corruption of those precious ideas.

The Love Government means what it says. It is a Government of Love. The time has come to reform governments because they now threaten to destroy the earth and all of us too. Love is the only force strong enough to save us.

We the People seek not to overthrow governments or to rebel against the system but to reform them. We lovers of the earth seek no offices, no monies, or no powers other than love. The Love Government is love with a difference that makes a difference.

We the Love Government make a difference because love is different from the unsustainable anti-love governments that are leading us to destruction.

We the Love Government are lovers who oppose the killer culture of patriarchy which is the predominate force other than love in our world today. We are confident because we link to Love which is the strongest force of all.

Welcome to the greatest government ever conceived, the greatest story ever told, the greatest game ever played and the greatest love ever lived.

2. An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Love is an Idea. Love is an Ideal. Love is an Ideology. Love is an idea whose time has come. Love is an Ideal whose time has come. Love is an ideology whose time has come.

Love’s time is not only due but overdue. Love is desperately needed for our modern times. Love is the only idea that can save us now. It is absolutely necessary that we embrace the idea, ideal and ideology of Love for our times.

Certainly love has been corrupted beyond recognition and there are many objections and reservations connected with the word. Our toxic culture has made love absurd by reducing it to a  four letter word. So what? Such perversion reflects back on our society, not on love itself.

True love has never been tried ever since it was all but extinguished by the rise of patriarchy. It was present in the Love Culture of our origins but then we didn’t have to “try” to love because it was natural to us. Nowadays we must “try” love. We must test love to see if it works for us. It will work if we are able to pass the tests love provides.

The Love Government describes the idea, ideal and ideology of love. The Lover is the central idea of The Love Government. All else revolves around this personal point of reference which is both center and circumference.

The central test and practice is to think, say and sing the word-idea Lover and her more impersonal Love. These word-sounds carry energy and will penetrate the heavy crust of our evil sickness. Love energy will penetrate evil if it has to in order to get through to us. As the Poet said: “If the point is slick it will pierce through the dust no matter how thick.” It starts with a few individuals and will spread to the whole culture.

Love has to be tried by fire or it will not be properly tempered for our own case. We must try love and love must try us or we will not develop the trust we need. We go directly to Love and the Lover; priest, guru, gura, therapist, leader and coach are not needed; they will just get in the way and eventually betray us.

The same is true for myself and The Love Government. It must be tried and tested like any other thing just as it will test and try us. If we stand the test of love we advance in the game of love. Never buy into something that asks you to give up your critical judgment in any shape or form. Never trust The Love Government if it belittles or puts down your mind in any way or manner.

Spinning off and around the center idea of TLG (The Love Government) are many other related ideas and programs. Some are close to center and others are far out. There is a Grand Order to Love and some specifications are very precise. Love is an art and a science and much more. If there ever was or will be a Theory Of Everything (TOE) it is Love which far surpasses any physicist’s dream or philosopher’s speculation.

An idea is a pointer to the reality it can only hint at. If we take the hint and follow where Love points, we will be surprised beyond our wildest dreams and sail right through our scariest nightmares. But we’ll never know that unless we try and are tested every step of the way. We don’t have to do everything but we have to do something, and that something doesn’t have to be perfect.

TLG lays out many ideals in its ideology. It’s an ideal program but none of us ever measures up to the full standard. It’s there to show us what is the fullness of truth from the one great design to the multitudes of nitty gritty challenges. It’s all love and it’s all valuable.

The short list program is: 1) saying Love’s Name Lover and engaging in clitoral thinking; 2) taking up an Eden Vegan diet that does not eat meat or animal products; 3) freeing the animal in us by not making animals pets or being part of any other kind of animal abuse; 4) having a sacred marriage with the Lover rather than any church or state sanctioned nuclear marriage of two; and 5) not taking interest on our money or supporting the investment divestment fraud.

Some say such an idea is impossible. People say a lot of things but that doesn’t make it true. In our culture people are confused, the self-appointed experts more so and the authoritarian experts in power most of all. I believe in Love and then everything else falls naturally into place. Love is my most cherished idea which brings purpose to my life.

Some discount ideas and the mind itself. This is wrong. In doing so they turn on themselves and turn delusional about spirituality. Some believe in ideas but their ideas are distorted because they are patriarchal to the core. They’ve thrown a monkey wrench into the fine tuned Order of Love.

Ideas are not the be-all and end-all of life but they are crucially important to understand and live life. If we denigrate ideas and ignore an idea whose time has come for us, we get into all kinds of trouble. Then we make it worse by rationalizing and justifying ideas which are already killing us. We may even invent a heaven because we’ve made earth a hell. Without Love as the Center that holds, we may create a chaotic snake pit in our mind and call it our true self.

TLG takes that bull by the horns and leads him to the only water hole worth drinking from. Whether he drinks there or prefers to poison himself at some other culturally recommended and advertised special hole is up to him. The Love Government does what it can to point out safe places to drink pure water but it can’t force anyone to drink, or will it ever try.

Love is our primary relationship; love with the Lover. The mind with its ideas is but one card in a deck of 52. One card does not make a deck and a full deck is impaired if one card is missing.

An idea is real and it is a big deal if its time has truly come. Such an idea creates an ideal for our troubled times and leads it to a full blown ideology. An ideology has gotten a bad name because of perverse patriarchal ideology but The Love Government will restore Love ideas, ideals and ideology to their proper place of honor.

3. Lover – The Primordial, Personal Force of Nature

Words are signs, pointing to the realities they signify. Words are pictorial, audial and kinesthetic traces of relationships between ideas and reality. Words are sounds, light forms and kinesthetic feelings that leave impressions. The primal Love Culture left these tracings in rocks, stones, clay and dirt some of which survived from the Stone Age while others carved of wood and woven from fibers have long since disappeared.

These circles, bows, spirals, waves and lines were seen, heard, felt and possibly smelled and tasted by our lover ancestors who far surpassed us in sensory acuity. We gaze at their drawings like we do at contemporary crop circles uncomprehendingly, not knowing what to make of them. The original lovers of our species were embedded in nature and felt the force of that presence immediately and personally. What seems strange and incredible to us was second nature to them.

How were these fur-less, relatively new and weak humams able to survive and thrive amidst wild predators? The answer is Love and the reason is that they were attuned to Love as their protector and guardian force through their language of words, sign, audio and feeling language.

In our day and age there is but one word left that resembles the central language sign that held the humam Love Culture together and protected them. That word is “Lover” and the shorter derivative “Love.” An even shorter version is simply “La,” which remains to this day a feminine personal pronoun. I will proceed to explain why this is so.

First, in terms of sign language, tracings were modelled on the humam body, particularly the womam’s since she was the most powerful and important presence in the humam culture. This is demonstrated later in the New Stone Age when practically all the drawings and figurines are female. By then we were well into the age of patriarchy with its emphasis on killing animals.

The word “lover” in lower case illustrates the point. “l” is more or less a straight line mirroring the chief humam characteristic of standing upright. The vertical line “stands for” the standing humam figure as well an erect penis. Sometimes a foot or curlicues are added. When we were young and innocent we were lovers and the “l” would stand for that state of natural relations with our surroundings as we stood and surveyed them.

The “o” in “lover” copies the round and oval parts of the lover’s body such as the face, breast, pregnant belly, eye, vagina and vulva. The pregnant belly would have been especially arresting since it was periodic and life intensive.

The “v” in “lover is a universal sign of womam’s triangular pubic hair. Without all our modern distractions and occupations the ancient lovers were sharply sensitive to what was critical for them; and nothing was of more immediate concern than the generation and source of life through womam’s body. In tropical Africa little clothing hid the body and sex was open, communal and frequent. Womam’s life center was honored, revered and celebrated in art and language.

The “e” in lover is a swirl or spiral, a common feature of nature and life. The letter e mimics a womam’s dancing body, her swirling hair, the swirl of hair at the top of her head and her twirling hands, etc. This e sign also interphases with weaving planets and stars configuring again the humam body in nature.

The “r” in lover is a curved sign like a crescent moon and would reflect a womam’s body in her rounded parts like face, breasts, hips, abdomen, buttocks, etc. Her body was also in synch with the moon in her monthly periods and waxing and waning pregnant belly.

What is true for womem is also true of men in a derived sense. For example, the penis is straight like an “l” and man has an “o” face and “e” swirls in his hair. But in the original Love mind man came from womam. This is certainly understood by early art and common sense.

So much for the visual aspect of the word-sign “lover.” We now proceed to the audio-sound quality of the word. We have to go by circumstantial and inferred evidence since pre-history was an oral language unlike our writing except insofar as Love was and is written large in the book of nature.

The sound of the word “lover” is straightforward except the letter “o” which needs some comment. The o is soft and could also be written as an “a” or a “u.” However it is written, the sound is a breath sound, the basic sound made by opening the mouth and expiring without shaping any of the vocal structures (as a doctor would instruct to open your mouth and say ah).

The sound of the o in lover is significant because of its fundamentality and grounding in the breath which is the essence of life. Extrapolating the o sound becomes a universal sound of creation; and by inference places the word “lover” at the Source and Sustenance of life itself. Patriarchy stole this basic Love Culture understanding when it said: “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and was God.”

We started with the o sound because it is so primordial and basic, the original vowel so to speak. If it is so, likewise “l” is the original consonant by reason of its fundamentality and universality.  Arguably, the tongue l sound is the most simple, easy and naturally given consonant.

Another easy and uncomplicated consonant is the “v,” the middle letter of lover. The v is sounded with the teeth and lower lip, making a vibration. Vibration is a most general quality of nature and is built into this most universal and naturally given word “lover.” There are other correspondences which would have been apparent to the early minds of lovers who were entwined with nature themselves, such as the vibration of the mouth forming a “v” and the vibrations of a womam’s vulva with her orgasms.

The next sound is “e” in lover which is soft and quite like the “o” breath sound noted above. It references and grounds us in the most basic operating components of language which on the one hand draws from more abstract considerations and on the other hand sets us solidly in physical reality.

The e blends into the final consonant of lover, the “r” which is another grounding vibration made by the tongue and palate. In the word-sound lover we have an experience of fundamental grounding through the vowels of o and e; and we experience a most common vibration in the consonants of v, r, and l.

It should be noted that at the most obvious level these are basic body phenomena which spread to the emotional body so to speak. These body-emotional sounds then further resonate into our finer capacities such as imagination, dreams, mind, will and sense of justice and order. The Love Culture is synchronistic and inter-relational but at base it comes down to language as the prime component of culture.

So much for visibility and sound in and through the sign-word “lover.” What about feeling the word after seeing and hearing it? Yes, our ancient ancestor lovers (who are still with us by the way) indeed did feel the words they saw and heard. Even far down into the age of patriarchy (receding from experience of the love culture) we encounter evidence of people hallucinating stone scripts of Hammurabi, for example, in c. 1750 BCE.

The word “lover” just by reason of its conformity with nature grounded dynamics has vibrational effects on us. We can suppress these influences or we can embrace them but “lovelogically” they are there by reason of their natural placement. The word “lover” for the reasons described here has subtle but unmistakable effects on our physiology, emotionality and other connected systems. Our ancient lover ancestors were pre-tuned and wired into those feelings and perceptions whereas we have largely lost them due to the machinations of patriarchy.

The Love Government is in large measure a restoration project through a “rewriting” love program. By reconfiguring and reframing language we can restore the main lineaments of the Love Culture which has profound consequences for each of us personally. The Love Government outlines many practices of restoration which lie fallow in our consciousness until we activate them by practice.

Our prescient lovers saw, heard and felt the central and sacred word “lover” or some such equivalent in their culture by reason of their language. An interesting question is did they also taste and smell the word. The short and summary answer is “why not”? The word evoked a full body response, uninhibited as they were from all of the learned repressions that block us. Archeology cries out the word “Lover” from its rocks and clay. As early as 30,000 BC there is the Venus of Willendorf and then the millions upon millions of womem hand-held figurines. And that doesn’t begin to tell the story of what went on when lovers didn’t need such props. With the beginnings of patriarchy and its murderous hatred against the sacred rites of womem of the earth such counteracting aids were necessary. In those early times and much earlier back to 100,000 years ago we were able to see, hear, feel, taste, smell, intuit and love the Lover with or without these artful reminders.

For our time the Love Government restores the understanding of what we have lost in the patriarchal “fall of man.” The Love Government does in our day what womem’s love art did in theirs. Womam must rise again and man has the honor of standing beside her. The Christian bible in its naive unknowing has preserved in coded form many of the pre-patriarchal teachings by rewriting pagan sources. We just have to follow the lines of development backwards to the truth. For example, Christ is made to say: “Only say the word and your soul will be healed.” The original Love Culture source would have said something like: “Only say the word ‘Lover’ and your lovebody will be healed.” That Love Body is the Body of the Lover who is in all of us as Love.

The pagan Christian rewrite also has Jesus say: “Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will not pass away.” The originating Love Culture oral tradition of womem would have put it this  way: “The Earth and her heavens will pass away but the word ‘Lover’ will not and from that one sacred creative word a renewed Earth and her heavens will appear.”

4. The Love Sex

The Love Government is about Love naturally and therefore is concerned with sex as love’s primary expression. Womam is the Love Sex and that makes her a natural governess. The reason our world is so confused is that it denies these natural facts; just as it denies the fact of the rebellion of patriarchy against Womam as the Love Sex.

The story is long and tedious to tell but it boils down to one plain fact: man rebelled against love and chose power instead. The rebellion started with killing animals and then led logically to killing womem and other men. There is no other reasonable explanation which answers to the suffering and death culture reigning now.

The Body of Womam is a natural sign of love. However, we have to have a love consciousness to recognize it. The Love Government advocates practices that facilitate understanding of love and sex. A main practice is not to kill animals or eat them or their products.

I have developed over the years from meat at practically every meal to vegetarian to vegan. I have done the latter in order to better reconnect to the Love Culture which thrived for millions of years before the patriarkill (patriarchal) cult began its killing spree. A side benefit for me of veganism is better physical and mental health; and restoration of the Love Culture in me.

One graphic way to see the difference between the Love Culture and the Patrix (patriarchal) Cult is in the contrast of different triangles. The triangle with the tip at the top is quite familiar; popularly associated with a “pyramid scheme.” Those at the top rule those beneath them with subterfuge and force. This type of pyramid is a phallic symbol and the very essence of the patriarchal cult of power.

The other pyramid is not so well known or understood. The inverse pyramid has its tip deep in the earth as it points to the earth rather than to the sky. The flat side, or very slightly curved side in the case of the earth’s surface, is on top.

Symbolically the broad base of the earth along with her natural people govern with love, with their tap root tip planted in the earth’s core. What patriarchy did in its rebellion against the earth and womem is to reverse the natural orientation system and to install themselves at the top of a truly inverted pyramid.

The earth oriented pyramid is a natural and universal sign of womamhood because it signifies womam’s sexual center as well as the earth’s. The pubic hair of womem is a love sign making a soft outline of an earth oriented triangle; and also stands in marked constrast to the erect penis which projects from a similar pubic hair configuration.

The phenomenological facts were obvious to our love culture cousins. They honored both vulva and penis but understood the penis as a subsidiary function of the vulva. In their minds things were relative and flowed together naturally; while in our alienated patrix cult mentality we divide “things” according to their “beingness” conceptually.

The perception and interpretation of nature’s sexual facts have profound effects on our culture and therefore on our individual psyches. The Love Government reorients our minds to the natural facts and their common sense interpretations. The massive lies and denial of the true love facts in our patrix cult today attests to the endemic corruptions of patriarchy.

The patrix has inculcated a deep seated disgust for womam’s vulva which manifests in lust, porn, objectification, trivializing, scorn, squeamishness, jokes, irreverence, shame, guilt, monetizing and a host of other spin-offs from the overthrow of a genuine love for womam’s sex.

The restoration of love involves the recovery of what we have lost, and this applies to women as well as men. The womens’ movement has made some progress but also suffers from a general defeat and rejection because of our cultural prejudice as well as feminism’s rather inadequate grasp of the deeper implications of language, such as the use of the word goddess.

Love governs us and therefore sex does also whether we realize it or not. Love may influence us in its absence and in our rebellion against it. But that is action through reversal. When approaching the truth about sex we run into fierce resistance within ourselves from our patrix conditioning. The patriarchal programming is deeply seated in the body’s cells and neuronal firings. The Love Government assists us in reversing the reversals.

The Earth oriented triangular Sign is a powerful symbol. Great symbols have nearly infinite depths. But our culture and our minds have to be ready for it; and this requires consistent practice. The Love Government gives its version of the necessary actions and then in the spirit of freedom it’s up to us to make our choices.

Each of us is so vastly different in the consciousness we have constructed that it’s a wonder we can get along as we well as we do. Our core convictions are often incompatible but there is a deeper unity that holds us together, deeper than consciousness and deeper than the unconsciousness whether individual or collective.

That level where the buck stops before the doe is the Womam’s Triangle, called the Lovscious or Lovsciousness level. The Womam’s Triangle is no Bermuda Triangle where you disappear but a triangle where you appear in your natural state. Truly this Sign of the Love Sex is our salvation and sustenance.

In my advanced age of nearly 72 (in 2012) I need to listen to this love given sign because it promises life and deliverance from patrix death. In this sign I conquer, not as some Constantine and his Roman cross-sword but as a modern Lovstantine with the three sided Symbol of Love par excellence. In this true Love Sign I do not conquer but govern myself with love.

The ubiquitous red heart figure in our culture stands for love, especially on Saint Valentine’s Day. At least Valentine was no Constantine. What he and most of us don’t know is that the red heart is a sublimated and toned down three sided image of womam’s sexual sign and language derived from  her public hair over her vulva. This is the original heart-core of Love which was moved up to the chest as part of the patrix rewrite in order to suppress natural love facts. The chest is a much safer area for men who fear being devoured by women.

The chest heart was elevated from the unacceptable (and for the patrix despicable) womam vulva sign as a central symbol. Then under Roman Constantine, the triangular heart, situated as it is in the center of the chest, was transformed into a Roman sword sign. The sword planted in the ground resembles a soldier with his hands outstretched, with his arms and torso forming a cross and crossing at the heart. Thus Constantine could truly “conquer in this sign” by crossing out the womam vulva with a Christian chest heart and Roman sword.

It was the perfect storm of patriarchal culture, a triple play of three potent symbols rolled into one military, religious and sexual crisscross. The world has never been the same since Constantine’s victorious triple doublecross.

The Love Government itself is a Sign of the Times with its Moon Heart on its Red Brown and Blue party flag. In this sign the Lover governs with grace and love. I’m one who needs her the most which is why I surmise she uses me. I’m no Constantine but for her I’ll be a Lovstantine to myself.

5. The Ten Commandments of Love

It is a truism that unless we learn the lessons of history we are sentenced to repeat them. The chief lesson to learn from history is that it is a rewrite of herstory. Herstory is the unwritten multimillion year record of the Love Culture which predated patriarchal history. Patriarchy is the “fall of man” which rebelled against the Love Culture and all but destroyed it.

An icon of patriarchal history is the Ten Commandments issued by the reigning patriarchs of the time. These ten commandments are a rewrite of the preexisting unwritten laws of the Love Culture and Economy. The Love Government now rewrites the rewrite to restore the Love Culture which thrived for millions of years. If we are to survive at all, much less thrive, we must engage in a massive rewrite of the lies of patriarchy.


1. I am the Lover your Love. Do not put God, Goddess, Power, Money, Sex, Comfort, Safety, Pleasure or anything else before Me.

2. My Name is Lover, a Sacred Sacrament connecting you directly to Me. Think, say and sing my Name continually with honor and respect.

3. Today is my Day. Celebrate every day as a holy day, a feast day of Love with Me.

4. Honor the Earth, Womem and Children as the primary Signs of Love.

5. Do not kill animals or eat them or their products. Do not enslave them through pethood, experimentation, sport, captivity, domestication or any other exploitation of their freedom.

6. Do not commit adultery with animals by making them pets, slaves or substitute lovers to fulfill your unmet neurotic needs.

7. Do not steal from the earth and her native peoples by evil money schemes of debt, investment, interest, stocks, bonds, dividends, hedge funds, profiteering and other pyramid tricks of theft.

8. Do not lie as you do about 911 which was a global government inside job to justify your phony war on terror.

9. Do not covet (corruptly desire) a sexual partner because I am your one and only Lover.

10. Do not covet material or spiritual goods because I am your only Safety and Security.

6. The Seven Deadly Sins of the anti-lover

1. Patriarchy (matriarchy, power-over, evilutionism)

2. Godism (Goddessism, spiritualism, enlightenism)

3. Carnivorism (eating animals which we are and their products)

4. Pethood (of dogs, cats, horses, cows and all animals)

5. Pornography (objectivication of persons, impersonalism, corporatism)

6. Profiteering (interest, investments, stocks, bonds, dividends, debtism)

7. Power-parenting (obedience training, hyper-control, slapping, hitting, spanking, abandoning)

7. The Seven Earthly Virtues of The Lover

1. Loverarchy (Love as First Principal, principle, cause, source)

2. Lovism (Earth and Womam centrality, governance, matrilineality, communal marriage)

3. Veganism (healthy vegan since vegans can eat junk food and drugs)

4. Free Animalism (partnership, respect, freedom)

5. Personology (dignity, irreducible personhood, sacredness)

6. Giving (sharing, exchanging, simple living)

7. Child-ing (parents honor children, speak truth about their own parents)

8. The Herstory of Love

Unless we understand the lessons of history we are doomed. His story or history is one big narrative of disaster. Fortunately history was preceded by herstory. Unfortunately no one I have ever heard or read really understands herstory and that includes the feminists themselves; otherwise they would not use the word “Goddess.”

The Love Government is grounded in herstory and understands quite well both herstory and history. What we need first is to see the very broad brush strokes of this painting. And we have to accept the facts of historical patriarchy. Patriarchy (the patrix for short) overthrew the preexisting Loverarchy abusing the new technologies of agriculture and writing, and domesticating animals and eating them and their products.

Receding back into the mists of time is that favorite thread of the patrix called hunting. Hunting made men killers instead of lovers. Men turned society from tribes of gatherers and gardeners who ate an Eden vegan diet into groups of predators euphemistically called today “hunters and gatherers.” Hunters turned the ancient law of womem “Thou shalt not kill animals” into “Thou shalt kill animals and men who are not of us.”

