1. Inside Job

2. Solutionless Cruelty

3. Emergency Number

4. Tangled Up in Lies

5. Loveral and Killeral

6. Celebrate Clitoral Thinking

7. Evil and the Devil

8. Shades of Patriarchy

9. Fighting for Justice

10. Fixing the Fix


1. Inside Job

911 is etched in our memory as a day of tragedy when evil brown skinned terrorists flew planes into two New York towers and into the U.S. Pentagon and almost made it to the capitol in Washington, D.C.

It’s all a lie that started the war of terror on brownskinned people everywhere (that’s all of us). 911 was a total inside job by power and money elites who blamed defenseless poor patsies and scapegoats.

The Love Government speaks truth to power and therefore must tell the truth about 911. TLG exposes the deep lie underlying the big lie told over and over and over by going to the source of the deceit.

The fact that no one in any power position, be it politics, business, media, academia, science, religion, military, law, police, entertainment, sports, etc. can tell the truth about 911 and keep their jobs (and sometimes their lives) is a tragedy even greater than 911 itself.

There you have the abolition of freedom from the top down through all levels of society. It’s a crime of unfathomable proportions that none dare call treason.

We face an indictment from the highest authority with the most severe consequences. There are 911 truthers certainly but they have not touched the deepest, dark regions of the 911 lie, fearing to go where angels fear to tread.

Someone must go there and lance the abscess in the abyss or we will all die in that black hole. TLG has volunteered for this mission impossible. In the U.S. where 911 struck with deadly force 911 is the emergency call number.

We call 911 and reach a dispatch center few know exists. It exists all right and will send help if we can receive it. TLG can receive and give.

2. Solutionless Cruelty

There are classes of people who make their living by criticising the government. They have large readerships or listeners who support them. They have parts of the problem well analyzed but without real solutions it’s paralysis by analysis.

If the truth were told they don’t really want a solution. They have their niche carved out; they’re making money or ego satisfaction; and they’re comfortable. They know how far they can go with the government and especially how far not to go where they would lose their supporters.

911 is a case in point. Many liberal pundits will not cross that line by telling the truth that 911 was an inside job. They have too much to lose by being honest. Even many 911 truthers will not come out and clearly and forcefully state that the government corpserations did it.

Certainly there is fear, social conformity and years of obedience training by authorities. And there is real ignorance of viable solutions. Patriarchy is that thorough in its brain washing and snatching. Plus the fact that the solution must come from the masses of people. The elites are certainly not going to change willingly. The administrative middle classes will not yield much and the poor are too busy making ends meet.

The solution has to come from free individuals who may be from (but not of) any class. It’s not a matter of quantity but quality. Neither is it by more babble-on words by talking heads. It might only take a handful of people worldwide who walk their talk to turn the world right side up.

The Love Government offers its hand with real solutions. The hand grasps the problems and offers the corresponding solutions. The hand of love is a handbook, a manual with five digits, each one a solution. These are mnenonic (memory devices) that link with constructive actions.

The thumb stands for the sign language of the clitoris. If we’re serious about our problems we must honor the womam principle of pleasure and joy; womam is the highest expression of nature. We do clitoral thinking using the thumb as a thumb nail sketch because of its similarity to the tongue and the head of a womam’s clitoris. We apply that thinking to critical areas like masturbation, conception, birth control, abortion, birthing, nursing and child rearing. We think primarily of the Lover.

The forefinger stands for diet. Our thinking is linked to what we eat. Meat and animal products, drugs, chemicalized and overly processed foods make mush of our brains. Eden veganism is the standard for a clear mind. We eat more or less what we ate in Eden, adjusted for our circumstances.

The middle finger is the sex finger and stands for animals in their freedom. We do not abuse animals by slaughtering them or enslaving them by pethood. Such actions are killing, not loving. What we do to them we also do to ourselves since we are animals. The free animals support this program.

