Gift Money

1. Giving Love

2. Money Mitigation

3. Love and Money

4. Paradise Lost

5. Making Love 101

6. The Santa Cause

7. Discipline 


1. Giving Love

In the beginning of our species there was love. Love was freely given in exchange for love. Love was the medium of exchange. It was a gift that took many forms – a kiss, a hug, sex, a word, food, touch, a shell, a beautiful rock or a piece of wood.

In the love culture the reserve was always love in one form or another. In time precious items served to represent love – shells, sticks, feathers, stones and woven fibers. In time these became known as money.

Love was cultivated in a love culture and in that regard was always the reserve currency. In its freedom and simplicity it was open to being exploited. The rise of patriarchy would do just that.

Patriarchy gathered its strength from killing animals with red blood. Hunters bulked themselves up with the artificial blood rush of power rather than natural love. It led to making killings with money.

Violence and biosense are inbuilt tensions in natural life. When in balance they serve life; when not, violence gets out of hand and deals death. Patriarchal hunters and killers are parasitical psychopaths using meat to buy sex or force rape.

Modern money is just this: leeches on the blood of natural life. Today we are caught in this blood lust net. It is destroying us and our planet like malignant cancer or heart disease.

In The Love Government we mitigate the damage and destruction by reducing our participation in the evil money system. We do not take interest on our money. We are not shareholders or stock owners.

Usury is a malicious death drive directly linked to the first hunters and killers. We separate ourselves from that toxicity as well as we can. We honor gift money rather than greed money.

Money today is nothing but a counterfeiting pyramid scheme. We reverse that pyramid and serve the Lover’s triangle sex center represented by her pubic hair pointing down to her vulva earth center.

We live a clitoral life of critical thinking rather than get sucked into a clinical machine of terror. Through the Lover’s clitoris we celebrate her sacred-mental mass of masturbation with her and avoid the massacre of money madness.

2. Money Mitigation

The way money is used today is a great evil. It’s counterfeited by the big boys at the top of the pyramid. It’s then loaned out to be paid back in real goods, labor, time and life. It forces exploitation, disease and death upon everyone.

We are forced to use money to survive. Even those rare few who claim not to use money at all have to be supported in some way by others who are saturated with money values. We’re all shareholders who don’t share at all but demand our fix.

What can we lovers do? We must mitigate the damages of toxic money. We use as little of it as possible. We give it away for good causes. We live a simple life that does not require much money. We work in jobs that support the sick money system as little as possible.

I try to live a healthy life so I don’t have medical bills. In other words, I use money but try to avoid its pitfalls. I do not take interest on my money. I keep a minimum amount in a debit checking account. I avoid all forms of usury and debt.

I’ve learned the hard way. Money can be a killer. It will suck my life away if I let it. I print my own play money which I call lovars (to play off dollars). It reminds me that love is my reserve currency. I carry the white, xeroxed lovars with my other bills. In that way I can put my money where my mouth is: with love.

3. Love and Money

One of the first types of money were cowrie shells or other kinds of shells. These valuable items were no doubt offered to the Lover. The word goddess would have been an oxymoron which contradicts everything the love culture stood for.

These shell offerings to the great Lover bound the lovers of the love culture together. Even today in the catholic (universal) mass we offer money to God as a sign of offering ourselves. This practice is a reversal of lovers offering their bodies in sexual rites to the Lover through each other.

Most of the first known rock carvings and figurines of the Lover were not pregnant; in other words they show her as a lover. All the first carvings are of womam, dating back 30,000 years ago. The first stone artwork dating back to 150,000 years ago is of womam’s sexual body.

Money is a medium of exchange. 100,000 years ago in Africa there were trade routes where goods were exchanged and probably some sort of money. All of it was associated with the Lover because that’s where our minds were at that time. The cultures were peaceful because they were thinking about the Lover.