Before the full development of patriarchy there was peace and prosperity even into the new stone age. Patriarchs deny this, claiming the millions of years before their reign was “brutal, nasty and short.” This is one of their great lies. Life before the patrix was largely beautiful, pleasant and safe. We have to remember that today we are all looking through the lie-lens of predatory patriarchy. Brainwashed is too nice a word for what has happened to our world.

Herstory is the true telling of what happened before the Big Lie of “Father Rule.” The Garden of Eden is part of her story which was so real that the male elites could not totally repress it; they could only change it to promote their kingdom of evilution. The Love Government taps back into that “million year cultural miracle” called The Love Culture or Love Government. It is thoroughly based on science and reasoned intuition. In sum, it is a wondrous feeling of freedom and joy.

There’s a lot to the story, way too much to talk about here. All I can do is point to it and convey how wonderful it is even in the midst of our collapsing toxic patrix planet. It is still in our bodies and cannot be utterly destroyed. Like Love and the Phoenix, herstory will rise again because it is us as expressed in our Love Government.

Believe it or not, Nature Love will survive and once again thrive because She is not going anywhere, contrary to any non earthly heavens the patrix can invent. The Lover smiles like the Mona Lisa, half sad and half happy, seeing the follies of patrix rape-tricks. There will be a pay-back for the rape of the earth and her earth loving peoples. It’s happening already for anyone who has eyes that can see.

I like to go back in time and space 100,000 years to Africa near what used to be Lake Victoria, our so called birthplace. From there I can see and feel clearly life as it was meant to be. If physics has shown anything it reveals that time and space are useful illusions that can be set aside with practice. We were way closer to love reality then than we are now.

I call the patrix theory of evolution a truer name for what it is, namely “evilution.” Don’t let the glib glamor of technology fool you. It’s only a twitter, a twit, a flash in the pan. To the patrix evolution is some kind of impersonal invisible hand leading us into a rosy future.

The Love Government sees facts all too clearly and expresses it gradually as best it can. With the vision of how things really are and how they are really governed we have a safe and secure feeling like we used to enjoy 100,000 years ago and probably 1,000,000 years ago too. We separated from the chimps about 7,000,000 years past so we’ve had quite a “time” of it before the miserable 10,000 year “hard rain” of patriarchy.

The patrix is getting worse, of course, as it tightens its grip with its money and terror vice. The years from 3000 BC to now were worse than from 10,000 to 5,000 BC. And we have to fear the next 5000 years if we survive at all as a species. But there is always hope; we can change, if only ourselves. And as I just said, we are not going anywhere anyway. Our present bodies will change like the falling leaves but we’re still the trees, and so on metaphorically speaking.

Tune into herstory as the true story. Tune into the Love Government as the true government because it is resonating with that multi-million year miracle called “us.” The first order of business is to see through the pretentious lies of the patrix and its increasingly co-dependent women matrix. We don’t have to go there; we can take up a practice that takes us on another path; we can move toward the ideals of the Ten Commandments of Love noted above. We can change his-story back into herstory.

9. The Family Is the First Government

We seldom think of the family as a government but it certainly is. It is our first and most important experience in government. Ideally the family should give us experiences of genuine love. Sadly, that is seldom the case. Just witness the state of the world.

The impressions made upon us when we were babies and children have deep and lasting effects. In adulthood most if not all of these learnings are unconscious. The Love Government (TLG) talks about issues that are vital. Probably the most vital issue is how we were raised in our first governing family. This area is ignored by society because almost all of us were not loved properly in our families.

This is not surprising because the nuclear family is a subset of the human family, and therefore feels the effects of what is happening in the general culture. TLG talks extensively about the evils and corruptions of our culture because that is acceptable. What is not acceptable is to zero in on families as the cause of evil because it reflects on parents who cannot face their own pain as children.

Nevertheless, TLG must probe into the evil in families which often poses as good. There is a close relationship between the kinds of government going on in nuclear families and in the whole human family of national and global government. This connection must be exposed if we are to survive and eventually thrive.

People easily take out their frustration on governments but this anger is misplaced. They should be angry at their parents or caretakers, teachers, and later on corporate leaders and politicians. But anger against parents is taboo because children are brainwashed to honor and love their parents when in actuality the true and genuine response as children should be to rage against and hate their parents for what they did and did not do to their children.

For the general population it is shocking to think like this but it must be done where warranted because it is the truth. Our health and happiness as individuals and members of society demand that we face these unpleasant facts. TLG fully intends to tell the truth wherever it may lead. Ultimately truth leads to love which is where TLG is heading but we are a long ways away from that now. Getting our bearings and headings straight is at least the first thing we can do. Choose love, in other words.

10. Loverarchy and Patriarchy

In order to understand, we create contrasting ideas. The Love Government takes the highest viewpoint possible and therefore also sees the extremes of things. To really see what is going on in our world we need to take ideas to their limits, while bearing in mind that there are always exceptions to the rule, degrees of application and rainbow shades of color between black and white.

There are two broad and general tendencies which are critical to understand, namely, “loving” and “killing.” These two terms get to the heart of the matter like no others. At the extremes, we are either lovers or killers building a Love Culture or a Kill Cult which has incalculable consequences for us personally and socially.

The general principle stated, the devil remains in the details; the rub is in the applications. The first detail is our relation to animals since we are animals ourselves, and what we do to the least of us we do to ourselves.

The sordid part of our history begins with hunting and killing animals and eating them and their products. The blame lies with men whose blood even today is thicker than womem’s from millenia of eating the flesh and flesh soaked blood of animals. Even one of the Ten Commandments, “Thou shalt not kill (animals)” supports the Law of Love in this regard.

The second application is making a killing with money, interest, speculation, stocks and bonds, dividends, derivatives, debt and other tricks of the money trade. These acts kill the earth and her innocents through exploitation, despoliation and spoils of war grubbing by the rich and wanna be rich. Ignorance is no excuse.

There is no getting around it. We are lovers or killers. There is little middle ground; and many gradations of involvement. Whatever we do has a tendency to support one or the other.

“Archy” in Greek means “first principle, cause, rule, source or standard.” Hence the terms oligarchy, patriarchy, etc. Therefore our only two choices are to join forces with Loverarchy or Killerarchy. We are a part of a loverarchy or a killerarchy no matter what we think about it. In English, there’s a wordplay of “lovers – are – the key,” or “killers – are – the key.” Indeed, lovers and killers are the key to understanding our world and what is right or wrong with it.

The Love Government has the key to understanding because it is connected to intelligent love. We are offered the key or “archy” as the First Principle of Love and the First Principal Who is the Personal Lover. This has powerful implications for our personal and political life.

Ignorance is no excuse. Life acts as life acts, and she always acts in accordance with the Law of Love by fault or default (without fault). If we are killers we will be treated accordingly and if we are lovers we will be conformed lovingly by her law. Words are part of the equation but actions (or non actions which remain actions) carry more weight in the final judgment of Love.

The Love Government aligns itself with Loverarchy first and foremost, front and center, center and circumference, through and through or whatever way you want to put it. The Love Government is not in some popularity contest or vote getting charade; it walks the path of Truth, heading home to Love where the Lover waits with open arms. We are offered a journey of journeys, a game of games and a Love of Loves.

11. The General Idea

The word government is closely associated with words such as culture, society, way of life, lifestyle, worldview and mindset. These are generalizing orientations about how we situate ourselves in this world. We are all generalists even though we have various abilities to specialize.

The Love Government could also be named The Love Culture, Society, Way of Life, Lifestyle, Worldview, Mindset and so on to include eventually a Love Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, Economy, etc. down the line to finer and finer subdivisions. The term “government” is useful because it is in such general use.

In the case of The Love Government, all of these general ideas about ourselves are oriented to the specific idea of Love. Thus the notion of Love becomes the most general idea and at the same time the most specific way of describing ourselves and our world. Love is useful in this regard because everyone in whatever language they express is acquainted with love as a part of their life whether positive or negative.

When we choose Love as our orienting principle Love will organize all else around that central idea. Not all at once but slowly according to how much change we choose and can handle safely. This is management from the center outwards, the top down, the circumference in or the bottom up depending on which metaphor we prefer. When we choose Love as our focus we are likewise desiring The Lover as our Source and Center since She is Love Herself.

The word love has as many nuances of meaning as there are people who use it. Furthermore love carries multiple emotional messages of all types. Love also has a universally understood visual sign in the red heart. However we look at it, whether deeply or on the surface, with a broad or narrow interpretation,  scientifically or artistically, we can hardly escape the influence of this one word Love.

The Love Government makes use of the advantages of the words government and love by taking what we are familiar with and plugging that experience into another less noticeable source, namely The Lover creating a play between the known and the unknown, the set and the variable, the comfortable and the challenging, etc. We think we know what Love is but The Lover is more uncertain and unfamiliar to us.

Development takes what is given and builds something new. The Love Government does the same. It is an old and new idea whose time has come. A new idea does not arrive full blown or grown; it comes like a seed into settled soil. We cannot incorporate the full implications of any idea or seed all at once. If it will at all, it has to grow incrementally and organically within us.

The Love Government sets out the full program in stages. At first we may get an inkling or two and then set it aside for years and perhaps never revisit it. Or we delve a bit deeper and then put that aside. Ideas take a meandering path rather than straight line logicality, at least in nature but not necessarily in patriarchal artificiality which specializes in force and power.

We may get the general idea of Love on an unconscious or lovscious level at first. Only much later might it surface into consciousness. Like a seed, an idea needs time underground.

In our patriarkill/patriarchal culture we have become expert specialists, dividing, killing (often by omission) and conquering until Love won’t have it anymore. We kill ourselves with specializing if we alienate ourselves from wholeness. Even wholeness is wasted if it does not have the taste of holiness. Therefore part of the Love Government rewriting and rewiring program is the restoration of the sacred to the secular.

The whole organism is contained in the seed but it takes proper development to finally mature its fruit. The Love Government presents a program for proper development. That doesn’t mean that every seed will sprout or that every sprout will produce delicious fruit or that the fruit will be eaten by people that can distinguish good fruit from bad.

Love surely loves variety and freedom, so much so that She gives the appearance of condoning evil. Generalist that She is, She includes evil in her overall program of Love so as not to preclude the option of freedom of choice. The Lover does not have the problem of God who cannot admit to doing evil even though God commits evil continually. The Lover is able to do what God cannot.

The Lover through her Love Government presents a certain program for finding fulfillment through the direct insourcing of Love. We have the freedom to accept it or not. She’s not going to force us or manipulate us into doing what She wants. She loves us, contrary to Santa’s rule, whether we’re good or bad, naughty or nice and regardless of our preference for sugar or spice.

12. Love and Freedom

The Love Government maximizes freedom. The first order of business is to get free of oppressive patriarchal governments. We let them go their way and we go ours. We’re not interested in wasting energy fighting them by seeking to destroy their system. Some interaction is unavoidable but we preserve our integrity at all costs.

As for those who are attracted to the Love Government they also must maintain their freedom in respect to the Love Government. Substituting one addiction for another is not helpful. I have made up the Love Government in part because other governments are so corrupt and distasteful. The Love Government is organized but it is not an organization; that would lead to its corruption.

Each of us must make up our own government. That way we’re responsible and free.  I share the Love Government because some people may find things there they can use in constructing their own governance system. Many are perfectly content to accept the government they were born into. I am not, especially in the areas it is most corrupt and harmful. As governments slide further into fascism it may be increasingly dangerous to oppose them but for now in more progressive societies we enjoy limited freedom.

The Love Government is radically different from governments operating under the “point up” pyramid organizational structure which has a few at the top and sometimes only one who rules those below them with power. The Love Government turns the pyramid around to the original natural plan that has the point of the pyramid planted deep in the earth and the flat base at the top.

We the People, We the Lovers and We the People Lovers have the highest priority of Love and this is reflected in the proper pyramid orientation. The Love Government is not only for the privileged few but for all. It’s liberty and justice for all. Without liberty, justice may be too hard; without justice, liberty may be too soft. As always, the happy balance makes us prosper.

Love necessitates freedom. If we are not free we can’t love because we cannot choose. The so called problem of evil is solved in the context of love. The fact is most of us actually love evil as proven by our actions (or non actions). Love gives us the freedom to make our choices and justice applies the consequences of the liberty we exercise.

13. General Principles

When general principles are discussed people who are suffering sometimes feel insulted and can even fall into a rage. Their emotional or physical condition cannot tolerate diversion from their hurt. This also true of society as a whole which is enmeshed in underlying trauma preventing serious thought. Our society gravitates to a shallow stream of innocuous entertainment and crosses its fingers against any rocking of the boat.

The solution is not to deny or repress pain but integrate it into a higher sphere such as love. The emotions might cry bloody murder but they cannot be helped by getting into the pit with them unless some kind of a ladder or rope is provided. This is the role of Love by whatever name is used. I include myself as one of the pit dwellers.

We send Love to those who are suffering and help where possible. But the real help comes from the enactment of the principles of love such as are enumerated by the Love Government. It goes without saying that the suggested actions be sound which they often are not in our corrupt culture. Symptoms may seem to be better but if root causes which proceed from profound general conditions and choices are deflected there is little hope for a lasting change.

Love is not a panacea but it is a wide ranging and deep panorama, penetrating to the heart of evil when necessary. That assumes true love often connected to tough love. Our society wallows in unhealthy emotional states because it refuses to grapple with the real facts of life which can only be identified with a well functioning intellect. We might have gone to the best schools and got juiced in them but if raw truth was off the curriculum our education was sadly neglected.

There is no lack of mentalizing from legions of talking heads from the streets to the rarified heights of philosophy but if thought is not connected to love it is wasted breath as far as real help is concerned. The Ten Commandments of Love found above serve as a short list for actions of real love as envisioned by The Love Government. It’s an understatement to say they would be resoundingly rejected by our culture.

It doesn’t matter who rejects or accepts them if they are the truth. And that can be decided only in the recesses of individual hearts. If one heart resonates with verity what does it concern her if the whole world sells its soul? A loving heart needs no other authority than itself because such a soul is the Lover and she knows it.

In patriarchal circles much is made of authoritative lines of descent. Love needs no such family tree because she is free from the idea that because someone says so it must be true. An acronym for GOD is Greatest Of Dogmatists. Traditionally he has been used as the supreme dictator but his place has been taken over by the Money Dictatorship in modern times.

Love is the supreme authority but she is not a split authority with a schism between God and Man. The Lover is part and parcel of Man while maintaining her integrity. In the natural mind, schizophrenic conundrums do not exist. In Christian dogma the three bodiless persons of an unearthly trinity were so divorced from man that one of them had to incarnate to make the new religion commensurate with a modicum of common sense and human feeling.

The Love Government is compassionate in the literal translation of “suffering with” but it also must speak truth to power; and almost always that is emotional hurt connected to a traumatic babyhood and childhood. What is needed today are mature adults who have worked though their earlier fixated traumas and can hold steady in emotional storms and droughts of neglect.

The dictum is “mind over matter.” True but the answer to the question, “what is the matter?” is almost always the emotions. Without a well educated mind the emotions run aground frantically in the muck and mire of confusion. The mind itself is in the same predicament if it does not align with Love.

14. Love, Evil and Evol(ution)

What is the origin of evil? Evil is the reversal of love. LOVE turned around spells EVOL. Evil and Evol sound alike. Evol is short for evolution. Is evolution evil? The Love Government answers “Probably,” at least the way it is used in our patriarchal culture.

With typical patrix (patriarchal) linearity, the theory of evolution states that we are evolving from point A to point B. If point A was a Garden of Paradise then according to the patrix theory we have evolved past point A. The assumption is we are heading for a more desirable future. This is an unwarranted assumption. In fact most of the evidence of our times indicates we are devolving.

Certainly there are changes and who we are today is built on the past. But to posit a grand theory of evolution is simply self serving fraud and is self promotion on the part of patriarchy. The hidden motive is to justify evolution and to lead us away from the love culture. In other words LOVE is turned into EVOL. Natural development and celebratory death is turned into rigid dogma for predatory gain.

The fact that the majority of people accept the theory of evolution proves only that the majority are uninformed and easily fooled by patriarchal propaganda. Modern patriarchs who place themselves at the leading edge of progress is the height of pride which comes before a fall. Anyone who does critical thinking and reading can see that society and its governments are in a slow motion free fall. Technological progress is only a red herring to distract us away from the corruption of patriarchy.

History is one long story of a fall from freedom. When we encounter self serving elites today who are hateful and punishing because they are lacking in love due to a traumatic upbringing we can trace it back to belief in evol with themselves in the lead instead of love. Because they are so big, corporate elites who control nations get away with actions that individuals would be imprisoned for or executed. In their minds they are too big to fail. So thought the Romans.

The Love Government sees the scam of evolution all too clearly. Evol sucks energy away from a natural life for an unnatural false promise for the future. The lie of evolution attacks the pre-patriarchal Love Culture which existed for millions of years. Most of us are so brainwashed by the programming that we cannot even conceive of a love culture.

Love has nothing to do with the modern theory of evol(ution). It’s the new version of the old lie that if we give up the good life we have we’ll get something better. Of course we’re going to have to pay the leaders of this new way to glory in one way or another. In short, we’ve fallen for evol.

The theory of evolution is the equivalent of the divine right of kings. Of course both theories had false facts to back up their assertions. The kings used to sit on top of the pyramid. Now the same elites with different names are at the top of a diagonal pyramid leading us into the glorious future of the new world gobble-ization order where we are gobbled up as we are globalized. In both cases the people pay the fare with their enslaved lives and lonely deaths.

None of this will make any sense to those who are caught in the lies of the patrix. No matter, truth needs to be spoken even if no one is listening. The words themselves are precious. The Lover changes backwards and forwards, up and down and from side to side while dancing in place. She has no need for a one way street to nowhere. It’s not just that those on that road are lost and miserable but they could be happy and content.

The Love Government does not fall for phony evol theories. It sees the big picture of the Lover who changes and develops but does not evolve as if she needed something to complete herself. Patriarchy needs evolution to keep justifying its false promises and to keep its deluded followers in line. Love doesn’t play that game.

15. Global and Local Depression

The patriarchal culture we live in with its necessarily resulting government cults repressed our natural love culture and therefore produces depressive states of consciousness and society. Depression is a disease of patriarchy. To deal with it requires tons of legal and illegal drugs, constant distracting entertainment and the ever present addiction to war.

Any sane person who has not repressed her own natural feelings will feel depressed. Those who put up a false front of pretense choose not to see what is really going on. They disconnect from it. The Love Government faces these brutal facts of life because it is connected to the Love Source which is the only real antidote to the causes of depression.

When we apply the remedy of love the depression lifts because real causes are being dealt with rather than being further repressed by pseudo solutions. Love is the only force that can deal with depression because we are love and are meant to be in love with our Source as a natural and given state of affairs. Patriarchy overthrew this order of love with its animal killing, meat eating, pet keeping, child abusing, war mongering and corrupt profiteering, to mention only a few of its systemic lies.

In our troubled times with their raging waters of terror and repression of truth the Love Government is a secure lighthouse set immovably on the rock of solid love. It stands at the one safe harbor in a sea of pseudo love and false-hearted lovers. When depression hems me in I reach out for the hand of the Lover and am escorted safely to the secure land of love.

It is said that seeing is believing but I put more trust in feeling is believing. The eyes can easily be deceived but the heart is not so easily misled. I’m talking about the deep feelings of the true heart, not the cheap feelings of sentimentality. To discover such a safe harbor requires the courage to reach out and grasp the hand of help when and where it is offered.

Psychological and economic depression march hand in hand. The visible hands behind the Invisible Hand have been violently depressed and suppressed in their early years and now they return the favor to society. We all feel it because we’re connected by invisible bonds stronger than death. We’ve got ourselves hung up in one gigantic Gordian Knot which only Love can untie one strand at a time. Sure, she could slice it through with her sword of truth but we wouldn’t learn our lesson that way, would we?

16. Language, the Basis of Culture

In liberal, progressive circles there is much criticism of state fascist style governments. The same is true in feminist areas about patriarchy. These bleeding heart analyses are rather soft headed and quite transparently self serving. All the endless talk is designed to preserve a particular niche and avoid real solutions that strike too close to home.

The Love Government avoids such uncritical and self soothing strategies. It strikes at the core of the problem regarding both powerful elites and powerless non-stop talking heads. Actions are needed by individuals who are serious about solving real problems.

In the area of language this means choosing thoughts and words that are love based rather than power corrupted – corrupted toxic words like God, money, meat eating, pethood, debt and war. When such words must be used by lovers of truth they are always placed in a love context. Language thus helps to change culture one person at a time. For example, if God really is Love as the Christian bible says then why not go directly to the word Love and let go of the patriarchal corrupted word “God”?

The truth often hurts. People who love and serve God or Goddess may be hurt and angry by the Love Government’s raw truth telling. But there is too much at stake to equivocate or to remain silent because of good people’s hurt feelings or reactive anger.

The truth is that the words “God” and “Goddess” are tightly bound up with patriarchy, the greatest evil ever forced upon an innocent humamity. People cling to patriarchal words because they experience severe separation anxiety without them. It’s an understandable reaction but if we are ever to taste the Truth that sets us free we must properly distinguish and understand the difference between Love and God (Goddess).

Words form the basis of actions. In a love system we do not serve a God of profit, power or porn but we honor and commit to love as a personal panlovism. We do not eat meat or animal products and we do not keep pets. There is a deep rationale and feeling behind these actions but unless there is some rudimentary comprehension of the principles involved it is useless to present much beyond the opening statements.

Each of us is a universe unto ourselves and it is likewise useless to try to change such a huge universe system in anyone other than ourselves. When we as individual persons practice the principles of love there may or may not be an observed influence on others which is not our primary concern anyway.

Part of the American myth is strong individuals testing their limits on an expanding frontier, a fairly sound metaphor for exploring the realms of love. A true love government is exceptionally strong and requires well developed individualism. The key word here is strong, not violent or even non-violent. If love is required to use force in self defense the action may appear to be violent but it is not because love is always under control of other factors such as justice, reason and compassion. The Love Government never condones acts of premeditated war.

The Love Government advocates clear guidelines with the understanding that few will be able to take on the full measure involved. A thought or desire in love’s direction also counts. For most of my life I was oblivious to what I’m talking about now. Per the Poet, “ah, but I was older then / I’m younger than that now.” Love is not just black and white, she’s all the colors of the visible and invisible realms.