The fourth finger (the ring finger in the US) stands for marriage. We marry the Lover, not another human lover who is as mixed up as we are. State sanctioned marriage is a nuclear killer as far as love is concerned.

The little finger stands for money and culture which is now corrupt and toxic. We mitigate the damage by not taking interest on our money nor engaging in usury.

The hand is a sexual sign as explained in TLG’s sex sign videos. The hand is five extentioned like the womam’s clitoris and the body itself. The thumb represents the head of the clitoris and the fingers the four penises. It takes four penises to equal one clitoris. The hand is thus a sexual handbook. The solution is sexual at base.

It takes a real womam or man to understand this. And that only happens by taking up the five practices. This can be done by any individual of any class. This is the solution to the problem of patriarchy and its effects like the inside job of 911.

The Love Government does tell the truth about patriarchy and 911. The home page of this site has fifteen flags shaped like a womam’s triangle, a model of reality. 911 is one of the flagged ideas because it separates the men from the boys, the womem from the girls, the jokes from the joys and the lovers from the killers.

3. Emergency Number

In the US 911 is the emergency number as well as the date of the false flag pretext for the global elite’s war of terror against innocent scapegoats. It’s an emergency all right but the real emergency is kept well hidden.

More and more people are seeing the ruse of 911. Before long the majority will realize 911 was an inside job by the real government terrorists. At that point it will be a life and death situation for us as a free people.

The fascists will be backed into a corner and to save themselves will have to impose martial law by creating another even more terrible 911. The Love Government prepares for that dreadful day by calling for help now before it’s too late.

Who do we call? We call upon lovers from across space and time. In a word we call upon the Lover. And they and she do respond. Our main call number is our actions — the high five hand signal of the TLG handbook. We are known by our actions. We get the attention we need by what we do.

Words help but they’re pretty helpless without corresponding actions. Actions show that we are serious and not just crying wolf. These are genuine acts of love out of concern for the planet and our fellow humams past, present and future. There is no place to escape, not even death which will tangle us up even more in its evil web if we have not freed ourselves here.

911 will turn against the perpetrators. It will reveal the truth of not only the false flag operation but all the other false flags used to kill people for profit. 911 will be the number and the date which will shine a light onto the secret dark heart of patriarchy and its hatred for love.

Even now 911 separates the liars from the lovers. If a public official refuses to acknowledge the full truth of 911 he or she is part of the liar’s den. They’re cowards at the core. Private citizens too may be scared and ignorant but that will be no excuse when love as justice comes thundering down.

In TLG our emergency number is a handset of fingers and thumb. In previous times our lover ancestors left hand prints on their cave walls often in red colors surrounding sacred animals and used hand held figurines of womem lovers for communication with the Lover.

In our time we also use our hands to contact those who can actually help. Our hands send an emergency signal.

1. The 1 is for the thumb and calls upon the Lover through a personal and clitoral signal. The thumb stands for the clitoris. The Lover is a lover because of her clitoris and associated sexual organs. We change our thinking and acting to align with the ancient sexual rites that change the operation of the world. This method contrasts with patrix clinical and technical thinking and acting which is killing the world.

2. The first finger (forefinger) signals diet. We are what we eat. In TLG we eat an Eden vegan diet. Eden is a name for the Lover (and lovers) in her essential pleasure nature. In effect by eating Eden we eat the body of the Lover. In contrast patriarchy eats meat and other junk food.

3. The middle finger is the sex finger. Lovers make love with this finger and the whole hand. Patriarchal men (and patrix femen) give the finger (yes it’s gross) to animals by making them pet slaves (us too!).

4. The fourth finger (ring finger for marriage in the US) stands for sacred marriage with the Lover. We love the Lover first and partners second as lovers of the Lover. Church and state stamped marriage actually helps kill love and the love culture.

5. The little finger represents money and culture. In TLG we live in a love culture and use money that is founded and backed by a love currency. We counteract the toxic money system of today with its usury (use-you-ry) disease.