In TLG we do clitoral thinking about the Lover still. The clitoris is the organ directly associated with pleasure and is the main part of the Lover’s sexual body including the vulva, vagina, urethra, breasts and really her whole body.

A mother is part of being a lover and would have been celebrated in ancient forms of the mass which included offerings of money. The mass of that time was ritualized masturbation. The stories associated with the rituals were of the Lover masturbating and ejaculating all of creation.

Money would have been one of her creations and was therefore part of the mass’s masturbation rites. This was a well governed and well understood context of love. Money would have been a small but significant part of this overall understanding and practice.

Ideally money today should first of all support womem and mothers. Mothers do the most valuable and important work of all — raise children. A real man supported this system with money and other means. All of the early art supports this idea.

Going even further we can say the womem lovers celebrating their mass (masturbating) is a love contextual culture doing the most important work of all, even more than mothering. In their sex rites they were conceiving, birthing and nursing the world itself, patterned after the Lover’s own actions.

This was a beautiful, pleasurable and sustainable system that lasted a long time. It is attested to by archeology, gene studies, art, logic and common sense. It has been 99% killed off. Why?

In one word the answer is patriarchy but few today have the eyeballs or sexballs (ovaries and testes) to see or feel that truth. That takes the five practices re-introduced by The Love Government. Under the patrix regime money has become the biggest killer of all.

Its main object of elimination is womem and their sexual rites because these create a love world. Patriarchs don’t want that. They want a power world with themselves in control. They have corrupted money and now use it as their primary tool of killing power.

TLG counters that suffering and death move by restoring money to its original purpose to serve womem, mothers and children. Real men now as then support this program. Phony men do not. They are robotized drones like the killing drones they invented.

We lovers change our way of thinking. We do clitoral and personal thinking rather than clinical and technical thinking. The first art of humams celebrated the vulva in carvings implying the clitoris, eurethra, vagina and vulva lips.

We think that way because it is beautiful and pleasurable and because it is the only way to begin to save ourselves. If we don’t want to save ourselves (including others) then we want to condemn ourselves to suffering. That’s a choice.

TLG and its house chooses love and eternal life with the Lover who is all of us as lovers. Ah-womam!

4. Paradise Lost

We are truly lost and can’t find our way home. We are lost in lies, confusion, denial, addiction, complacency, ignorance, war-mongering and delusions. Our culture compensates with busyness, non-essentials, distractions, rationalizations and running after every mirage that appears on the horizon.

All of this stems from the disease of patriarchy. This notion is utterly foreign to us because we are brain-washed when it comes to truth. We are smug in our righteousness and see no need to change except on the most superficial levels.

Our critical thinking faculties have been eroded by millenia of patrix propaganda, matrix conditioning, false flag terrorizing, servile obedience training and violation of natural living standards.

Of course it’s not that bad we say. No, it’s much worse if we only knew the half of it. We put on a glad face, pretending that all is well. We go to our churches and civic temples and pledge allegiance to the gods of religion, conformity, war, comfort and commerce.

No wonder we’re lost while proclaiming to be found. It’s a wonder that we survive at all. That is thanks not to our intelligence or morality but to the love that undergirds all this negativity. Yes, it’s a paradox that love necessitates freedom. We get to choose in the best and worst of circumstances.

The Love Government chooses love. We choose to be governed with love, not the false love that parades itself as genuine but the true love summarized in the five principles of The Love Government handbook (our own hands).

To summarize these practices from the “don’t do” application they are in brief: 1) no violent, hateful thinking; 2) no meat or animal products eating; 3) no pets; 4) no coupling marriage; 5) no interest on money.

That pretty well drives a stake into the heart of patriarchy and our cult of lies. Most of us don’t see it that way of course because these are some of our highest virtues. We prefer the “noble lie,” unending war, adjustment and compromise with our anti-love system.