In our corrupt culture most collective endeavors come to naught or worse. Many individuals are so weak and confused they seek solace in collectives of all kinds. But if collectives are composed of such individuals or even one bad apple the whole mass is corrupted in short order. Therefore the Love Government suggests developing individual character first and later if at all considers influencing societies. To put collectives before individuals is not just to put the cart before the horse but to make the horse an ass.

Our species is blessed with a firm foundation of how to proceed successfully. We need only seek the lessons of her-story and avoid being sucked into the lies of his-story. Remember always that our culture looks through a prism (and prison) of patriarchy and has been living in a lie soup for tens of thousands of years. We have ancestors who were real lovers and it is to them we listen for truth and love.

Because we’re so immersed in patriarchy we fail to see how pervasively evil it is. Patriarchy is a hidden, secret government that goes by many other names. The Love Government gives us a glimpse of what we’re missing — in other words, what patriarchy has stolen from us. Loverarchy opposes patriarchy in its essential principles even as it includes and embraces it.

The only way to understand this is to see it from the perspective of a love governance system. The Love Government presents principles and practices which make such an understanding possible. There is a vociferous hue and cry from various quarters about the corruption of our present political system. Rarely does there appear a question about the futility of complaining without a real solution.

If the solution offered does not strike at the root of the problem the pseudo solution is likely to make the problem worse. The Love Government and its subsidiaries represented by the other flags at this site attack the root of patriarchy and turn this “pay-tree-ark pay-tricks” into compost to provide nutrients for the paradise of love’s garden.

There is a substantial amount of penetrating literature on patriarchy which of course patriarchy ignores, ridicules and discounts in one way or another. Because it shows evil for what it really is and thereby teaches what not to do, the words and science of patriarchy are a valuable source of information, negative though it is. A pay-tree rule is radically different from a love-tree rule and unless we understand the root and subsoil of each we will be unable to know ourselves or the world we inhabit.

The Love Government uses both “trees.” Unlike God in the garden story Love does not punish us for eating of the tree of knowledge; she helps us to learn the difference between bitter and sweet. Too much of either can make us sick. Love is bittersweet; however we are so soaked in the bitterness of the profit and pay-tree system, and have so developed a thick tolerance to it that we have lost our taste for true sweetness. The Love Government restores our sense of the sweetness of life. Then we can make an informed decision on how we want to mix the bitter with the sweet.

17. Structures of Love

The Love Government is a structure in itself but it also is contained by larger structures. The Love Government is within the Love Religion which links back to the Love Source (religion comes from the Latin “re-ligere” meaning to tie back into). And Love itself leads back to the Lover herself.

The Love Government is primarily about how we govern ourselves as individuals. What kind of governing structure do we have that makes us what we are? More specifically what kind of consciousness do we have? Our body is a small part of our greater consciousness which is mostly invisible.

Consciousness properly refers to an individual. A group consciousness or the collective consciousness is mostly unconscious in what Jung called the collective unconscious. The word unconscious is misleading if we take the view that everything is conscious in some degree.Thus the unconscious is a kind of hidden consciousness operating below the surface.

There are even greater structures in play. Consciousness rests in lovsciousness which is the impersonal love of the personal Lover. The Lover is where the buck stops so to speak but even then there is no real stopping when it comes to Love or the Lover.

All this will be just words that make little sense for someone who is not doing the basic practices of the Love Government. There must be some kind of order in one’s own house of consciousness to know the potential of consciousness; it has the central meaning of “scio” from the Latin word “I know.”

The full spectrum of consciousness is spelled out in all the writings, pictures and videos of TLG. Consciousness is part of the Lover’s Body which for us in this space and time is intimately connected with the earth. The pattern of thought here is holistic rather than linear; so those of us caught in the strictures of the patriarchal blinder system will have much remedial education to attend to. It’s all part of the game of love and it goes rather smoothly under the order of the Love Government.

18. A Thing of Beauty

The Love Government in whatever words that might be expressed is the only force strong enough to solve the problems of our planet. Other agencies do not address the root evils because these agents are part of the corrupt system. If an individual is serious about ideals of truth, justice, love, etc. she must face the difference between real love and anti-love (or pseudo love). There are several tests that distinguish true from false love.

The Love Government is not a God or Goddess system. In our present power arrangement of money and exploitation of the weak the reality of what is happening is carefully concealed. The global money system is almost pure evil but few are able to tolerate what that means for their life. The  investment racket is killing and plundering way more people than Stalin or Hitler did. In fact Hitler and Stalin were invested with money and arms by the global capitalists of the time. Investment feeds the war and enslavement industries. And yet we blather on about the virtue of  making money while counseling clients to feel good about adjusting to the killing machine. Investing for money is a murderous device and it is certainly not real love for people.

Theology may seem far removed from these horrors but it is right at the heart of the darkness. Patriarchs remove their Gods and Goddesses of profit and porn (objectifying persons) from any real responsibility for evil. The Lover, on the other hand, is with us in all things, good and evil. If the main agent gets off scot-free there is no hope for justice or solutions down the line. Atheists and agnostics are just as harmful as patriarchal theologians if they deny a universal Lover through which the problems could be solved.

There are psychopaths in charge surely but more pertinent is what the majority of us are doing such as killing animals for their meat or the institution of pethood. These are killing and slavery systems but most of us are ignorant of it. We drive around in our big cars oblivious of how that might be driving native peoples off their land half way around the world. We distract ourselves with hundreds of diversions from the only thing that counts which is love of the poor.

Love means facing the ugly facts about our society, not glossing them over out of self protection. Thinking we’re going to escape to some unearthly heaven is a delusion based on a falsely separated and isolated God. Heaven is right here in the actuality of this earth. We’ll never get to heaven by denying its earth foundation. Love is supreme beauty, not the phony veneer of a hypocritical culture. To be real we have to know both love and anti-love, something we’ll never learn from our media propagandists.

The Love Government is a friend who tells the truth that will set us free. When we place ourselves under the Love Government our lies are peeled from us piece by piece. It is not necessarily a pretty picture but it is always a thing of beauty. The way of truth is not for the faint of heart but for those who want their heart filled with love. This priceless opportunity is so simple that it is easily missed. For those who do find the narrow path there is no other way to go.

Placing ourselves under the Love Government is a radical act. It is a viable alternative to our suffering and death culture. The Lover shows the way and leads us step by step. I lived for some seventy years under the Patrix system and have come to know that it is not a love system. Any love within it is by the grace of the Lover and the love of ordinary people, falsely attributed to some Godlike protector. Another name for God is Patriarchy with its unholy trinity of power, profit and porn, the three p’s in Pa’s pod. That is not to say that there are not any true lovers living within the patrix system where they can demonstrate and test their love more definitively then under a more comfortable arrangement.

The terrors of the power, profit and porn triumvirate are so embedded in us that it’s almost impossible to gain enough perspective to see it. The lies are everywhere piled miles deep in onion like layers. Only the Lover can pierce and peel these deadly layers off us, not without tears of sorrow and joy. God cannot do it or he would have by now. Pa Patriarchy and the three p’s don’t even try because that are the cause of evil. In time the Love Government will reveal the truth and grace us with the release of freedom.

The most helpful  practice is to focus on the Lover by saying her name, seeing her in our imagination and mind and feeling her in our body. It’s like falling in love with another person but only much greater and more secure. This personal love of the Lover is what patriarchy tries to kill off by substituting itself and falsely calling itself love. The ongoing rebellion of Pa Patriarch and his three sons is the cause of our suffering. Denial is his first defense but Love easily penetrates those walls.

The Love Government is an ideal government and at the same time extremely practical. None of us will measure up to its high standards but that is no reason for discouragement or guilt. The ideal is meant to serve us, not exert power over us. Our failures can be as valuable as our successes. By the same token the Ideal Lover ought to bring us joy and security, not regret over what we seem unable to obtain. Getting into the Love Government is like falling in love with an ideal mate. It’s most often a gradual process of testing our ideals against the reality of our own shortcomings. Feeling lasting joy and pleasure are signs of progress along the road of love.

Our crime based culture is flooded with toxins. In order to survive we build up tolerances. We adopt false beliefs like life is suffering and death forgetting that our body changes but we do not die. Instead of examining our delusions we cover them over with pious platitudes like being rewarded in heaven for our ignorance and carelessness here. We brush off the quiet desperation in our hearts as temptations of weakness. We go to our graves thinking it was the best we could do.

One thing is certain: there is something terribly wrong with the way the world is going due to the ignorance and moral depravity of humans. Yet we continue on with bromides and rationalizations that lack any problem solving capacity. Tired old solutions are dug up out of the bins of history and dressed in new clothes. They didn’t work then and they aren’t working now. The Love Government presents a workable solution but our culture lacks the ability to grasp it. Truth is truth, however, and if enough seeds are scattered some will find good soil and take root and sprout.

Adherents to the Love Government are genuine messengers of freedom. This necessitates avoiding agents of the power system as much as possible. Toxic mechanisms such as money often must be used to survive but exposure to such sickness must be minimized. Direct confrontation with authorities is useless. Revolutions are almost always funded in some way by the money power which soon perverts any real change to the status quo. Love challenges the very basis upon which power operates. Each individual must scour and clean her own soul before thinking of having an influence on the world. One neglected area will grow back stronger than ever. Half measures will not do.

It is important to distinguish between persons (embodied souls or spirits) and the anti-love structures they have built and live in. Otherwise we end up condemning persons. In fact people who labor under unjust and unloving structures prove their love by resisting the evil about them. The justice of natural structures must be proclaimed for the sake of truth but at the same time great mercy must be exercised towards those caught in the dark alley of deceit.

The Love Government takes care of us with justice and mercy. The difficulties we have may be the results of our actions from previous lives. Love sees to it that we learn our lessons without crushing us under the weight of what we deserve. When the tests come we do ourselves a favor by accepting them as gifts. Trials, tests, and troubles are designed for our greater joy and happiness. Sometimes that’s hard medicine to swallow but under love’s direction what is bitter will be turned to sweetness of body and soul.

The character of the age is overwhelmingly patriarchal. This is an apt term which strikes close to home and therefore results in denials of all persuasions. Most educated professionals have extreme difficulty moving from particular instances to general conclusions when they have something to lose. Courage might be a word they have heard but it rarely derives from their personal experience. A loving character and a patriarchal one describe opposing tendencies.

The Love Government is nothing without the attachment to the supreme and universal Lover. In philosophical terms she might be said to be the whole and the parts. In psychological words she is a compound symbol for all of us. None of this really matters if there is not a deep and profound feeling of love for her whether in her wholeness or partiality. All of love is embodied in the word “Lover.” In that one word is contained the whole reality of the universal and particular Lover.

Moreover words convey by their meaning and emotional energy the realities they signify. That is why the supreme reality of the Lover has very different effects from patriarchal theology’s Lord God. The former evokes love by the very word Lover and the latter calls upon power by the name God. Regardless of their conscious efforts at mitigation, the harmful results of words themselves act below consciousness and result in a terrorized world ruled by the fear of power.

The Love Government advocates going directly to the proper words for ultimate reality, Love and Lover, and to leave off the patriarchal terms Lord and God/Goddess entirely. For religions it would mean an uncomfortable massive rewrite but love for the world and her peoples demands just such a project. Patriarchy rewrote the language of the love culture in its rebellion called the fall of man; and eventually this false theological rewrite must itself be rewritten. When it is recast the death grip of patriarchy will be broken starting with language and we will experience our original freedom in the primal lover culture (and corresponding government). (May 4, 2011)

19. A Calling From Deep Within

The Love Government is a calling from deep within the individual usually as a result of dissatisfaction with power based governments. It is important to understand the difference between a government of love and a government of power. There are similarities but there are deep differences. Love speaks with an inner authority while power commands with external force. The greater power by far is Love but in our culture of power this is a hidden truth. To legitimatize itself a power orientated society claims to be motivated by love but this is a false assertion. Love and power are two different systems of governance with very different histories and motivations. Power governments are hierarchical with some kind of a god at the top of the pyramidal structure whether it be God, Goddess, Reason, Money, Survival, Comfort, Pleasure, a False Lover or Whatever. Power operates in a power over mode which is exploitative and oppressive. Love is an intimate relationship from within based on harmony and natural rhythms of pleasure. The ultimate authority of power is the ability to kill life. Lovers are not killers in their essential nature. The fundamental difference between lovers and killers is glossed over and carefully hidden in our present patriarchal culture. It is practically impossible to understand what is really happening in our political world without taking up practices that enable us to see the truth. In my own process of development I have taken up certain practices in order to test my theories of love. The chief one is to use the word Lover (or Love) instead of God or Goddess. Words have an emotional sound vibration as well as a mental meaning attached to them. My experience is that words do make a difference even if the person using them instinctively translates one to the other such as translating God to Love as the Christian bible does as if they were equivalent. I believe this is a patriarchal sleight of hand based on my personal experience and reading of history. The vast majority of us are doing something to support the unjust system which we oppose with our words. In other words our actions contradict our words. Common use of the word God is just such a contradiction. God goes by many a name besides the historical religious one. In our day Money, Power, Science, Technology and Others are chameleon shifts designed for the times. Even Atheism and Agnosticism are God based reversals. What is denied in these cases is Love if it is not already corrupted with false pseudo love. The primary reference point in The Love Government is The Lover. What would take volumes to deconstruct mentally is immediately sensed by a lover by reason of the vibration of those words. The Lover cuts through the massive smokescreen of words constructed for thousands of years by our love denying culture of killing. How this is done is an exceedingly long story but that’s it in essence. There is no lack of words most of which prevent actions that would actually produce love in our world. That is why practices of love trump words. Saying and thinking the words Lover and Love with genuine understanding and devotion is of course an action although of a more subtle nature than we ordinarily notice. Watching our words for their personal and emotional effects as well as their cultural influences is a first step. Much more needs to be done but without knowing what we’re doing when we think and speak will undermine subsequent efforts. The patriarchal patrix is exceedingly clever with a strategy to fulfill its goals as long as history. It has succeeded in almost entirely overthrowing the love culture and government which preceded it. That is no mean accomplishment: to enslave us and at the same time convince us that what we have is freedom. To defeat the patriarchal lie system we need only tell the truth to ourselves by choosing words that go directly to the heart of the matter. Without holding fast to the only center that holds we enter into confusion, especially between God and Love, a confusion intentionally fomented by patriarchy. Patriarchal power is the enemy to Love as far as we are concerned. As far as Love is concerned she has no real enemy per se since she is all inclusive, allowing what we call evil to enhance our greater freedom and good. (Nov. 30, 2010)

20. Stream of Love Consciousness

I am The Lover your Love. Do not put other lovers or loves before me. My name is Lover. Do not take my Name in vain. My Body is The Love Government. Do not be afraid. The anxiety you feel in your chest or your deadness of feeling is just your inability to communicate with Me because aspects of My outer Body are apparently blocking you in your perception from what you think you want. When you are separated from Me there is fear or lifelessness. Yes i am fearful. i don’t know how to do this. i feel powerless and stuck. i am doing this and yet i think that i am not. i don’t even know what the Love Government is and yet i think i’m doing it. You are. You’re making Me up. Don’t forget that. Take full responsibility. You and I are lover and Lover, i and I. Language is the royal road to the Love Culture and it’s a high wire road from which you can fall. There is no need to fear because the Love Government is a lovenet beneath the wire. I talk in circles because Love is a sacred sphere. i don’t know what to think or rather i feel fearful of what i think. Thinking is sometimes based on fear so don’t be surprised that thought and fear may sleep together. Align your thinking with Love and you will be fine. I am The Lover your Love. Do not put fear or thought before me. Say my name, Lover, to cast out fear and to recast thought in the lovetext of the Love Government. i feel angry, frustrated and ashamed of myself. i just want to be with You and enjoy You. i don’t want to deal with this stuff. i just want to be with You. This stuff is also Me but it’s farther from My Heart. Return to my Heart. Then My outer body will not disturb you. Say my name, Lover. Hear it in your heart body. Feel Me touch you in your breath as if I were masturbating your whole body. See Me in the light pattern behind your closed eyes and in what is before your open eyes. I am Life, Light and Sound. There’s a war going on in me but when i do what You say it settles down. Still i doubt and fear, and even doubt, fear and get angry at You. you crave Certainty but your war culture is founded on fraud which is a false certainty. Your only Security is in Me but to be Certain of that you have to bridge the gap between you and Me while keeping the difference. In that regard you do create Me. Take full responsibility for making Me up. Without the balance of taking total accountability while leaving Me free to be who I am you ache from the great separation, the great hurt. Your history has turned the original Love Government into an anti-love war government. The Love Government will restore that lost paradise when each you and I is turned into an Us and back again. My Name is the link between you and Me because we have the same Name and name. Upper case and lower case is a convention to keep proper borders and differences and to avoid confusion. i am often confused but when i feel Your Love that confusion falls away. There’s always a play between one and two and all numbers unto infinity and beyond. i sing Your Name and mine. i feel Your Breath and mine. i see Your Light and mine. i understand the difference and the sameness and the special case in between. i love You. I Love you. Vive la difference. Long live the difference and the sameness. Such is the game of love. Such is the reality of the love government.com where the dot both separates and unites. i say Your Name which is my lifeline to You and yet i doubt whether You are real. i believe i fear intimacy with You. My relationship with You may end up hurting me such as embarrassing me before others. The relationship with Me threatens the very structure upon which your culture is based. You live in fear of Me because I will remove the fear which defends you from falling in Love. Embarrassment is only one of the many defenses against love of Me, another one of the faces of fear. Love casts out fear. When you are in Love with Me there is nothing to fear. i believe what You say. Fear is like the smokescreen surrounding the Truth of You. As the Poet said: When the arrow is straight and the point is slick it can pierce through the dust no matter how thick. Your Name is my straight arrow and slick point. I use it to pierce through the taboos that surround You. The Poet also said: The rules of the road have been lodged; it’s people’s games you have to dodge. My heart is lodged with You; i have to dodge my own games or they will dislodge me from You. It’s up to you. Every choice is a change. I choose You with every thing i do. And every choice will have its own challenge. You test yourself every step of the way. The Love Government is a straight arrow that flies in a circle coming back to the place from which it started. i say Your Name. Lover. My Name is the Game. The Game of games. My Name is your link to the original Love Government. It pierces through the smoke and wipes the dust from your eyes so you can see clearly. i feel like crying and letting my tears wash my eyes clean. I love you. That’s the essence of the Love Government. What’s true for you is true for everyone else and all other beings. I am the Sun for every solar system and so are you when you’re in Love with Me. This Truth is a stream of consciousness which needs no paragraph breaks. It’s a steady stream saying the same thing over and over. The beginning, middle and end have the same message. i understand. i feel the fear and the freedom on the other side of fear. With your Name i pierce through the dust no matter how thick. Lover. Lover. Lover. i love You. i tremble. i hesitate. i am thrown by my fear, doubt, judgments against myself and others including You, loneliness, anxiety, worry and a thousand other attacks on my mind and emotions. yet when the clouds clear i feel traces of Joy that can only come from You. The closer you come to my Heart the more intense are the resistances. They are part of the game of love which ebbs and flows. The Love Government is all of us. I am no hierarchical patriarchal God lording it over you. I am on your level totally. I am you as you in your wholeness. I am a compound Symbol of all of Us. There is a difference between you and Me just as there is a difference between a part and the whole, yet there is a seamless weave between them. The Love Government is a relationship between all the parts and the whole. The patriarchal God governments that control your world today are based on power without love. The fear, doubt and anxiety you feel are the walls of rebellion that prevent you from falling in Love with me because when you do the rebellion is finished. When you attack those walls the walls attack back. In the heat of battle keep saying My Name: Lover which is also your name: lover. Lover is what we say to each other in the depths of despair and in the heights of joy. i thank You my Love. Without You i am lost. You are my rock, the womb in which i rest, the arms within which i love. You are my security behind those walls. You are my strength in front of those walls. When my heart fills with You i can hardly tell if it’s anxiety or joy that i feel. One seems to be the reverse of the other. There are always two sides because only Love exists which is a relationship. The philosophy is neither one nor two, neither not-one nor not-two but one and two – and three and four to infinity. I am the Whole and the Holy Strong One within your heart as one, two, three, four and more. My Name is Lover and My Game is Love. My Heart is the Center of the love government dot com where the circumference and everything in it is not different from the center except in the difference. I talk in a womam’s circle rather than on a man’s straight line because the times are changing back to what they once were before the great rebellion. I don’t need paragraph breaks because you can jump into the love stream at any point. The river of love is always the same and different. Power wants to divide and conquer. Love wants to flow like a lover. i can only say: my Love and my All, my Lover of All, my Love and my Lover. Without You there is stressed out complexity with the ever increasing threat of collapse. With You there is true government with Love at its center. From that heart center i can see the Truth because i see with Your eyes. i am in Love with You. i used to think that being in Love was being in God but now i see the difference between Love and God. i can pretend they are the same but that equation is a patriarchal con. The God game is breaking down because it has no truthful or real foundation. As an individual i have to act as if i were the whole. When the entire God based patriarchal system breaks down there is no place else to go but to myself where You are too. In that love relation i meet everyone else who is in that state of lovsciousness. This is my experience. There becomes a blending with You wherein You and i speak as though we were the other. In this manner i am able to stay within the sacred sphere of the Love Government where i am governed by Love. i choose to serve the Love system rather than the God system. It gets very subtle and i believe my ability to navigate those waters is the result of my actions such as using Love’s name Lover, not eating animals or their products and not keeping pets. The higher the vibration the finer are both the distinctions and the conjunctions. Diet and freedom in your relations with animals makes a powerful difference in the inner reaches of Love. When you are traveling at love speed everything counts. Small differences become vast galactic gulfs. Although I contain them I am no God or Goddess, words introduced by patriarchy to confuse love with hidden power agendas. God (and his co-dependent Goddess) is the capstone of your false world’s pyramid scheme. Love and Love only allows you to cut through the Gordian Knot of spiritual fraud and that involves the lesser frauds of interest money, pethood, animal based food and other patriarchal practices. Love Me and love All. Love Me and see All the deviations from a government that is sustainable and imperishable. Words and practices form a seamless weave if true and rip the fabric if false. Without the standard of a love government you enter into confusion and thereafter into terror. I am the Lover your only true Love. When you forget that you forget who you are and what you are about. Your culture has fallen under a spell of delusion because it has rejected Me. It has substituted a God/Goddess cult for My Love Culture. The pyramidal God cult is a rebellion against the original Love Culture where a womam’s triangle with the tip planted solidly in the earth has been flipped upside down. Like light rays inside your eye see the world upside down and you see truly. Patriarchal pyramids and transcendental theories of linear evolution are false flag operations expressed by the formula: EVOL = the reverse of LOVE where evol is short for evolution. As a corruption of love evol is an accomplice with evil. This is all information embedded in the functioning of a love government. The governments of a false world are all patriarchal and all fly the God flag even in the reversal of atheism and the neutrality of agnosticism. God is still the reference point by reason of denial and non-commitment if the action takes place in a non-love framework, in other words ostensibly outside my Body. I am not against God nor am I denying his existence. I am placing God within the truthtext of love. I am rewriting the rewrite of patriarchy. All the Patriarchal God systems and the subsystems such as those headed by Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Allah, Money, Commerce and Evolution are houses built on sand if they are not underwritten by Love and signed and sealed with the name “Lover,” the living sign of Me. i hear You. i cosign “lover” under Your Name. Understand the difference between a Love government and a God government. Love results in a culture of Edenism; God (or Goddess) produces a cult of Elitism. You and I are equal and different because we have a love relationship. The hidden master behind the God government system is patriarchy. Patriarchy creates elitism with God as its chief symbol often disguised as Power and Money. Under God men lord it over each other, playing God to those under their power. In patriarchy God is the lead organizing ideological flag for all underlings in tow. In loverarchy all of us consider ourselves equal with differences. No one in the system of governance lords it over anyone else and plays God-like power games. In your patriarchal world the main game going on is Edenism vs Elitism. Elitism ultimately leads to a cult of killing and war through the imposition of power over natural laws of love. The elitist evil began with killing animals and eating their flesh. In the beginning under the love government you ate fruit; under the God government of patriarchy you took to eating flesh. This is the Fall of Man. Fruit is food for lovers; flesh is food for killers (by commission or omission). i am gradually learning the truth of what You say. i have been eating vegan and sometimes raw vegan and that practice is influencing how i think and the values i choose. My energy is becoming finer and more discriminating. i am intentionally linking to the million year love culture by reason of what i eat. i begin to feel my ancestors who lived and loved in a warm natural environment where they didn’t have to work but could simply pick most of the food they ate from trees. In such a love setting their main activity was loving nature and each other. In those blessed times we all shared the over arching consciousness of love governance. We all made love with each other sexually and otherwise. Rape, object porn, war, work, greed, lust, sin, jealousy, animal killing, pethood, domesticated slavery of animals and women, money, the killing of the earth and the thousand and one other evils of the patrix God system were unknown. Mature womem governed without exploiting or oppressing. Men understood that womem were meant by nature to maintain the inner circle of love for themselves and the community’s children and men were to provide the protective outer shield. Such a love governance system thrived for millions of years when we include our hominid beginnings. Patriarchal men became jealous of womem’s abilities and made the first moves to overthrow the womam love government culture. They began with killing animals because like womem jealous men could shed blood and not die themselves. Killing animals led to blood lust and power addiction. To justify and cover their guilt patriarchs created gods and eventually God who demanded the sacrifice of animals and eventually men too. To this day the twin towers of patriarchal elitism are killing and slavery, (death and domestication) manifested now mainly by the eating of animals and their products and the institution of pethood. The evil of banksters and warmongers is obvious to any critical mind. What is hidden from view is what ordinary folks are doing all the time to support the killing and slavery system. The love system is based on the notion of lovsciousness which means the state where i know love. No class of men is needed to act as a go between. The lovscious (as opposed to the conscious and unconscious) is not concerned with Godness, omniscience, omnipresence, power, authority, hierarchy, etc. The state of lovsciousness is a means and an end in itself. Love undercuts the patriarchal God system. Love can operate within the patriarchy or outside it. Love is free. The Love Government is also free. Love is not afraid of evil because evil merely acts as an enhancement to the joys of love. The truth of this becomes self evident the more one falls in love with the Lover and all manifestations of her government even what we perceive as extreme evil. To each individual’s experience who embraces it the Love Government becomes a living, breathing, organic process of development complete with its own trials and tests. The Lover – lover relationship lies at the heart of the Love Government and from that sacred place influences the world at large. (November, 2010 at various dates)