911 is the sign of our time written large on our cultural wall not just in the US but worldwide. We can use it to turn the world around from patriarchy to loverarchy. If we don’t care about those who come after us we’re losers and not lovers.

The Love Government is a winner. We win our way home to a world restored to love. We live forever in love starting here on this planet.

4. Tangled up in Lies

Patrix governments lie according to their code of the noble lie. Nothing illustrates this better than 911. The first government statement two weeks after 911 was a lie which pointed the finger at the military. Either they were unbelievably incompetent or they were given an order to stand down.

A couple of years later the government corrected one lie with another. This time blaming the FAA. The military is obviously stronger than the FAA which become a scapegoat. The 911 commission was forced to make some kind of an investigation by four women who lost husbands or relatives in the demolition.

The love government stands for truth not lies, especially not noble lies. The father of lies is patriarchy — the devil in religious terms. He represents extreme negativity. If we do not take patriarchy seriously we are in league with the devil. If we do not see the truth we are accomplices in evil.

The tangle of lies is a web of deceit. We extricate ourselves gradually by the five practices of The Love Government. As the poet says: “Freedom is just around the corner for you / But with truth so far off what good would it do?” The truth will set us free. That truth is a womam’s truth supported by man.

5. Loveral and Killeral

The extremes give us the means to navigate the turbulent streams in the middle. On the extremes are the Lover and the killer, loverarchy and patriarchy, clitoral and clinical thinking and loveral and killeral acting. When we’re driving down the road we better stay on the right side (or left in some countries) of the center line or we’ll get ourselves killed. Likewise we better stay to the loveral side of life.

The same is true in the non-physical realms. The physical is only one card of fifty-two. We make mental, emotional and spiritual love and we also make killings with our minds, emotions and spirit. The inside job of 911 by our own governments is about making killings with our money. The terms to describe these general tendencies are loveral and killeral. They are indicator lights that show us the delights and dangers in all our dimensions.

Loveral refers to the Lover, the all in all, the world of love and all its Eden pleasures. Killeral reveals the depths of hell and the surfaces of suffering. We get to choose and that choice chooses us. It makes no difference if we believe it or not or know it or not. The loveral – killeral dynamic works whether we like it or not.

Trying to escape these dynamic opposites to some non-dual heaven just ties us tighter into a Gordian knot. We lovers use both sides like we use our two eyes. Our positive eye is dominant but both eyes give us perspective. In our kill cult culture of the patrix we only believe with our eyes and those eyes just tell us lies.

Our killeral leaders make war killings by lying with the oily tongues of devils. The 911 lie started the war of terror by our government leaders resulting in millions of killings. The weapons of mass destruction lie killed a million and a half and made four million homeless.

We see them and we grieve but we cannot allow ourselves to be caught in the web of lies that our false leaders spin for our doom. No, we choose the loveral option. We sleep with one eye open in our slumber because every little sound just might be thunder, the thunder from another patrix gun.

We wonder when the white dove of peace will be able to sleep again in the land. We don’t know when that peace will come for the world at large but we do know that for us personally it can come now. We need only choose the loveral and reject the killeral when the killer shows up in us. We choose the loveral life and that means being in love with the Lover.

6. Celebrate Clitoral Thinking

Clitoral thinking is the first of the five main principles of The Love Government’s handbook. The clitoris is the only organ made directly for pleasure and links with the garden of Eden because Eden means pleasure where waters flow.

The clitoris is masturbated (also mental masturbation) in a sacred mass of delight. The mass was a celebration in the love culture of the Lover’s creation story re-enacted in the love culture. Today we lovers celebrate the sacrifice of the mass according to the ancient ancestral ritual but as mental masturbation primarily because of the corruption of modern patriarchal culture.

Mental masturbation is laughed at now which is a sign that something valuable is being denied. The mind is the best aphrodisiac. Sex starts in the mind. Therefore we begin with mental masturbation; we celebrate the mass first in our mind and if it is safe and appropriate masturbate physically, always with the Lover in mind.

