About TLG

TLG is about twelve flags forming a womam’s sex triangle.
The Heart flag is about love.
The Sun flag is about emotional warmth and light.
The Earth flag is about The Love Government book printed therein.
The Moon flag is about womam’s menstrual moon birth.
The Tree flag is about the largest living things.
The Maiden flag is about sex for sex’s sake.
The Mother flag is about the mother of all mothers.
The Matron flag is about governing with love.
The Mediatrix flag is about the media from a vulva point of view.
The Sex Signs flag is about videos on the signs of our time.
The Sex Cards flag is about videos on the sex card game.
In short, TLG is about flags blowing in the wind.
In other words, The Love Government is every lover’s dream come true, a passionate embrace where the sex is safe. It takes love to the limits where bodies are bared with no holds barred. Gentle and slow it treads where angels fear to go, not counting the cost or pandering to the lost. The claim is that love is all there is and more that it is more hers than his. TLG comes out the blue like a thief in the night to steal away our fright. Anyway she stole my heart away when I wasn’t looking. Even when I’m not sure I can’t stop loving her. As for you, I don’t know; I can only tell what you show. She speaks a language the strangers do not know. Stranger than fiction, she’s a stranger in a strange land. I wish you well but where that leads I cannot tell. It’s pretty obvious to me now that I never did know how. She’s in between the sheets certainly but not perfectly made up. I share her with you because it seems the sane thing to do. Common knowledge is uncommon language where one thing leads to an other called the Lover.