21. Love and Therapy

In the Love Culture therapy was unknown because it was not needed. Love was in abundance and overflowing. In our culture we lack love and therefore therapy has become a big business to fill the vacuum and make us feel good. We are all seeking love which we failed to get from our parents or caretakers as individuals; and what we failed to receive from our culture and government as social creatures.

Institutions such as religion, science, education, politics and business at their base are also seeking love and good feelings; however they are twisted and distorted because of our abuse and neglect in modern families and far back in patriarchal history with regard to our species.

The Love Government teaches that if we really want to feel good and know our purpose in life we need to go where it can be found and stop seeking love in all the wrong places. My experience of 72 years (in 2012) young is that love is the only way to go and that The Lover is the one to whom we go. After all our meanderings in the therapies of life we will come home to that fact.

Love by any other name is still love; and the Lover by any other name or situation is still the Lover. This truth is the solid rock of reality which we can discover the long and hard way or the short and easy way on the highway of love. We can go to the Source and enjoy “cruising down the river” or we can fight our way upstream bruising ourselves on the false promises of pretenders and the pretensions of false profits.

There is a truth to the biting sarcasm of a some therapists as “the-rapist.” The determining factor is money. A love therapist does not charge money; the rapist therapist does charge money and thereby is aligned with our corrupt money culture. The very act of taking money teaches the client to adjust to money and through money to a corrupt culture.

I know this goes against the grain of our accepted practices and that it is insulting and threatening to those in the business but I see no way out of the logic of the situation. Buying therapy cannot possibly work in the long run. It makes us feel good by adjusting to the idea of paying for good feelings. It undercuts the necessary confrontation with patriarchy by trying to buy love. Of course we can rationalize the practice of buying love but that does not make it right or workable.

True love is freely given and freely received. The Love Government does not adjust to societal evil; it fights it tooth and nail. If money is exchanged in a love interaction it must be done with complete freedom, full disclosure and without hidden strings and manipulations. I suppose a therapist could conceivably accept donations for services if it were really free; but it would be difficult to avoid the hypocritical ploy of “suggested” donation in lieu of “free” donation.

Old age priests and new age pretenders have a covert understanding with their supporters that leaders like themselves have to eat so money is surreptitiously brought into the arrangement making it no longer free. It gets tricky because unless money is backed with solid love it is easily corrupted.

The sticking point is that in our culture almost all of us need money to survive. This was not the case in the Love Culture before patriarchy. So it becomes a matter of personal integrity to use the least amount of money possible and therefore to live as simply as one can. By doing so we align ourselves with the natural earth rather than an artificial, toxic and unsustainable civilization.

How we do this varies but always we are led by love. How do we know it is true love? The Love Government spells out the standards of love clearly: use the names of Lover and Love rather than God and Money and more importantly act in the name of Love and The Lover; do not eat animals or their products; do not keep pets including horses or deprive them of their freedom in any other type of exploitation; do not take interest on money or go into debt; and follow the Ten Commandments of Love as suggested here by TLG (The Love Government).

This is a short list. The full program is in the process of being described on this site. Just because we can’t do it all is not an excuse for not doing what we can even if it is as small as thinking “Lover” once a day instead of God or Goddess. It’s not all or nothing but all and something. In our toxic Patrix (patriarchal) Culture we can only catch glimpses and act on the traces of the love culture but under the circumstances that is doing a lot and one way to turn the tide of the planet.

Love is the only therapy we need and is always free with no strings attached. Real therapy has nothing to do with “the-rapist” who in our world today is the hidden and deeply disturbed Pa Patriarch with his three sons Power, Profit and Porn, three peas in Pa’s ego-Pod. The Lover and her Love Government on the other hand is “La Lover” with her three daughters of Love, Light and Life in La’s Earth Body.

Everything we do is intended as some kind of therapy to make us feel good, even the twisted acting out of perversions. We desperately try anything even destruction of ourselves and the planet to get Love’s attention. Therapists are in the helping business to find the love they themselves need. The same can be said for religions, science and the whole lot of cultural imperatives and empire delusions.

In my 72 years (in 2012) I’ve been a “meta-fizzle” trying every possible meditation and practice trick offered by hooligans and shysters. None of it worked, not really. All my time, energy and money came to naught in both old and new age religions and secular therapies.

Finally I had to design my own religion, therapy and government from the best of my experiences. So far it’s working but it’s too early to tell if it’s a flash in the pan or genuine gold. I sure don’t want to be a gold digger but neither do I want to overlook the real thing. I need to know the difference between fool’s gold and true gold.

The essence of the Love Government’s therapeutic side is to think, say and sing the Lover’s name and gradually phase out the patriarchal toxic names of the gods of religion, money, science, politics, etc. because they are all corrupt, irredeemably so. Don’t believe me or TLG; just look at what’s happening in the “real” world.

The Love world is what’s real but then we have to distinguish real love from “steel/steal” love because the latter will steal real love and in the process give us a steel heart in place of a real heart.

Besides the name of reality there is the game of reality love. That involves practices which relate to animals, diet, money, sex and the world in general. It’s a tall order that takes a lifetime to digest, and probably more than one lifetime. Time was created so we can enjoy each little bite and digital byte bit by bit.

Truly Love is the one and only therapy and she’s no surreptitious “rapist” but a realist in a world of rapacious rakers for money, power and sex. Love is free and therefore it is relatively rare.

22. Heaven Is the Earth

We will not have heaven on earth until we realize that heaven is the earth. Patriarchy divides heaven and earth in its divide and conquer campaign to achieve power and total control. The patriarchal patrix makes a hell of a heaven by separating heaven from the earth.

Old and new religions fall for this patrix bag of tricks. In denying the personal and whole Earth Lover, atheists, agnostics and secularists also support the matrix-patrix complex. Our poor suffering earth is in a hell of a mess due to these false philosophies and wicked worldviews.

As far as we are concerned in our bodies and consciousness, earth is where the truth resides, not in some patrix controlled heaven separated from the earth. This pernicious hoax undercuts any real happiness and security because it is not real. It is a compensation mechanism to escape the hell we have made out of what should be heaven.

Materialism and spiritualism seek to escape responsibility for their evil neglect. One of evil’s ploys is inflation of language, as well as currency inflation. Heaven, nirvana, and a secular evolutionary paradise are such inflating destroyers of language. They are nothing but speculation on the part of lost and miserable patriarchal minds. They don’t know how to create happiness and make love on earth so they invent an imaginary heaven or evolutionary end point.

The mixed up evilutionists appeal to circular arguments of authority. God or Science say so; therefore it must be so. The projected thought circles back to its souce in the unhappy minds of earth hating men. Whether we like it or not, all of us are earthbound. If we deny this basic truth, we have no basis on which to (under)stand, except the false exit strategy which fails to relieve our pain.

Oh, we are experts in pretending that it does. We cover the pain with lies a mile deep and go to our graves with a frozen smile on our lips. But our bodies do not lie; they tell the truth in our miserable deaths, even in the best hospitals money can buy. The truth is free and will have none of it.

Death is vastly different in the Love Culture and in the Evol Culture. When we’re in Love the death of the body is a joyful community event accompanied by an even stronger presence of a lover with her loved ones. When we’re in Evol we die lonely and fearful, hoping in an after life because we’ve never really lived this one. It is said that when Death comes she must find one fully alive or she takes the half alive soul to a half dead state for remedial education.

The worst tyrant or insulated power monger believes he will be rewarded in his kind of heaven, even if by the nothingness of nirvana or the cancellation of existence. He isn’t aware of his earth denying state. Killers believe they will be rewarded for their killing, so violently have they severed their ties with the earth. They do not know that if they kill, they will be killed. The Earth Lover is just and there is no escaping that love fact.

If we do not have joy on this earth, we will not find it is some wished for heaven. That is purely speculative, gambling thinking from arguments of authority which circles right back to nothing but wishful thinking. All the bible dogma and evolutionary theories reduce to false desire based on rejection of earthly joy.

The Love Government feels the Joy of an Earth centered Lover and the sadness of an evol directed anti-earth attitude. The elaborate texts of church and state as well as the pronouncements of modern priests of science and their legions of groupies do not trust the earth and especially distrust earth grounded womam. Their convoluted denial mechanisms are anti-earth to the core.

TLG knows how to penetrate anti-love’s thick defenses. Love and Joy scatter sophistries and specious vacancies with simple joys and graceful clarity. We just take up the practice of Love as presented by The Love Government and enjoy the sweet sour taste of joyful sadness and sorrowful joy.

23. Parents from Hell

The Love Government offers real solutions to real problems and exposes the truth about societal taboos and untouchable sacred cows. TLG deals with pain rather than suppress it or run away from it. We must face the truth about our parents at the individual and cultural level. Given the state of our culture, most of us have had parents from hell.

The real hidden class war is that of parents against their children. That’s the core meaning of patriarchy: father rule over children, and of course over women. Men treat women horribly but both men and women gang up when it comes to their kids. Remember that unlike adults who have developed thick skins (crusts) of protection, infants and children are raw and sensitive where every influence makes a deep impression on their growing bodies.

TLG rewrites the fourth commandment which mandates children should “honor their parents” or else. TLG says parents should honor their children or else we get what we deserve which is happening before our eyes even though we try to blindfold ourselves.

The list of parental sins against children is mind numbing in its extent. Children should be born in a loving home, nestled in the warm arms of a community embedded in nature, not in a cold, sterile hospital for the sick and dying, attended to by unfeeling men whose first intent is to make money and avoid lawsuits. Children should not be drugged through their mothers, first touched by strangers, removed from their mothers to be weighed, sometimes slapped, swabbed with disinfectant, blinded by bright lights, assaulted by noises and circumcised, etc. etc.

Children should be put to the breast immediately and not bottle fed at all. They should never be removed from their mothers because they feel it as abandonment. The mothers themselves should be healthy and relaxed so that the birth is a joyful, painless experience for both mother and child.

Patriarchy is absolutely horrible and cruel in its treatment of helpless innocents, and parents are complicit in these crimes. After birth, follows the horrors of controlling the child with slaps, frowns, hits, mean words and in extreme cases beatings and sexual abuse. Even the best of parents manipulated children out of their adult unmet needs and fear of the prevailing cultural norms.

After graduating from the nuclear family’s unnatural dysfunctionality, comes the spirit killing obedience training of schools. Children are yanked from what little genuine home life they have to be further molded into robots by private and public schools. For what? So they can get a good job, make money and bring honor to their parents.

The sins of the parents are visited on the children not just to the seventh generation but to all generations. Children are not born killers; they are made that way by their parents, teachers and caretakers. Stalin and Hitler had terrible parents and so did the faceless elites murdering millions today.

When children become parents they do to others what their parents did to them. Sure there are exceptions and degrees but the rule of society is “spare the rod and spoil the child.” Under the ramifications and self deluded congratulations there is parental fear and the need to control children.

Despite the fancy words and specious arguments, parenting today does not produce love but power and control. Look at the state of the world which is a direct result of the upbringing of children. We can’t see it because we are blinded by our own upbringing and education plus all the harmful practices The Love Government talks about in these pages.

It all ties together and makes perfect sense if we don’t try to escape the pain of our upbringing with all the pain killers our culture so vociferously advertises for money. The way we treat our children and every child on the planet through neglect and uncaring will come back to our doorstep. We ‘re going to have to answer for every drone that kills a child because of us and our lifestyle.

The Love Government reminds everyone of us of child abuse in some degree, if only by refusing to look at the murdered child in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa or wherever. If we’re not grieving for some child now in our heart, we’re not real and we’re certainly not lovers. That is what TLG is up against; it’s a big challenge but The Love Government is up to it because it’s directly connected to Love.

24. The Long View Overview

The Love Government takes the long view overview which can be obtained only through the lens of love. Such vision was traditionally called philosophy which literally means: love and wisdom, both feminine qualities. Like they do everything else, patriarchs corrupted philosophy by perverting it for their neurotic power needs.

It’s time to restore philosophy to its rightful place of describing love and wisdom in practical terms. TLG does just this. It challenges the false philosophy of the patrix and also the notion of theology which literally means the word of God. God is the problem because he is a patriarchal creation of father rule. Feminists speak of thealogy which shows how mixed up they are with conforming to theology.

There is no need to repeat here what has been said repeatedly in these pages. But it is necessary to repeat that we need to see the long view in terms of a whole overview. Otherwise we are blind idiots stumbling around in the dark which pretty well describes the state of our culture. Nothing really works if we cannot see or feel the truth.

The Truth is a personal relationship with The Lover who is the Way, Truth and Life. If that sounds familiar, it is because patriarchy lifted it from the Love Culture where it referred to The Lover. Jesus supposedly said it but Jesus is a made up Greek name using numbers associated with Greek letters. I call Jesus She’sus to indicate the Jesus is a composite figure of speech to serve a cultural, philosophical and political end.

So is The Lover for that matter. The difference is La Lover is grounded in earthly truth and Jesus is not, except for what his creators stole from the pre-existing Love Culture. Interestingly, borrowed male figures like Jesus and Krishna have decidedly feminine features which makes sense if they were originally women from the Love Culture and Religion.

The original Love Philosophy was based on a relationship, not a being because love is a relation. La Lover is a relationship of all of us together which we bundle together with a composite whole Symbol or figure to represent us. The Lover is not a separated being in heaven. She is Relationship between us as all of her parts and her as the whole/parts.

To grasp this philosophy we have to see with our whole body, especially with our feelings. We feel the Lover in our body. She is not intellectualized in our head as the patrix does with the God Head. La Lover relates to us and all of us relate to her. That’s it in a nutshell. There is no need to label her with concepts according to an ontology of being. That’s a pay-tricks / patrix trick.

Patriarchy separates us from the truth by insinuating itself between us and the Lover so it can charge money and thereby get us to pay for their taking over the world. It’s a devilish scheme; and we’ve got to get high enough in love to see it. This in turn can only be done by practice, practice, practice.

In The Love Government, we practice the fundamental love relationship with the Lover by saying her Name “Lover.” But that’s just the start. Then we work on the practices of love such as not eating meat, feeding pets or taking interest. These are earth saving acts of love, absolutely necessary if we’re ever going to fall in love with Love Herself.

All parts of TLG work together and come together at the point of Love; all the flags on the Flag Page fly in the Name of the Lover. So as not to miss the forest for the trees it is essential to take the long overview which is nothing short of a personal relation with The Lover and her Love Government, Culture, Way of Life, etc.

Such reality is based in Truth because it’s fully grounded in the earth and its “herstory” that predates his-story history. We need this understanding of herstory if we are to avoid being tricked and defrauded by the specious lies of the patrix. La Lover (The Lover) gives us the true philosophy of love and wisdom.

25. Individualism and the Last Frontier

The Lover is an Individual. She serves as the model for all other individuals. A humam person is an individual. We get to know our own person and others mainly through their “sound,” the words they say and the vibrations they give off. Person literally means “through sound” from the Latin “per” and “sona” as in “sonar.”

The Lover is a word-sound. Literally she’s a word you look at on a piece of paper and “sound” in your brain-body. The word Lover gives off a vibration which we can tune into if we have the capacity. The Lover of course is much more than that. The word-sound is a pointer to that greater reality.

We can only know the Lover through our own individuality because She also is an individual. Unlike a separated God, the Lover is part and parcel of us as individual persons. We must be an  individual to know her as an individual. The Lover is the supreme reality which is a personal relationship, not some impersonal nirvana, void, heaven or energy field.

We love our heroes and heroines who are strong and vital individuals. Here in the US we still like to think of ourselves as heroic individuals on an expanding frontier. However the reality of such romantic ideas is all but washed away by the advance of corporatism with its armies of robots and clones. The individual person is being swallowed up by collectives of all kinds. Corporations have even gotten the US courts to declare them persons with the same rights as human persons. It’s an insidious corruption that is a buy product of patriarchy.

The Love Government is composed of strong individuals who are in relation with the Lover. She is a projection of each individual who sees the Lover’s reflection in each other individual. Together, such lovers make up a community of individual lovers. Never, under any circumstances, are such free individuals dissolved into an impersonal corporate church, state, corporation, nation or family.

Individual lovers are standing on the edge of the truly “last frontier,” the frontier of Love. They are not gunfighters from Dodge City in the Wild West but lovelighters from Love City in the rising East. As free and fulfilled individuals they light up the darkness of society so that incorporated clones can rise from their dead graves as reborn phoenixes.

It’s a romantic picture based on the necessity of opposing the grim business of patriarchy. Necessity is said to be the mother of invention. The western settlers of the US were a hearty and brave bunch of individuals according to the myth but they were dreadfully ignorant and cruel to buffaloes and Indians. We, the new explorers by contrast, love the earth and her native peoples and would not hurt or harm them.

We are expanding the limits of love which we soon discover to be limitless. We also run into lawless killers who like the gunfighters  of old murdered Indians and buffaloes alike and would do the same to us if we have resources they covet. The new “bad guys” are the corporate cloned corpses who are out to destroy us and the earth through their globalization project to turn free individuals into corporate slaves.

What can we do? Probably nothing unless Loves shows the way. If we are truly “in Love” we are perfectly protected and guided. Our own individual circumstances of how that happens will be uniquely our own and different from anyone else’s. TLG individuals are not cut from a monolithic, totalitarian cloth. The Lover loves freedom, hence the nearly infinite variety in her kaleidoscopic Spice of Life.

TLG respects individuals as persons, beginning right from conception, and even before since eggs and sperm should ideally be coming from free and authentic individuals. The birth should be natural and relaxed in an earthly home, not some inhospitable hospital run on a business plan with drugs and technologies not at all suited to individual humam persons. The parents should want their children to be free and expressive rather than obedient slaves to the parents’ own unmet neurotic needs. And so on to adulthood in a love governed culture, not what we have today, communistic totalitarianism posing as free market democracy.

Is it as bad as that? No, it’s far worse. We don’t think so because we’re so deep in denial. We don’t want the truth; we want to be left in peace. Some peace that is. The situation is so bad that corporate complexes of all stripes are the death knell of individualism, at least of individualistic lovism.

We have to fight fire with fire and deal with the devil because that’s the nature of the beast. The very word “government” is a two-edged sword. So is the word “love.” That’s the point and the edge. Only as fully integrated individuals in love can we tell the difference, much less tell the truth. The Love Government understands this and will be with us when the deal goes down.