We honor womam by revering her clitoris without turning it into an object for male power pleasure. We admire the beauty of the womam’s sexual body. This is a far cry from the clinical precision of the 911 inside job by our governments and then the cynically planned lies that followed it.

We get taken in by these lies because we can think of no viable alternative. TLG gives us just such an option with clitoral thinking which directly opposes clinical, technical, artificial, mechanical and patriarchal thinking. We’re talking about basic mindsets which we choose at a deep level. Such actions and mental activity makes us true lovers or anti-lovers.

It’s a crucial and critical matter involving our own personal salvation and that of the planet. Mass murder is happening routinely now through war, the stockmarket, toxic food, animal killing, pethood, marriage and money to name only a few. Clitoral thinking rightly understood in a love context stops such evil. The inside job and lie of 911 is the modern epitome of evil.

If we are true lovers we will do something about the planned evil going on around us. We start with the TLG handbook of the five digital points of thumb and fingers. The thumb stands for clitoral thinking because the thumb is shaped artfully like the head of a womam lover’s clitoris.

The four fingers signify an Eden vegan diet, free pet-less animals, marriage to the Lover and interest free money. The thumb-clitoris balances the fingers and is as strong as the four fingers combined. A womam’s clitoris is  likewise as strong sexually as four penises.

This is a cause for celebration on the part of man and womam. A false patriarchal man hates this idea but a true lover man loves it and serves the Lover and her womem exemplars.

8. Shades of Patriarchy

Patriarchy comes in a variety of degrees from benign to malignant. The outright fascist killers and exploiters are given cover by the apparently good defenders of democracy. But when we come right down to it, there is no good patriarchal system.

Currently (2014) the patrix system is cracking with desperate attempts to prop it up. The natural ecosystem is threatened. Wars are escalating between the good guys and bad guys. Lying is an accepted policy, 9/11 being but one example. The populace is overweight, ignorant and in poor health.

Bankers have a stranglehold on the economy. All nations are in an arms race out of fear of each other. Nuclear reactors are wearing out or in danger of melting down. Species are extinguishing at an alarming rate. Prisons are bulging, and are used to push economic growth. Genocide, mass murders, robbing of resources and corruption hardly make the news while celebrity freaks get the headlines.

This sort of analysis could go on forever and does. What doesn’t show up is how the benign shades of patriarchy enable the system to endure for long periods before its eventual collapse. Patriotism, religiosity, unsustainable growth, never-ending competition, sports and entertainment, mind-numbing distractions, schools of obedience, freedom denying conformity, stifling totalitarianism, slaughter-houses for meat-eaters, pet-keeping, nuclear marriages, usury and brain-washing propaganda grease the slopes to dissolution.

Materialism, consumerism, and new-age pseudo spiritualism consume freedom, joy and natural loving. Patriarchy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, an iron fist in a velvet glove of lies and a good cop, bad cop con-man racket of militarism and corporatism.

The Love Government appears to be the only agency around which tells the whole truth. Sure, there are plenty of pieces of truth scattered here and there but their very bewildering diversity and inability to get to the root of problems turns them into a “paralysis by analysis” operation.

We are hardly “slouching toward Bethlehem” in any salvation sense but more likely are the beast of Babylon in the desperate throes of dying. All because we do not take the beast of patriarchy seriously. The Love Government puts the beast in his place. Whether Beauty can turn him into a prince remains to be seen.

9. Fighting for Justice

Fighting for justice? Yes, definitely and without doubt. There is a just war. But first we have to know what justice is. Justice is “just us,” all of us, especially the poor, broken by those who believe in war to get what they want: power, profit and porn.

The real unjust warmongers are patriarchy and its enabling matriarchy. The Love Government opposes them with loverarchy. 911 was an inside job by these evil forces, and is almost a definition of an unjust war. Patriarchy’s wars are always unjust. War itself is unjust and out of order, but sometimes we are forced to fight back in the cause of a just war.