We prefer to make white into black, fraud into truth; vice into virtue and in the process destroy language itself by this hypocrisy. We get what we deserve. Ignorance is no excuse as justice will sooner or later reveal to us.

We believe that there’s an escape hatch to God heaven or Money paradise. What can we expect from minds that have no intelligence? Our delusions know no bounds once we give up our mooring to natural truth and an earthly paradise, not to mention a language based on nature.

TLG speaks the truth that must not be spoken in this kingdom of accommodation with evil. The infection of patriarchy has spread far and wide, deep and invisible. It has corrupted us wholesale. The rot stinks to high heaven, a lump of dog feces in an earthly paradise.

Our human species has gone from lovers to killers in a mere 100,000 years. The last (lost) 10,000 bringing us to the edge of the terminal stage. All is not lost however until the curtain falls on this eyeblink of eternity.

The Love Government sees far beyond the fall of man from paradise. We are in paradise if our hearts are true; and our hearts are true if they align with the five principles of the handbook. Reject one and reject all.

That’s where TLG takes its stand. I stand for TLG. I stand for paradise found because it was never lost in the larger scope of love. The anti-love culture is lost and it appears so in my dreams. But love is not lost; it never was nor will be. My dreams just show me the lost-ness of the patrix cult of which I am a part.

There’s no reason to despair. This world is a paradise and a testing ground to tell me how much I really do love. I can pass or fail every moment with every thought and choice. It’s a game, my friend. The end-game is love, true love, not the false pretense that parades as love in this pseudo-life of illusion.

When all is said and done it comes down to the five rules of the road. I’m on the road of love, a straight and narrow arrow that bee-lines just enough to make it beautifully curving like the Lover’s body. She’s our direction home and the means to get there.

The Lover is our gift worth more than money can buy. She’s our reserve that can never fail. She’s Eden, the pleasure that never ceases to flow as joy.

5. Making Love 101

We speak of making love and making money. The connection between the two makes all the difference in the world. Making money is fairly obvious but making love is another matter.

Making love implies that it is something down to earth, real and tangible with measurable effects. It is if it is real love. Otherwise it is probably making sex or making lust or even making money, security, power or something like that.

Making true love is a wonderful thing. It’s building something of lasting value with real effects and rewards in the world. It feels good because it’s the most meaningful action we can do. We can be doing it all the time: in our daily actions, work, play, eating, sleeping and giving in sex.

The context of motivation, intention and the object of our affection is the deciding factor. In The Love Government we direct our love making to the Lover who is the wholeness and holiness of life. To limit love to just one other individual of our species is to miss the point.

The point of making love is to contact the deepest and richest level of love symbolized by the Lover. She gives meaning to our love making. Otherwise it doesn’t amount to much in the way of effective change toward goodness, truth and beauty. After the initial sexual glow fades we’ve only doubled up on our self-induced problems.

The way to make love that is effective and lasting is the focus of The Love Government’s writings, videos, stories, poems, images, cards and website. Specifically it is brought home in the five main actions of the handbook or operating manual:

1. We think about the Lover, say her name and visualize her in various ways. We grow in an even deeper understanding of who she is and what our relationship entails. This type of thinking we call clitoral because it is womam focused and goes to the heart of womam which is her clitoris; a sign of pleasure and the essence of human nature.

In aid of which and to keep our minds on track the head of the womam’s clitoris is associated with the thumb, the first digit of the hand or the handbook. The whole hand itself is a figure of the clitoris because of its five extensions which is true also of the human body and its star shape.

Lest this kind of thinking be thought too strange we need to recall that all language and thought is based on metaphors and symmetry (or asymmetry). The clitoral symmetries are nature based as if pre-encoded in the body and our psyches. The crowning beauty of clitoral thinking is that it’s the only organ designed directly for pleasure.

A further symmetry is that the clitoris is masturbated to achieve maximum pleasure. This leads to the idea of masturbation as the mass, a ritual and rite of ancient origin with a present remainder in the catholic mass. The modern mass and ancient masturbation masses are symmetrical across time.