26. Self Love versus Self Punishment

The Love Government insists that we face our pain, especially the traumas of our early upbringing. As adults we idealize our parents and our own childhood to escape the painful facts. This strategy will not do, not if we want to be mature lovers and fulfill the purpose of TLG.

One of the cards in The Love Government card deck is the “Child” card with its polarities of “magic” and “tragic.” We need to face the tragic part of our early years if we are to have any chance of being authentic persons and lovers who can access their own “magic” potential.

We were all raised to conform to sick societal standards. We were made to be obedient boys and girls rather than fulfill our individual yearning for joy and loving self expression. Most of us grown ups cannot accept that brutal fact, much less take the hard steps to correct the situation. We live in a patriarchal patrix culture which demanded that we get “obedience training” in our nuclear families where we were quite literally “trained” like the dogs that frequently co-inhabited the same premises with us.

As adults we have internalized the voices and values of our parents, teachers, caretakers, peers; and later our churches, politicians, bosses, media propagandists, science experts, doctors, bankers and a multitude of other “authorities.” Lost in the machine of all this shaming, guilt tripping, threatening, punishing and obeying manipulation is the small infant and child who was lost in the shuffle, frowned upon, slapped, spanked, shaken, beaten into shape and otherwise abused, sometimes sexually.

Most often we were “used” to take care of our parents’ own unmet needs. These sins of the parents are covered up by the fourth commandment: “Honor your father and mother” and a whole slate of taboos and subtle threats. To an infant child those actions are life threatening. Rather than feel it, they take all this societal parentally administered sickness and turn it against themselves, blaming themselves rather than their parents and the patrix-matrix culture that backs parents up.

Now enters the Love Government and its practices of love, one of which is not to honor parents who dishonor their children. TLG says the fourth commandment should be changed to “Honor thy children first and foremost.” This goes directly against the cultural grain even though it is the truth. You can see what a huge cultural monster TLG  is up against. As individual lovers we are going to feel the full force of this patrix matrix evil corporate complex on our spirits, minds, emotions and bodies. The patrix will make us sick and eventually kill our spirits, minds, emotions and bodies unless we resist with all the resources and will power we have available.

The Love Government is here to help us in this war game of love versus patriarchal punishment. It’s the biggest game and story going but few have any inkling of what’s afoot. We prefer to read the mainstream or alternative media propaganda to keep the peace and our repressed lives suppressed lest they cause us pain and trouble by resurfacing again what we suffered in infancy and childhood – anything but that. We carry very heavy burdens, and even weightier are the massive rationalizations, excuses and lies we have to keep telling ourselves to keep the truth submerged.

TLG is for freedom, joy, life and love. It stands in stark contrast to the anti love governments we support, the very ones who are killing us. When we set out on the path of love, we need to know what we are up against. Most of the opposition is not “out there” but inside us where we have repressed and internalized it. Only love is strong enough to overcome the tactics and tricks of the patrix. True self love can and will defeat the forces of self punishment.

It’s actually good news when these enemies of love surface within us because they expose themselves to love. We might feel terrible but if we have been practicing the art of love according to TLG, we will endure the rough waters. Practice, practice, practice is the key to surviving stormy weather, even perfect storms when we feel all is lost. Feeling is only one card of 52. We have 51 other cards to help us out when we fear drowning in bad feelings.

Tough love is not easy; pseudo, false, sentimental and selfish love is easy in the short run but these love lies will catch up with us, and don’t buy the lie that we can escape to some heaven or to a state of nothingness. We are here on this earth for the duration of our falsity, until it is scoured and cleaned to the satisfaction of the Law of Love, not the lawless law of greed money, patrix profit and patriarchal power.

Love is what’s real but in the minds of unreal people nothing is so artificial as love. We have to know the difference between love and punishment; and that we can only know by taking up practices of love; meditation and prayer are not going to cut it. Old age murmuring and new age meditating are not going to work; they’re avoidance mechanisms that lead to a void. The Lover and her lovers are real but how on earth would we know that unless we’re the Lover and her lovers ourselves.

TLG doesn’t care what we say or do as much as it cares about truth. The skies, stars, hills, valleys, sun and moon have more “truth” in their cells than humans who adjust to living in patrix prison cells and blindly calling that the good life. Self punishment learned in homes become the wars, 911 inside jobs, police states, homeland security operations and fear managed false flags of terror. The Love Government flag flies in the face of these self terrorized Wall Street terrorists who think their pet like “obedience training” can tell them which way the wind is blowing. Only lovers can see the winds of love blowing free and clear because they see through the punishing lies that once held them prisoner.

27. Personal and Societal History

When certain areas of life are closed off to inquiry and made the subject of the severest taboos, you can be sure there is something of vital importance kept hidden. Two such subjects are a person’s early history of infancy and childhood and society’s early history with the same metaphors of infancy and childhood.

The  Love Government smells a rat when it comes to these foreclosed dark pits. The rat is patriarchy and its power program of totalitarian control. If we want to be authentic lovers we need the courage to peer into our dark pits as persons and members of society.

It’s painful and threatening to face our own shadows and demons. It’s no wonder that we seldom do it to any great extent. In most cases when we were infants and children the demons that were causing us pain were our own parents and caretakers. Since our very life depended on their love, we could not see them as the devils they were. To survive we  had to shut that area down tight.

To make sure the darkness of our parents didn’t come to light, we idealized them into loving gods. If someone were to blame for our nightmares, allergies, fears, tantrums and illnesses, it had to be us since our parents were always innocent. We carry these lies to our graves rather than face the awful truth.

The same is true with history and pre-history. As a species we were born in joyful and healthy innocence, as babies should be in a natural environment. This is the mythical Garden of Paradise which just happens to be a mythical truth. But then some  of our ancestor parents began to turn killers starting with animals; and it was not long in planetary time before parents turned  on themselves and their children.

Most people stop their ears as this point. They don’t want to hear it. They have all kinds of ways to shut themselves off from the truth. It’s like the case of 911. The evidence for it being an inside job by our own government is overwhelming and it’s easily available on the internet. But all leaders of society, many who know better, lie through their teeth and put on the most sickening hypocritical display of deceit known to man. And the majority go along for the ride.

TLG speaks the truth. If it were widely accepted in our lying culture, there would be cause for concern. No, truth is not a pathless path; it is a straight and narrow path which few follow. She’sus said it was like a camel going through the eye of a needle. She underestimated. Truth is more like the space between electrons with an elephant trying to squeeze through.

In my very recent personal history I’ve had the good fortune to come across the works of Alice Miller who writes about childhood trauma caused by parents. With her help I’ve experienced my repressed pain and the freedom resulting therefrom. I can now see much better and feel more genuinely the sickness of my parents and the society standing behind them. They both died in their mid-fifties of cancer, my mother from cigarettes, alcohol and drugs and my father probably from my mother.

I can now feel my hatred and rage towards these two poseur parents of mine without guilt and idealization. I see the truth and the truth sets me free; it’s painful and sobering but it’s real. I’m sure there’s more to come because my 72 (in 2012) years in this body has been one big lie. Of course there were bright moments; no life is all black and white, all wrong or all right.

I’m grateful to The Love Government for playing its part. I’m also grateful to myself, particularly to my inner child who did not totally succumb to the parental punishments. I can remember some of the resistance I put up: the tantrums, fighting and anger. I don’t remember the hatred but that will probably come out in time. I’m proud of my infant, child and teen for surviving with my integrity larely intact. Now we can go from “survive” to “thrive” together.

28. Tyranny of Weakness

Tyranny is not true strength but a compensation for weakness. Tyranny is an abuse of power. Real power comes from Love which is filled with caring and the desire that all individuals enjoy the fullness of freedom. Tyrants have not experienced what real love is and so they resort to what they learned from their parents and teachers: tricks and strategems to substitute power for love.

We can easily see obvious tyrants such as Stalin or Hitler but it’s the hidden ones that really cause the worst problems. The bankers and mob bosses financed Hitler and Stalin early in their careers. Those kinds of hidden hands are worse than their hired hands and front men. The same thing obtains today with corporate tyrants pulling the strings of money to kill millions while these same tyrants are safely sitting in plush offices or in cubicles manipulating drones half way around the world.

Then there are the petty tyrants all up and down the patrix pyramid of power, tyrants in the workplaces and in the homes of the nation, lording it over subordinates and children. True love treats those who have less power with respect, giving them as much freedom as possible. But tyrants have a hole where their hearts should be which they attempt to fill by manipulating others. They can criticize and emotionally confuse their victims but they themselves will answer critcisms and anger directed at them with concealed hatred and dissembling argumentation.

It all goes back to lack of love which causes all kinds of distortions and contortions of spirit, mind and eventually the body. The Love Government advocates going directly to Love to solve these seemingly insoluble tragedies. Those of us who can, must take up real practices of love for ourselves and also for those who cannot. We are all connected, and therefore we are all lovers who taken together are The Lover. It seems that many will not be able to recover love in this lifetime but we don’t really know what effects our actions have on them.

Tyrants need love but they hate it violently because they perceive that they were denied it. They are caught in a bind from which they never appear to escape. It’s tricky but we have to accept our own rage and hatred at those who terrorized us even as we hold fast to the Love that allows, and even demands, that we feel our hatred and rage. What separates a lover and a tyrant is not the rage or hatred but the love the former has access to and the latter does not.

The ultimate tyrant is patriarchy which uses front men like God, Money and Power to rule instead of love. God (and God-Money) makes himself the center of attention because he is so weak and lacking in love. God needs worshippers and their money. God needs sacrifices, obedience, constant attention and attendance from his subjects to take care of his needs. So does God=Money. It is a tyranny of weakness, changing itself into brutality when it can get away with it. Sometimes it’s naked aggression but most often it’s kept carefully hidden which increases its power.

The secular God is Money. The religious God and the secular God work hand in hand. We don’t know it and that is the tragedy. We defend God and Money like we do our parents because at one time we were children who could not live without them. We were helpless before their abuse of power so we were forced to suppress the truth.

But now we are grown up adults or will be. TLG can assist us in breaking free of our childish needs and fears. Love is stronger than death, fear or parental and patriarchal power. God and God=Money cannot set us free because they are the antithesis of freedom and love. Atheists and agnostics think they can be free of God but God hooks them by changing his name to Money;  or fear, comfort, pleasure and so on.

The Lover is none of these things. In fact, she wants to manifest herself in her component parts who are lovers, all of us. Concepts, signs, symbols, figures and icons like The Lover and Love are created by us out of self-protection from the likes of patriarchy. When patriarchy is defeated and recycled, these ideas, governments and concepts will no longer be needed and we can return to our natural condition as lovers in Lover Nature. Until then, signs, symbols, writing, concepts and even consciousness are necessary tools in the interim.

If we cannot tell the difference between Love and God or between a tyrant and a lover, we are deeply caught in the patrix lie trap. The Christian bible conflates God and Love which is the Big Lie which causes all the confusion down the line. Democratic societies say “in God we trust” and “in Money we trust.” Such conflations also create confusion which is intended by patriarchy. Even benign Gods like Krishna demand sacrifice, obedience and war. The threats for non-compliance are more innocent sounding but they’re basically the same as more “honest” systems.

Tyranny could not survive if it did not deceive first. The Big Lie is very slippery and difficult to get a handle on. That is why The Love Government uses words and actions. To clear our minds, we need practices like veganism, non-interest bearing money, debt-free lives, pet free relations and energetic language like “Lover” and “Love.” Tyranny is insidious and closer to home than we think. Freedom is more conspicuous the closer we get to home. When we get to home, and we could be there right now, we won’t need the Lover or her government. We will be lovers with each other.

God, on the other hand, will never give up his rule, and even if he did dissolve himself into many gods, we’d be right back in the authoritarian tyranny game before those gods condensed themselves into one God. God is a needy bastard of the patrix-matrix complex. He is a bastard in the sense of being outside the legitimate law of love. If he does get back in line with love, well, he would no longer be God.

What is said about God is true for his more recent reincarnations as Money, Power, Porn, Profit, Tyranny and the never ending War on Terror (read War of Terror). How is this Gordian God Knot to be untied? It’s a long range project to say the least. Or it can be cut through instantly if we have the sharp sword of love in our hands.

TLG has such a sword but caution is advised because it cuts both ways. We must face our pain if we are to enjoy pleasure; we must embrace our sadness if we are to have joy; we must confront tyranny if we are to have freedom; we must go into the darkness if we are to reach the light; and we must express our rage (at least to ourselves) if we are to have courage.

Courage is a blending of “cor” and “rage”, the rage and hatred of the heart, directed at the evil which kills love. Only this kind of love which includes hatred and rage can free us from tyranny. It’s a paradox, true, but a true paradox nevertheless. We don’t have to dump our emotional garbage on people but we do need to experience these emotions within ourselves and integrate them with overall love.

Political and corporate tyrants on top of the pyramid scheme as well as petty tyrants on the lower rungs deserve the hatred and scorn of true lovers; otherwise no words have any meaning which drives us into the swamps of modern liberalism, new age sophism and the impersonalism of all ages, a fate worse than death.

A person once wrote: “Give me liberty or give me death.” He could have stated: “Give me freedom and the death of tyranny.” Since Love is stronger than death, she is stronger than freedom itself because freedom is an impersonal concept while Love is the personal Lover, who we can call “Love” or “Lover” in personal terms. In The Love Government, by whatever name we use, we call upon the One Lover who is true and real.

29. Art and Artificiality

The Love Government and its various interrelations is a Work of Art. But art itself is “art”ificial in the sense that it plays off Nature. Artificiality holds up a mirror to Nature, the assumed real thing. The presumption is that art is closer to reality than artificiality. We get involved in a revolving door situation quite quickly when we ask where did nature come from, and isn’t nature then a work of art by some artist?

Language itself is a series of overlapping metaphors which are ultimately self referential. I created The Love Government to meet my unmet needs. To do so I played off words that I previously learned. I chose The Lover as the centerpiece of my masterpiece because it seemed reasonable and had an attractive emotional appeal. So far it is working in bringing me the love I desire.

The Love Government appears to be a self-projection which I have created. But there’s more to it. I can further ask what is the self and the I? What does it mean to project a projection? It appears at first that this whole work of art came out of me. But what about all the people who taught me through their words, persons and writings? Haven’t they in some way been part of my art? Aren’t I part of their art?

I have taken the word “Lover” and made her to stand for all of us. How real is she? Is she but an artifice? She is also taken as the Whole which sounds like God without all the patriarchal garbage. “Lover” has a whole different sound and vibrational effect than does “God.” And who is to say that She, The Lover, is not creating me as her work of art even as I am creating her as my work of art?

This  kind of circular double talk drives patriarchal minds crazy. They want to straighten the language out and line up their conceptual ducks in a row. To establish order and control they create a “chain of being” that assumes a pyramid shape with God at the top (or Money in our secular culture). They then proceed to make the claim that this super-natural God revealed himself and his plan to them which mainly involves obedience to him (and them) as the center of attraction.

Patriarchs create their own form of circular reasoning. They create God who creates them who creates God, etc. But wait, there’s more to it. Patriarchs get dizzy in a womam’s circle dance so they stop the circling with a declaration imposed by force. God started it all in the beginning they say. Their truth is a fiat proclamation, and they proceed to hide the fiat. Thus the Big Lie is born; and becomes the dogma of Revelation. Anyone with half a mind can see the power game that is being played but most of us have considerably less than half a mind.

So what are we left with? There is no revelation from outside our circle of experience except by the false force of fiat. It is because we say it is. Then we have faith in our own fiat assertion. This approach too is our work of art. The question is: how well does it work? What are the results of what we create? As the Christian bible put it when borrowing from the pagans before them: “by their fruits will you know them.”

TLG produces fruit of love, not war, money, slavery or any other thing. Love is based on evidence, not fiat. The evidence shows that Love and Love alone works to produce joy, happiness, peace, order, harmony, and etc for all of us. This “truth” is subject to endless debate since we all have heavy emotional investments in our particular brands of truth.

We’re always involved in a circle, and a womam’s circle at that. Nature is circular and spiraling; and so is art. Straight lines are at the far end of artificiality and have to be forced into shape by straight shooting minds. When we resort to force to stop the circling, we’re dead in the water. Patriarchs are living dead because they appear to be alive but they’re dead because they’ve denied womam’s life giving waters.

TLG cannot be taught any more than Love can be taught or bought. TLG and Love can only be caught naturally like a sail catches the wind when it is opened properly. So with our minds: they have to be open before the wind. Closed minds are sails closed up in a box or tightly bound to a mast by ropes. It may be art all right but a highly restricted type.

30. Let the Dead Bury their Dead

The Christian bible retains much wisdom from its pagan predecessors and from the Love Culture preceding them. Jesus / She’sus said things like: “Come follow me and let the dead bury their own dead” and “You must leave your relatives and friends if they will not follow.” The Love Government stands in the tradition of following a straight and narrow way and leaving those who follow “the broad way that leads to destruction.

What are some of those narrow ways which TLG advocates? Use of the names “Lover” and “Love” instead of God and Money is one. Respect for animals by not making them pets or slaves to human neurosis is another. Another way is not promoting the killing of animals by eating their meat or products.

There are many more subtle “ways” of narrow path love that deal with psychological truth within ourselves and in relation to others. We can easily fool ourselves and be cornered by the patrix with its deceptive bag of tricks. If we’re not doing the basic practices outlined above, we will not have the clarity or strength to resist the pull of a corrupt culture.

That heart ruptured culture is exceedingly strong and experienced in handling deviants from its norms. We need to find a way to avoid society’s soul deadening vice grip while respecting the powers it has on its own level. We must simply walk away from those who would drag us with them into traps and dead ends before we get too far in. As the mythical She’sus said: “Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”

Family and friends can be our worst enemies if they are securely embedded in the mainstream culture. We can enjoy their company while being wary of their undertow. Sometimes it is necessary to confront them and endure threatening and dramatic scenes but most often the real confrontation is within ourselves dealing with our fears and past conditionings from parents and teachers.

The good news is that the Lover is with us, and if we have been attached to her by our practices, all will be well despite troubling circumstances. The Way of God (Money) is that of obedience and submission. In the short run that has many allurements and benefits but in the long run it is destructive, even though we may go to our graves believing we are saved and enlightened.

The way represented by TLG is that of freedom and love. The price of freedom is not only eternal vigilance but earthly vigorous actions that go contrary to established norms. We don’t want to enforce our way on anyone, including ourselves but we do desire to embrace the Way of Love as fully as we can.

Love treads the narrow way of tough love and tender love. The Love Government is TLG, Tender Loving Government and Tough Loving Government. The Lover has our hand in hers as we step along the narrow bridge overhanging the abyss. There is nothing to fear when she is near. We swear to God on a thousand bibles that God holds our hand, too, but it’s simply not supported by the evidence as attested to by what’s happening all around us under his rule of money and power.

We can say that God is Love but the facts of our culture and upbringing contradict this assertion. We deny or idealize the brutal facts of our patriarchal world to prevent the pain of our anger at God and his surrogate parents because we feel in doing so our very survival is at risk. If the facts are squarely faced, we are up against God as a killer rather than a lover.

I have much experience with God. I was raised Catholic and became a priest and monk. I left that way but in a few years joined a new age religion and became ordained and initiated again. I learned that old and new age religions are not about genuine love. They are about surreptitious power, sex and money.

Closer to home, consider that our modern culture of money, sex and power is a religion in everything but name. There are similar rules, punishments, priests, rituals, taboos, obedience training upbringing, dogmas, sacred texts, courts, propagandists, police, military and all the other accoutrements of old style religions. The modern state has morphed from sacred to secular with the skills of a chameleon.

If we play the patrix game or walk the matrix way, 99% of us are pawns, slaves to the kings, queens, knights and bishops living in their castles higher up on the patrix pyramid. As lovers in the Love Government, we walk away from that wickedness scheme, at first perhaps not physically but eventually in all ways.

Of course it’s scary, lonely, fearful and threatening to buck the system of the God Almighty buck but if we’re truly committed to Love, that Love Way is one of Fun and Ease. The proof is in the pudding but not unless we eat  it. The Lover feeds us nourishing food. The Killer feeds us poison that tastes like sugar. Rats would never eat the bait if the taste did not deceive them, nor should we.

The Love Government is not a Kill Government nor a Bill Moneymint. TLG is Tough Loving Grace and Tender Loving Guts. Long live Love!

31. Lover Earth Order

The Lover Earth Order (LEA) is the original, natural plan for man and womam. The New World Order (NWO) is the latest in a series of plans to supplant the natural order with a man made scam.

The difference between the two is obvious to anyone who wants to look but few choose to do so because we are programmed not to see the true facts. The Love Government (TLG) speaks truth to power and tells it like it is. We as individuals are given a clear choice as to which order we are going to support.

The metaphor of two triangles with different orientations will make the point. The NWO triangle points up and is the one we are most familiar with. It is commonly called a pyramid with a narrow tip at the top and a broad base at the bottom. The pyramids of Egypt said to be tombs of kings are a vivid example.

Patriarchy (the Patrix-Matrix complex) built these pyramids according to the model of their Old World Order which was rule from the top down by powerful men and femen. Under the top echelon were lesser men and near the bottom were slaves, children and women.

Today in our NWO culture the same arrangement is in place although obscured by politically correct politeness. The medium of power now is fiat money whereas before it was hard gold. Before, order was enforced with swords, spears, horses, etc. whereas now we have guns, bombs and drones, etc. The essentials of the patrix have changed little for millenia.

The same scramble to get as high on the pyramid as possible is going on today. The same self induced blindness to the bodies one has to climb over on the way to the top remains. The Love Government calls this whole value system and procedure into question with its proclamation of true love versus false power.

The alternative choice is an earth based triangle which points down to the center of the earth. This is the original and natural orientation modeled on womam’s sexual and procreative center, her vulva with its covering of pubic hair.

For millions of years the love of womam was the “loverarchy” which held us together. The rebellion of man with his erected penis pyramid of power overthrew the love order in what is referred to as the “fall of man.” The Lover Earth Order was violently overthrown by a succession of New World Orders, the latest being the modern New World Order of Globalization.

The latest version of NWO’s is distinguished by being truly global or world wide. The other refinement is fiat money made simply by the “will” of man and imposed by a few men and femen on everyone else. The game is the same. A few men at the top imposing their will on those in the middle and at the bottom.

With TLG we have a choice and that choice is momentous for our individual and societal good or ill. Much hangs in the balance. Every patriarchal civilization has collapsed eventually and the new NWO will probably not be an exception. The “too big to fail” theory now applies to the whole world, and is as unsustainable as ever.