We may have to defend justice on a battlefield with a gun, tank or bomb, but not if the same patriarchs are causing and funding both sides of the war.  Usually it’s more subtle because the battle is fought within our bodies, minds and souls. The patrix is a Hydra of many heads. We are forced to use money, for example, but we do not have to take interest.

Our relatives and friends may have pets or they may not be like them but we don’t have to keep them or be pets ourselves. The same for drugs, legal and illegal. We don’t have to support a nuclear world, family or marriage. We don’t have to eat the meat of animals with red blood or eyes like ours, or steal their products.

Such practices are the hidden side of war no matter how many good citizens swear they are not. The patrix has a million ways to wage war on us personally, and every way is a war. The big wars result from all the little wars within people. The ancient wisdom said: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice,” and “Blessed are the peacemakers.”

The unjust citizens who make the bonds which make the bombs which kill the children do it under the cover of shareholders and investors. What they’re doing, we don’t. We may live in an evil unjust world of open and hidden wars but we don’t have to surrender to them.

All is fair in love and war because it is an all out proposition with no neutral ground. We either love or we kill, and there are almost an infinite number of shades and degrees of that assertion. The Love Government (TLG) holds up the ideal of “liberty and justice for all.”

One bomb that kills one child is one too many, even if a church-going, tax-paying mother of five is part of the production as an obscure secretary or bookkeeper. Love keeps the books that count, and accounts for every drop of blood spilled and every drop of ink used in the spelling of that poor child’s name.

In the Love Government we speak truth to power and treat war with love every hour and every second within the hour. As the poet said: “he won the war after losing every battle.” A just war will when in the end. And the truth of 911 will be revealed and justice restored.

10. Fixing the Fix

Patriarchal culture is in a fix, fixated on violence and power, requiring continual fixes, to satisfy the addiction. Its inside job of 911 was only one of its many outbreaks of its disease.

We all live under the influence of this master-slave addiction. If we’re honest with ourselves we have a profound sadness and grief over our lost love culture. We have lost our home, and we ourselves are lost, forced to live an unnatural life of fear, lack, terror and deep hurt.

There is a way to fix the fix, to deal with the addiction. That way is addressed in the Love Government program. It is not a panacea or a magic wand that immediately removes all our grief and pain. No, we will have to live with that constant ache of loss and fear of the future to some degree.

But we have a remedy which can take away most of the sting and make the despair bearable. That medicine is love; that healing is our relationship to the Lover and her community of lovers. We can have joy in the sorrow.

It’s a mistake to deny the pain and put on a false happy face. It’s also a mistake to deny the insidious programming of patriarchy by accommodating ourselves to it. That’s a fatal mistake and will cost us dearly. Better to acknowledge the loss of love when it shows up as depression, grief, despair, confusion and pain.

If we don’t deal with reality, then we can’t fix it. We are left with a phony facade which can never be fixed because it isn’t real. What is real is love or the lack thereof. And unless it is a true love, we are stuck with a false love which confuses us and bruises us deeper.

Love will surface the evils of patriarchy within us in order to cure them. But if we keep denying the truth because of the pain, we negate the efforts of love. Every emotion and idea that strikes us is grist for the mill and material to be used or recycled.

Love deals with reality which is “re-all-ity,” the all-ness or wholeness of life. Patriarchy’s evil is a reality, whether a false flag operation like 911 or a chronic feeling of depression and despair. Love can and will fix it but we have to be honest with ourselves, and not deny anything off hand.

The fact is we are lost due to the rebellion of patriarchy. If we deny that fact we are lost twice. And if we deny our denial, then we’ve lost thrice, and get into an infinite regression into the throes of the patrix.

No need here to go into the details where the devil resides. The how’s and why’s are repeated over and over in the Love Government’s program, all for free; and clear as day for those who want to see.