In a love culture masturbation was celebrating mass in communal, well governed sexual rites with the Lover always present. Their thinking was naturally clitoral, centering on the womam’s ability to let go into a full experience with the Lover and share love’s effects with the community and the world at large. This was making love in profoundly real way.

In our anti-love culture today we have fallen so low that we cannot relate to such ideas. The grossest example of this lack of sensitivity to love is our acceptance of artificial birth control, abortion, hedonistic coupling, pornography, using sex to sell, clinical birthing, obedience child rearing and money in the background of all these technicalities.

The clitoral thumb of the hand(book) reminds us of another way, the love way of the original love culture. It’s strange to us but completely reasonable to nature. Using these natural mechanisms we can turn our lives around to great benefit for all of us. Our actions become charged with new meaning and new meaning and energy which can be applied to ordinary experiences such as breathing, walking, eating and thinking.

Making love then becomes fun and fulfilling in a deep and sustainable way. It can even transform the mundane practice of making money so that greed becomes gift money backed by a love reserve.

Clitoral thinking is not strange at all except in an anti-love culture. It is directly linked to making love which is about Eden-like pleasure embedded in a natural, earthly paradise. Eden means pleasure where waters gather. The word love itself comes from the Latin “lubere”: to lubricate (with water).

Thinking is symmetrical (and asymmetrical) associations building up a creatively changing system of metaphors. The Love Government itself is such a system. Making love is enriched with new meaning and life as part of the universal Lover’s cosmic dance.

6. Money Mirror

Money is a patriarchal invention to facilitate business within large communities where people no longer know each other. Money replaced personal contact based on trust. The first alphabets and numerical characters were for commercial interests.

In the small tribes of the love culture, money was unneeded and therefore unknown. People gave what they could in the way of skills or just as their presence; for example, in the case of the old and infants and children. Communities were small where everyone was known, which made trust easy.

In the modern world, we can still give of our talents; and now we can also give money. Usually, however, money is a give and take operation. I give my labor and you give me money. In business, money is more important than persons. Corporations, which are all about getting money, have succeeded in passing laws which make them persons, with far greater powers than normal persons.

Ideally, money is a neutral medium of exchange. But given the greed and avarice of war, money is rarely neutral. Money mirrors the man or the woman. If we were fair, just and loving, so money would be too. In a patriarchal society, people try to lord it over others as climb the money pyramid.

Also ideally, governments should print and control their own currency. But this is almost never the case. Private interests control the money and the public be damned if they interfere. Presidents and whole nations have been killed for wanting monetary independence. The global mafia wants it all everywhere. It disguises its intent as long as it can but where money is at stake, it rules with a gun.

Even the most benign governments are patriarchal and ruthless about money. Patriarchy is the source of evil and money is its chief tool, after violence. As a species we have rejected a giving economy in favor of a power civilization. Since every patriarchal civilization has collapsed, only to have another one take over, we can see what awaits us.

The human species appears to be an experiment to see if love and freedom can be maintained by us. All the signs now are that we are going to fail. However, there may be a few individuals who can succeed in this experiment. They would be exceedingly rare because they would have to go totally against the grain of the culture.

The Love Government has outlined what it will take in its program, condensed in a five point handbook or manual: !. think love; 2. vegan diet; 3. free animals; 4. community marriage; 5. interest-free money. These are just five hints of the whole program.

Brief as they are, they set the tone and give a general orientation to what is required if we want to succeed as lovers, not just in this time and space but in all dimensions. Money matters. We need only look into its mirror.

6. The Santa Cause

Belief in Santa Clause is age appropriate up to a certain point. If an adult persists in believing that Santa is real, he or she is considered crazy, or out of touch with reality, touched in the head or plain insane.