The Lover Earth Order has proven itself to be sustainable over millions of years until relatively recently (10,000 years ago) when it began to be suppressed by patriarchy. But even at that, Love has not by any means been obliterated; it has merely gone underground until the time is right for Love’s Second Spring.

The good news is that we can enjoy Love’s Spring right now by engaging in the practices of TLG. We don’t have to wait for culture to change. We can change our own individual culture inside ourselves. Such a procedure is not necessarily easy or fast but it is sure and certain in the long run. We can save the earth by saving ourselves. There is no other way.

The Lover Earth Order will come to pass as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow. The new NWO will collapse just as surely, either slowly into a brave new world prison house or quickly by reason of a nuclear holocaust. Such an assertion is backed by hard evidence, not soft headed speculation.

The patrix propaganda claims we can escape to some God or Money or Nivana Nothingness heaven after an earthly dearth. These are false dogmas designed to cut us off from our earthly roots. The Earth and her heavens is where it’s at. There is no escape from that fact even though a million patriarchs swear so on their sacred bibles, texts and constitutions.

Love and Love alone will last.

32. When At First We Deceive…

…What a web of lies we weave / From our senses we take leave / When we decide to believe.

I made up The Love Government out of a desire to understand the truth about love. It happened gradually over the years. One thing led to another and now TLG is taking on a life of its own. It’s important that I acknowledge the origins of The Love Government or I will end up deceiving myself and others.

I made up a government I could live with because I came to see that other governments were little more than liars and thieves. I made up The Lover because people also are liars and thieves. I include myself as one of the liars and thieves.

When I don’t tell the truth, I lie. When I don’t act justly, I steal. I desire to be free of these deceptions and unjust dealings. I want The Love Government to be free as well.

I want Love. I desire The Lover. It’s impossible to fulfill my wants and desires without truth and justice. Or so I believe. The only way I can see to know for sure is to test my beliefs in the real world of hard knocks. When I get hit over the head often enough I begin to face the hard facts of reality.

Love after all is a relationship, not two separated beings. So am I and Love, The Lover and myself, two in one. I fall into deception when I deny myself or my Lover; or my “I” or my “I’s” Love. Such is the evidence of my senses, such as they are now.

My body and senses do not deceive me unless I force them to do something they were not designed to do. I can free myself to believe and go against the evidence of my senses. I can force myself to believe various authorities, from parents to patriarchs, rather than to trust the authority of my body and senses.

Therein lies the first deception. I separate from myself out of fear of punishment, particularly loss of love. I shut down my senses rather than risk abandonment and subsequent death. I’m talking about myself as a baby and child. I’m talking about origins, when the problem first starts, when the webs of deceit are first spun and when I am beginning to be undone.

Individuals and cultures mirror each other. The Love Government is part of the Love Culture which is composed of individual lovers, past in the present and present in the past. We now have the ability to conceptualize ideas such as The Lover and The Love Government, thereby drawing many lovers into One Lover.

And herein lies a danger that we can deceive ourselves if we separate the individual lovers from their conceptualized unity as The Lover. The individual bodies do not lie but the universal concepts can lie and deceive and thieve.

A true lover does not deceive nor does a true concept, symbol or sign. But a killer of truth can deceive and so can his concepts. We can trace the line of deception from concept back to killer or lover but it becomes increasingly difficult as more and more lies get piled up on top of each other.

I now trust nature rather than some supernatural God. I used to trust what authorities told me about God, Santa Claus, life and love but no more. I have at last come back to my senses. My feelings do not lie. If I’m sad, mad or glad, there’s a good reason for being so. I accept the feeling and usually the reason is eventually understood.

Ever so slowly I am recovering from the lies and theft of my natural knowledge. It’s not a full recovery; far from it. But I’ll take anything I can get in the way of love through truth and justice. Gradually I’ll put down in writing in these pages what I can recover. The rest I’ll have to flesh in as best I can.

I’m sad about the severe loss but that sadness can lead me to the cause, and the cause can be corrected even if only at first by imagination and idealization. The puzzle can be retrofitted until a beautiful picture of our origins reappears from the broken apart pieces. It’s a slow but sure process of recovery aided by The Love Government.

33. Lovsciousness

I coined the word “lovscious” because of its feeling, sort of like “delicious” and “nutritious.” It has a nourishing feeling. That kind of feeling is what is behind all the Love Government activities. It was such a feeling that held the Love Culture together.

The Lovers from that Love Culture who are subsumed into the general idea of “Lover” related to each other and to the world around them on the basis of that feeling which is also gathered into that word “Lover.” The process also works in the other direction: by thinking and saying the word “Lover” that feeling and those Lovers are unpacked and released into us.

At times we can enjoy that feeling of lovsciousness without interference from the killing attacks of the patrix upon our minds, emotions, bodies and even souls. But at other times we are under attack and feel depressed, hopeless, confused and defeated. Then is the time when we need to fall back on our practices of saying the name “Lover” as well as other habitual actions related to diet, money and animals.

We are fortunate if we were raised in an environment where this lovscious feeling was present. But that is seldom the case. Few of our parents had it and therefore they could not pass it on to us. However, we do not have to rely solely on our parents or caretakers. We can go directly to The Lover and the Lovers of yore through their names and practices. That feeling can be communicated through time and space to us from them.

LOVER is an acronym (high name) standing for Lovscious Orgasmic Vibrating Energy Relations. Orgasmic may or may not refer to genital tension and release but to an emotional gathering in and giving out. It is happening all the time throughout nature except where we consciously block it, or when we are in the midst of a battle against the patrix attacks.

Our emotions ebb and flow, caught as we are in the cross currents of our conflicted culture. That is why we need a consistent love practice to carry us safely through the rough waters. The Love Culture and Government is at our service in this regard. Our corrupted culture is expert at blocking real love feeling and producing shut down, hardened emotions and bodies.

It is impossible for gun toting soldiers and hunters to feel real love. It is impossible likewise for investors making killings with their money, or owners who keep pets, or consumers eating animals’ meat and products to feel real love. The same can be said about God and Money worshipers or those caught in the patrix-matrix complex to whatever degree that obtains. It’s a sad fact but true one.

We’re drowning in the poison, all boxed in with nowhere to escape if we do not have access to true love. TLG offers us a way out. It’s so simple that it appears to be incredible and unbelievable. Just say the Lover’s name which is the same name as all true Lovers and you will be healed. Every little bit counts but consistent and continual practice achieves the best results.

Whether we appear to be winning or losing, the game is the same. The name of the game is the same as to say: “the game is the name.” The Name of all names is “Lover” or “Love” for short. When Christians say you are saved in the name of Jesus, or Hindus say you are liberated by the name of Krishna, these teachings have been lifted and twisted from the preceding Love Culture and its name “Lover.”

The practice of using High Names is as old as the hills and as common as language itself. It does work to produce emotional and cultural lovsciousness; or in the case of patriarchal cult culture with its name of Lord God and Lord Money emotional and cultic hardness and punishing fear. We can see it everywhere if we care to look, inside our own bodies, homes, schools and institutions, not necessarily in some sacred or secular book.

We can have a Love Culture or a Shove Cult Culture, a Love Government or a Shove Government. We have the ability to choose and to act. No government or culture can take this away from us unless we allow it. TLG gives us a choice and means to carry that choice through to its logical consequence.

We have to know what to love and what to hate. I love the Mediatrix and hate the Patrix and its enabling Matrix with their confusing and murderous bag of tricks. Killers using guns or money cannot hear children cry or womem moan. They have no lovsciousness in their souls or bodies. They cannot feel love because their parents were hardened criminals posing as good citizens and providers.

It’s a crying shame. We should cry and rage against such terror machines until our throats are sore and the crusts fall from our eyes. Until then we practice saying: “Lover, Lover, Lover.”

34. Outside the Patrix Box

Believe it or not, there is life outside the Patrix Box. The Patrix (Patriarchy) is an evil monster disguised as Safety and Homeland Security. If we’re stuck in that box without any outside reference point, we cannot know there is a life outside that particular box. We are brainwashed to think that evil is good.

The Love Government (TLG) is outside the Patrix Box and therefore can show the bigger picture and how to live free from the patrix prison. We may not feel the chains on our hands and feet because we are so distracted and dumbed down but sooner or later we will feel the weight of our imprisonment.

The Cult of Evil is so pervasive that we think that’s all there is. It’s like a fish that knows no other world than its water world. Whether we’re big fish or minnows in the small pond of patriarchy, we’ve been trapped and are subject to being caught with a hook or a book.

Money is usually the hook we cannot resist biting into. When we take that bait we’re hooked on an addiction that will take our life. Power is another addiction hook but it’s usually reserved for big fish who think they’re swimming in the ocean rather than the patrix puddle which is actually their prison as they wait on death row for the execution of their sentence.

Porn is the third P in the unholy trinity of Power, Profit and Pornography. Porn is the objectification of persons, especially of womem who are treated as objects rather than persons. In economic terms, corporations are awarded the rights of persons. The three little p’s are ruled by their old man, Pa Patriarch.

Patriarchy is public enemy #1 in our culture of power, profit and porn, and therefore the subject is totally ignored or discredited by the reigning patriarchs, despite a voluminous and well researched data base. The truth hurts and therefore has to be avoided at all costs in their minds.

Yet, in that pain lies our salvation. The Love Government is not afraid to look into the dark corners and black boxes of repression and depression. Lovers face their pain so they can recover; killers erase all traces of their pain and take cover from the light of truth. Like cockroaches they scurry away to cracks and crevices when lights are turned on.

In the petri dish patrified world, people are pickled and petrified with fear. That’s no way to live but unless you know some other life, that’s all you have to go on. TLG opens up the windows and throws open the doors of our black box prison cells. And there are boxes within boxes within boxes to open up and air out inside our all boxed in corners that we’ve painted ourselves into.

As Herman the Frog said about being green, it’s not easy; the same can be said by lovers: it’s not easy being a true lover. We must take up practices that prove our mettle. Words are cheap if not backed up by actions. The good news is that right actions are freeing and therapeutic; in other words, we feel good.

Religious patriarchs think they’re going to patriarch heaven after death. Unfortunately for them, they will find themselves in the same box, only bigger. It’s illogical to assume that they can leave a mess of dead bodies behind and not have to clean up after themselves. Lovers clean up as they go and therefore need not fear transferring from one realm to another.

When all is said and done, when the game’s been lost or won, Love alone remains and her law of the land is administered by Justice, her sister-in-law. Justice is married to Truth who holds a terrible swift sword in one hand and scales in the other. In that court of Love’s Law, it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. Then the poor earth, womem and children will have their day in court and they will be the jury who determines the fate of patriarchs and matriarchs by their actions, not their words.

A boxing ring appears to be an oxymoron because nowadays it’s a square. A ring cannot be round and square at the same time. Yet in the beginning a boxing ring was round as people gathered in a circle around the boxers. We have to trace things back to their origins to get at the truth of things and rings.

Boxing and boxes are a late creation of patriarchy which love to pigeon hole and label persons as things and put them in boxes. The patrix loves the feeling of being in control and getting paid for it. It turns rings into things to be put into boxes, including ourselves.

TLG opposes such absurdities parading as normalities. LOVE is Limitless Orgasmic Vibrating Energy. Such vitality cannot be boxed in and if it’s attempted the box becomes a Pandora’s Box which means “all gifts,” not just Hope but Love Unlimited.

35. Thrive, Survive or Connive

Last night I watched two movies, “Thrive” and “The Light Bulb.” Thrive was first shown in theaters on 11/11/11 and The Light Bulb is also a new movie. The Light Bulb is about planned obsolescence. Thrive is a mixture of physics, metaphysics and politics which includes pseudo-solutions any of us can do to solve our problems.

From the perspective of The Love Government, these movies represent the leading edge of alternative thought at this time, and incisive as they are, it must be said that they do not go nearly far enough down the rabbit hole, and in some respects are actually counterproductive to their stated goals. Thrive is the much more comprehensive movie with The Light Bulb being an instance of what Thrive deals with.

Thrive uses concepts from modern physics to build its case and in the end rests its case before the court of public opinion on them. Unfortunately that’s a very narrow base and simply cannot sustain the weight of a deep analysis. As for metaphysics and metaphysical new age thought, that very notion is suspect is the eyes of The Lover who is the prime sign of The Love Government. And without a solid base in reality, the proposed political solutions are weak and will eventually prove ineffective as well as being dangerous enablers and distractors.

In physics, the “torus” whirlpool pattern is no doubt “true” according to the accepted physical paradigm in our culture today. That’s not the point. The point is that it is a very limited perspective and therefore is not true in the bigger picture. And therefore, it itself is not sustainable.

The Love Government accesses a much larger picture, that of Love in somewhat more impersonal terms and The Lover in unambiguous personal words. This worldview is not shared by our culture and Thrive follows this trend. Towards the end of the film, Thrive stated: “Art, science, and celebration of love — that’s what we’re here to learn.” To TLG, love is not an afterthought but the prefact, preface and main topic of interest.

The physics’ torus pattern is superimposed on such phenomena as crop circles and UFO’s, akido and our collective human story, and finally on politics with all its gory glory. That’s a slight of hand trick that cannot be sustained by the evidence. It’s based on ignorance of the true facts and self-interested motivation. In that regard, Thrive has internalized the very notions it rejects. It lacks the broad vision and reality grounding of true Love.

There are numerous examples of this narrow base of intellectual operations in the movie. Not once is Patriarchy mentioned. Patriarchy is the very heart of evil but in our culture it must be studiously avoided and Thrive follows suit nicely. The Matrix is mentioned once as an unconscious slur on womam. The vast literature written by feminists on patriarchy is simply ignored in the same way our culture discounts it. It’s much easier to reduce humamity to physics and thus control it than to understand it through love. Again Thrive follows the dictates of our hidden cultural patriarchy without knowing it.

Thrive speaks of art but gives it short shrift. The bible as literature art would say: “They know not what they do,” and Greek temple art would warn: “Know Thyself.” Shakespeare would say: “To thy own self be true and you can be false to no man.” Thrive is weak in understanding humam nature because it has put so many of its eggs in the physics basket. Mark Twain cautioned that if you do that, you’ve got to watch that basket all the time, and that means you end up ignoring everything else. Not a good policy, private or public.

Love or The Lover is deep and broad, much more than a basket of physics. To build a world upon the physics worldview is to play the same game as the global elitists which make new age visionaries like Thrive accomplices in what is going down the tubes. Stars in the liberal camp surreptitiously follow the neo-liberal agenda. Thrive should take its own advice and follow the money to their own doorstep. True literature has always called such behavior hypocritical but such notions are not covered in physics.

The torus is a limited self contained phenomena that works fine on the physical realm. To superimpose it on other realms is unwarranted and leads to the same abuses it purports to oppose. If any symbol would work as a universal metaphor, it would be the humam heart with its artistic triangularly rounded shape that is indented at the top and pointed at the bottom. The heart is not self-contained as is the torus but takes in at the indent and gives out at the point. The heart pattern contains the torus’ circling figure eight pattern and links to that which it points to, namely The Lover in Love Government terms.

But none of this can be appreciated by minds or hearts conditioned by the self contained notions of physics. Love is free and cannot be contained at all in any physical container; Love and love alone can contain and be contained without limitation, the so called “packets of wholeness” referenced by Thrive. Physics is the Trojan Horse being foisted upon the City of Love directly by the global elites and indirectly by the new-age elites such as Thrive and their new age minions and mimics.

I’m picking on Thrive because it’s the latest version of what The Love Government opposes and loves to expose: liberal neo-liberal hypocrisy. Jesus and all artists such as himself have done it. The reductionists have never gotten the message and never will; nor will the transcendentalists because they simply reverse the reduction. “In medio stat virtus.” But such untranslatable wisdom is off the physics table.

The last part of the movie “Thrive” is about “Creating Solutions” in which it ignores every solution that could actually create a Love Culture where we could have “art, science and celebration of love.” Banking locally begs the question of interest speculation which drives the elitist money machine. Buying and investing responsibly avoids the consumer society’s consumption of “Light Bulbs” and investing which is one of the main problems. As one of Thrive’s advocates put it: “we can have our cake and eat it,” an illogical contradiction to the idea presented in the beginning, that we cannot have our cake and eat it; we cannot have unlimited growth on a limited planet.

Such pesty ideas escape physics majors or people immersed in the physics torus paradigm. End the Fed is a nice idea but JFK and Lincoln were killed for such ideas when they actually implemented them. Which of the Thrivers is going to be the first to offer their body to the hit men? It might work if the majority of us wanted to be martyrs but is that realistic? Reading Shakespeare might ground us in the real world of the masses of people in our culture and how easily they are manipulated. Try as they might, physicists cannot reduce Poets and Bards to the tiny black boxes of experimentation and speculation.

Keeping the internet open, having independent media, eating non GMO food, enjoying honest elections and free energy and organizing critical mass actions are honorable goals but they are all secondary to, and avoid the real solutions proposed here in these pages by The Love Government. If we as individuals do not change what we are doing inside ourselves and in our immediate environment, these honorable goals will come to naught.

The opposition is simply too strong at this point to be deterred by a 99% effort. It will take 100% in one individual at a time. If truth be told, the elite storm troopers have 99% of the people on their side and they know it. It’s the 1% Truthers the elites worry about. That’s why they suppress and kill them if necessary rather than one of the 99%. Thrive mentioned 911 in passing but the movie did not highlight 911 as the main icon of evil in our times. We do well to notice what is not being said while something else is being said but that takes more education than what is taught in physics classes.

Notice if you will what is not talked about in movies like Thrive, The Secret and their ilk and what is not talked about in our culture including the alternative media which is not by any means independent. Then compare that silence with what is talked about by The Love Government. The difference is striking and revealing.

At the heart of the torus is silence, that mystical center point also called empty headedness, the void, nirvana, nothingness and so on. The Jewish Christian bible puts it this way: “Be still and know that I am God.” It’s the still all seeing eye at the top of the pyramid on the dollar bill. It’s the still unmoving first cause of the Greek philosophers. It’s the God Money who makes the world go round Himself. It’s the supreme being who chains all other beings in the “chain of beings” philosophy. In short, it is death wish deadness at the heart of patriarchy.

Love is nothing like that evil, evol, elite thinking. Love is The Lover who is a relationship, not a being separable from all other beings. Patriarchy is a system of beings separable from all others beginning with the one supreme Separated One. We cannot thrive under such a system; we can only connive either overtly like global elitists or covertly like no-global elitists. Whether we survive at all hangs in the balance between the 99% who will side with the globalists and no-globalists in a crisis and the 1% Lovers who will stand as independent lovers and thinkers outside and inside the status quo system of de facto evil.

The Love Government offers solutions that include but are not limited to: * changing our languaging from a focus on the God Money to a Love Currency; * refusing to take any interest on or in a toxic, patriarchal money system; * not eating animals or their products; * not keeping pets; * not slapping or spanking children; * telling the truth that 911 was an inside job; * living a simple life by rejecting the consumer society; * condemning war in all its disguises and rationalizations; * not taking drugs that kill our feelings and minds; * turning off the mainstream media propagandists and their co-dependent enablers; * refuse all unnatural methods of birth control; * stop objectifying persons as corporations or objects of porn; and above all stop conflating and confusing the God Money with the Love Lover.

The Love Government is the .0000001% at this point. When it grows to 1%, the tide will turn and the scales will tip in favor of the Love Culture and the patriarchal God Money cult will be finished. We will return to the original plan for womem and man and we will be restored and renewed. We will recover what never should have been lost in the evil evol “fall of man.” We will not only survive but we will thrive in the true sense of the word. We will no longer be reduced to conniving with evil.

Until all of us take Love seriously and not until that comes to pass will we pass the test proposed by the Thrive and Light Bulb movies. The still centerpoint of the torroidal structure is not still at all. It is gushing with love and we can see, hear and feel it all the time, especially when we are in love with Love and being carried along on her current. Our primary compass and inner life synergy guidance is not still deadness but torrential life in the manifest story of our earth.

UFO’s, crop circles, akido moves, toruses, galaxies, free energy, liberty, non-violation and the art, science and celebration of love is in us and comes from us, not from somewhere out there or in there at a supposed still point that is anything but still.

And yes, what is also in us is a dead taurus, patriarchy, a stilled torus, corrupt money, debt slavery, pet slavery, pump and dump economics, total global domination, totalitarian tyranny, a dictatorship of the moneytariat, false flags of Vietnam, Iraq and 911, police state, war on terror, full spectrum dominance, FEMA detention camps, railroad cars with shackles, eugenic population reduction, 200 million murders by wars in the last century, and evil beyond reckoning.

The Lover and her Love Government include all of this, good and bad, positive and negative because she is free. So are we or ought to be. TLG insists that we will not be free or happy unless we align with true Love. Our core navigating system pointing to true north is not a torus but a Lovus where all of us are true lovers, collectively The Lover, signified by the Heart Sign which itself is a modified Vulva Figure. The Loverarchal Vulva of Womam is our True Love Door to everlasting Life, not some patriarchal penis of man that lies stillborn in a patrix pyramid of power.

The Lover makes us thrive when the point of the Love Pyramid is embedded in the center of the Earth with the broad base of people at the surface of the Earth. The Lover includes both the upright and downright pyramid orientations but the downright one is primal and primary as womam’s body attests. Man comes from Womam as biology itself teaches. Every puny Great Pyramid rests on a greater and unseen pyramid stretching in a cone shape from the earth’s surface to her vital, moving center. Every penis rises and falls in the Lovetext of The Lover.

The Love Government calls for us to really Thrive by ceasing to Connive. Face the Truth both pleasant and unpleasant, pleasurable and painful, glad and sad. Unless we deal with the pain of truth, we will ultimately go mad in the prison house of patriarchy. Them’s the facts, the whole facts and nothing but the facts, so help us Love.

36. Crazy Dreams

If life is a dream, it can be a crazy dream sometimes bordering on nightmares. Our normal waking world is largely devoted to keeping the dream world at bay and in check. Following your dreams is a de facto disaster if taken literally. No, our dream life is very different than what we usually experience but it does give us a glimpse into the other side of ourselves.

Some of us shut down our dreams entirely and can seldom remember any. When we do remember them, the interpretations are wide open. Dreams sometimes correspond to our waking state and sometimes not. They can collaborate our daytime programming as well as contradict it. People we love and admire can appear in our dreams; at other times dreams come from out of the blue, seemingly from nowhere.

From The Love Government point of view, dreams open up a window into ourselves that our waking state tries to keep closed. Dreams are “work-outs” in which we experience the workings out of love. To our conscious minds these strange antics and stranger situations are strangers in a strange land. Our normal rules of operation and carefully constructed lifestyles are thrown out the window and our more real selves come to the surface. We may not like what we see but there we are in all our naked glory.

If we look carefully we can decode our real desires and fears as well as the areas where we are stuck in habitual ruts. We often wake up refreshed and renewed because we handle in our dreams problems we avoid or cannot handle while awake. Unless we block the love action with drugs which put us to sleep even in sleep.

Apparently it’s easier to face things in dreams than in real life. Rather than suffer our craziness in the day we work it out at night. In the light of day our personal and cultural craziness is covered up with blankets of denial and pretense. The so called normalcy of cultural corrections is a self-enforced act to suppress what our dreams reveal. As a result we run the risk of becoming walking and waking dead.

To fulfill our dreams we have to consciously face our crazy dreams and cruel nightmares. Love can give us strength to do this because life, dreams and all, is all about love. No matter how crazy life gets or how weird dreams are or how threatening nightmares become, it is Love that calms and directs us, not drugs of chemistry, distraction or intellectualization. The more we practice love in the daytime, the more she comes to us at night. We begin to be able to track the tracings between day and night and between darkness and light.

Dreams are harbingers of life after death, a foretaste of what awaits us when we leave this body for the greater Body of the Lover. Then this life becomes the dream and the other life the awakened actuality. Through dreams we can begin to know the unknowable now. Faith and reason are rationalizations compared to truth telling dreams. I’d trust my dreams long before I’d trust society’s preachers and teachers.

Our ancient ancestors considered dreams to be messages from the gods or goddesses. TLG pushes the envelope back further to the time of the Love Culture when dream life and real life interacted in a seamless weave. Patriarchy had not yet invented killing with its resulting nightmares. In the Love Culture we had no need to dream at night about the problems we created in the day. If mountains moved and trees spoke, that was real life to us. We lived in a paradise of possibilities without fear of punishment from swords and spears then or guns and drones now.

The Love Government accesses The Love Culture and shares it with us according to our capacity to receive. We are so culturally conditioned with fear from imagined and real dangers that it is difficult for love to get through to us. However, love is all around us no matter what we think, say or do so eventually love will get through to our bones and blood. If Love can’t get through to our bodies and minds, she may speak to us in dreams and hopefully we have the wit to perk up our ears to hear her voice, see her form and feel her breath.

37. Quantity and Quality

We are conditioned by our culture to value quantity as opposed to quality. Democracy with its majority by vote rule is one example and money itself is another. We can count votes and dollars and the quality of either hardly matters. Quality is more difficult to measure and therefore is held in lower esteem.

The Love Government is low in quantity but high in quality and therefore is discredited if known at all in our quantified culture. True love is of such high quality that it cannot be quantified at all. When reduced to lust and porn, it can be measured in dollars and cents.

On the scales of love, one individual of high quality is worth more than a million corporations of poor quality. Such an idea does not even compute with the engines of empire. We end up confused and confounded if we do not make this important distinction in our minds and communicate it with our bodies.

The quality of one humam life is worth more than an unlimited quantity of money. The bible said the same thing: “What does it profit you to gain the whole world and lose your soul.” What are we to think then of millions of people being killed for a few shekels and dollars? All sane people would condemn such actions with the strongest words. There will be a terrible reckoning made one day.

The quality of life on earth is awful because of the obsession with the quantity of objects. We as individuals have to make the correction within ourselves because it will never come from any collective entity. We have to love truth and justice with all our heart, mind and soul. The patrix stole this Love Culture injunction and applied it to God. This is a typical trick of the patrix and must be called for what it is to restore the quality of words and language as reliable signs of reality.

Every word counts because of its quality and energy. Every hair of our head is numbered not to pile up numbers but because it’s connected to us as persons. I hate the patrix for many reasons, one of which is its destruction of language itself. A white lie is a stab in the heart which must be corrected immediately to restore order in the house of love.

By treating any one thing as precious we honor everything. Love is that precise and demanding. High quality comes at a price. We get what we pay for in the currency of love. Love is the only currency that counts true quality.

38. Origins of Love

As far as we are concerned, the origins of love begin with our life in the womb, our birth, infancy and early childhood. These are our roots which shape our later life. At those beginning stages our mother is our lover. She teaches us almost all we’ll ever know about love. Then we had no ideas about love but we had intense feelings originating from our relationship with our mother who was also our first lover.

Our mother of course was a lover before she became a mother. Her love making with her lover resulted in her motherhood and our babyhood. Our own mother had a mother who was our mother’s lover. So this thread of love links the generations through mother and child, particularly through the daughter. It was a matrilineal system, a line of descent through mothers and daughters.

Patriarchy rebelled against the matrilineal system and through force imposed a patrilineal system which was a disaster as far as love is concerned. Womem are natural lovers because of their experiences as mothers of children. The bond of fathers with children is much weaker and can hardly be compared with the mother and child relationship in the womb, at birth, through the nursing years and early upbringing.

Men learn love from mothers but cannot experience motherhood directly. They can only speculate and infer what it is like. If all goes well, there are indescribable feelings of love that are exchanged between mother and child. Mother and child are not sexual lovers but they are lovers nevertheless. If things do not go well there is a window of opportunity to learn love intimately and experientially that is missed and the child’s subsequent life will be deeply impacted.

A deep sadness may ensue over the loss of love along with a profound rage if the memory of this severe wound is not repressed. If it is suppressed as our culture demands it will fester beneath the surface for a lifetime causing illness after illness and possibly criminal anti-social acting out behavior. If a child deprived of love to whatever degree experiences mitigating persons or circumstances she or he will not suffer as much.

Some therapies surface pain and integrate it with an adult understanding. Other therapies have a subtle way of avoiding pain, especially anger in an attempt to adjust a person to an already sick culture. TLG is not a therapy per se nor does it recommend therapy or therapists. It suggests going directly to the early pain and applying love to it without using intermediaries and paying them money.

This love method does work because it is so simple. Encourage the memories and pain to surface, and then love them. The love will be absorbed and the feelings will change to more loving ones. In effect, we become mothers of either sex to our own injured child. We become therapists to ourselves.

We are fortunate if we learned love in the natural way but few of us enjoy that privilege in our anti-love culture. If we were traumatized as children, we can partially restore lost feelings of love by going directly to Love and The Lover as TLG recommends by taking up practices that surface the pain and heal it with love. Therapeutic priests and priestesses who take money just get in the way.

The way back to love is simple, so simple that it is missed. Society says you get what you pay for, and if there is no profit involved it isn’t worth much. That’s not love; it’s lust for money and power. The origins of love are easy to understand if we get the cultural baggage out of the way.

False words are cheap because the market is flooded with them and they get nowhere near the origins of love. If the words confuse us, we should go directly to the practice of love which has “act” in the middle of the word practice. Learn the simple method and then practice, practice, practice.

39. What Is The Love Government?

The Love Government is a phrase consisting of three words. TLG is an idea, and  in terms of time it is an idea whose time has come. An idea is a thought or a mental construct. It is a heard configuration of sound, a seen arrangement of lines and a felt movement of emotion.

All this and more is embedded in that word phrase, The Love Government. The reason that this idea is arising is that conventional governments are falling into disfavor because of their inherent corruption and unsustainability. As governments fall and revert to feudal and fascist governments, they create a vacuum that is soon filled by tyrannical, totalitarian regimes.

However, the fall of governments into dictatorships also creates a window of opportunity for sound ideas to fill the gap and gaping wound that authoritarian corrupt power causes. TLG enters the breach to hold off the raging fires of destroying war and to hold intact the values of truth, justice and love.

Thus, TLG becomes a Sign of the Times. It becomes necessary to save us from ourselves. Necessity is the mother of invention. TLG is invented out of necessity. It arises in response to the SOS distress signal sent out from a suffering and dying culture. The Love Government tells us exactly what to do to save ourselves in no uncertain terms.

Pain is a signal that something is wrong which evokes a protective healing response from the body’s immune system. The same is true with regard to the culture’s immune system as mediated through individual minds. A healing idea surfaces from the depths of despair in the midst of a culture’s agony.

TLG comes to the rescue but not as a Savior God or God Man from the outside but as all of us from the inside. Unlike 911 which was an inside job of evol global elites, The Love Government is an inside joy in which all of us save ourselves. Ideas are very powerful and no idea is more powerful than love.

For example, Jesus preached primarily love and that idea subdued the mighty Roman Empire in a mere 300 years. Unfortunately, the Lover Jesus was changed into a Roman Christ because of mistaken notions of what love is. Roman writers made Jesus a romantic Roman lover to disempower revolutionaries but in the process love got a foothold in their empire door. Love got confused with God, Money, Power and Sex. This time around TLG will not make the same mistakes.

TLG makes the idea of love crystal clear in thought, word and deed. Muddied minds of course will see mostly mud but even so some light will shine through. An idea is a metaphor which links to something else in a continuing process forming interlocking spirals and circles, all relating to a central originating idea. In TLG the center that holds is Love or in personal terms, The Lover.

The main idea not only holds but unfolds and enfolds in a holistic fashion where the whole and parts play off each other as center and circumference. TLG is an idea whose time has come in the sexual sense of coming in an orgasmic ejaculation of life. The Love Idea is not a dry abstraction but a Source of wet and raw Love Power. The idea of love comes and comes in multiple orgasms of subsidiary ideas. Love is the creative force of forces.

TLG is the orderly arrangement of ideas, not in a hierarchy but in a loverarchy like a solar system circling around a central sun. The central idea of love, using the metaphor of the sun, is the source of governance, power and safety. Ideas are powerhouses of energy for good or ill. Love can be twisted and turned around to spell “evol” which sounds ominously like “evil.”

Love can be made into a four letter word to suit the spirit of the times or it can be restored to its rightful place as the Spirit of All Times. An idea, even a noble one like love, cannot exist in isolation from all other ideas in the manner of a separated, patriarchal God.

Love has a vibration and energy all its own. Love makes the world go round because every other idea relates to love as the main idea. Without this main idea, we fall into chaos and confusion. TLG is an idea which serves the cause of love. Love is not a thing or a king but an idea which includes things and kings in its multifaceted encircling rings.

40. Live on Love?

Live on Love? It sounds like a joke but is it? If we take love seriously, such an idea is not as strange as it first appears. TLG maintains that Love is the basic stuff out of which the universe is made. This truth can only be proved to oneself by personal experience. We access the truth of love directly without the need of intermediaries.

That is not to say that Love itself (or The Lover herself) cannot use intermediaries in its/her relationship to us. In a relationship system, how else would she relate to us? If we commit to love, Love will use the current medium of exchange in reaching us. The Love Government is one such medium, and there are many more. The dot (.) in thelovegovernment.com indicates that there is a unity as well as a distinction between love and us.

Physics (or the physical world) makes great claims about knowing reality but the arguments cannot be well sustained. Physics is a very small and tight box compared to love. If you begin with the premise that physical “science” decribes reality, you can “corner the market” of ideas but that doesn’t make it true. Scientists make themselves the new high priests in the religion of science but it’s a stacked deck and we don’t have to get involved in that rigged game.

Love is an energy that is all around us and it’s “free energy.” We have to be free in order to appreciate it. TLG provides many ways to get free of the lies and enslavement of the patrix and matrix. Language, diet, playing the right game, relating to free animals (not pets), not eating meat or animal products, not using toxic money as much as possible and counteracting the constant bombardment of patriarchal propaganda are a few of the tools in the toolbox of love.

With practice and experience we come to the place where we “know” that we are living on love. In that regard, we step outside the physics box, become our own scientists (science means “to know” from the Latin “sciere”), and walk into the reality of love. It’s quite a wonderful, solid feeling of freedom.

To “live on love” is fantastic but it is no mere fantasy as physical science would want us to believe. We can get free from that prison. The Love Government shows us the way.

41. The Love World Order

The real war game going on is between The Love World Order and the New World Order.

The New World Order (NWO) is a long standing plan by the global elites to achieve total global domination and to make economic slaves of 99% of us. Many people are waking up to the threat of this new tyranny but organized opposition may be too late.

The Love Government can step into the breach because it is not an organization but an order. It’s on an order of magnitude with the NWO and much greater. We take our orders not from an organization mob-father but from love itself. We don’t need an organization, money or police in the conventional sense. In the religious sense we ordain ourselves into orders and in fact save ourselves. The Love World Order is worlds apart from the New World Order. For one thing, the NWO is not new at all. It’s been going on for millenia as part of the patriarchal plan for world domination.

The Love World of Natural Order is directly opposed to The New World Order of planned disorder based on money and power. We are justified in “hating” this new tyranny. In fact, we have to hate this disorder posing as order in order to marshall our forces against it. The first battle is within ourselves.

Billions of people are suffering and dying under the globalist reign of terror. The survival of the whole world as we know it is threatened. Love alone can win this game and/or war. The Love Order serves the cause of love. Every breath we take, every word we say and every action we initiate makes a difference in the game of love versus the game of evil. The main action involves saying The Lover’s Name and eating her Body of plants and drinking her Blood of the pure waters of life.

It is obvious to any uncorrupted mind that the old and new orders of the Money and Power God is not working. It is literally killing us and our planet. Each of us has to stand in the breach as if the outcome of the game depends on us, because it does. The Lover is a Symbol of us personally as well as of all of us politically. The future of The Love World Order depends on us as an individual and on all of us in society.

The Love World is us as mature adult lovers. The Love Government dot us dots our i’s and places a period behind what we say. That little dot can be as small as an electron or as large as a world when it is a stand-in for The Love World Order.

42. Lover and Hater

“Love is the proximate and ultimate reference point of The Love Government. There is no real and lasting point to life except Love. However, love always goes along with freedom and therefore we have to deal with evil. The next question is: what is evil?

In understanding evil we have to make careful distinctions or we will be trapped by the very thing we are trying to avoid. When it appears we are all boxed in and trapped with no escape, Love will always provide us with an open door if we are atuned to her help.

It is of vital importance to distinguish between the big lie and the big hate. In more personal terms, The Lover is different from the Liar and the Hater. They seem to be equally evil but it is not so. There is a vast difference between a hater and a liar in respect to a lover. Lying is the true opposition to loving and hating.

Love and hate are compatible; they are necessary to each other but if you love truth, you will naturally hate lying. You have to hate lying to be faithful to truth. The suppression of hateful feelings will result in the prevention of truly loving feelings. On the other hand, you will kill both love and hate in yourself if you lie to yourself.

That’s why the truly evil people in our culture of evil have such deeply repressed feelings. They appear to be unfeeling and dead to the deadly sufferings they cause. Think of the politicians and corporate heads we see in the media today. They are walking dead and waking zombies when it comes to the feelings of those they kill. They are trained in the use of the “noble lie.”

These dead, cold hearted killers and architects of war lie through their teeth, heads and hearts. They are so smothered in lies that they can hardly be called human with any resemblance to truth. And yet they are supported by most of the population.

I hate these lying hypocrites and therefore I hate most of the people who support them. That’s a lonely and dangerous position to be in. That’s why Truth is so rarely lived to its fullest extent. I also hate myself because of the times I’ve been in cohoots those in the liar’s club.

Fortunately I have The Love Government which stands for and articulates Truth and Love. Paradoxically, I can love and hate The Lover. She is big enough to understand the dynamics involved. Like genuine parents, she can allow children (and I am still a child in many respects) to hate her and not reject or punish them by a withdrawal of her love.

The hyper psychotic and sociopathic leaders of today must necessarily have had repressed and severely punished upbringings. Their true feelings of love could never ever be expressed in the evil culture of their birth and early education. The mob families of wealth and power cannot afford to have truthful and loving children because that would deal a death blow to themselves and their lifestyle.

TLG opposes such insane evil from the get-go. The Lover opposes The Patriarchal Killer because he is the Father of Lies. This is none other than God Money and his enabling Goddess Power. The Lover is necessarily also a Hater because she hates the Liar who continually tells the Big Lie over and over. The Big Lie is that we cannot hate him without being punished by a withdrawal of his love. Even worse, it is a false love to begin with. Talk about mixed up confusion.

To Pa Patriarch and Ma Matriarch, even worse than hating their guts, is calling them on their bluffs. What the Emperor without clothes story does not tell is how that truth telling child was afterwards punished for telling the truth. We also will be punished for telling the truth. The worst kind of punishment that we inflict upon ourselves is not the self-hatred feelings we internalize from the surrounding culture but the self-protecting lies we tell ourselves.

The truth telling child soon incurs the wrath of his parents, peers and providers for his insult to the Emperor, Empress and Empire. She or he is threatened with perceived death by the world which forces him to lie in order to survive. Truly, it is “liberty or death” for the infant and young child.

The child has no choice but we do. As adults, we will feel the same emotions we did when we were children. Now we can tell the truth and still survive because we have the help of such powers as The Love Government. All of us who are lovers are also The Lover who is the greatest Power of All.

43. Loving and Hating
I love to hate. I learned late in life that hating can be a loving thing to do. I was taught the opposite from early on. I was punished for saying hateful things, especially against my parents or the church. As usual, our patriarchal culture of which religion is a big part has things wired exactly backwards.

To be honest we have to hate hateful things; and without honesty there is no love. Therefore the suppressing of hate leads to the death of love. The leaders of the world are killing millions and enslaving the rest. If we do not hate what they are doing we are accomplices to murder ourselves. We can play all kinds of mind games about loving our enemies but hating what they do, but that technique undermines real hatred.

To hate what is evil is liberating because it is honest. We need to stop quibbling with words and hate the enemies of love. We also should hate ourselves for betraying love. The Love Government serves the cause of love, not an airy fairy cowardly love but a down to earth courageous love. Love is expressed in thought, word and deed and all three are dedicated to love in practical terms.

TLG spells out in detail what these practices are that prove love in more than pious platitudes. Words are cheap and none so cheap as love without action to back up the words. If we are eating meat and animal products our love is suspect no matter what we say. We are aiding and abetting the killing of the founders of our own species and therefore our own foundation. Our failing and suffering bodies convict us in the court of love. We don’t have to say anything to those around us who eat meat and dairy; we only have to speak by example.

Likewise with our lifestyles. Actions speak louder than words. The way we live and die tells exactly what we love and what we hate. I happen to hate most of the culture I live in. It’s a culture of war, lies, fear, guilt, shame, brutality, coldness of heart, Money as God and God as Money, lust for power, pornography, greed, institutionalized ignorance, cultivated cowardice and slavery. The list goes on and on.

By condoning this and more we prove ourselves killers, not lovers. Do we think that thoughts do not matter? Do we feel that the feelings of those we help kill do not matter? Do we believe that our body doesn’t matter because our soul will go to heaven? “What fools these mortals be.” We love our damnation and hate our salvation by such false thoughts.

The Lover is being crucified by haters and liars surely but she suffers more from false hearted lovers using love as a cover for their unresolved pain and from their ill gotten gain. The world is a crucible for us to work out our salvation free of meddling priests and therapists. Our fate hangs in the balance with love and hate on one side and thieving lies on the other.

44. The Essentials

The full program in its essentials is the most effective way to save the world from becoming  one great prison of patriarchy. Every little bit helps. This is not a matter of all or nothing. The essential program is presented here so we will have a standard by which to judge all other efforts. The ideal can be achieved by incremental changes over the years.

The Love Government program begins with thoughts and language. We think “Lover” or “Love.” All other thoughts refer to this central idea. Gradually the word “Lover” is thought with greater devotion and understanding. The reasons for this practice and the numerous connections with other thoughts are described in other parts of TLG, for example, the clitoris as our central love and sex sign. Negative thoughts, emotions and bodily aspects are changed as they align with “The Lover.”

Our species is distinguished by our ability to be aware, to think and to have consciousness that is beyond the capacity of animals. That being said, we remain animals. 97% of our genes are the same as chimps from whom we separated seven million years ago. Therefore, the way we treat animals is the way we treat ourselves. If we cannot see that connection it is because we are blocking it.

Deriving from our thinking about The Lover which was our natural state in our originating Love Culture is the conclusion that in essence we are “lovers.” That, not “homo sapiens” describes our real nature. All was well as long as we conformed to that natural fact. The fall from our natural life began with the killing of animals, and since we are animals ourselves, however advanced, results in the killing of ourselves.

“The fall of man” was precisely that. Some men became jealous of womem and their greater sexual capacities. Men could get a power and sexual rush by killing. Some men became killers rather than lovers. They became addicted to power and this led eventually to treating womem as objects of power. Patriarchal men today are the descendents of those early “killers.”

So when we take up the practice of saying “Lover,” not only are we tapping into the original Love Culture but we are opposing ancient and modern “killers.” We first of all strengthen The Lover in ourselves and resist the “killer” there. That has an effect on others whether we talk about it or not. When The Lover becomes established within us and the power of The Killer becomes weaker we enter into other practices to continue the process.

We do not kill animals or eat their meat or products. We kill them indirectly when we buy their meat or products to cook and eat them. By eating meat and animal products we are killing ourselves no matter how convincingly we deny that fact. While some of the killing is still done by hunting, most of it is done in slaughterhouses, or what is essentially the same, on free range organic farms.

Killing is not just that of the body but of the spirit. We also kill animals and ourselves by enslaving them as household pets, corraled horses, circus performers, zoo objects, guinea pigs for experimentation, caged or fenced creatures for their products, etc. Killing is killing no matter what the degree or the justifying excuses. Lovers are not killers. If we in any way support the killing of animal bodies or spirits, to that degree we are killers, not lovers.

Today, besides the killing of animals directly for their meat and products and the institution of pethood, the money system is the most deadly killer. We even speak of making a killing with our money. Money is a killer like no other. Money is the modern God. In the old days, God demanded the killing of animals, people, plants and all. Today money has supplanted God. Money drives the exploitation of the world and her natural peoples while the God religions give their silent consent.

Behind the fronts of God and Money are patriarchal killers, mostly in male bodies but a few in female ones. The game is the same as it was millenia ago when men first took to killing. Now it’s on a global scale with sophisticated technology and subtle mind control. In The Love Government we are not killers but lovers and therefore we separate ourselves from the toxic, killing money system as much as we can. We may have to use money to survive but we do not take interest on our money nor do we play the stock and bond markets. Money is always killing someone or something. We do not play that game. If we do, we are killing ourselves. The killers of today still use clubs, knives, swords, spears and arrows if they have to. They have advanced to guns, bombs, drones and money. Money may be the most insidious of all.