Santa is about giving gifts honestly or about crass commercialism. This much is clear. Yet as adults we persist in beliefs that are not age appropriate. An adult who believes that Santa causes things like presents under trees or reindeer sleighs on roofs is off his rocker. We also turn Santa on his head when we seek to get rather than give.

Mental aberration is not so clear when adults believe in a patriarchal God, or that corporations are persons, or that armies bring democracy, or that money is not a pyramid scheme, or that health care is about health, or that civilization is too big to fail, or the courts are about justice or that heaven is separate from the earth.

We hold onto such Santa Cause beliefs because it is too scary to believe otherwise. We go along with the culture’s indoctrination to get along. We dare not rock the boat lest we drown. To a child, security is more important than freedom. The parents are gods who would never lie about Santa.

Adult recognize that there is no security without freedom. If we cannot think clearly, we remain fearful children all our lives; fearful because childish beliefs are threatened by an adult world. Santa is not real, not even in the child’s world.

In fact, nowadays there is no adult world to provide security. It’s all a sham, a hoax and a tissue of lies. The Santa Cause effect is played out continuously in religion, politics, education, media, sports, entertainment and families.

If a child was not conditioned to believe in adult lies like Santa Claus, she would be free to see that the emperor has no clothes, nor does the current empire. If real stories were told instead of fairy tales, we would live in a delightfully solid world. We pile lie upon lie when we claim fiction is harmless diversion.

Fiction is a lie, pure and simple. If adults told children up front that Santa is not real but they should believe it anyway because the whole adult world is built upon fictional lies, we’d build security. If there were no Santa Cause effect, starting with the brainwashing of children, the adult house of cards would collapse.

The little white lies from Snow White to Santa’s white beard are the avalanche to bury us all.

7. Discipline

True love takes discipline, commitment and sacrifice. Other things which may be beneficial in themselves have to be let go. Focus on what we want is necessary. In the Love Government we are taught again and again to give up what we don’t want and go for what we do. One application is money; at the very least, we should not take interest on our money.

The patrix (pay-tricks) culture tempts us continuously to get off our path. The allurements are subtle and devious. We need all our strength and discernment to resist being sucked into the unloving way that is harmful to us. It would be easier if the life-rending addictions were obvious but they are not.

Evil appears as good. That’s how it succeeds. Anti-love presents itself as love. That’s how it tricks us. When we eat the poison fruit for its sweetness we end up with bitterness of soul and body. We pretend otherwise but truth will not be mocked.

The Love Government is not about pleasing our undisciplined appetites or fulfilling our destructive dreams, no matter how elegantly they are dressed up or how wonderful they feel. Self destructive habits and self deceptive conditioning are tough nuts to crack but the Love Government is a steel tempered nutcracker.

TLG (The Love Government) stands for tough love government as well as true and tender love government. It is not going to back down for any price. The saying “what does it profit you to gain the whole world and lose your soul” comes straigth out of the love culture; thankfully it was preserved by the Christians which by and large proceeded to trash it by embracing patriarchy.

Every day is a battle of wits and wishes for our soul and body. We cry and we don’t know why. All the while we are doing it to ourselves by the choices we make based upon the values we hold. If our notions or actions are called into question, our first response is denial followed by a counter-attack.

The Love Government contradicts us insofar as we hold patriarchal values. The struggle shows up in the small details of life, the little white lies and the slight deviations from love’s natural order. And this is referenced in the Love Government program; and it will work for us if we work it.

There is a pleasure in saying “no” and in saying “yes.” But we have to know what we’re talking about and we often don’t. We’re just talking to keep the blues away. We need a deep education in language and culture, not a cheap indoctrination of comfortable doctrines.

If love were easy we’d have already learned its lessons; if it were pleasing, we’d be heavily invested in it. The state of the world and the status of us proves beyond a doubt that we have yet to learn the discipline of love. One example is usury; and the practice of not taking interest on our money. In that way, we give gift money to ourselves.