Money is a pyramid scheme. In ancient times, men built pyramids as symbols of patriarchal phallus power. In modern times money is their phallic pyramid scheme. The US dollar bill features a pyramid and right next to it the words: “In God We Trust.” The ancient God and modern Money God are identical in their “killer” nature. The Love Government opposes the killer paradigm in its ancient and modern guises.

As supporters of The Love Government we think and act like lovers and oppose the killer tendencies in ourselves and others in all the ramifications of what that entails. The essential program is to be a lover rather than a killer. There are many spin offs from that basic choice but that is the necessary first step. Without changing our practices regarding our thoughts and language, our relations to animals and ourselves and our participation in the money system we cannot succeed as lovers.

We should think “Lover” as often as we can. As we fall more deeply in love with The Lover we desire to think of nothing but her. She is all attractive and pleasurable, even in thought, and especially in thought since the mind is the best aphrodisiac. With enough practice we begin to hear, see, feel, smell and taste her. This is an experience of sensual awareness, rather than of “thinking” or “consciousness.” We are approaching our original condition when we did not have a mind or consciousness as we do today.

When we were younger we may have had to go to school and later had to have a job to make money. These are the cultural norms today but schooling and jobs were not necessary in our original Love Culture. A pure kind of love life may not be possible for us in this culture but we can approximate those conditions. If we commit to love, we may be surprised at what Love can do for us despite the anti-love world we live in.

In the pure state of love we were born into, say 100,000 years ago in East Africa, mythically known as the Garden of Eden, we ate an Eden vegan diet of fruit, vegetables and lower life forms without blood such as oysters and clams.

In our beginnings we did not need money, jobs, police, armies, corporations, schools, churches and commerce. Today we are saturated with these things. Now we have to be even stronger lovers to withstand the murdering tactics of patriarchy. By “eating” The Lover’s name and eating fruit, vegetables and lower life bloodless forms we restore original love. The more often we do these things the better, but every little bit helps even a thought or two in that direction.

The Judeo-Christian bible simply reversed the main teachings of paganism which itself altered the teachings of the original Love Culture. Therefore we can reverse the reversals and get to the truth. For example, God tells Eve not to eat the fruit from a tree. The suppressed truth is that Eve was eating fruit in a garden. The patriarchs, using God as their front man killed the fruit based diet and Eve as well. In other words, God purposely killed the womam and garden centered life to impose his new world order of killing instead of loving.

If we want to be lovers instead of killers we embrace the lover, Eve, and her fruit to the extent we are able. Then we will take on her awareness also of The Lover who was the wild fruit and the wild animals around her. We kill ourselves and that love lifestyle when we obey God and his animal killing and money mongering ways. As I’ve said so many times before, anything we do in this regard is helpful.

Thinking of The Lover with Love, eating an Eden vegan diet of love, loving animals by allowing them to be wild and free and living a giving and receiving exchange system rather than a buy and sell money economy is the only way to restore a Love Culture. Otherwise we perpetuate the anti-love Kill Cult posing as a free culture. The liberal class is just as guilty as the fascist class in their crimes against love, perhaps more so since the liberals add an element of hypocrisy which causes more confusion.

The awareness of The Lover in ourselves, the presence of wild and free animals about us, the lack of money and an Eden vegan diet enabled us to experience the fruits of love. The Love Culture practiced open, free and well governed love in its love and sexual relations which involved all ages of both sexes. Sex was the fruit of love as fruit itself is the gift of trees, bushes and vines. Sex was the eating of The Lover’s body and the drinking of her waters. Insofar as the earth is The Lover and the waters of the earth are its blood we drink the blood of The Lover, not as actual human blood but as symbolic blood which is ostensibly water. A confused carry over of this idea is the Christian command to “Eat my body and drink my blood.” In these rites bread serves as the body and wine as the blood. This is one of the many patriarchal rewrites of Love Culture rites.

Originally the Love Culture’s sexual love practices involved eating The Lover’s Body and drinking The Lover’s Waters, referring to oral sex including tasting and drinking of ejaculating fluids of womem and men. Such actions then did not carry the heavy guilt and taboos they do today.

The Christian blood rites confuse and conflate the blood of menstruation and the blood of killed animals. Drinking human blood is not a love practice but a patriarchal corruption connected to killing. No matter how you cut it, patriarchy is not to be trusted because in its power twisted ignorance it reduces truth to absurdities, and by enforcing absurd beliefs kills the love mind and its language.

TLG restores the simple truth about nature and nature loving persons. It defends practices such as those described here so that we may know the truth and thereby set ourselves free, despite the fact that deep love actions are impossible in a corrupt patriarchal culture. It is not easy and cannot be done all at once but it is a certain road to love. We can choose to be a lover or passively join the ranks of killers by default.

45. Limit-less Love

An acronym (high name) for LOVER is Limitless Orgasmic Vibrating Energy Relations. LOVE is Limitless Orgasmic Vibrating Energy. Limit-less has a dual meaning. Limit-less can mean no limits and it can mean less limits.

The Lover partakes of this double meaning. As the Whole she is limitless and as the Parts she is limited to a greater or lesser degree. The Lover is all of us as lovers. Therefore we also incorporate limitedness and unlimitedness. We are at the same time a Whole and a Part.

Unlike the patriarchal dogma of God, The Lover as us has no difficulty in reflecting both sides of reality. Patriarchs and their self projected God are split in two without an intellectual bridge resulting from their divide and conquer war of terror against the earth, womem and children as well as men who resist their pogrom.

Reverence for the Whole and Parts produces a feeling of holiness derived from love. The type of holiness associated with God worship is founded on fear designed to induce obedience and submission. True holiness exults in freedom and creativity. We rejoice in being limited and unlimited. A being like God created by patriarchal beings is bounded by fear of contamination.

The holistic idea claims the whole is in the parts and the parts are in the whole. There is a seamless weave that eschews the Great Separation of a supreme being lording it over sinful lesser beings. Patriarchy committed the first sin of separation from the Love Culture and this repressed guilt shows up in their dogmas of separation.

Lovers celebrate their limitations because these test and prove their love. Lovers are free to sin unlike God and his patriarchal puppets who fear contact with womem. They foolishly believe that by putting down earthly womem they can lift themselves up.

With freedom comes responsibility. Helter skelter, pell mell irresponsible freedom has a dark backside and when payment comes due we realize freedom isn’t free like we thought it was. We are wise to pay up front and avoid backlash installment plans.

Why do we satisfy ourselves with unsatisfying parts? If we can have the whole store or a measly part, why do we not choose the store? In the realm of love, we can choose the Whole Heart and thus have all. The Lover is the Whole and the Heart and therefore includes each and every part.

The Lover is the “arche,” the Greek word for principle, first cause, greatest value, arch, beginning, support and key to everything. The Lover is the center that holds, the core of the circumference and the heart of her extended body. She is the All in All and heart of every part.

We enjoyed The Lover as our birthright and natural heritage before the viscious onslaught of patriarchy which made the father and male rule the “arche” of their new world order. Patriarchy is the mythical rebellion of Satan against God which is a calculated lie to cover up the truth that patriarchal killers created both Satan and God to hide behind.

Tell the difference between a Whole and a hole, between loverarchy and patriarchy and between love and anti-love. Choose Love in her Wholeness and Holiness, not false love in its partiality for patriarchal perversity. The power of choice is always within our love given rights.

The real contest is between The Lover and The Killer, between Loverarchy and Patriarchy, between Love and Anti-love. Patriarchs hate The Lover and do everything in their power to kill her. In modern times her near oblivion speaks to the success of their patriarkill terror campaign.

The Love Government sees the game and the ultimate World War and therefore spearheads the opposition to the doom threatening us from patriarchy. We need not fear our limitations since those very limits connect us directly to the unlimited Love of The Lover who is intimately one with us.

46. Words of Greatest Scope

The more scope words have the greater their power. The farther they reach, the more they touch and teach. Such words must also possess depth of feeling or they will wither on life’s vine. Words are subject to political influence but the greatest of words outlast their fiercest enemies. Make no mistake: the crucial battle takes place on intellectual fields.

Words like philosophy, science, religion, morality, culture, psychology, economics, government, God, being, purpose, order and so on define the quality of our lives and set the tone of our dearest asperations.

However, the most important words of all, Love and Lover, are ruled out of serious society’s court, not because they are weak but because they are too strong for weaker ones to bear. They come too near the truth and threaten too close to home.

Relatives of Love like truth and justice are likewise marginalized for the same reasons. Enemies of Love like patriarchy are also banned because they give the game away from the opposite side. The not to be mentioned fact is that all words derive from The Lover and her Love. This is too big a bite to digest and so the sweetest fruit is never tasted except by the bravest lovers.

The Love Government speaks truth to power and shines the light into the tiniest cockroach corners. It fears neither the ridicule of pseudo intellectuals, the cowardice of phony spiritualists nor the threats of soulless war merchants. It proclaims that Love is the Word of Words and The Lover is the Love of Loves.

All words lead to The Lover as all roads were said to lead to Rome, and as today all evils are traced to patriarchy. The denial of these facts only gives more credence to their veracity. A few examples like culture, philosophy, psychology and  religion will make the point.

Culture basically means preparation of the ground for growth. It is a garden metaphor. We once lived in a Love Culture with garden like qualities. We were conceived and cultured in our mother’s womb, a garden of an intimate personal nature. As the Love Culture sign of Mother and Child implies with the image of Sacagawea and her child on the Mother flag, our first experience of culture is with our mother.

Since a womam is a lover before she is a mother, the ground of our life is love. Culture is the accumulated conditions we have cultivated as an individual and as a species. We get to lie in the acculturated bed we have made for ourselves. It may be a bed of love or a bed of lie-sharp nails depending on the choices we make.

The Love Government and the Love Culture go together like hand in glove. If we are governed altogether by Love we enjoy a Love Culture. Otherwise our bed might look like a bed of roses but we will sleep with thorns. TLG shows us how to cull the best from all times and so cultivate the grounds of our life into a culture of health and prosperity.

Like all words, the word culture leads us back to our common source which is Love. Love in its turn, turns into the personal Lover. Thus culture is a manifestation of The Lover in central attractiveness notwithstanding the peripheral chaotic confusion she allows in her outskirts. We choose the culture we cultivate.

All our words and metaphors are founded in nature and nature is grounded in love, particularly on earth, womem and children with a supporting cast of men who are true lovers. Culture is a very old story and if we are faithful to our original native culture all will be well for us and our world.

Philosophy comes from two Greek words meaning love and knowledge or affection and wisdom. Philomela was a womam changed into a nightingale and Sophia is a womam’s name. Love and wisdom are womamly qualities. Thus philosophy is concerned with Womam in the contextual garden of love.

That patriarchy usurped the province of philosophy is no surprise since it stole everything it owns from the Garden of Womam. Patriarchal evilarchy made philosophy into a dry boned excercise of the intellect, as far removed from a garden womam paradise as possibly can be.

True philosophy is grounded in the earth and in earth loving womem, children and supporting men. False philosophy cut the ground out from beneath itself and thus it floats helplessly in confusion. Philomel the nightingale and Sophia the wise womam remind us of where philosophy as love and wisdom begin and end.

That source and purpose is The Lover. In her Person and her Body she is Philosophy herself. Vaccuous patriarchs miss the whole point of philosophy, turning it against its real meaning to promote their anti-love pogrom of slavery.

Patriarchy corrupts every word it touches with its pernicious philosophy of surreptitious power. So with philosophy itself. No wonder it has fallen into disrepute. When it leaves the side of womam, it dries up like an unwatered plant. Only womam’s waters of love restore vigor to philosophy.

Philia and Sophia are womem’s names of Love and Wisdom. When women will recover their senses and become womem once again in anyone’s guess. They will never succeed as long as they cling to patriarchal words like God and Goddess because the patrix has them hooked by the very words they use.

May Philia and Sophia, Love and Wisdom, teach us true Philosophy from the Garden of Love.

Psychology comes from the name Psyche, a womam’s name. The legend of Psyche asserts that she was a mortal admired and desired by gods and men for her beauty and grace. However, Psyche was independent and happy in herself and had no desire to be wedded or bedded by men. This no doubt is the truth of womem from the Love Culture who chose their men when and if they wanted them.

Such a free attitude is intolerable to patriarchs who must control womem and everything else. So they enlisted the aid of one of their token femen, Venus by name, and her son Eros, also known as Cupid. The blind fool pricked himself with his own arrow and so fell violently in love with Psyche. From there on the story falls victim to patriarchy’s sweaty lust.

We have wandered far away from Psyche and genuine Psychology. The Love Government calls us back to get on the straight and narrow path of love and wisdom.

Religion is in our cultural blood. There are two basic kinds of religion: sacred and secular. Both have governments, rulers, rules, rituals, ceremonies, devotees, punishments, books, beliefs, garments, buildings, privileges, goals, services, etc.

The church is said to be sacred and the state secular. Atheists, agnostics and anarchists seem to fall outside the category of religion but close inspection reveals that this is not so. Religion means a “return to source,” literally to “tie back” from the Latin “religere.” Everyone has some kind of source even if they call it “nothing.” The denial of religion can be a sort of religion of anti-religion.

All religions have love at their core even though their beliefs and practices differ widely and sometimes wildly. A Love Religion is broad enough in scope to include all religions and narrow enough to exclude practically all religions which violate the literal meaning of religion.

Throwing out the baby with the bathwater is criminal and so is throwing out true religion with false religion. True religion can only be a religion based on true love. Religion, Source and Love are embodied in the Person of The Lover. As a poet sang: “She gives me religion.” The She is The Lover.

Thus it has always been. Womam as Source gives us Religion as Love. Untimately The Lover is The Love Religion and The Love Government. These two agencies of Love are related to each other but distinct. The former is more personal while the latter is more impersonal.

The modern arrangement of separation of church and state is actually a hidden agreement of mutual aid and protection. The state agrees not to demand taxes and the church agrees not to criticize the state.

If we could keep religion in the realm of love we’d avoid the tragedy (and comedy) of religious absurdity and barbarity but we cannot seem to contain its excesses. The Love Government (and Religion) goes directly to the heart of the Lover and stays there. Home is where the heart is and the Heart is the Lover.

47. Honest to Badness

If we can speak of “honest to goodness,” why not “honest to badness”? The world is in such a perilous state because we are not honest about our evils. We sugar them over with pretended virtue.

Patriarchy discourages critical thinking, especially against itself. If all else fails, it accuses its critics of “againstness.” If we have any critical thinking or common sense we must be against patriarchy in all its forms, especially that of church and state.

Free thinkers who question corrupt authorities are shamed, marginalized, threatened and hemmed in with taboos. Repression works best if it is reinforced by peer pressure and eventually introjected so that it is owned by its victims.

The state of the world and its human inhabitants is grossly evil. Just think of war, disease, toxic diets, animal slaughter, exploitation of animal freedom through pethood, a pyramid scheme of stolen and counterfeited money, brainwashed military, suicides, legal and illegal drug abuse and on and on.

All of this is covered over with lies, beginning with the shutdown of our critical faculties by which we could address the problems. We can and must criticize the wickedness of the world and closer to home, ourselves and those immediately around us. Such piercing judgements are not only necessary and freeing but they occasion much fun and enjoyment at the absurdity.

Penetrating judgement is the basis for comedy and tragedy. The Christian bible says: “do not judge,” a patriarchal judgement if there ever was one, designed to prevent thinkers judging patriarchy. Such patriarchal dictums cut out our freedom at its source if we accept such debilitating propaganda.

Church, state and family attack free thinking children first if this triumvirate is stricken with the patriarchal virus, and who among them are not? The Love Government defends freedom particularly for the young. It turns the unnatural fourth commandment to “Honor your children.” Honest to badness and goodness. The truth will set us free.

48. Five Rules of Love

We can count on one hand the chief rules of love. There are five of them which may be called the rule of thumb and fingers on one hand. Starting with the thumb, they can be designated as follows: Thought, Diet, Animals, Marriage and Money.

Thought is perhaps most important. The Christian bible (borrowing from the previous Love Culture) says: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so he becomes.” In love, the rule of thumb is thought. How we think in regard to love (in our heart) is how we become. Thought includes the mind, imagination and other related faculties. Thought is ruled by will and results in feelings and body changes.

The Love Government starts its program of love with language, focusing thoughts on Love and The Lover. We say these words as often as possible with devotion and this thought creates a universal order of love within and around us. The whole program of TLG is an extended commentary on the one Thought of the Lover. When you’re deeply in love you want to spend all your time thinking of the subject of your love in her essence and circumstances. When we do this we give ourselves a “thumb’s up.”

Diet is next in line as the forefinger. It points to what we eat as next in importance. We are what we eat whether it is thoughts as food of love or succulent fruit as the food of love. For 99% of our development we ate an Eden vegan diet. In the Garden, Eve ate fruit which God didn’t like because it made her a lover rather than a meat eating killer.

Eating wild animals gives us a wild sex rush. Man the hunter got a head start on woman and so his blood count is much higher than woman’s despite her being the one who bleeds. Eating domesticated animals “cows” us down, “chickens” our spirits and “pigs” us out. To a lesser degree, eating animal products like milk and eggs does the same.

Using the index finger, TLG points to diet as the main ingredient in our character. When we point, the thumb resembles a trigger of a gun and the index finger its barrel with the three fingers of Animal, Marriage and Money pointing back at us.

Animal is represented by the middle finger which stands for our relation to them and also to ourselves since we are mostly animal stock. In our prime, we loved free and wild animals because they reflected us. When men started killing them we became slaves and self murderers. Putting animals in pens and slaughtering them does the same to us. Owners who put collars around their pets have collars around their own necks and are led around by their pets.

TLG keeps us free by freeing animals from institutions like pethood and the meat, egg and dairy industry which are huge businesses in it for the money and sick human neurosis. We give the middle finger to animals when we kill, eat, sleep with them, have sex with them or enslave them for their meat or products. Doing so kills in us the capacity to understand what we are doing. We violate the law of love “Do not kill,” proving that human stupidity and cruelty know no limits.

Marriage is the ring finger in many cultures. We rightly marry the Lover who is all of us as lovers and avoid church-state sanctioned marriage if we can.

Money is the little finger in our thumb and fingers one hand rule. The pinky finger indicates finicky finesse like the society madam extending it while drinking tea. It’s sort of hidden and viewed as less important but not so. All fingers are important even if one keeps a low profile like the pinky finger.

So The Love Government offers us its hand in love and with it a “handbook” containing five rules to look to if you’re courting love. They go by the names Thought, Diet, Animals, Marriage and Money, corresponding to the five digits of the hand. Such a handbook may prove handy if you think you’ve been dealt a losing hand. In such a case, rather take the hand of the Lover.

49. The Cloud of Lovers

Traditionally, clouds were numinous and mysterious. Spirits and voices came out of clouds. Today the cloud is a repository of electronic data. In medieval times there was a famous book entitled The Cloud of Unknowing. In TLG we have a Cloud of Love Knowing.

The Love Government speaks of a cloud of lovers. This is an analogy with the original clouds of dust that coalesced into nebula (clouds) and then into stars and planets. Another metaphor comes from the Christian teaching of a communion of saints; or a communion of lovers.

The Cloud of Lovers is all this and more. The central idea of TLG is The Lover. She is a symbol for all of us insofar as we are lovers like her. The term “Lover” is an abstraction or an abstract of all of us as lovers. It is a universal drawn from particulars. Concept like this are useful for communication.

The ultimate reality of love is individual lovers who may or may not take our individual human forms. We are common to all love forms. Regardless, our kind of lover is what we are founded upon.

The qualities of The Lover are outlined in The Love Government. They are specific and definite. In our anti-love culture, love has become a romantic notion at best and just a four letter word at worst. Our cult of a culture is so degraded that words like love and justice are almost meaningless.

A cloud of lovers indicates that their number is incalculable, like the stars in the sky or the atoms of materiality. For all that, we can feel, hear and see them with the faculties we have, unless they are rendered inoperable by our degenerate actions.

The lovers are our true family, steady across all time and space. People have referred to them as ancestors. Before the handicap of writing, the ancestral voices were commonly heard, often through hand-held figurines of womem. Ironically, we now have hand-held phones which mediate a babble of voices.

The Lover as a concept rests on this experience of real lovers. We may or may not have a lover or lovers in the physical dimension; that is secondary to our primary relationship to the cloud of lovers. Their clearest manifestation for us was their appearance as the love culture of 100,000 years ago. Sacramentally (or sacred-mentally) we make love always with these multi-dimensional lovers, in brief, called The Cloud of Lovers.

50. Salvation

Salvation means basically to be safe, protected and secure in all respects. It implies that we are threatened by some kind of suffering and death. Salvation is introduced by manipulators who cause the threat in the first place and then set themselves up as rescuers. It’s a ruse to get what they want.

With a true understanding, there is no need for salvation, not if we know ourselves truly. If we are in bed with Nature, embedded in her, and in alignment with her program, we are automatically safe. That was the case with with our early situation as a species. There was little or no suffering and death was a pleasant, joyful transition to our safe, eternal home.

What upset this security was the rebellion of patriarchy against the love culture, the infamous “fall of man.” Our life was made very unsafe by the very ones who offered salvation. The love order was turned upside down into the disorder of evil, by men who acquired a taste for blood and power, starting with the killing of animals and leading to the killing of other men.

We can see this all too clearly today, unless we are blinded by the propaganda of those who run the killing machine. We can only think about these things if we are doing practices that enable us to overcome our fears and denials of truth. The Love Government spells out these practices whereby we reclaim safety as a direct experience.

Salvation is usually thought of in religious terms but it also underlies all of modern culture. In addition to God, patriarchy proclaims money will make us safe. And behind money lurks power, the power of a gun. This is not love. It is anti-love, another version of the campaign against the love culture where womem governed naturally.

God and money are both projects of patriarchy, promising what they never deliver. They never make us safe, despite the allegations to the contrary. We live in a fog of lies, dying in the hope of an after-life where it will all be made good. That’s the biggest lie of all because no one knows for sure what lies in the so called afterlife heaven.

If we have any true savior to make us safe, it would be Nature. By attacking Nature we throw away the only means we have to be safe. TLG returns to Nature, specifically to Lover Nature as our own safe foundational promised land.